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Role of e-commerce in Logistics

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I Mohd.Adeel, the student of Department of Management Studies, studying in Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of
Science and Technology MURTHAL, SONEPAT. I am doing a Research Project on the topic of Role of e-commerce
in Logistics so kindly spare your valuable time to fill this questionnaire. The information obtained through this
questionnaire provided by you will be kept confidential and it will be used for academic purpose only.

Part I: Personal Information

Name: _______________

Designation: _____________

Department: _________________

Work experince: _______________________

Qalification: ____________________________

Gender: ____________


Q. Please give choice of your response according to the following

Satisfaction Level
Highly Satisfied 5.
Satisfied 4.
Neutral 3.
Dissatisfied 2.
Highly Dissatisfied 1.

Sno. Explanation
Section A: To identify the factors effecting e-commerce in
logistics :
5 4 3 2 1
1. Does e-commerce help to eliminate the inefficiency of the
procurement process.

2. Does e-commerce help to increase the powers of supplier services.

3. Does e-commerce enable us to increase us to track the shipment of

4. Increase flexibility to offer diffrent diffrent order sizes.

5. Reduce planning time for freight transport.

6. Reach a wide range of new customers.

7. Ability to monitor and keep track of the progress of distribution

8. Does e-commerce help in e-procurement of goods.

9. e-commerce help in lower search cost for buyers.

10. Logistics creates a link between buying,making and moving products
from suppliers to purchasing firms.

11. Is e-procurement makes the intermediary indepandently connects
hundreds of online suppliers effectively.

Section -B:
Do you agree with the statement Role of e-commerce in logistics

1. It enhance the corporate image of organisation.

2. The design and development of an e-commerce system helped us to
achieve business objectives.

3. Consumer strategies is consistent and alligned with our companies
bussiness strategy.

4 e-commerce plays a integrated with our corporate bussiness plans.

5. e-commerce reduced the business process cost.

6. e-commerce improve the relationship with trading partner.

7. e-commerce help in price transparancy.

8. Increase production flexibility by insuring delivery of parts Just in

9. Decrease production cycle time by sharing designs and production.

10. Lower transaction cost by eliminating paper work and automating
parts of the procurement process.

Section-C: Impact of e-commerce in Logistics :

1. e-commerce reduce time between billing and payment.

2. e-commerce gives efficient exchange of information.

3. e-commerce improves order accuracy.

4. e-commerce increase number of on time deliveries.

5. Reduce inventory cost by increasing competittion among suppliers.

Q. Any other views that you may like to share that make you feel that e-commerce plays an important role in logistics