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Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is centrally located within the country on the northwest
coast of Java Island at the mouth of the Ciliwung river. Jakarta dominates Indonesians
administrative, economy, cultural activities, an is a major commercial and transportation hub within
Asia-with a population of about 9 million, Jakarta has more people than any other cities in Indonesia.
The climate is hot and humid year-round. Rainfall occurs throughout the year, although it is the
heaviest from November to May. To average annual precipitation in Jakarta is 1, 790 mm. The city
lies on a flat, low plain and is prone to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.
Kota is citys oldest commercial area. It is located south of the old Sunda Kelapa harbour. Glodok, the
south of Kota is a banking, retail and residential neighborhood with a large Chinese population.
Merdeka Square with Monas (The National Monument) dominates the citys central district.
Surrounding the square are Istana Merdeka, the presidential palace, the National Museum, and the
Istiqlal Mosque.


Yogyakarta is one the nice places from our countries. Yogyakarta city is in south of
java island. It is a popular holiday resort for people who like cultural and historical sites.
Yogyakarta is a small city but there are many places where we can visit them. There
are many temples in the province, such as Prambanan, Kalasan and Sambi Sari. There are
also two palaces that we must not miss, Hamengkubuwono and Pakualam Palace. Yogyakarta
is a tropical city. There are palm trees and other tropical fruit trees. There are also beautiful
beaches, such us Parangtritis, Krakal, Kukup Glagah. It is not difficult to get around the city
at the day because taxis and buses are easily found. Unfortunately, there is no bus in evening.
The only way to see the nightlife of the city is by taxi, but it rare at night. I like Yogyakarta
because its a beautiful and peaceful city.


Paris is the capital of a European nation, France. It is also on of the most beautiful and
famous cities in the world.
Paris is called the City of Light. It is also an international fashion center. What stylish
women are wearing in Paris will be worn by women all over the world. Paris is also famous
for its world center of education. For instance, it is the headquarters of UNESCO, the United
Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
The Seine River divides the city into two parts. Thirty-two bridges cross this scenic river. The
oldest and perhaps the most well known in Pont Neuf was built in the sixteenth century.
Sorbonne, a famous university, is located on the left bank (south side) of the river. The
beautiful white church Sacre Coeur lies on the top of a hill called Montmartre on the right
bank (north side) of the Seine.
There are many other famous places in Paris, such as the famous museum the Louvre as well
the cathedral of Notre Dame. However, the most famous landmark in this city must be the
Eiffel Tower.
Paris is named after a group of people called Parisii. They built a small village on an island in
the middle of the Seine River about two thousand years ago. This island is called Ile de la
Cite. It is where Notre Dame located. Today around eight million people live in the Paris

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Indonesia. It is situated in
central Java. Borobudur temple is one of the seven wonders of the world which needs to be
preserved its circumstances. The people all over the world know that Borobudur is one of the
greatest art works that ever known since long time ago.

Borobudur temple was built by Syailendra Dynasty during the eighth century. It needed more
than two million river stones. It is the biggest temple in the world
After going into some restorations, Borobudur is visited by more and more tourists, both
domestic and foreign tourists. Most of them admire Borobudur temple because of its beauty,
its elegance and the story of the relief on its walls.

Domestic tourists usually go there by bus or private cars, while foreign tourists like to join
travel bureau because they dont need to think of the transportation, accommodation, and
itinerary. There are some money changers around the location. It makes them easier to
change their money. But some of them like to bring credit cards and checks.

Padang is the capital of West Sumatra. The town is quite nice and deserves a longer visit. The
main sights in the city include Adityawarman Museum (close to the bus station) in a
traditional Minangkabau house and featuring a good collection of antiques and the cultural
center where we can see traditional dances on Sundays. It is an arts institute, which often
stages Minang dance and pencak silat (martial arts) performance. The cultural center also
offers free tours to the city.
Padang has several houses built in traditional architecture, including Padang Museum, which
houses objects of cultural and historical interest. Its beach on Bungus bay with its white sands
is good for swimming, boating or just watching the fishing boats going out to sea in the
afternoon. Small boats can be hired from here to some small islands nearby: Sirandah, Sikoai,
Pagang, Parsumpahan.
Padang is a prosperous city and major ports, which has retained the atmosphere of a market
town. It is the third largest city of Indonesia with a population of more than 300,000. South of
Padang, the massive Kerinci-Strait, Nature Reserve is Indonesia's largest national parks
sprawls across a 345 sq km stretch of Jungle Mountain dominated by the volcanic core of
Mount Kerinci, which is Sumatra's highest mountain.
Padang has some pretty beaches. The most popular ones are located south of Padang. The
beaches are good for swimming, boating or just watching fishing boats going out in the
afternoon. On Sundays, the beaches are usually crowded with families and youngsters
enjoying their weekly day off. On other days, however, we will find the beaches deserted.
One of the most famous attractions in Padang is the renowned 'Nasi Padang'. Numerous
restaurants serve it. One of the most famous is Simpang Raya, which has branches throughout
West Sumatra and Riau, but also in other cities in Indonesia. When we sit down at a table, in
no time the waiter will fill the whole table with plates, containing Kari, chicken and fish
prepared in coconut curry, Rendang, meat in coconut gravy and Dendeng Balado, thin slices
of dried and fried beef served with red chilies.