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Corruption in Pakistan is raising with speedy pace and it also not only ruining the modern
society of Pakistan but also the economy of region. In most recent Transparency Overseas
Index Pakistan is the 34th corrupt land out of 178 countries on the planet. Last year Pakistan
was on 42nd placement. The main reason of corruption in Pakistan is that corruption is
supported by executives and politicians of country who are one of the most corrupt folks of
this country. Our concentration here in this topic is always to explain the role of higher
judiciary for eradication of corruption in Pakistan.

Today Superior Court of Pakistan is totally independent in the influence of executive novice
in the past of Pakistan and also this is due to the fact that these impartial judges are virtually
employed by people of Pakistan. Mass protests against Dictator Pervaiz Musharraf and
lawyer's movement for your restoration of judiciary are the factors which reinstated these
deposed judges of Greater Judiciary. Key Justice and other judges of Supreme Judge are
devoted to eradicate the corruption. The NRO circumstance is example in part of which
Supreme Court declared NRO null and void and purchased to reopen and reinvestigate all
the instances of corruption against politicians and bureaucrats including Chief executive of
Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. Right now there is frosty war happening between corrupt politicians
(possibly they are in government or opposition) and judiciary. Authorities is trying to sideline
this independent judiciary by distinct tactics. NAB (National Responsibility Bureau) is puppet
in the hand of Government and recently Federal government appointed a controversial
person as chief of NAB.

Role of NAB is vital for the eradication of corruption from substantial strata of society and
also this department is working in almost all democracies of the world although with different
names. An independent NAB is absolutory necessary to curb the corruption but also in
Pakistan NAB is intoxicated by Government. In past NAB is used with the politicians in power
to hunt their foes. Without self-sufficient NAB and independent Judiciary it is out of the
question to eradicate the menace of corruption from Pakistan.

Corruption is mother of all social ills and many socio-economical problems will automatically
be solved as soon as corruption will probably be curbed. Superior Court of Pakistan is
attempting to bring all corrupt politicians in court of justice but so far their efforts receiving
little achievement because of bureaucratic and governmental hurdles. As a member of
authorized community of Pakistan so that as a true patriotic Pakistani we need to need to
fully support the Judiciary in its crusade against corruption. Musharraf does not have a face-
saving get out of strategy. That's the catastrophe. If Musharraf had little by little transitioned
to a more provided mode of governance and responsibility, he would have been in better
position politically and tactically. In this case, Musharraf could have located some of the
failures of governance on his political associates and possibly attached better cohesiveness
from the numerous constituencies.

Musharraf has not only knotted himself but positioned the United states in an uncomfortable
situation. With terrorists nevertheless operating with impudence in Pakistan, and Afghanistan
being still very fragile, the U.S.