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LR: The Theory Of Everything

"Let your fears go, you might find that your not lost"
NOTE: The lay happened about 3 weeks ago, I mistakenly deleted the original post which I wrote the day after it happened. But I've
had a HUGE shift in the past week or so.
How is it after one of the most groundbreaking nights ever I throw it all away and somehow end up having huge breakthroughs in
my development of personal growth. From having the choice between 8-10 chicks to instantly forgetting to pay my phone bill with
no intention on paying it, cutting everyone off, no longer using the internet and just saying "Fuck this, I don't want it". When the
smoke cleared I realized I've grown up...
It's too abstract, personal and indepth to get into BUT there are some things I will mention
- I understand why I have the experiences that I have
- I understand why people interact with me a certain way
- I understand why my overall life is how it is
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May 29th, 2014
Posted October 3rd, 2009 at 2:14 PM
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LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 1 / 8
- I'm enjoying the dynamics of life way more and actually finding it fascinating
- I've become an actual loving person in the sense of total enjoyment of existence, creation and awareness
With that said I've changed drastically cutting down on the entertainment in exchange for experimenting and personal growth. As
far as this area goes, I basically wrote a book, actionplan and experimental map for the next 3 years. Now I want to see how far
the system goes, it's a NEW journey with all new drama, following a unique path.
Anyway, lets go to one of the most groundbreaking nights ever...
Outside The Night Venue
When I interact with women it can only go three ways..."It Flows", "Screen her out", or "Thin Sliced Me". Generally all interactions
start off flowing until I screen her out, the rare cases is me getting thin sliced which isn't my issue. Generally later on they'll realize
there mistake an it'll flow. An that is the cycle...
ET, AS89, his friend and I hang outside the venue for a bit. AS89 approaches a girl bringing her back to the group. She isn't liking
the guy to girl ratio and neither am I so I approach a 2set who I screen out after a minute. Keep in mind I'm giving chicks the
opportunity to meet me, these chicks got there chance but didn't make the cut, it's nothing personal...
I sprinted away from the 2 chicks once I spotted a 6ft russian chick and I have to give her the opportunity to meet me. Which
explains why she follows me when I say "Come meet my friends". I'm just start walking assuming she'd follow me. As usual this
russian model was heading to a high end club to meet her friends, however she changed her plans so she can be around me. As I
qualify/frame things we start getting pretty physical with each other. (Images of macedonian chick pops into my mind)
This interaction soon goes to shit because the doucheness starts coming out. I come off as very high value to women so I have to
watch what I say at times because I could end up blowing chicks out without realizing it. In this case I did that since I refused to
compromise with the current logistics and although she tried to make it work, I didn't. In the end I start implying that she should go
meet her friends and I'll be going on a great adventure alone.
Creating The Party
This whole PU stuff would be so much easier if everyone was just having FUN by themselves or with there own group and just
meeting these chicks as an added bonus. Generally I'm doing my own thing an someone comes in my vision an she gets the
opportunity of her life...To meet me!!! Other times I'm just chatting and joking with friends and someone will walk by that I want to
meet. Many people spectate me an this ends up having chicks invested because there curious about me, my group, and what it
would be like being around me.
This eastern european chick was a bit energetic within her group so I stepped to her, which lead to me grabbing her hair and
holding her. Her group was going inside, 5mins later were standing on the sofa an we both fall down, the night just started and I'm
on sofas already. I get up an move her elsewhere and take her #. It was already in my mind from the start that I'd be acting
ridiculous tonight...
BOOM!!! AS89, his girl, his friend, and I are acting retarded which is great!!! I bring these two london chicks into our group. Now
this london chick is HOT wearing a "Fuck Me" dress but that's the only standard she's met so far. AS89's girl is highly attracted to
the london chick, I'm attracted to the bi curiousness and her overall vibe, and AS89 told me it wasn't on for him so I sort of focused
on this short naughty chick. She ends up giving me her shot an we start dancing very seductively. I'm realzing this girl is a stealth
hottie an would look just as hot as the london chick if she was all done up.
This russian chick strolls by but I'm now on her, escalating hard and she's loving it. Although I can tell she doesn't think she
deserves me based on her way of being. However that doesn't mean she can't be excited that I'm on her oozing sexuality. This girl
didn't know whether I'd kiss or or not, whether I'd isolate an fuck her somewhere random or not, all she knew was that it was
possible if I wanted to.
