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HLT40307 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice

Massage involves the movement and manipulation of soft tissue resulting in increased blood flow, removal of toxins and improved
muscle tone. Massage therapists apply a range of massage technqiues to reduce muscular tension, aches and pains, increase healing
abilities and bring about a general sense of health and wellbeing.

Quick Course Guide

HLT40307 Certificate IV
in Massage Therapy
Start Dates
Monthly enrolment for
Distance Education or
contact a Course &
Career Advisor for On
Campus intake dates
Course Length
Full-time: 16 weeks (14
weeks tuition) on
campus & 26 weeks DE
Part-time: 32 weeks (28
weeks tuition) on-
campus & 1 Year DE
None Refer to entry
requirements below.
A variety of written &
practical assessments,
journal, logbook and
clinical based training
Finance Options
Flexible payment
options available
Delivery Method
On Campus or by
Distance Education
Delivered by
Australasian College of
Natural Therapies

What You Will Learn

This course represents the entry point of an exciting career in massage therapy. You will learn a variety of techniques focusing on
Swedish massage, relaxation and therapeutic techniques, including study in anatomy and physiology and how to work professionally
in the health and wellness industry.
Entry Requirements

To enter this course you will need to have:
Completed NSW Higher School Certificate, or equivalent (if you are under the age of 18 years at course commencement you may
be required to participate in an interview to assess your suitability for the course) or
Be 21 years or over at course commencement.

Overseas students are required to demonstrate an English language proficiency of IELTS 5.5 (Academic) overall, with a minimum of
5.0 in each skill.
Location, Study Time & Start Dates

This course is delivered at the Sydney campus in Surry Hills and Brisbane campus in Fortitude Valley; the course can be completed
in 16 weeks full-time, 32 weeks part-time or 26 weeks full time via Distance Education or 1 year part time via Distance Education.
Contact your consultant now for upcoming intake dates.

Course Subjects

The Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice covers the following 9 subjects. These ACNT subjects include 15 units of competency
(10 common and 5 specialisation units) from which the student will be assessed.

Subject Name
Subject Code
Unit of
Competency Code
Unit of Competency
Teaching Hours
Skills for Manual

BSBWOR203A Work effectively with others
Communicate effectively with
Communicate and work
effectively in health
Apply massage assessment
Perform massage health
C4MAPA11 HLTCOM405B Administer a practice 28
Safe Practices C4MASP11
*HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes
Comply with infection control
policies and procedures
Anatomy &
C4MAAP11 *HLTAP401A Confirm physical health status 82
First Aid C4MAFA11 *HLTFA301B Apply first aid 10
Client Referrals C4MACR11
Make referrals to other health care
professionals when appropriate
Use specific health terminology to
communicate effectively
*HLTREM407B Plan massage treatment
130 *HLTREM401B
Work within a massage
*HLTREM406B Provide massage treatment
Massage Therapy

Communicate effectively with
64 *HLTCOM406B
Make referrals to other health care
professionals when appropriate
*HLTAP401A Confirm physical health status
*HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes

Subject Name
Subject Code
Unit of
Competency Code
Unit of Competency
Teaching Hours
*HLTFA301B Apply first aid
Comply with infection control
policies and procedures
Communicate and work
effectively in health
Work within a massage
*HLTREM407B Plan massage treatment
*HLTREM406B Provide massage treatment
Apply massage assessment
Perform massage health
Total Hours 422

*Please note that the following units of competency are delivered across multiple subjects. Students must complete all subjects
satisfactorily in order to be deemed competent in these units:

! HLTCOM404B Communicate effectively with clients
! HLTCOM406B Make referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate
! HLTAP401A Confirm physical health status
! HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes
! HLTFA301B Apply first aid
! HLTIN301A Comply with infection control policies and procedures in health work
! HLTHIR301A Communicate and work effectively in health
! HLTREM401B Work within a massage framework
! HLTREM407B Plan massage treatment
! HLTREM406B Provide massage treatment
! HLTREM408B Apply massage assessment framework
! HLTREM409B Perform massage health assessment

Hands-on Training to Complete Your Qualification

You will be required to complete clinical training which you will undertake at ACNT's campus in Sydney or Brisbane. If you live
outside of Sydney or Brisbane, you can undertake your training at an approved local clinic or practice (Distance Students only).

Contact your Course & Career Advisor for more information about these requirements.

