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Apollo Hospitals has been the forerunner of integrated healthcare in Asia, as well as
globally. Today, the Group's futuristic vision has ensured that it has been in a position of
strength at every touch-point of the healthcare delivery chain. Its presence
encompasses over 10,000 beds across 61 hospitals, more than 1,500 pharmacies, over
100 primary care and diagnostic clinics, 115 telemedicine units across nine countries,
health insurance services, global projects consultancy, 15 academic institutions and a
Research Foundation with a focus on global clinical trials, epidemiological studies,
stem-cell and genetic research.

Our mission is to touch a billion lives. We strive to reach out to people from every walk
of life and do our bit to help them stay healthy . Apart from the major social initiatives
and programmes that Apollo hospitals has initiated, every individual hospital in the
group does its bit for the community it serves . Every member of the Apollo family is
committed to provide care and solace to the people in their location and in this section,
we are proud to present the various community service events that take place in our



Apollo Dil Ki Daud, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
"Apollo Dil Ki Daud", a mini marathon organized by Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in
support with the Billion Hearts Beating Campaign, in an endeavor to spread awareness
about prevention of heart disease and to emphasize the importance of a healthy
lifestyle. 1000 people participated in the mini marathon supported by the Billion Hearts
Beating Campaign.
The marathon was supported by Manish Chaudhury, President, Delhi University
Student Union along with CWG wrestlers Rajv Tomar, Anuj Chaudhary & Jaiprakash
Nath; famous swimmer Khajan Singh; singers Ashok Masti and Shankar Sahini who feel
that there is a huge need for such events to generate awareness among the masses.
200 doctors and nurses from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals also ran for the cause.
Heart disease is the biggest killer in urban India today. It is estimated that 60% of the
world's heart disease will belong to India (and Indians) in the near future. Indians are
genetically prone to heart disease. Our sedentary and stressed modern lifestyle just
multiplies the risk.In fact, an Indian is four times as likely to suffer from heart disease as
compared to his Western counterpart. A heart attack also brings a lot of emotional
turmoil for the family; it doesn't only affect the one who gets a heart attack.
Addressing this concern, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals brought together 1000 people
from Sarita Vihar, Jasola Vihar, Sukhdev Vihar, Ashram, Friends Colony, New Friends
Colony, Defence Colony, GK-I, Jamia, etc, motivating them throughout the marathon
would be a team of doctors present, also participating to spread awareness on the need
of a healthy heart.


"SAVE" India Campaign, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
Apollo launched its "SAVE" India Campaign. This is a comprehensive vascular
screening progaramme to increase awareness about the ailments of stroke, aneurysm
and vascular disease, evaluation to prevent disability or death due to stroke, aneurysm
rupture or leg ulcers or gangrene.
Adoption of the Bhat Village, Gujarat, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad
Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad adopted the Bhat Village with a population of
approximately 10,000, in Gujarat, and organized Health Cleanliness Programs and
Health Awareness drive, all of which were extremely well received.
Apollo Life Saver Training Program, Apollo Hospitals Bangalore
Apollo Hospitals Bangalore conducted the Apollo Life Saver Community Training
Program with an objective to train one person in the family on Basic Life Support
Annual Bhagidari Utsav, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Delhi
The Annual Bhagidari Utsav celebrated 10 years of its formation and Apollo Hospitals
Delhi was the only Corporate invited to participate. A large screening unit comprising of
Cardiac and Internal Medicine consults, ECG, ECHO and basic check-ups (Blood
Pressure, Blood Sugar, height and weight). Over the space of two days, almost 2000
citizens of Delhi underwent the elaborate check-up. Approximately 15,000 visitors
attended the Apollo stalls and about 1,800 visitors were screened.
"Plant a tree this monsoon" Campaign, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
In an endeavor to spread awareness about eco-friendly environment and to emphasize
the importance of clean and green surroundings, on the occasion of the 15th
Anniversary, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi in support with the Green Leap
Delhi Campaign planted 500 plants / saplings at the hospital on 27th July 2011 with
Senior Team of the Apollo Hospital Management. This plantation drive was not about
planting trees, but also aimed to bring people together and motivate the community to
take necessary possible steps towards a healthy environment. Apollo Delhi has
collaborated with Bhagidari to promote the noble cause.
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi has always promoted steps towards healthy living.
Green Leap Campaign is one such campaign with the objective to spread awareness
and encourage positive action. Such plantation drives accelerate the awareness drive
on sensitive environment issues and encourage healthy living.