This 6set has joined the group an they start flashing obnoxious pictures. The funniest moment was looking down realizing this chick
had a SERIOUS ASS and she is a london milf. I commenced escalation an was feeling her ass an checking out her thong...Could it
be, I'm screening by touching too?
Did I mention the whole time EVERYONE is spectating us creating the party...
Effects Of The Party
The chicks want to meet me, I'm in demand. From subtle to blunt ways they will do anything to get an opportunity to interact with
me hoping they'll make the cut. Randomly getting approached is very common now as a result of everything I do. This chick runs up
to me asking if I'm some DJ, this other chick runs up to me wanting to know where the afterparty is since I seem like the cool guy,
the hostess hottie randomly tells me to wait for her that way she can come talk to me.
Also my interpretation of dancing monkey is totally different now because on the surface you can look an point out things as being
dancing monkey but that's really how I am. Sexuality is fun to me which is why I'm so physical an get away with alot of things...
This 3set outside I walk in an like a king in his village go from one chick to the next as I realize which one is the hottest. I hold the
1st girl, realzing the 3rd girl is the hottest an so I say I've cheated an move around to the 3rd girl. The whole time the 2nd girl is
LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 2 / 8
asking me where my gf is, apparently they think the hot london chick is my gf and it just so happened that she walks by and I had
grabbed her to whisper some shit in her ear before pushing her away. Instantly I go back to the 2nd chick an she says to her group
"oo this guy is trouble".
This other 3set is standing around and when I feel like creating a moment I go do it. I walk up an grab the 1st girl an start doing
that shit where they don't know whether I'll makeout with her or not. The girl is LOVING this BUT the 3rd friend is jealous an putting
social pressure on my girl by saying "OMG", "No way", "Sarah really?", etc. This chick was hoping all night I'd approach her because
she wants to become enlightenend with some energy JUICE!! However I'm A.D.D so I look at the 3rd girl teasing her for the BS an
then going to another girl doing the exact samething as they watch in astonishment. My girl of course is sad it wasn't her.
This model looking chick AS89 had approached an started chatting her girl friend, I wasn't aware so I point at the model looking
chick an motion for her to come. ESCALATION!!! It took about 2mins to realize this was a chick I want around me and the whole
time her gay friend is standing there as I take her #, he was cool.
This chick with a guy walks by an I grab her an basically put my nose to her nose an build the tension. I forgot about the guy who is
now standing there watching me do this. This girl is from LA an she says she has to go but begs me to find her later, unfortunately
I ended up pulling before I found her.
True Abundance
I'm cut throat with my standards now ever since I was dealing with chicks who didn't meet my standards and it was painful for me
to even think about hooking up with them. So I generally stay centered in my reality an as a result I get the type of feedback. This
night I had choice between 10-12 chicks, chicks who I could've isolated and just said "Lets go". It made me realize you can only get
so much so PICK THE BEST!!! This has many side effects too especially when you take it as far as me, you become IN DEMAND!!!
This black chick walking by I pulled into me because there weren't any chicks in my area and I wanted a girl to play with. Well this
girl knew how to bring out female polarity so I got hooked and decided I'd play for longer, keep in mind she isn't my type. But to her
it was like she got the guy she wanted an was going to pull me...
So she leads me to the bar area where I notice she's friends with this other black chick who I was messing with that is pretty hot.
The thing about SEXUALITY is fun to me, is the fact that being physical with a chick doesn't mean shit to me an for the hell of it I'm
rubbing this chicks thigh while pulling her dress up. She then leads me to the outside area...
I'm now thinking "What am I doing?" while she's qualifying herself telling me how LA isn't authentic and how she is. The only thing
fake about her is her tits which I basically squeeze both of them nonchalantly and she's like "They don't look fake right?" While this
was going down these two black naturals watching makes a comment saying they don't. At the sametime this HOT HOT HOT blond
german chick walks by who I approach, at the sametime her 3rd friend was running into the huddle trying to blowout this guy. I
have this girl qualifying to me and I'm escalating. My favorite moment was telling them how I love the aggresiveness of german talk
and I keep saying "Good afternoon" in german. BUT, all of a sudden...
