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The FN-49 Semi-Automatic Rifle

(a.k.a. SAFN-49 or Model 49 ABL)

by John A. Landry

Version 3.0
Snday! Janary "#! $99%
S&'()*N )
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S&'()*N )V
S&'()*N V
L&.AL S(A(0S
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AN- 0.S.
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-&S).N F&A(0/&S
(he in;or9a7ion 6resen7ed herein is <orre<7 7o 7he bes7 o; 9y
kno=led5e. )7 <o9es ;ro9 9any sor<es! bo7h =ri77en and
oral. Ma>or 6or7ions o; 7his do<9en7 =ere 5a7hered ;ro9 7he
9e9ories o; ;irear9s en7hsias7s! ;irear9s <olle<7ors! and
;irear9s dealers. Very li77le in;or9a7ion beyond a ;e= ;a<7s is
=ri77en abo7 7he FN-49 ri;le in <on?en7ional 6blished
sor<es. )@?e done 7he bes7 7ha7 ) <an 7o a<<ra7ely 5a7her
kno=led5e o; 7his ri;le and <onsolida7e i7 here. A<<ra<y o;
7his in;or9a7ion in so9e <ases =ill only be as 5ood as 7he
9e9ory ;ro9 =here i7 <o9es. 3lease ;eel ;ree 7o <on7a<7 9e
i; yo <an add 7o 7his <olle<7ion or i; yo <an <orre<7 errors in
7he in;or9a7ion.
Firs7! ) <old al9os7 5o =i7ho7 sayin5 7ha7 )@d ha?e 7o 7hank
FabriAe Na7ionale ;or 6rod<in5 s<h a ;n ri;le 7o o=n and
shoo7! b7 ) =on@7. Ne87! ) =ish 7o 7hank 'iro -e.ennaro! a
;irear9s dealer and <olle<7or ;ro9 Ne= 2ork! =ell kno=n 7o
9any o; yo! ;or sharin5 his ?as7 FN-49 kno=led5e =i7h 9e.
S6e<ial 7hanks 7o S7e6hen .ary! a 5ood ;riend o; 9ine =ho
;irs7 in7rod<ed 9e 7o 7he FN-49 and s6arked 9y (sre 7o be
li;e lon5) in7eres7 in 7his ;ine ri;le. Las7ly! a bi5 7hank yo
7o Jlian Free9an and 7he readers o; 7he 'rio and /eli<s
Mailin5 Lis7 ;or 6ro?idin5 9any e8<ellen7 i96ro?e9en7
s55es7ions ;or 7his 7e87! and ;or ;illin5 9e in on so9e o; 7he
9ore obs<re ;a<7s abo7 7his ri;le ) =asn@7 a=are o;.
(he FN-49 is a bea7i;l e8a96le o; a 6re-,orld ,ar ))
desi5ned se9i-a7o9a7i< ri;le. )7 ;ea7res a ?ery s7ron5 ye7
si96le desi5nB a desi5n 7ha7 is as easy 7o o6era7e as i7 is 7o
9ain7ain. )7 e8hibi7s only 7he ;ines7 in Aali7y and
=ork9anshi6 one =old asso<ia7e =i7h 7he re67a7ion o; 7he
FabriAe Na7ionale ;ir9 in 1ers7al-Le4-Lie5e! Bel5i9.
Fea7rin5 an inno?a7i?e desi5n and 7he desirable ;ea7res o;
i7s day! 7he FN-49 =as a ?ery 6o6lar ri;le soon a;7er i7s
in7rod<7ion on 7he =orld ar9s 9arke7. 0n;or7na7ely! 7he
FN-49@s hi5h <os7 <o9bined =i7h i7s li9i7ed a99ni7ion
<a6a<i7y and la<k o; a 7re de7a<hable 9a5a4ine! led 7o i7s
l7i9a7e de9ise. (he FN-49 is essen7ially 7he Bel5ian ba77le
ri;le eAi?alen7 o; 7he 0ni7ed S7a7es M$ .arand! .er9an .-

(he 7o7al 6rod<7ion o; 7he FN-49 =as $CD!"D4 ri;les.
-is7rib7ion =as as ;ollo=s...
D.#99 # 6rod<ed ;or 7es7in5
C99 Maser %!003 6rod<ed ;or Vene4ela
.30 M" (.30-0D)
$"#!0C" 6rod<ed ;or Bel5i9! Bel5ian 'on5o! L8e9bor5!
)ndonesia (-7<h &as7 )ndies)! 'ol9bia! and Bra4il
C.#99 $ 6rod<ed ;or 7es7in5
C.D"99 $ 6rod<ed ;or 7es7in5
C.D#99 #!#4$ 6rod<ed ;or Ar5en7ina
C.9"99 (%99
3C!D4$ 6rod<ed ;or &5y67 and Bri7ish 7es7in5
Many re<ei?ers on FN-49@s ordered by Vene4ela a66aren7ly had a s<o6e 9on7in5 rail
9illed on7o 7heir le;7 side! b7 no7 9any i; any =ere i96or7ed in7o 7he 0ni7ed S7a7es
ha?in5 a s<o6e or 7he s<o6e 9on7s a77a<hed. *; 7he ;i?e 7y6es o; b77 6la7es nor9ally
en<on7ered on 7he FN-49 ri;le! 7he s7a96ed E<orr5a7edE s7eel desi5n =i7ho7 7he b77
7ra6 =as sed by Vene4ela. )7 is belie?ed 7ha7 7he $#E sin5le ed5ed Maser s7yle bayone7
=as ordered by Vene4ela ;or se =i7h ea<h o; 7heir FN-49 ri;les. )7 is ;r7her belie?ed
7ha7 all ri;les ordered by Vene4ela =ere ;i77ed =i7h 7he o67ional ;a<7ory 944le brake.
*; in7eres7in5 no7e! se?eral hndred Vene4elan FN-49@s rebarreled in 7he $9D0@s 7o 7he .
30% ,in<hes7er <ar7rid5e ha?e re<en7ly been i96or7ed in7o 7he 0ni7ed S7a7es ;or sale.
(hese ri;les =ere re=orked in Vene4ela! s66osedly nder FabriAe Na7ionale
s6er?ision 7o 7ake 7he ne= <ar7rid5e. (he re<ei?er o; 7hese ri;les is 9odi;ied! as =ell as
7he 9a5a4ine! so 7ha7 s7ri66er <li6 loadin5 is no lon5er reAired. (he $0 rond 9a5a4ine
6ro?ided <on7ains ;eed li6s and =ill hold <ar7rid5es =hen re9o?ed ;ro9 7he ri;le. (he
ori5inal 9a5a4ines held "0 ronds! b7 de 7o 7he res7ri<7ion in 7he $9%4 *9nibs 'ri9e
Bill! 7he i96or7er had 7hese ori5inal 9a5a4ines shor7ened 7o $0 ronds. *n 7hese ri;les! 7he
944le <a6 is also =elded in 6la<e 7o <o96ly =i7h 7he sa9e <ri9e bill res7ri<7ions!