Apollo First Aid Training programmes at Police Boys & Girls Clubs, Apollo
Hospitals, Chennai
The Police Boys & Girls Clubs (PBGC) operated in the slums of Chennai is a project
initiated by the Government and Police department. There are 117 PBGCs which have
their operations in close proximity to the police station. The Club consists of children
from the underprivileged society. Apollo has offered First Aid Training sessions and has
suggested that they first work in the North Zone locations of the city.The training have
been completed in the following locations so far:
1.Tondiarpet on Sept 6 2012
2.Korrukkupet on Sept 8 2012
3.Washermanpet on Sept 13 2012
4.Seven Wells on Sept 15 2012.

Emergency Helpline Posters, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
In an initiative by the Commissioner of Police of Chennai to spread the awareness of
Emergency Helpline, Apollo Hospitals played a major role in distributing two thousand
Emergency Helpline posters, thousand each in English and Tamil, which will be
displayed in schools, colleges, PBGCs and public places. The same was released by
the Commissioner of Police on 15th September 2012.
Apollo Dil Ki Daud, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi - 2012
In association with the Billion Hearts Beating Foundation, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
organised a 5-km run titled 'Dil ki Daud'. In the wee hours of Sunday, more than 2,000
people participated in the 5-km run, which kicked off at 6:45 am. India's first blade
runner and Kargil War amputee hero also participated in order to encourage the
runners for a healthy living. India's first blade runner and Kargil War hero Retd Major
Devender Pal Singh along with Former Wrestler of India, Satpal Singh and the famous
Cricketer, Gurusharan Singh also participated in order to encourage the runners for a
healthy living.
Organized to spread awareness about heart diseases, it aimed to bring people together
and motivate the community to take the necessary steps towards a healthy lifestyle. The
Healthy Heart run witnessed enthusiastic participation from school and college students,
RWA members, various corporate houses, delegates from embassies, the staff of
Apollo Hospitals as well as other citizens.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai organizes Arthritis Awareness Programme on World
Arthritis Day!
Marking the World Arthritis Day on October 12, Apollo Hospitals in Secundrabad
organized Arthritis awareness programme with total hip and knee replacement patients
walking a small stretch at Apollo Hospital premises in the city.
Participating in the arthritis awareness programme here in Hyderabad Kripanand
Tripathi Ujela, Special Secretary, Govt. of AP, flagged off the walk and stressed the
need to create awareness among people that Arthritis is a curable disease if diagnosed
early. Arthritis is a crippling disease which is painful, depressing and prevents free
mobility. It comes due to age, obesity or lifestyle. When medical therapy fails in such
patients, total joint replacement is the only and best option. The walk was organised to
spread the message - 'Arthritis is curable and conquerable'. Apart from Kripanand
Tripathi Ujela, Dr Mithin Aachi, joint replacement surgeon, Apollo Hospitals
Secunderabad and Dr AY Chari, former DME also took part in the event.
Apollo Hospitals, Secunderabad has accomplished 100 per cent accurate results devoid
of infection through minimally invasive surgical technique, points out Dr Aachi.
Apollo Isha Vidya Rural school commenced at Aragonda village , Chittoor dictrict,
Andhra Pradesh
Our children are our most precious assets for the future of our nation. At Apollo, one of
our primary goals is to nurture their potential with high quality education and healthcare.
The first 'Apollo Isha Vidya Rural School' at Aragonda village, Chittoor District was
formally opened in Dec 2012 by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Founder, Isha Foundation in
the presence of Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.
The Aragonda Apollo Medical & Educational Research Foundation, a philanthropic
organization established by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman Apollo
Hospitals Group and the ISHA Foundation had signed a Memorandum of
Understanding at Chennai in February 2012 with a focus on numerous laudable
objectives in the domain of education and healthcare. A core goal of the MoU was to
start a Primary School at Aragonda and Chittoor and to subsequently scale it up to a
Junior College level.
The Apollo Isha Vidya Rural School, a primary school will follow the Andhra Pradesh
State Board syllabus with English as the medium of instruction. The school will
extensively use digital content and special methodologies to teach English and other
subjects, to augment the curriculum. Besides the curriculum, the school will strive to
provide all-round development of the child with emphasis on yoga, sports, arts & crafts
and environmental education to the rural children while preserving their local culture.
ISHA Foundation will support this initiative by giving its Management Services to build
the institution as a Center of Excellence in School Education in Andhra Pradesh.


APOLLO - YOUWECAN Cancer Screening Initiative Launches its First Mobile
Cancer Screening Unit
Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata partnered with Yuvraj Singh's 'Youwecan'
Cancer Screening Initiative and launched its first Mobile Cancer Screening Unit which
will undertake cancer screening programs at various locations in West Bengal.
The specialized Mobile Unit is equipped with state-of-the art Auto Analyzers and
Enzyme Analyzers for blood tests and a X-Ray machine to carry out on-the-spot chest
X-rays. All the tests and clinical examinations would be done by the on-board Doctor,
Lab Technician, X-ray Technician and Nurses. The Mobile Medical Unit would go to
various locations in our state to carry out on-the-spot cancer detection. This initiative
offers free consultations to all. Two highly subsidized screening packages are also
being offered to the people as per the advice of the on-board-doctor.