The black chick says "O that's my song lets dance" and PULLS ME AWAY, as the german chick says "Wow somebodies jealous"
I ask myself WHY and HOW did this happen, eventually I leave her and end up meeting the chick I pulled...
The thing about abundance is that it's harder to manage because you have so much options that you can now hand select the best
of the bunch. There are many chicks I didn't mention about that possibly had a chance. This russian chick and her russian friend
who had an AMAZING BODY, this HOT tall chick who I swear was hoping I'd approach her all night just based off the way she
responded to me. As I continue I'll get more efficient...
The Pull
In my mind pulling is easy because for me there is no SPECIAL chick or "Chick have to pull". I meet a shitload of chicks an the ones
who make the cut has a chance. If the right conditions and circumstances are in place then I'll do it. There is NO WAY I'm going to
a party and leaving 5mins later just to fuck some girl. Sorry it just feels like I missed out on the whole experience. On top of that
my whole mindset is built around living my life and just having so much options that sex isn't even a thought because it's so
abundant. This is why...
At the end of the night I decide I might as well pull a chick since I have many options. It's like flavor of love show, I'm selecting!!!
Basically I decide I want a tall girl because that's what I like and this 6ft american looking chick walks by so I grab her, didn't even
actual say anything but I instantly move her outside with me, stood there for 5secs and said "Ok next!" and went to the wall where I
madeout for a few seconds and said "Lets continue our adventure"
This all went down in less than 3mins. On the elevator she attacks me, making out hardcore to the point where I had to push her
off because I'm a tension builder and she was killing it for me. My only verbals was me qualifying to make sure she wasn't drunk
because I was going to walk away if she was and as a result she started to act as if she didn't even drink that night.
TAXI HUNTING!!! This took about 10mins because I told her we can't leave until I get a redbull and then I almost jump ship when I
see a 6'2 russian model in a military jacket dressed to KILL with some old fashion designer guy. Of course I had approached this
girl is loving it and surprised I'm speaking russian. Walk back out to meet my girl and I tell her lets go...
LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 3 / 8
At first I was chill, just rolling with her BUT that isn't my way of being. I like creating moments with my random self-amusing antics
and it was a good thing because she was thinking about going home. Things are back to normal when I bring my regular self
because I framed the boring parts and things that didn't move our interaction forward as commerical breaks. This was GOLD
because when she stopped to smoke with 2 guys we framed it as a commerical break, she framed our relationship to the guys as
us just HANGING OUT and I was fucking with her by kissing her as I tell her an inside joke in her ear. The guys know I'm having sex
with her.
TAXI TIME!!! I grab her telling her she's going to show me her place mtv cribs style, hop in a taxi and when it's time to get out she
just close the door. I assert my boundary because I wasn't going to get bitched out like that. She opens the door using the excuse
that I can see her dog. Spot her dog which is on the bed, I'm on the bed while she's in the bathroom, I take off my cloth
beforehand and when she comes back I just make out with her.
The funniest part was me trying to lift her and move her around, I'm SO WEAK!!!! I started laughing my ass off. Also when I first
threw her on the bed (More like laid her down hahaha) the dog ran on my face and start scratching my face like a damn cat. It was
interesting because the dog was all cool until I was making out with her.
Overall it took about 3mins in the venue, my qualification making sure she isn't drunk, BEING MY BEST SELF, and leading. The other
stuff were just detours and at the sametime to some extent it shows I don't care if I lose it because I wasted time getting a redbull,
I had my girl wait outside the store, I spoke to another chick in the store, I walked 3 blocks saying we need to find a taxi, when
really I didn't want to battle people for taxi's.
Lessons Learned
The biggest thing is recognizing my limitations an accepting them. I know majority of the chicks I'm not going to pull even if it's
sitting on my lap because I truly don't care. It's like running upstairs holding a glass of water, I'll lose alot of water due to the way I
go about things but I'll still always have water regardless...
I know "who I am" and how I want to live...So I recognize that I wouldn't spend a few hours with ONE chick, nor will I ever really
attempt to pull in the daytime. When in the nightlife I know I'm not going to attempt to pull early EVEN if it's there because I want to
get the full experience since I actually LIKE the nightlife.
