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It is a well known fact that it is the nature that heals and
cures, the naturopathic physician lends intelligent assistance
1. From the Desk of the Editor.................................. 3 and interprets its laws for the patient. Human body can
withstand danger from within because of its peculiar power
2. Doctor's Dilemma ................................................... 4 to right itself and restore its own balance. There are certain
self curetive forces which are inherent in the human body
3. Doctors have a Vested Interest in
Prolonging Our Sickness !? ................................. 7 working towards health and healing. We cannot heal a
disease with a remedy we apply. It is the vital force within us
4. Say no to Cereals ................................................. 11 which heals and we need but to aid it. It is a supreme force,
acting in and through every atom, molecule and cell in human
5. "I am smarter than you
body which is the true healer.
if you are a meat-eater".........................................15
Even animals know and practise nature cure by instinct.
6. Lemon Shots .........................................................20 A sick dog will authomatically fast and abstain from food
and even cats and similar animals know the importance of
7. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind ............. 22
sun bath.
8. The Famous Letter by Abraham Lincoln ............24 Every person interested in Naturopathy should always
9. Ten Ways to Build Self-Confidence......................26 remember the above slogan.
With divine love...
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DOCTOR'S DILEMMA common sense which is a scarce commodity in the

medical world today.
Oh ! let us never, never doubt Lord Platt wrote : "If you listen to your patient long
What nobody is sure about ! enough he/she would tell you what is wrong with him/her."
– Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953) Today's technologists would think this is madness. However,
A thinking doctor will have a great dilemma in the midst a recent double blinded, prospective, computerized study
of all the medical claptrap that is being sold to the gullible in London showed that listening to the patient and reading
public. Most of what we do is not being properly audited : the referral letter gave 80% of the accurate final diagnosis
when audited, the bench marks used are questionable. The and one hundred percent of the idea of future management
euboxic medicine, trying to see that all the boxes in the strategies in medical out-patient diagnosis. Would not this
computer generated case records are filled to avoid future cost a lot less?
litigation, practised in the west today and copied by others Value based medical education, preferably based mainly
would only keep the record sheets straight but might result in the community, would solve some of the problems, like
in dysboxic death, death at unexpected time and place, of over-investigation and over treatment that result in many
the patient! This is one of the reasons why the death and Ulysses syndromes. Rather, teaching in the hi-tech set up
disability rates went down when doctors went on strike in should be discouraged to make the doctor-patient
Israel in 2000. This has to change and the earlier it happens relationship the sheet anchor of medical care delivery.
the better for humankind. Medical students should have lessons in medical humanism,
Our present disease-based medical education should be which includes insight into the real health problems and their
replaced by patient (human) oriented medical education of solutions. Research must be better regulated. Financial
yore where the patient was the kingpin in the game of interests of the researchers need to be carefully assessed
healing. Great brains of the past - Thomas Lewis, Sir William before publishing their data. Time is now ripe for openness
Osler, Lord Platt, Sir George Pickering, Paul Wood, in research.
Paul Dudley White, Sam Levine, Thomas Holme Sellers, The profession, before being advertised to the gullible
Lord Brock, Lord Brain, John Hutchinson and many other public, should evaluate newer heroic surgical feats that bring
thinkers of the past - had said this time and again but we, in in fame, money and status to doctors, hospitals and the
our present delusion with scopes and scanners thought that vendors of equipment. Deportation of the physician under the
we need not pay heed to these people. In fact, if one most draconian law in South Africa, in the much publicized
re-reads that classic by Richard Asher, Talking Sense, first heart transplant, for refusing to declare the donor brain
even today one would wonder that his writings dead, is a glaring example of what happens behind the scenes
are so contemporary and very topical. They all had robust in such situations. We need stricter control over these heroic

Present day medical science seems to be guided by monetary Simple anxiety reduction would make most people healthy
interests alone. Surgical correction and drug therapy are only and enthusiastic.
4 5
procedures where the real hero is the patient who offers himself Doctors Have a Vested Interest
for the procedure unaware of its implications and hazards.
Interventions could be audited, like drugs, by controlled in Prolonging Our Sickness!?
studies. Many new techniques had resulted in mortality and Bapu blamed the doctors for allowing us to indulge in
morbidity in the past : they are too many to enumerate! Most gustatory delectation, which often resulted in constipation, which,
of them have been swept under the carpet. in turn, gave rise to one or more ailments. Bapu believed in the
old maxim “Constipation is the fertile mother of most diseases.