This massage course requires first aid training as part of the course curriculum. If you've previously completed a first aid course
which meets the national competencies for the National Training Package HLTFA301B - Apply First Aid (including St. John
Ambulance Senior First Aid Certificate), you'll receive credit for this part of the course.
NB: Students will not be able to start Massage Therapy Clinic subject until a valid first aid certificate has been sighted by the Clinic

C4MACSM11 Communication Skills for Manual Therapists
This subject covers the skills and knowledge required to work and communicate effectively in a health setting, with clients, staff,
visitors, suppliers and others This subject provides the skills required by practitioners to establish and maintain effective
communication with the client at all times; as appropriate to facilitate the treatment or health service being provided (and provide
basic counselling as required).Additionally, the subject covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to work in a
group environment; promoting team commitment, cooperation, supporting team members and dealing effectively with issues,
problems and conflict.
Upgrade Pathways
Upon completion of this course, you may upgrade to the following ACNT qualification, which is a direct pathway for the
HLT40307 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice:
! HLT50307 Diploma of Remedial Massage

Course Subjects

C4MAMAT11 Massage Assessment Techniques
This subject covers the skills and knowledge required to observe the condition of the client and gather information relevant to the
case in order to provide a basic massage. It describes the skills and knowledge required to interpret the information gathered in the
health assessment and indentifying precautions or contraindications to treatment, before performing a massage treatment

C4MAPA11 Practice Administration
This subject provide students with the skills and knowledge required to set-up a clinical practice and have a basic understanding of
the administrational aspects, rules, regulations and operational requirements of effectively running a clinical health practice;
according to the size and scale of the business.

C4MASP11 Safe Practices
This subject provides students with the skills and knowledge required for workers within the health care industry to comply with
infection control guidelines and occupational health and safety policies and procedures; outlining workplace performance
requirements and responsibilities for both employees and business owners.

C4MAAP11 Anatomy & Physiology
This subject covers a detailed level of knowledge, of anatomy and physiology, from basic cells and tissues to all the major systems of
the body. Awareness and understanding of the chemistry and biology of the human body, will ensure students have enough
information to perform a basic physical health assessment, as required in massage therapy practice.

C4MAFA11 First Aid
This subject covers skills and knowledge required to provide first aid response, life support, management of casualty(s), the incident
and other first aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance.

C4MACR11 Client Referrals
This subject covers the skills and knowledge required to arrange referrals to other health care professionals when required. It also
covers the skills required to understand and respond to instructions, carry out routine tasks and communicate with a range of
internal and external clients in a health care practice, using appropriate practice-specific health terminology.

C4MAMT11 Massage Techniques
This subject describes the skills and knowledge required to work effectively within a massage framework, adhering to industry
standards and guidelines. The subject will teach students about the history and philosophy of massage and how to apply appropriate
techniques to administer a massage treatment. It also provides students with the skills and knowledge required to assess and
evaluate clients needs, and negotiate a treatment plan with them. An introductory level to musculoskeletal anatomy will also be
included as the student learns techniques for each of the body regions.

C4MAMTC11 Massage Therapy Clinic
This subject Massage Therapy Clinic aims to co-assess key elements of your knowledge and understanding of the units of
competency listed on the previous page; while applying these in a real-life clinic situation. During your time in clinic you will be
expected to perform massage treatments to a range of individuals in various clinical settings and for different client needs. During
clinic, attendance requirements must be met and students will complete a log-book of treatments to show evidence of learning and
development throughout their clinic experience.

The ACNT Learning Experience
With over 29 years experience, the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) has built a reputation for providing quality,
accredited courses in natural health, manual therapies, sport and fitness. One of the largest colleges of its kind in the world, ACNT
trains thousands of students per year and delivers highly qualified, knowledgeable and job-ready graduates.

Growing Opportunities for Qualified Professionals
As concern about general health and fitness grows, Australians are increasingly turning to natural therapies to look and feel good
boosting demand for herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, personal trainers and other wellness professionals.

To get into this growing industry, and to become a credible, trusted practitioner, you need a recognised qualification. ACNT
accredited qualifications give you a strong foundation for a successful, rewarding career in your chosen profession.

Science-based Training for Serious Skills
To treat patients effectively and safely, you need to be well-versed in both the theoretical and practical aspects of your chosen
profession. To this end, ACNT courses teach you the underlying science behind your area of interest, and hone your skills through
supervised practical training.

Youll learn from experienced academics and industry practitioners, and graduate with the confidence, skills and experience
necessary to be a responsible, independent practitioner.