Cold approaching is just a tool, to me it's like a scout going about there day an spotting potential talent and seeing what there
about. What makes it impressive is the fact that you can do it anywhere at anytime and get results. Other forms of approaches
can't be done anywhere at anytime which is why cold approaching is one aspect of my life.
However I've started noticing way better avenues of doing this. It's like being a scout at a casting call or sifting through many
portfolios for potential talent and if she has potential then she gets a chance. An this comes in the form of "Creating The Party" and
"Short Setting".
When your basically having the time of your life being YOU everyone is able to spectate what it would be like to be around you.
You've invested nothing, while they've invested and will most likely fill in the blanks based on what they want to see, it's great for
when it's time for backwards rationalization. This same affect happens when you short set a venue because everyone spectating
realizes different things about you.
Which then brings me to LIFESTYLE an having a social circle. Plain and simple you can't fuck every chick you meet but you can
make them your friend and meet her circle of friends, possibly leading you to your ideal type. I had met a HOT russian chick months
ago, 2nd time we met I decided she will be a female friend so she ended up fucking a natural guy I know and I ended up making
out with her HOTTER friend who was straddling me an shoving her fake tits in my face. The 3rd time we met she brought another
attractive chick who I fooled around with...
I'm not sure if it's because of how I am or what BUT majority of my female friends refuse to have guys approach them and always
tell them that there with me. This is sort of the effect I was trying to have that way I wasn't the typical friend and more so the
friend you can fool around with and it won't count. These chicks as a result have purposely brought chicks just for me to meet.
I've realized how much I offer to women, it's now to the point where the chick gets 100x more value from being with me than me
being with her because essentially all she can give me is sex. I've got female friends who can fill in all the other roles without sex.
Which is why I can screen so hard because my female friends are my girlfriends.
With that said I've also learned how to manage the HOT chicks, at first I didn't want to believe it but it's so much harder to do
things with them. I now see the subtle competition where your basically competing with the high status guys for the hottest chicks.
On one hand if there in your reality it is ok BUT once it's over an she goes into other worlds she becomes flaky. However after
sucking with phone management I realized I ended up having chicks begging to meetup with me EVENTUALLY.
It's almost like under the right conditions and circumstances we will meet. Generally after you've fucked or got her intergrated in
your social circle then the flaking drastically low. Thankfully I'm flaky myself so it isn't a big problem for me.
In the end...I'm soon going to start the new journey of seeing how far this whole system goes, I've seen the possiblities, now I
need to get proactive in other areas of my life that way I can cut certain habits and aspects of my life OFF!!!
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LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 4 / 8
No rush...I still got 7 months before 21!!!!
Final Words
Honestly I didn't want to post this BUT there was so much value that needed to share the experience. An although I feel bad for
temporarly cutting everyone that I know and basically killing every relationship with every chick I currently know, these 3 weeks
were IMPORTANT. The breakthroughs aren't primarily related to PU and is almost impossible to comeprehend which is why I
vaguely mention it. All I know the next 3 years will be filled with much more ups and downs. For me 2009 was sort of getting me
ready for what was to come, a test to make sure I was no longer a kid.
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Good post, It's a great feeling when you have choice. It is the true 180 turn away from being the guy that is too afraid to go for
what he wants. TAKE.
"no one is taller than me"
- me
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Great report. I can feel the vibe ur giving off to woman in ur description. I always felt it would be weird for other girls if u go
around ass grabbing and kissing every girl in the club, but ur post has kindly shot that down now.
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Good stuff. Sounds like you are brinigng the party HARD. Reading this makes me want to go back to NYC. NYC is where the party
is at.
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It surely shifts your overall mindset because for awhile now I've been slowly realizing that I WAS THE 10. Last year I had many
mannerisms of a hot chick an now I live in a world similar to hot chicks. It's fucking great because you fully realize how in demand
you are and you also realize you can't have EVERY girl so you might as well get the BEST girls.
Which is all subjective an different for every person.
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LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 5 / 8
The reason I get away with it is because it means nothing to me. When I physically escalate it's subtly just a reward for them
because I'm not getting anything out of it, I'm just expressing myself. Think of it like a stripper who is just doing there thing an
there is no actual meaning behind anything he does, he's just giving value.