Medicine revolves round anxiety - patient anxiety of
Kill the mother, and the orphans will perish!” Granting that there
disability and death and doctor anxiety of having done enough is some exaggeration in this adage, there is much truth too in it.
of the right thing or not. If something could be done to allay Most of the patients that are suffering from diabetes,
both these, we will have progressed in the right direction. cardiovascular ailments, hypertension, osteoporosis,
Doctor's dilemma that causes so much of stress related osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease and other chronic ailments
diseases among doctors goes unnoticed to the detriment of are sufferers from latent or patent constipation. And most of these
patients and the public. This has to be urgently addressed by can be relieved of their symptoms in a week or a month if they
the profession as also the powers that be. This is not a small ate the right food—frugally—and exercised daily so that their
constipation became past history, and the bowels started moving
matter. Hope sanity will prevail and medical education gets
two or three times a day, and that too, freely, without straining. It
suitably modified with special stress on continued rounded is interesting to note that Bapu considered overeating not merely
professional development of the practitioners. an unhealthy habit; he considered it a vice. Later on, after deeper
Before society loses faith in doctors we have to change study of this trouble—which had bothered him since childhood
for the better and make modern medicine accessible to the and even resulted in his suffering from appendicitis, for which
majority of the suffering humanity. The popularity of he had to get appendectomy done—he had started calling
complementary systems is not to be taken lightly despite gluttony a SIN! He even went to the extent of saying that just as
the fact that we shout from house tops day in and day out we call promiscuous, sexually loose-moralled persons
characterless, we should call habitual overeaters also
that complementary systems are not scientific, people in
characterless! Nobody in the world, except Bapu, has dared to
large numbers opt for those systems. They are not fools to brand gluttons as sinners or characterless persons! For that
do so. Let us introspect before it is too late. We should matter, none but Bapu has dared to make this statement that
remember that a patient could live without we doctors but “hospitals are institutions that propagate sin!” Bapu has been
doctors cannot live without patients. Before we reach that the only personage in the history of civilization who has
stage let us act wisely and set our house in order. denounced overeating as being sinful and immoral!
Thinking along similar lines, he wrote at one place:
"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to
“Multiplicity of hospitals and medical men is no sign of
its original shape." – Oliver Wendell Holmes
civilization”—a shocking but nevertheless thought-provoking
– Dr. B. M. Hegde statement. Obviously, what Bapu wished to convey here was
A sensible life style also assists healing. In essence the human body The fewer the medicines you give to your patients, the better
is built by nature to last. If one lives sensibly, health will be the rule for them. – Dr. H. G. Cox
and disease an exception.
6 7
that if we needed an ever-increasing number of doctors to Of course, side by side with the resting and cleansing of the
take care of our ever-increasing diseases, we cannot claim bowels, the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, and other physical
ourselves to be intelligent, self-controlled, healthy people, tissues of their pathological load, Bapu’s emphasis always
capable of looking after our own physical and mental fitness. rested on RAMA-NAMA (chanting the name of God). It may be
Bapu expected every doctor to be a teacher of healthy living, noted here that Bapu’s Rama was not Bhagwan Rama of
but he found to his dismay that in allopathic medical colleges, Ramayana, but He was the omnipresent, omniscient Lord, God,
NOTHING IS TAUGHT ABOUT HOW TO MAINTAIN GOOD Ishwar or Allah. Bapu wished that each and every person had
HEALTH BY MODERATE INTAKE OF ONLY WHOLESOME an absolute faith in the healing power of God or Nature; he
VEGETARIAN FOOD, BESIDES REGULAR INVIGORATING regretted the fact that the tendency of the average human being
EXERCISE AND A DISCIPLINED YOGIC LIFESTYLE. In fact, was to have tremendous faith in his or her doctor but little or
childhood onwards, nowhere in the world, right knowledge no faith in God Almighty. For psycho-spiritual purification,
is imparted about what to eat and what not to, as also how Bapu’s prescription was total faith in God, along with a heart
little is our requirement for oral nourishment; or that fasting full of Love for all and ill will for none. Bapu was Compassion
or frugal partaking of exclusive fruit diet or a raw diet or a and Love personified, and he wished that all humanity also
kalpa (monodiet), by itself, can rid us of almost any ailment, similarly walked the path of “Love for all humans.” Being a
sans drugs or medical intervention, unless the disease is too votary of Ahimsa (Compassion), Bapu also advocated non-