Clinical Training
ACNT courses include supervised clinical training, so youre able to practice your profession in preparation for your new career. You
can complete your clinical training at ACNTs industry-standard facilities in Sydney and Brisbane, or for Distance Learning, at an
approved clinic in your locality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ACNT qualifications recognised?
ACNT qualifications are nationally and government-recognised, and are designed to meet the professional requirements of the
following industry organisations:

! Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
! Association of Massage Therapists (AMT)
! Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)

Please note that the industry accreditation may be subject to change. The industry accreditation and Health Fund recognition may
be dependent on the delivery mode chosen (on campus or Distance Education). Health Fund recognition is subject to the variable
policies of each health fund. Please note some Health Funds do not recognise qualifications that are delivered entirely via Distance

Please speak to your Course & Career Advisor for more information on the accreditation details.

Will ACNT help me find a job once I graduate?
ACNT provides a web-based Job Finder service for students, graduates and employers alike. Updated on a daily basis, you'll find an
array of job opportunities listed, both local and international.
The Job Finder is used by prospective employers to specifically target ACNT graduates, many of whom have been employed by
industry leaders such as Blackmores, GNC LiveWell, Chiva Som and Steiner Leisure.

Are any payment options or financial assistance available?
ACNT offers flexible payment options for your convenience:

! Upfront payment
! Trimester payment

Additional payment options are available if you are studying by Distance Education.

In addition, Austudy or Abstudy is available if you meet Centrelink's criteria. Applications for assistance are assessed by Centrelink,
so you should contact your nearest Centrelink office to discuss your eligibility.

Can I get hands-on experience in a real-world setting?

ACNT has student clinics at its campuses, where you can treat patients under the supervision of expert practitioners. Throughout
your programme, your progress will be monitored and you'll be taught how to record clinical data and liaise professionally with your
If you are studying by Distance Education, you may complete your clinical training at an approved local clinic. Contact your Course
& Career Advisor for more details.

Do I need to study on campus, or are there other options?

ACNT offers you the flexibility to study according to your lifestyle. You can study in either of the following ways:
On Campus Programmes
This is quite often the quickest way to complete a course. Courses and timetables are planned to best suit the delivery of the subject
content. Hours have been allocated to subjects to allow more time for study of key elements such as Massage Techniques and
Anatomy and Physiology - some of these subjects will be delivered across more than one day. Most of the subjects will start in week
1 and will continue to run for the length of the study period Massage Techniques will be delivered mostly within the first 5 weeks,
as the students need to achieve competency in this subject before they can work on clients in the clinic. For part-time students, the
subjects are delivered progressively across the two study periods. Key subjects such as Massage Techniques and Anatomy and
Physiology will be delivered in the first study period while other subjects will be delivered mostly in study period two.
Courses are delivered in class at ACNT campuses in Sydney and Brisbane. NB - To allow for completion of the Certificate IV in
Massage qualification within the two study periods, the subject Practice Administration may be delivered via distance education.
Please note the timetable is subject to change without notice depending on class size and classroom availability.
Distance Education
This option, available for all ACNT courses, allows students to study anytime, anywhere and at a part-time pace that is more
manageable for them.
Contact your Course & Career Advisor for more information on the study options available.

Where are the ACNT campuses located?
ACNT has campuses in Sydney and Brisbane.

What resources do I need for Distance Education?
You'll need a computer with high speed Internet access, PDF reader, word processor, and an email address. You will also need access
to video/DVD recording facilities, as practical assessments need to be recorded. You will need to source necessary equipment, such
as a massage table, towels and oils. For your subject Massage Therapy Clinic you will need access to a clinic where a qualified
practitioner can supervisor your practical clinic application. Please contact the Course and Career Advisor to obtain more
information about Distance Education requirements.

What kind of student support will I receive?
All students have access to the Student Portal, which provides access to course material, subject outlines and practical assessment
requirements. The student portal also contains links to news, course information, professional associations and other relevant
If you are studying by Distance Education, you will receive a comprehensive study guide that walks you through your course. Tutors
are on hand to answer any questions that you may have via phone or email as well as through online interaction.
Administrative support is also available, with a turnaround time of 24 hours during weekdays.

Is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) available?
Yes, RPL is available for units of competency. A full record of prior study, (including subjects and hours) needs to be provided, along
with a current CV, if making an RPL application.

What are the enrolment dates for the courses?
Distance Education: contact your Course & Career Advisor now for upcoming enrolment dates.
On Campus: contact your Course & Career Advisor now for upcoming enrolment dates.
I'm not sure which course is right for me. Can you help?
Our Course & Career Advisors are experts in helping you select the right course for your career needs. Contact your Course & Career
Advisor now for free course advice.

Information provided in this document is current at the date of publication and may be subject to change.

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