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All should

Will know open MS Excel
2. Most should

Type and Format table
3. Some should

Will be able to use Auto sum ,
Date 13
May 2014

Nawal Abdulla
Time 10:09 10: 52 School Al Manssor Basic Education School
MST Shaikha Humaid

Class Grade 5

MS Excel No of
30 students
Main Lesson Aims
Lesson talks about MS Excel. The overall goal of the lesson is to develop students ' knowledge and
understanding of using the tools correctly.
Objectives: at the end of the lesson students will be able to
- Use the highest total (max number)
Use the least total (min number)
Learning outcome:
Be able to use Max number tool
Be able to use Min number tool

Assumptions about prior learning
Students know how to open MS Excel and write number or word in cell ,and use auto sum to add numbers

Anticipated problems and possible solutions
Problem with computer. I will use the whiteboard to explain lesson and cards
Students may have problem with their computer I will try to solve a problem
Personal focus for this lesson
- Level of the voice
- Body language by using gesture
- Eye contact
- Communicate with students
Target language (Vocabulary)

Teacher language
I will divide you to four groups and I will name each
group by color.
-who can open the program MS Excel on my
- Do you learn something today?
Main tasks or activities
- Different kind of models to lead child about
computer parts

Resources and teaching aids

Discussion > whole class
leadership > groups

Consider where the students are working:
The students will work in their normal place.

max and min


Discussion with whole class
The teacher will give for students numbers each for student will choose one number , after that
the teacher will choose one number to ask him question to apply for her computer like :
Open the program MS Excel
Type names in cell C2
Type student grades in cell D2
Type in cell C3 Mohammed, C4 Saeed, C5 Obeid
Type in cell D3 55, D4 87, D5 90
Type in cell C7 total
Add the numbers to get the total numbers in cell D7
Type higher degree in cell C8
Type less degree in cell C9

*The teacher will give worksheet for student who answer the question because he will be
leader with him group I will choose it, and then he will evaluate their students group for
their work.

Min 7
Main Activities:

1- Leadership: Teacher will divided students six groups each group has five students then
one of leader will sit in their group to evaluate their group work.
2- Review : the teacher will give the student worksheet to follow the instruction like what
we did at the beginning of the lesson when I asked the student to answer my question by
individually so the student will do the table and put the data on MS Excel
3- Explain:
The teacher will give for student new knowledge like they will learn how to get max and
min number on MS Excel. The teacher will explain for them step by step for students to
apply on their computer.
If I saw some student dont understand I will repeat lesson to sure all student get the


Min 10

Min 10

Each group they will apply on their computer to present for the teacher they understand of the

Min 5


Leader will evaluate for their group to give for them grade and the teacher will evaluate all
student who finished their work.

Min 5