far advanced, having reached a point of no return. harming of any human being, even by unspoken or spoken word,
Based on his experiences and his reading of literature by let alone by inflicting bodily injury. Of course, non-killing of
naturopaths such as Dr. Benedict Lust and Adolph Just, Bapu animals for our eating was a part of Bapu’s Ahimsa; and going
used to write articles in his paper Indian Opinion, when he was a step further, Bapu abhorred the usual practice of experiments
in South Africa; out of these articles, in 1906, the first ever book on animals in medical research since such research involved
by Bapu was published on simple rules of healthy lifestyle. By cruelty to helpless, defenseless animals who had to suffer a lot
a curious coincidence, the very last of Bapu’s writings in book of agony for our—human beings’—health problems; these so-
form were also health-related; the booklet was titled Key to called researches mostly terminated in killing of those animals
Health, published in 1942, and the articles in the same were at the hands of the scientists. In Bapu’s spiritual dimension of
written by Bapu when he was incarcerated in Aga Khan Palace holistic health, killing of animals did not find any place. That
in Pune. For conservation of vital energy, Bapu invariably was another reason Bapu was absolutely against allopathic
advocated abstinence from sexual coitus, along with fasting or system of medicine.
strict dieting. Bapu was convinced that elimination of toxins Perhaps, all the aforesaid views of Bapu on health and
from the body was best speeded up by resting the digestive healing, up to the year 1945, may be considered obsolete or
apparatus from its daily task of digesting, absorbing and irrelevant in this year 2004. One may argue that allopathy has
assimilating of food; Bapu’s advice for brahmacharya (celibacy) made tremendous strides in the intervening half century in
was also based on the same contention of conservation of Vital the fields of laser surgeries, organ transplants, emergency
Power, which then is geared to the herculean task of medicine and scores of health-loss problems in human
detoxification of our usually highly autointoxicated physiques. beings; these achievements certainly are very laudable.

It is most regrettable that we are bent upon making ever increasing use I have had greater success in the treatment of diseases by
of medicines, instead of relying on, and having faith in, Nature’s powers snatching drugs away from patients rather than by administering
of resistance to disease. – Dr. Wendell Mcleod drugs to them. – Dr. Alton Goldbloom of America
8 9
However, notwithstanding all those accomplishments and SAY NO TO CEREALS
despite the increase in lifespan of an average Indian, a
majority of us—in all age groups, infancy onwards—seem to Down the centuries, through agricultural and
be suffering from some or the other chronic health problem, technological revolutions, Cereal foods, rice and wheat in
physically or psycho-emotionally. This is because of our non- particular, have shaped and turned human history.
rectification of wrong eating habits; our addictions to alcohol, Agriculture - which more and more has come to signify
tobacco, etc.; sedentary long-hour jobs; mental stresses, single-crop farming has replaced not only the hunters,
tensions, etc.; as also due to ever-increasing air pollution, gatherers and nomadic herdsmen, but also the methods
water pollution and other factors that are largely beyond our and practices of traditional farming. Cash cropping has
personal control. Health should be valued above wealth; but steadily replaced techniques that protect the soil, the earth
most of us are in a fast pursuit of riches and status, thereby and thereby our health. Mixed crop strains are still being
planting seeds of psychosomatic illnesses, which may turn replaced with uniform, short stemmed hybrids of rice,
into degenerative, almost incurable, diseases with our
wheat and maize. Further, these strains are bred and
advancing age. We have forgotten that certain eternal truths
researched to respond to chemical fertilizers, pesticides
about health and disease have withstood all tests of time;
the most important verities are these: (1) There is a Divine
and herbicides. Complex irrigation systems, which
Intelligence in all the trillions of cells of which our physique necessitates the construction of big dams and hydro
is constituted, governing our Vital Power, or PRANA-URJA, electric projects are also required. Food production today
which alone has the healing strength or prowess in itself. (2) is totally reliant on a technical revolution that pushes out
There is a broad-based truism that all diseases are curable— the small farmer, reduces the ability to buy food, denies
cancer and AIDS inclusive—though all patients are not. (3) access to land and work, increases risks of plant pests,
Dr. Herbert Shelton considered enervation as the sole cause disease and erosion, drains the earth of fuel, water and
of most chronic diseases, which in modern times are finally gives little in return. This revolution, as history has
multifactorial. Since most modern diseases are shown, only enriches the already well-off. For the small
psychosomatic, the treatments too have to be mind-body farmer, there are no returns, not even health.
