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Comment on the following excerpts so as to illustrate the most important features of

Christopher Marlowes dramatic art:

Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus (Act V)
[The clock strikes eleven.]
O, Faustus,
Now hast thou but one bare hour to live,
And then thou must be damned perpetually.
tand still, you ever!movin" spheres o# heaven,
$hat time may cease, and midni"ht never come.
Fair nature%s eye, rise, rise a"ain and ma&e
'erpetual day. Or let this hour be but a year,
A month, a wee&, a natural day,
$hat Faustus may repent, and save his soul.
O lente lente currite noctis equi.
$he stars move still, time runs, the cloc& will stri&e.
$he devil will come, and Faustus must be damned.
O, (%ll leap up to heaven) who pulls me down*
One drop o# blood will save me.
+end not my heart, #or namin" o# my Christ.
,et will ( call on him. O spare me, -uci#er.
.here is it now* %$is "one.
And see a threatenin" arm, an an"ry brow.
Mountains and hills, come, come, and #all on me,
And hide me #rom the heavy wrath o# heaven.
No* $hen will ( headlon" run into the earth.
/ape, earth0 O no, it will not harbour me.
,ou stars that rei"ned at my nativity,
.hose in#luence hath allotted death and hell,
Now draw up Faustus li&e a #o""y mist,
(nto the entrails o# yon labourin" cloud,
$hat when you vomit #orth into the air,
My limbs may issue #rom your smo&ey mouths,
1ut let my soul mount, and ascend to heaven.
[The watch strikes.]
O, hal# the hour is past0 %$will all be past anon.
O, i# my soul must su##er #or my sin,
(mpose some end to my incessant pain.
-et Faustus live in hell a thousand years,
A hundred thousand, and at last be saved.
No end is limited to damned souls.
.hy wert thou not a creature wantin" soul*
Or why is this immortal that thou hast*
Oh 'ita"oras% metempsychosis% were that true,
$his soul should #ly #rom me, and ( be chan"ed
(nto some brutish beast.
All beasts are happy, #or when they die,
$heir souls are soon dissolved in elements,
1ut mine must live still to be pla"ued in hell.
Cursed be the parents that en"endered me)
No, Faustus, curse thysel#. Curse -uci#er
$hat hath deprived thee o# the 2oys o# heaven.
[The clock strikes twelve]
(t stri&es, it stri&es0 Now body turn to air,
Or -uci#er will bear thee 3uic& to hell.
O soul be chan"ed into small water drops,
And #all into the ocean ne%er be #ound.
[Thunder, and enter the devils.]
O mercy, heaven0 -oo& not so #ierce on me)
Adders and serpents let me breathe awhile.
4"ly hell, "ape not) come not -uci#er0
(%ll burn my boo&s0 Oh, Mephistophilis0 [Exeunt.]
[Orologiul bate ora unspreece.]
Ah, Faust,
4n ceas 56i mai r7m8ne de tr7it)
Apoi te!a9teapt7 ve9nica os8nd70
Opri6i!v7, lumin7tori cere9ti,
Ca vremea s7 stea!n loc 9i mie:ul nop6ii
7 nu mai bat7) ochi #rumos al #irii,
+7sari din nou 9i!nve9nice9te :iua)
;e nu, pre#7!te, ceasule, !ntr!un an,
O lun7, 9apte :ile, 5ntr!o :i,
Ca Faust s7 se pot7 poc7i0
O lente, lente currite, noctis equi0
;ar stelele se mi9c7, vremea #u"e,
Va bate ceasul, dracii vor veni
<i Faust 59i va c7p7ta os8nda0
7 m7 av8nt spre Cel!5nalt0 Ah, cine
= cel care m7 tra"e!n 2os* 'rivi6i0
;e s8n"ele lui Crist e plin7 bolta...
4n sin"ur strop m!ar i:b7vi... (suse0
Nu m7 :drobi, puternic -uci#er,
;in pricina chem7rii ce i!o #ac0
=u am s7!l stri" mereu... Fii milostiv0
4nde!i acum* !a dus0 Ah, iat7 ;omnul
<i!ntinde bra6ul 9i t7cut se!ncrunt70
V7 pr7v7li6i asupr7!mi, mun6i 9i dealuri,
<i de ur"ia lui m7 t7inui6i0 Nu vre6i*
M7!n"hit7!atunci "enunea #7r7 #und0
'7m8ntule, te casc70 Nu m7 vrea...
Voi, stele ce sclipea6i atunci c8nd m!am n7scut
<i mi!a6i ursit pieirea 9i "heena,
M7 soarbe6i ca pe!o cea67 9i m7 duce6i
>n p8ntecele norilor sc7mo9i,
Ca!n clipa c8nd m7 ve6i :v8rli!nd7r7t,
'rin "ura lor de #um s7!mi ias7 trupul,
(ar su#letul s7 urce c7tre cer0
[Orologiul bate.]
;in ceas a mai r7mas doar 2um7tate0
O, ;oamne0
;e nu vrei s7 m7 cru6i, atunci m7car
#8r9it durerii mele hot7r79te
>n numele lui Crist, al c7rui s8n"e
A curs 9i pentru mine, s7 tr7iesc
O mie, :eci de mii de ani 5n iad
<i!apoi s7!mi a#lu tihna. >ns7, vai,
Cei p7c7to9i sunt os8ndi6i pe veci...
;e ce nu!s o #7ptur7 #7r7 su#let*
au pentru ce!i nemuritor acesta*
'ita"oreica metempsiho:7
;e!ar #i adev7rat7, duhul meu
<i!ar c7uta s7la9 5n dobitoace0
Ah0 C8t le #erices0u#larea lor,
C8nd pier, o!n"hit stihiile) al meu
$r7ie9te!n veci ca s7!l munceasc7 iadul.
'7rin6ii mei s7 #ie blestema6i0
1a nu, tu 5nsu6i, Faust, 9i satana
Ce de cerescul har te!a v7duvit0
[Orologiul bate !ieul nop"ii.]
= mie:ul nop6ii0 $rup, pre#7!te!n aer,
Altminteri mer"i cu -uci#er 5n iad0 [Tunete #i $ulgere.]
're#7!te su#lete, 5n stropi m7run6i
<i!n m7ri te spulber7? s7!6i piar7 urma0
[%ntr& diavolii.@
Nu m7 privi at8t de aspru, ;oamne0
N7p8rci 9i 9erpi, l7sa6i!m7 s7 su#lu0
(ad h8d, nu te c7sca0 tai, -uci#er0
unt "ata s7!mi ard c7r6ile0 Me#isto0
[%es diavolii cu Faust.]
($raducere de -eon -evi6chi, Teatrul 'ena#terii englee,
vol. A, 1ucure9ti, ABCD, pp. AED!E.