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Step 1
Open InDesign and go to File>New or click the Create New File icon on the welcome
screen. Set the settings shown here, mostly default, ecept set it to ! pages.
Step 2
"et#s set up the master pages. $hat way we can add a header and page num%ers
automatically. Dou%le&click on the '&(aster icon on the top of the )ages pull&out palette to
open up the master pages.
Step 3
On the lower&left hand corner of the left master page, click&and&drag with the $et tool to
drag out a tet %o for the page num%er.
Step 4
*o to $ype>Insert Special Character>'uto )age Num%er.
Step 5
$his will insert an automated page num%er so you don#t ha+e to num%er each page. Change
the si,e -and style if you want. of the font to an appropriate one for you pu%lication.
Step 6
/old down Option -)C0 'lt. and click&and&drag the tet %o that has the automatic page
num%er in it o+er to the right page to create another instance of a 'uto )age Num%er. I
placed the tet %o on the left side page on the lower left hand corner, and I placed the tet
%o on the right side page on the lower right hand corner.
Step 7
If you put the tet %oes for the page num%ers in the same locations as I chose to, it should
look something like this.
Step 8
)age num%ers are not the only o%1ects to put onto the master pages. 'nd all the o%1ects
don#t ha+e to %e automatically updated o%1ects, either. 2ou can add photos, tet, or shapes
and they#ll %e on e+ery page. For this tutorial, add 1ust a simple title at the top of each page
%y clicking&and&dragging out a tet %o along the top.
Step 9
Open the )aragraph palette and click the center 1ustify icon to center the tet after
highlighting it. Change the tracking to 344 to spread out the spacing of the tet to spread out
the title.
Step 10
Open 'do%e Illustrator and go to File>)lace to place the 1apanese5flag.1pg file.
Step 11
'fter clicking on the placed file with a Selection tool, click on the down arrow net to "i+e
$race up on the Control palette to pull down the options. Click on $racing Options. Change
the settings to the ones shown here6 pretty much a %asic %lack and white trace. Click O7 to
apply the trace.
Step 12
)ress 8pand up on the Control palette.
Step 13
9ith the Direct Selection tool, click on the white areas and press Delete to remo+e the white
Step 14
9ith the Direct Selection tool, click on the %lack o%1ect and click on the %lack and white
gradient in the Swatches palette -9indows>Swatches..
Step 15
Change the direction of the gradient to a diagonal slant %y selecting the *radient tool and
then clicking&and&dragging form the %ottom right to the upper left of the o%1ect.
Step 16
Net, click&and&drag a color from the Swatches palette to one end of the gradient on the
*radient palette -click on the gradient ta% if the palette isn#t open.. Click&and&drag another
color to the opposite side of the gradient slider to add the other end of the gradient. I
changed this one to red and white to keep with the :apanese theme.
Step 17
$he o%1ect should look something like this. For the pu%lication, we want more white area, so
use the *radient palette slider to ha+e more white area.
Sa+e it as an Illustrator .ai file for the net part of this tutorial. Sa+e the InDesign file as well.
9ith the second part, we#ll use this as a nice %ackground for two pages of the pu%lication.
9e#ll also add some new graphics and uni;ue title tet and complete the pu%lication with the
third part.