based, as Dr. Deepak Chopra always suggests. (4) Acharya It may be true that cereals, generally considered the
Shri Lakshmana Sarma’s precept of elimination of bodily
"staff of life", have provided that sustenance. But it is only
toxins being best promoted by totally or largely suspending
in times of famine, shortages, wars and upheavals of
the ingestion of all food, semi-fasting, etc., is as valid today
as it was in Bapu’s times; in fact, Hippocrates and Charaka nature, that rice and wheat are nature's gifts. In reality, we
were the first votaries of these health-restoring measures, have destroyed over a thousand other varieties of food -
over 2,000 years ago. Let us study briefly the vindication of millets, grains, fruits and vegetables. Today, the only
eternal verities of health in modern times. association with food is of cereal food. And yet, cereals
– Dr. M. M. Bhamgara do not form any part of the natural diet of humans. They
No drug can be considered safe. The Head of the Dept of Sixty to seventy percent of the habitual users of aspirin eventually
Pharmacology at the Bridham Hospital in Boston. suffer from internal hemorrhage and anaemia.
– Dr. Roth of America
10 11
are unnecessary to health and life. As anthropologists, finer textured, higher rising bread... Removing the bran
historiographers and geologists would agree, humans did and germ, removes all the oils of the wheat grain which
not become cereal eaters, until late in our evolutionary time. can go rancid and spoil the flour. Roller-milling further,
Cereals can be stored, and keeping food a long time is 'nicks' the whole grain, extracting all fibre from the grain.
the underlying principle of food manufacturing today, Cereals, even in their natural wholesome state are acid-
especially in industrial societies. The more industrialised forming and difficult to digest. All cereals especially in the
a country becomes, the longer food is kept, preserved or mature state, have a tendency to cause acidosis because
stored, before it is finally eaten. Food that is stored is the contents are made up largely of protein, phosphoric
profitable. The longer the storage and shelf life, the less acid and carbohydrates. Cereals even in this natural state
money that is lost. Introduced with the intention of are deficient in sodium, lime, chlorine, calcium and lacking
preventing starvation and providing emergency in iodine.
sustenance, cereals came to dominate the economy with All starches need thorough chewing. They require to
the misconception that what is right for the economy is be broken up and mixed with the saliva of the mouth,
right for humanity. allowing the enzymes ptyalin to initiate the digestion of
In the present era of "plenty", cereal foods do not starch. When babies are fed with cereals (bread and other
deserve the title of "staff of life" or "essentials of life" , starch foods included) it leads to indigestion, constipation,
especially in the sad demineralised state in which they are colic, skin rash, catarrh, and tonsillitis. Babies lack both
offered to the public for consumption. In the present the teeth with which to chew such foods and the ptyalin
scheme of cultivation, processing and manufacturing, the with which to initiate their digestion.
term "fresh" holds no ground! Deficiencies in bone and tooth structure which almost
Cereals are the main food groups consumed, not only every modern child is suffering, are the result chiefly of
in India but all over the world today. Though cereals are this overabundance of carbohydrate food. Rheumatism,
considered to be a "right" source of calories, to extract arthritis and polyneuritis are caused chiefly from the eating
these calories from the cereals, all other essential nutrients of grain and grain products.
are robbed, depleting the body's resources. The alternative then is to make cereals form only a small
Apart from processing, refining of cereals, makes them part of the diet. They should be offset with an abundance
even more 'dead'. Refining means removing the 'germ' - of fresh green, raw vegetables. Much like a rice salad or a
the part of the grain from which a new plant will grow - lapsey mix.
and the outer bran layers. White refined cereals, be it rice, Cereals can also be used in a sprouted form. The
wheat, flour or maida, have come to signify a cosmetic grasses can also be introduced into salads and vegetable
change, a status symbol. Whiter flour with less bran makes juices. These provide rich fresh sources of nutrients.

Medicine is not in harmony with the order of Nature. Modern medicine is itself the disease.
