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Parsnip soup
roast parsnips, green apple tartare, curry oil
smoked mackerel rillettes, lime jelly, soda bread
Smoked Salmon
lemon lace, capers berries, soda bread
Main Courses
roast fillet of coley, cabbage, olives, dried tomatoes, tomato vierge
Calf liver
slow roast Calf liver, garlic museline, vegetable Parisienne, charcutiere sauce
gnocchi, buttered spinach, horseradish cream ,rocket salad
Cappuccino cr"me br#l$e
milk ice cream, biscotti biscuit
%hubarb and apple crumble
rhubarb sorbet, custard
Selection of &ritish farmhouse and continental cheeses
celery, grapes, 'uince jelly, homemade breads and biscuits
(hree Courses at )*+ per person
,PP-(./-% M-01
%ice &alls 2,ward 3inner4
Creamy risotto, parmesan, fresh mushrooms, mo55arella cheese,
oregano and basil tossed in bread crumbs and served crispy on
marinara sauce 678+9

!arlic Shrimp
(iger shrimp saut ed in garlic butter, white wine and cream
served with toast points 6+8+9

Choice of basil garlic white wine or spicy tomato marinara 6+8+9

,rtichoke :ip
,rtichokes, cream, parmesan and a hint of .rish :ubliner Cheese
served with a warm sliced baguette 6;8+9

!arlic &read with Cheese
<omemade =rench bread infused with rosemary,
baked and topped with cheese 698+9

Mushroom Caps
Stuffed with cream cheese and chipotle, topped with baby shrimp
Mo55arella 6+8+9

:iced tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil and feta cheese served on
homemade =rench bread and baked in the oven 678+9

>ightly breaded calamari served with a sweet and spicy chilli
sauce 6+8+9

&acon 3rapped Scallops
0ova Scotia scallops wrapped in smoky bacon 6+8+9
%oast %ed Cherry (omato and &asil Soup with toasted <erb Croutons 2?4
%ocket, Mango and Chicken Salad
3ith a >emon and cracked &lack Pepper ?inaigrette
(ian of mi@ed Seafood on crisp Salad, (omato and <erb Ail
Chefs =ruit Sorbet 2?4

Peppered >oin of Pork =ondant Potato, seared ,pples, %ed 3ine Bus
!rilled =illet of Plaice Spinach and ,sparagus %agout, ?eroni'ue Sauce
3ild Mushroom, <erb and Parmesan %isotto 2?4
!uernsey =ish and Seafood &ouillabaisse 2Supplement )C89D4
.ced %aspberry Parfait, fresh &erries and Coulis
>emon and ?anilla Cheesecake on a <a5elnut &ase
Platter of =ine -nglish and Continental Cheeses with 3ater &iscuits
=ull Menu E )C*89D
Soup F salad
Made to order, full of oven roasted veggies 698+9

Cajun Chicken Mushroom Soup
%ich creamy soup with spicy Cajun chicken and fresh mushrooms 678+9

Seafood Chowder
Chef <ans delicious chowder with haddock, shrimp and scallops 6;8+9
Soup of the :ay
,sk your server for today s homemade creation 698+9

Caesar 2,ward 3inner4
Made the classic way with real bacon, we use lots of garlic in our
homemade dressing then topped with fresh parmesan
Sm 6G8C9 >g 6+8+9

&aby spinach, mushrooms, bacon and mo55arella cheese8
Served our homemade creamy cucumber dressing and egg
Sm 6G8C9 >g 6+8+9

Mi@ed !reens
=ield greens, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes
and mushrooms served with our house tomato basil vinaigrette
Sm 6*8+9 >g 6;8+9

Compliment your salad withH
~Chicken 698+9 ~Shrimp or Scallops 6I8+9

Salmon Fillet
!rilled salmon with dill sauce served with basmati rice
and vegetables8

Cajun Salmon
&lackened salmon baked in the oven served with
basmati rice and vegetables8 6J;8+9

=resh haddock prepared encrusted with herbs and
bread crumbs and pan fried or &eer &atter and panko
breading, Served with basmati rice and vegetables or
home made fries 6J78+9

Chicken Parmesan
Chicken breast dusted with breadEcrumbs, herbs and
parmesan, baked with tomato sauce and served on a
bed of linguine8 6JI8+9

Stuffed Chicken
&readed chicken breast stuffed with four cheeses,
spinach and Portobello mushrooms, baked golden brown
and topped with a basil cream sauce8 Served with garlic
mashed potatoes and vegetables8 6J;8+9

10oz Striploin Steak
Center cut and grilled to your liking with peppercorn
sauce, served with garlic mashed potato and vegetables8

Tiger Shrimp
Plump tiger shrimp in a garlic cream sauce on basmati
rice8 Served with vegetables8 6J;8+9

Seafood inguine
Mussels, scallops, tiger shrimp and salmon tossed in a
dill cream sauce with linguine8 6CJ8+9

!eal Marsalla
Kuickly saut ed ?eal with mushrooms, finished with a
Marsalla wine demiEgla5e8 Served with garlic mashed
potatoes and vegetables8 6CJ8+9

Chicken Filo
Chicken &reast stuffed with a mushroom du@ell,
wrapped in filo pastry then baked in the oven, topped
with a basil cream sauce8 Served with garlic mashed
potatoes and vegetables8 6J+8+9

S-( !%A1P M-01
,PP-(./-% C<A.C-S
Caesar Salad E Made the classic way with lots of garlic4
!arden Salad E =ield greens with cucumber, carrots, and mushrooms, topped with a
tomato vinaigrette8

-0(%-- C<A.C-S
Fettuccini "lfredo #ith Chicken $with a three cheese cream sauce8
Stuffed ChickenE &readed stuffed with G cheeses, Portebello mushrooms, and spinach
baked golden brown and topped with basil cream sauce, garlic mashed and vegetables8
Cajun FettucciniE Spicy tomato sauce with chicken, .talian sausage accented with peppers
and onions8
Peasant Car%onaraE (iger shrimp and vegetables in a white wine, bacon cream sauce8
Salmon FiletE =illet !rilled and served with rice and vegetables, topped with a light dill
&rilled !egeta%le TortelliniE Cheese filled F tossed in a tomato herb garlic olio8
Spaghetti 'olognese$a hearty meat sauce served on a bed of spaghetti with a good
sprinkling of grated Parmigiano cheese8
:-SS-%( C<A.C-S
Stra#%err( Cheese CakeE , classic cheesecake baked with real strawberries and served
with a fresh strawberry sauce8 Ar opt for a slice of
Chocolate Cheese Cake $, classic cheesecake dri55led in chocolate sauce8
Chocolate 'ro#nie
)our choice of Tea or Coffee