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SME financing products by banks and NBFIs

It was not until 2010 that the government and policymakers

recognised the importance of providing extensive credit
facilities to small and medium sector entrepreneurs to promote
various initiatives, especially start-up enterprises as well as ones
looking to scale up. The anks and other financial institutions,
however, have een providing loans to such enterprises for
long, though not in the nomenclature of !"# $inancing.
%ow, almost all anks and non-ank financial institutions &%'$I( in the country are providing
loans to the sector, under different governmental schemes as well as through their own product
portfolios. %ew )ge provides a list of some of the ma*or products availale in the market, from
some of the leading anks and financial institutions, for the enefit of potential entrepreneurs and
those looking for further investment.
)puro is a loan facility for small and medium entrepreneurs, which offers minimum Tk10 lakh
to maximum Tk +0 lakh in loan. To meet import-export related expenses, post import expenses,
duty payment, local ill purchase and working capital, !homriddhi loan offers Tk 1 lakh to Tk 1
crore. !hompod loan provides from Tk 10 lakh to Tk ,.+ crore while !hokti loan offers
usinesses Tk10 lakh to Tk -0 lakh in loan. )ll these products are offered against registered
mortgages and the enterprises are re.uired to have at least three years of experience. The ank
also offers deposit products for !"# entrepreneurs.
Brac Bank Limited
'eing the youngest ank, '/)0 'ank in the last ten years served ,.-+ lakh customers and
released around Tk 11,000 crore as loans to !"# entrepreneurs. The ank at present offers a
range of !"# loan products. )nonno is a small scale usiness loan ranging etween Tk , to Tk
10 lakh while 2rothoma is a term loan of maximum Tk 10 lakh for small scale usinesses
operated y women entrepreneurs. These loans can e availed y a usiness having a valid trade
license and do not re.uire a security. These loan schemes have een operating for more than two
years. The package called 3ur*oy is offering Tk , lakh to Tk 2+ lakh loan also without any
Dhaka Bank Limited
/ecognising .uite early the !"# segment4s value addition and employment generation
capailities, 3haka 'ank has pioneered !"# financing in 'angladesh since 200,, focusing on
stimulating the manufacturing sector and actively promoting trading and service usinesses.
The ank offers different revolving and renewale lines of credit against mortgage of collateral
for !"#s with two years experience in the line of usiness and satisfactory credit report. In a
range of such loan products 5 overdraft work order, overdraft pay order, overdraft share, secured
overdraft and overdraft !"# 5 small usiness can take maximum Tk +0 lakh and medium
enterprises Tk 1 crore. The interest rate for male entrepreneurs in small enterprises varies from
1, to 1- per cent while for women it is 10 per cent. $or medium enterprises the rate is 1, per
cent, for oth men and women entrepreneurs.
In the scheme of usiness loans under !"#, 3haka 'ank offers long, mid and short term
products, festival short term products, !"# lease etc. 6hile all these financial products are non-
revolving and non-renewale, the maximum amount of loan and corresponding interest rates are
the same as credit line products of the ank.
Eastern Bank Limited
#stalished in 1772 out of former '00I 'ank, #'8 is now focusing more on the !"# sector. It
has separate, dedicated centres and desks for !"#s and also special desks for !"# women
entrepreneurs. It has introduced different types of specialised loan products &on e.uated monthly
instalment asis( and also liaility products for !"#s.
)t present #'8 has aout 9,000 !"# clients and approximately disurses around Tk 1,000 crore
per year. The ank has collateral free loan products for small segment clients and partial secured
loans for small and mid segment clients, with a repayment period up to 90 months. #'8 offers a
wide range of products covering small and medium enterprises, women entrepreneurs and import
oriented customers.