– Dr. Dewey – Dr. Herbert Shelton
12 13
Sprouts from grains is not only an excellent addition to "I am smarter than you
the diet, but in certain geographical conditions (colder
climates) they can mean the difference between being if you are a meat-eater"
nourished and deficient. The British Medical Journal has reported a study done
Fresh cereals like corn, fresh wheat and jowar are far by Southampton University of 8.179 people. Researchers
superior than processed, refined, granary stored-cereals found that people who had become vegetarian by the
and grains. Consciously making a demand for such items age of 30 had a higher IQ - more than 5 points higher
is one small way of contributing towards your health-and than meat eaters. Men who were vegetarian had an IQ
that of the earth. score of 106, compared with 101 for non-vegetarians,
Unrefined organic, handpounded (or stone ground) while female vegetarians averaged 104, compared with
wholesome cereals are definitely more conducive to the 99 for non-vegetarians. The researchers found linkages
sustenance of the earth and our bodies. Traditional of intelligence to health as well but the jury was still out
techniques of multi cropping are more in tune with on whether people who are more intelligent become
balancing the earth's resources. And this could indeed vegetarian or people who were vegetarian had so much
make the difference between hunger and starvation, better health, specially in terms of heart disease and
feeding and rotting, food and distribution. obesity that their brains could develop more. I agree with
– Dr. Vijaya Venkat & Associates the second theory - after all someone who is born into a
• Whatsoever was the Father of a disease, an ill diet was vegetarian household does not use his brains to make a
the Mother. choice. The fact that he/she turns out more intelligent
• We spend the first half of our lives wasting our health to could be a result of the body having more time to devote
gain wealth. to brain development rather than combat the food
And the second half of our lives spending our wealth to shoved into it. What else would explain the mental
regain our health. abilities of the Jain and Marwari communities for
• The way to good health is through your stomach. instance? Or the Brahmins? The researches in the British
• Every day in every way I am getting better and better. Medical Journal say it isn't clear why veggies are brainier
• In the concert of nature it is hard to keep in tune with - but admit the fruit and vegetable diet could somehow
oneself if one is out of tune with everything else. boost brain power. The study said that vegetarians were
• Either it is food preservation or its self preservation. also more likely to have gained degrees and hold down
• The best doctor is the one you run for and can't find. high-powered jobs. Researcher Dr. Gale said : "Such a
• Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles. diet might have some beneficial effect on subsequent
• O Sun ! the source of all life, I salute thee. cognitive performance. Might the nature of the

All our curative agents are poisons and as a consequence every Most modern diseases are iatrogenic. i.e. caused by medical men
dose diminishes the patient’s vitality. – Dr. Alonzo Clark or medical methods directly or indirectly . Dr. M. M. Bhamgara
14 15
vegetarians diet have enhanced their apparently superior that it becomes inspirational. Group them with Aditya
brain power? Was this the mechanism that helped them Birla and his family and Narayanmurthy, the founder of
achieve the disproportionate nature of degrees?" Infosys and the IT movement in India which has given
I am not surprised at this finding. In India, seventy- jobs to lakhs of people. The list of vegetarian creators
five percent of the true achievers are vegetarian The top of wealth runs into thousands of pages. Is a vegetarian
businessmen, the top business classes, most of the top diet the key to success as well as well-being?
politicians and film-stars, models, athletes. Having Dr. Abdul Kalam has been the finest President we
grown up in a meat eating environment (the army) I am have ever had and certainly a role model for many people
happy that my husband Sanjay made me vegetarian at - including my son. He is not just very bright, he is
the age of 18. My favourite vegetarian, my son Varun humane, graceful and disciplined. I wish he had a second
has been vegetarian since he was born and has an IQ of term-especially when I look at his successor who will
161 (proving this theory). All the vegetarian people whom come and go unnoticed-even though she is also a
I know are all significantly more intelligent than the vegetarian.
average. I have a list of my favourite vegetarians and, LK Advani - the skilful and undisputed head of the
thank God for India, I have a huge long list to choose largest party in India and a proud vegetarian.
from. I am only choosing the most intelligent in this list Hema Malini, actress and dancer is not just beatiful
- the handsomest, most beautiful, sexiest etc. we will and generous but a smart and hardworking politician.
leave for another day. Her daughters Esha and Ahana are equally bright and
Let me start with the Great Khali - the WWF wrestler motivated.
