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John Tyree is a Special Forces Army Sergeant who is on a two week leave from Germany.
The story starts when he is back in hometown to meet his father. He met Savannah Curtis
who is also on her leave from college when he saved her purse from the ocean. They fall in
love within the two weeks after seeing each other everyday. When the break ends, they
promise to write letters during the next 12 months until John completed his enlistment. The
conflict of the relationship starts when John is reenlist after the 9/11 attack. Johns service is
extended to another two years while Savannah falls in love with another man.
The stakeholders in this movie are John Tyree, Savannah Curtis, Mr. Tyree, Tim
Wheddon, and Allan Wheddon. John Tyree, the main actor is a Special Forces Army
Sergeant. He lives with his autistic father since young after his mother ran away. He is loyal,
a good son and patriotic. The second stakeholder is Savannah Curtis. She is a college
student who loves to volunteer, kind but disloyal. The third stakeholder is Mr. Tyree. He is a
loving father, coin collector and suffers Autism. The fourth stakeholder is Tim Wheddon. Tim
is an old friend to Savannah. He is a very protective and lovely father. The fifth stakeholder
is Allan Wheddon who is a son to Tim Wheddon. Allan plays an autistic child.
The main villain in this movie is Savannah Curtis whereas the hero in this movie is John
The villain faces dilemma when she is in a long distance relationship with the hero.
Savannahs dilemmas are whether to stay in a relationship with John or get married with Tim
Wheddon and whether to contact John to explain to him or to ignore him.
The hero faces dilemma while he is in the military service. Johns dilemmas are whether to
tell Savannah about the reenlist after the 9/11 attack or not to tell her and whether to return
home to States or to extend another 2 years of military service.

This movie has shown a lot of ethical and moral issues for everyone to learn. The first ethical
value is to be helpful. Savannah plays a very helpful character when she volunteers to build
a house for Habitat for Humanity for the homeless with her church group. John was
surprised to know about her volunteer. Savannahs character of helpful gives a good impact
towards John when he also decides to volunteer building the house.
The second ethical value is to be patriotic. John holds the character as a patriotic soldier
when he chooses to extend his service in the army than to take a break. He also feels the
need to save his country especially when it needs more people in the army. John also
decides to leave his normal routine and continue saving the people and serving the country.
John reflects a very patriotic character in this movie.
The third ethical value is to be sympathetic. John plays the character of sympathetic when
he anonymously donates his proceeds from selling his house and valuable old coins to Tim
Wheddon for his medical expenses. He sympathizes Tim who suffers cancer, financial
problems, incompetent to work and has an autistic child that needs a full time care.
The fourth ethical value is to be concerned towards team members condition. Johns leader
shows a concerned character when he allows John to take a break for four months from his
service to recover from his injuries. The leader also allows John to return home to visit his
father who had a stroke.
The final ethical value is to love our family. Even though John hardly meets his father and
has trouble communicating with him, he still loves and takes care of his father. He would
return home to take care of him whenever he is on leave. Johns father shows his love
towards his son when he would always cook for him even when John disobey him. Tim
Wheddon also shows the character of a loving father when he does anything to ensure that
his child would be well taken care of after he dies. Johns leader also plays the same
character when he tells John that he will be transferring to the States to be closer to his
family as he misses them.

The villain in this movie is Savannah Curtis. She is chose as the villain because she leaves
John and marries another man. She has taken this action because she couldn't stand being
alone and just couldnt wait for John. Hence, she marries another man which is her old
friend, Tim Wheddon. Savannahs action is an ethically bad decision because John suffers
unhappiness when she chooses to break up with him.
However, Savannahs action of leaving John also could be an ethically good decision. It
results in positive outcomes because Savannah helps Tim Wheddon who suffers from
cancer. She is also willing to sacrifice her love towards John by marrying Tim to take care of
his autistic child, Allan. She supports Tims family by giving them love and attention
especially when they needed them as they are lack of a wife and mothers love.