#'8 )grim is a special product of #'8, which offers seasonal or festival loan products with
single shot repayment within 1 to 9 months. #ntrepreneurs who need extra finance during any
usiness season or festival, can take loans of minimum Tk 200,000 to maximum Tk 7+0,000,
without any collateral. $urthermore, farmers who are directly engaged in cultivation can take
loans ranging from Tk 10,000 to Tk 1+0,000 under the #'8 :rishi /in scheme without any
collateral with ;ero processing fee. The repayment of this scheme depends on harvesting of the
This year #'8 has reviewed its existing loan products to match with market demand and
launched #'8 :rishi /in and a deposit product called #'8 #.uity 'uilder for !"# customers.
It has a plan to launch another loan product, #'8 %oodoy, this year.
EXIM Bank Limited
#stalished in 1777, the #xport Import 'ank of 'angladesh 8imited now offers two different
schemes for entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises. #xim <ddyog is an investment
scheme facilitating pro*ects with the aim to provide fixed and working capital for !"#s involved
in poultry, dairy, fisheries and agro-ased industries etc. 8oans are disursed across 'angladesh
through its ranches and !"# !ervice 0entres. #=I" )alaman loan covers general usiness,
workshop and light engineering.
The ank disurses loans in single or multiple phases according to the nature and re.uirement of
usinesses and also offers single or multiple repayment installments as per the returns of the
usiness. >aving a record of successful usiness operation for two years, small entrepreneurs can
orrow Tk 2 lakh to Tk 10 lakh while the medium entrepreneurs can take Tk 10 lakh minimum
and Tk +0 lakh maximum, against proper collateral depending on whether it is located on the
proprietor4s own land or on a leased property. ?n the asis of satisfactory usiness transaction
and usiness re.uirement, the ank also offers the opportunity of enhanced investment.
I380 introduced lease financing in the country in 17@+, and started working in small and
medium enterprises in 2009. It is now y far the largest recipient of 'angladesh 'ank4s !"#
refinancing scheme, as claimed y its chief executive officer and managing director, !elim /$
>ussain. )lmost 20 per cent of customer lending of I380 group is in !"# sector.
To finance small-scale trading, manufacturing and service ventures to help !"#s meet short-
term cash flow needs and ridge the fund-flow gaps I380 offers lease financing, term loan
financing, working capital financing, pro*ect financing and refinancing facilities, with different
terms and conditions. It also has more products such as supplier finance, women entrepreneur
loan and commercial vehicle loan.
The small usinesses which are a growing concern with minimum operational experience of 2
years can get minimum Tk , lakh to maximum Tk -+ lakh. I380 offers loans without any
collateral for up to Tk 1+ lakh and partial cash-secured loans of up to Tk ,+ lakh. $or repayment,
it offers oth e.ual monthly installments and customi;ed schedules. 'orrowers having loan
facilities with other financial institutions can also avail I3804s facilities.
Industrial and Infrastructure 3evelopment $inance 0ompany 8imited offers different !"#
financing schemes to potential clients taking into consideration the enterprises4 credentials,
management strength, sales growth, technical soundness, cost efficiency, future prospects and
their transaction ehaviour with other lenders and associates, if any. "ode of repayment of
II3$04s !"# loans is e.ual monthly or .uarterly instalment.
)mong a range of products, II3$0 provides term loans for capital expenditure. The longer
maturity of loans can reduce the si;e of instalment payments and help improve the cash flow of
the enterprises. II3$0 also provides loan facilities to meet working capital re.uirements.
The company provides women entrepreneurs with loans as per the guidelines and regulations of
'angladesh 'ank and with some favourale terms for women. It promotes such loan schemes
with a dedicated desk in a id to assure service-friendly attitude towards women entrepreneurs
and treats all type of applications sumitted y small and medium sector women entrepreneurs
with highest priority.
The milestone of !"# department in 2010 was the "o< with %ational !mall Industries
0orporation &%!I0(, India, on "arch ,0, covering various points of cooperation including
development of *oint ventures, demonstration and hands-on technology training for start-up
entrepreneurs, installation and commissioning of !"# pro*ects and development of !"#-IT
Technological 2ark.
