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Theme : Clean environtment that is beneficial to health

Title : The important of clean environment effect health

Position :
Audience : Teachers and students Senior High School

Good morning, best wishes for all of us
First of all , let us praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God , for the blessings and
grace , we can gather in this place with healthy without lacking in nothing .
On this occasion , I will deliver my speech about the cleanliness environment and its
relationship to health. As a student of our work is to learn. As we know we can learn well in a
comfortable and clean place . Imagine our classroom or school is dirty, we certainly would
not be comfortable and even we can not learn well . Therefore we have to keep cleanliness
environment so that we can comfortably stay in one place .
In addition , as we know , lately floods struck our country , especially in our capital
city , Jakarta . One of the factors or causes of the disaster is low public awareness of the
importance of cleanliness environment , often causing people littering . For example, people
who live along the river are often dispose of their household garbage into the river .
The government has banned people for not littering . Various attempts to improve the
cleanliness of the environment continues to be done such as increasing the number of bins ,
and program to clean up the garbage in the streams and rivers . However, the changes that we
can seen only a little because the effort is not supported by the people, so there are many
people who still littering.
Though all efforts have been made to improve the cleanliness, is no other for the
citizen as well. Additionally dirty environment can cause various diseases , such as skin
diseases , diarrhea and others. Dirty environment can also be a place to breed mosquitoes and
can cause diseases caused by mosquitoes such as dengue and malaria, which is a dangerous
disease and can even cause death.
To avoid things that are not desired to be no awareness of their own in their
communities to support and develop the efforts that have been done by the government,
social institutions and others, that is to begin to dispose of waste in place. Let us together
realize a clean environment so that feasible and convenient for us to live together.
So what can I say, if there are sentences that are less pleasing to you, I apologize,
because there is no ivory that is not going to crack and there would be no human beings make
mistakes. Thank you for your attention and good morning.