Also now I'm pretty aware of how I come across not just to the girl but everyone that is around me. So I no longer makeout with
average chicks because in my mind I'm scarce an have to choose my pickings wisely. Which is why many times I mess around
hovering next to a chicks lips because they have no clue whether I'll kiss them or not AND it also puts it out there that I can kiss her
but I choose not to at the moment.
It creates this whole frenzy of "Who will actually get this 1% man" making me in demand...
Yo!!! By time you comeback to NYC I'll be 21 the city will never be the same again...
I plan on innovating what the nightlife scene was supposed to be, it shall be EPIC days/nights full of memorable experiences.
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the way you describe the pull is the way I see it in my head I just havent taken action
you went up to her grabbed her moved her to the wall started making out ? right
was she with friends
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the way you describe the pull is the way I see it in my head I just havent taken action
you went up to her grabbed her moved her to the wall started making out ? right
was she with friends
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the way you describe the pull is the way I see it in my head I just havent taken action
you went up to her grabbed her moved her to the wall started making out ? right
was she with friends
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LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 6 / 8
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Adonis: Yep, just got audio from My Big TOE seminar, its AMAZING!!! It also makes life and overall evolution much clearer because
before I didn't understand how you couldn't get it after seeing it for so long. But now I realize it's impossible for you get see it
exactly how I see it because of our interpretation. Funny enough you'd hear me saying "Damn I wish I had a camera in my 3rd eye
filming my thoughts and experiences because it really is a whole different perspective when it comes to this".
This next journey is going to be amazing because it's like I've been in a house that has no windows and a door I never opened. I
just realized there is a backyard to the house, there is an actualy city, there is a state, a country, a hemisphere, a planet, a solar
system, a galaxy, etc. It's like each time I realized there was a bigger picture. I also think I got to where I am because I held myself
to HIGH STANDARDS. Basically put I spent like a year without judging or expecting anything just having a purpose an disciplining
myself to reaching that goal and checking the results as I see fit.
This is why many times I've passed up lays and always said certain actions would've been counter productive no matter what
anyone said. Sticking to my guns caused me to naturally evolve because I still kept at it and eventually gained my own personal
insights based on my experience. But next time we hangout I really need to tell you a few things based on My BIG TOE because I've
realized it is the main key of how I discover myself.
Gunn: Yep in a nutshell that's basically it. I already know every chick wants me so it's an opportunity for her. All I did in that
situation was look for a tall chick, she walked by so I stopped her an just moved her in the outside area and then instantly moved
her near the wall where we madeout for about 15secs and then I told her lets continue our adventure and we walked to the
elevator where we madeout more inside and walked to a cab. The only actual verbals I remember through those points was me
qualifying to make sure she wasn't drunk.
The irony is I RARELY ISOLATE which generally is important for some intense escalation. But the times that I do isolate it is
generally hard and fast. I'd say I'm most focused during that time. Either I physically move them or I just tell them lets go and start
walking assuming they'd follow. For example the russian model chick outside the venue I did that and she was trying to tell me her
friends were waiting at the high end club but I was already walking towards my group and I could hear her saying "But my...ok..."
As much as I have some interesting experiences, I RARELY isolate which generally if I do then some SHIT HAPPENS hahaha. On top
of that most won't realize through my writing I don't stay with one girl for long. 10mins is a HUGE feat, 30mins to an hour is RARE
and generally happens if I'm winging for a friend. Before it was a huge problem because I'd be full blown ADD. But I've evolved, I
now can qualify at an incredible rate no matter the energy level and my ability to manage and keep tabs on all the chicks I'm willing
to test the waters with makes me capable of actually getting passed those problems without trying to change them like I tried in the
Did she have friends?
I'm not sure if she had friends because everything happened so fast and I was just leading things. However when she got a
cigarette from 2 guys infront of the bar she did speak about her experience at that night venue as if she was with people.
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Are you in a venue or what? How'd you get in?
Do you have any tips on places to go when you're 18?
I sneak into Beer Garden in Meatpacking sometimes and otherwise I only do streetgame in Union/Stmarks/NYU
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LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 7 / 8

LR: The Theory Of Everything | RSD Nation 29/05/2014 8 / 8