There are three deontological theories which are motivation, duty and obligation and must
follow rules and regulations.
Firstly is motivation. Deontology evaluates the ethicality of behaviour on the motivation of the
decision-maker. The hero in this movie is John Tyree. When John was shot, he was
informed to stay awake by his partner. He reveals that before he blacks out, he imagined
himself as a coin. He is motivated to live when he pictures himself as a new coin that is
valuable to other people. He also feels motivated when he thought of his father before he
blacks out. Therefore, Johns behaviour is ethical when he made the decision based on his
source of motivation. Even though he knows he has less chance to live, he is still motivated
to stay awake.
Secondly is duty and obligations. The hero performs his duties and obligations towards the
country. He is willing to sacrifices his life to serve the country to ensure that the people lives
peacefully. John never refuses to continue serving for the country even though he is not fully
recovered and has personal hard time. The hero also shows his duty as a son towards his
autistic father. He never forgets to return to home whenever he is on his leave. He also
comes home immediately when he is informed about his fathers condition. Therefore,
Johns behaviour is ethical because he performs his duties not because they bring benefits
to him but he does them rather for dutys sake.
Next, the hero also follows the rules and regulations. In this movie, John is a Sergeant who
follows the rules and regulations because he only uses guns when he is on his duty.
Furthermore, he only attacks when he is being attacked. He reflects himself as an ethical
servant to his country as he never breaks the rules. Therefore, Johns behaviour is ethical
when he complies and adheres to acts, rules and regulations.
According to the golden rule theory, we will be treated as how we treat other people. If we
show respect, then we will be respected. And if we do badly to others, others will also do
badly to us. In simple words, what goes around will come back around. In this movie, the
action taken by the villain complies with the golden rule.
Since the villain complies with the golden rule, I would definitely take the same actions like
Savannah does. If I were in her shoes, I will take action based on the golden rule. Savannah
has made the right decision to leave John and marries Tim. She sacrifices her own
happiness for others when she decides to take care of Tims family. Her sense of humanity
has affected me because her action is ethically positive.
The villain also does not apply double standard lifestyle. She befriends with everybody
without any conditions. Even though she knows that a person is autistic, she still treats him
the same as she treats a normal person. In return, the autistic person who hardly socializes
with people treats her like she is a family member. They always feel comfortable to be
around her.
However, if I were in her shoes I would also feel remorse for breaking Johns heart. Even
though Savannah is happy with her new life, she secretly feels guilty towards John as he is
still suffering from the breakup. I would also feel the same because John has nobody in this
world when his father dies from stroke.
I would also feel remorse for marrying Tim. Savannah only marries Tim out of sympathy
instead of love. She only wants to help Tim because he is dying and nobody wants to take
care of his autistic child. They started off as good friends but the friendship ends with a
marriage. Even though Savannah was in a dilemma, she eventually decides to choose a
marrying someone she does not love instead of someone she truly loves.

There are lesson to be learnt from the movie, Dear John. The movie has portrayed an ethical
egoism which is an action is morally right if the consequences of that action are more
favourable than unfavourable only to the agent performing the actions. After John recovers
from his injuries, he refuses to return back home for a break and visit his father. He wants to
continue his service without even realising that his father is old and needs attention. If he
returns home earlier, he might be able to save his fathers life. The reason why he refuses to
come home is due to heal his broken heart from the failed relationship with Savannah. He
only thinks about himself without knowing that others are suffering from his actions. The
lesson from this theory is never let others suffer from our selfish actions.
Secondly, the movie also shows an ethical altruism which is an action is morally right if the
consequences of that action are more favourable than unfavourable to everyone except the
agent. Savannah is suffering from her own action when she marries Tim who she does not
love. Even though she makes Tim and his son happy, she does not feel the same way. She
only thinks about Allans future instead of hers. She has promised Tim that she will look after
his son if anything happens to Tim. The lesson from this theory is we should think about
others happiness and feelings.
Thirdly, the movie also shows a benevolence which is an act that benefits persons other
than those from whom the act proceeds without any obligations. John is willingly to serve his
country with his own blood, sweat and tears. He fights without fear to ensure that the people
of his country lives peacefully without taking any benefit. Even though he must sacrifice his
personal life, he put his best effort to maintain his country in a harmony state.