Stay Healthy!! Promoting eWellness in Rural India - 2013
As a follow up of the present mantra of the Apollo Group to promote wellness and "stay
healthy", in a first of its kind initiative, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation
( has commenced and initiated an innovative method of
providing knowledge empowerment to residents of villages in Tamilnadu. In
collaboration with the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation ( using
multipoint video conferencing, eminent experienced consultants from the Apollo
Hospitals, Chennai interacted in real time with villagers in 12 villages. Initial talks
included Introduction to Diabetes, Management of Diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy,
Prevention, diagnoses and management of complications of diabetes. The first
speakers were Dr C. Chandilya, DrBoochandran and Dr N Rajendran. More than 100
topics and speakers have been identified. It is hoped that the present fortnightly
programme will be considerably escalated both in terms of frequency, number of
villages covered and increase in number of participants. Following a PowerPoint
presentation in Tamil where the subject was introduced, there was a lively two way
audio video discussion with the consultants. Feedback from the 250 plus participants
attending each session, confirmed that deployment of technology, could play a major
role in empowering the public.


Apollo Hospitals - Disaster Relief Programmes
The Apollo Hospitals Group is deeply committed to provide the most timely and efficient
assistance in every possible manner - from medical support to financial aid , whenever
disasters and calamities strike the community . It is always at the forefront of relief
assistance through a multi-pronged approach, and pledges men and material towards
the relief and rehabilitation of victims in multiple locations.
Cyclone relief at Andhra Pradesh - May 1990
A Cyclone relief camp was set up at Machilipattinam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh which
covered surrounding islands and villages for nearly 10 days.
Earthquake relief at Maharashtra - May 1994
Relief work was done at Latur, Maharashtra to help the victims affected by the
Cyclone relief at Andhra Pradesh - November 1996
A cyclone disaster relief team was sent to East & West Godavari districts in Andhra
Pradesh. The team was based at Amalapuram near Rajamundhry, which covered
surrounding 12 places including interior islands. About 3500 patients were provided
Earthquake relief at Gujarat - January 2001
A multi-specialty medical team of 30 personnel and support staff with OT equipment
and medication rushed to Morbi, Gujarat in response to the massive earthquake in
January, 2001. Flying medical squads were set up performing over 40 plastic and
orthopedic surgeries. Medical teams went from village to village treating patients on the


Tsunami relief at Chennai - December 2004
Apollo hospitals played a substantial role in providing medical care to the victims of the
Tsunami that struck South India in December 2004.
Over 12,000 patients were treated at the special Tsunami relief medical centres set up
in Chennai, Nagapattinam, Pondicherry, Cuddalore and Colombo
Medical services, food, clothing and medical teams to affected areas were despatched
through our network of hospitals
Over 200 medical professionals were positioned at key locations
Ambulances and medical supplies worth over Rs. 2 million were sent out
A contribution of Rs. 10 million was made to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund in Tamil
An additional contribution of Rs. 3 million was made towards the relief funds in Andhra
Pradesh and Sri Lanka
A dedicated Helpline number was created to enable members of the public and
concerned corporates to extend their support

Disaster Relief Floods in Chennai - November 2005
A Medical relief camp was arranged at Kotturpuram, Chennai, for victims affected by
flood and treatment was provided to over 2000 persons.

SAHI - Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired
Small deeds make a big difference. This was the inspiration behind establishing SAHI'-
Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired.
SAHI seeks to identify hearing impaired children, mainly in rural areas, with little or no
access to modern medical treatment. It is a scientifically proven fact that as children
grow and develop they learn about sound with little effort. But it can be a daunting task
for a child with hearing impairment to understand sounds and develop language &
communication skills, which in turn affects the child's personal development and
process of reasoning and education.
To address this and many more such problems associated with the hearing impaired,
renowned medical professionals at Apollo Hospitals along with a group of concerned
citizens volunteer their services for SAHI.


Conducting camps in rural areas for the hearing impaired.
Identifying children with hearing problems.
Providing quality hearing aids.
Conducting surgeries with the help of Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.
Bringing about awareness for prevention through health education.
Organizing periodic awareness programs for the general public, school children and
school teachers.
Conducting periodical check-up programs for the benefit of children belonging to poor
socio economic backgrounds.
Providing hearing aids to improve hearing ability.
Providing state-of-the-art medical and surgical aid including micro ear surgeries and
cochlear implants to clear (partially or totally) the hearing disability.
Tying-up with other Governmental and Non Governmental organizations to improve
public awareness and to minimize the social abuse to the children suffering from
hearing problems.
Conducting other activities to bring about public awareness and to help these children
medically, socially and financially.
Raising funds to provide assistance to children for their treatment.