Isami Bank Bangadesh Limited
?ne of the pioneers in financing !"#s, I''8 is now providing Tk +0,000 to Tk 10 crore as
credit in various manufacturing, trading and service craftsmanship. !ince its inception, I''8 has
introduced several investment schemes to cater to the needs of !"#s keeping in view the
re.uirement of different sectors and various sections of people to improve their .uality of life.
6ith some @0 thousand !"# partners coming under its net, the total !"# investment of the
ank is more than Tk -,100crore.
Aender e.uity remains yet another conceptual asis of I''84s !"# and micro-finance
initiatives. <nder the 6omen #ntrepreneurs4 Investment !cheme I''8 provides upto Tk ,0 lakh
to women-run enterprises, and upto Tk + lakh without any collateral.
I''8 prioritises eneficial ideas with potential of ringing aout welfare to the society in small
manufacturing, cottage industries and self-employment activities. These include various light
engineering sectors like iron or wooden furniture processing, agriusiness, specialist farming,
seeds production and distriution, leather making or leather goods, ackward linkage industries
of garments and poultry sectors, in service sectors like laundry, hotel and restaurant, healthcare,
diagnostic centres and educational services and small trading sectors of confectionery, ook stall,
drug and medicines shops, stalls of shoe, cloth, food, vegetale and different consumer items,
among others.
!rime Bank Limited
2rime 'ank provides small and medium enterprises with easy access to loan to help them grow
further. ) minimum of Tk 2 lakh to a maximum of Tk 9 lakh can e orrowed without any
collateral. The ank also offers capital loan, working capital loan, seasonal loan, doule loan and
women entrepreneur4s loan schemes under different terms and conditions.
0apital loan is offered to the usinesses opting to augment capital ase for usiness expansion,
purchase of new usiness space, expansion of existing outlets and capital machineries and also to
purchase light or heavy vehicles for usiness use. 6orking capital loan offers usinesses the loan
facility to increase the working capital ase y financing day to day usiness. The ank offers
seasonal loans to gra the additional opportunities in various festivals and seasonal events y
organi;ing special usiness arrangements to increase sales and profit for !"# usinesses. In
these schemes, small enterprises can have Tk 2 lakh to Tk +0 lakh as loan while medium
enterprise from Tk 2 lakh to Tk , crore.
<pon offering any encashale securities like $3/, oth small and medium enterprises are also
entitled to receive doule the amount of the value of security provided. The loan amount should
e ranging from minimum Tk 2 lakh to maximum Tk +0 lakh. 6omen entrepreneurs can get Tk
1 lakh to Tk fifty lakh in loan to expand and operate their usinesses at their desired level, of
which upto Tk 2+ lakh can e loaned without any security.
#ntrepreneurs having the experience of successfully managing the usiness for at least two years
may apply for any of these schemes.
Standard Chartered Bank
!tandard 0hartered 'ank provides !"#s with its wide range of usiness responsive products
and services. To help expand the usiness and tackle all fund related constrains of !"#s,
!tandard 0hartered offers usiness installment loans of up to Tk -0 lakh from a minimum of Tk
10 lakh. The loan re.uires a cash security of ,0 to +0 per cent of the loan amount depending on
existing repayment track record. This loan is repayale in three to five years at the interest rate of
17.+ per cent. )ny usiness having at least three years of experience in the same usiness and a
minimum turnover of Tk 120,00000 can apply for this loan.
Its loan scheme ?r*on however has een crafted to support the usiness needs of women
entrepreneurs and enales !"#s to otain financing without any re.uirement of collateral. The
features and eligiility re.uirements of this scheme are similar to the usiness installment loans,
except for an interest rate of 1@.+ per cent.
!tandard 0hartered also offers loan against property ranging from Tk 11 lakh to Tk 2.@ crore, to
enterprises with annual turnover of Tk -0 lakh, at the interest rate of 19 per cent which is
repayale over three to 10 years. The ank also offers trade and working capital financing and
different !"# transaction services, online ased !traight 2 'ank service and 3oorstep 'anking
&which allows secure anking transactions without leaving the doorstep(.