who is the largest man I have ever seen on television. Amitabh Bachchan, who at his age and with his
He is not just a vegetarian but is a gentle giant who feeds health, manages his and his family members' careers
homeless people wherever he is. One of my firmest with such intelligence and sophistication.
beliefs is that it takes intelligence to have compassion. Manira Bedi who became the first woman
Pritish Nandy, poet, writer, filmmaker, painter, commentator in the male preserve of cricket and with a
designer, thinker, the editor of the Illustrated Weekly of joyful combination of intelligence and charm managed
India when it was the single largest magazine in India to make millions of new cricket fans.
and Member of Parliament much before it became Milind Soman who has made his career as a model
mandatory to reward loyalty in journalists and last forever, remaining numero uno in his forties and
industrialists with Rajya sabha memberships. now branching out into rejuvenating Indian textiles.
The Ambani brothers, their wives and their father and Chinny and Nanitha Krishna : Chinny heads a
mother. Imagine creating and managing so much wealth company that specialises in solving machinery problems

The patient has to recover twice, once from the disease

Let us try to avoid the ravages of modern medicine.
and once from the remedy. – Dr. Sir William Osler
– Dr. B. M. Hegde
16 17
for companies internationally. He also runs India's first Plato, Voltaire, Mahatma Gandhi, Charles Darwin, Albert
animal shelter. Nanditha is one of the country's leading Shweitzer, Dr. Benjamin Spock. Franz Kafka, H. G. Wells,
experts on mythology and culture. She heads a major Henry David Thoreau, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Jeremy
educational foundation and is one of Penguin's most Bentham, Leonardo da Vinci, Milton, NikolatTesla, Percy
prolific and best selling authors. Shelley, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Ralph Waldo Emerson,
While I am conscious that all Indian spiritual teachers Socrates, Tolstoy, William Wordsworth, William Blake,
and Gurus are vegetarian, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar stands Dr. C.V. Raman, Annie Besant, the Bronte sisters, Rupert
out because he has created an empire of intelligent Brooke, Isaac Pitman, Ovid, Henry Salt, Schopenhauer,
people who embrace the modern while attempting to Seneca, Henry David Thoreau..... If meat eating were
follow the refinement of a gentler India. required for a person to be intelligent, then we would
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak who runs the largest NGO in expect to see few intelligent people supporting
India and has devoted his life to make provide sanitation vegetarianism. George Bernard Shaw said, 'A mind of
and who has now discovered the most ecological way the calibre of mine cannot derive its nutriment from
to get rural energy. cows', while Benjamin Franklin stated that a vegetarian
Dr. Mukesh Batra who has made homeopathy a diet resulted in 'greater clearness of head and quicker
mainstream medicine and runs an empire as large as comprehension'.
Ranbaxy's. BBC One has a hugely popular show every Saturday
This is about 1% of my favourite veggies - I am giving called the National IQ Contest. 80,000 people took part.
you the names of people you may have heard about. There The winners the brainiest Brits of the UK, were a 40 strong
are thousands of people who are as bright but I will have team of vegetarians with an average IQ score of 113. The
to put them into another grouping. My mother for one - individual contestant with the highest IQ was a vegetarian
her keen intelligence, warmth and zest for life has taken too. Winner Marie Bidmead, 68, a mother-of-five from
all of us through crises that would have destroyed most Gloucester said : "I was in absolute shock when I got the
mortals. Ozair Hvain, my coauthor in several books and top score! I've never considered myself to be a brain-box.
the Nawab of Lorpur who has given up a kingdom to make I think it shows that we veggies are good 'thinkers' - we
people for Animals into the power it is today. think about what we eat with intelligence for a start!"
Noting famous vegetarian intellectuals proves If there is anything that proves that human are meant to
nothing, but is food for thought nonetheless : thousands be vegetarian, it is this study. In today's world, you need all
of the greatest thinkers in recorded history were the intelligence you can to survive. Parents - give your
vegetarians and advocated vegetarianism, including children the extra leg up, make them vegetarian today.
Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy, – Maneka Gandhi
Why proceed year after year searching, hoping, groping in We do not know whether our patients recover because we
vain for artificial remedy when the natural is at hand. give medicines or because nature cures them.
– Dr. Elmer Lee-M.D. – Dr. Carson-M.D.
18 19

LEMON SHOTS pure lemon extraction - with minimum water for dilution.
Lemon shots provide the ABC of health. A = Acid, This is not the same as nimbu pani / lemon water.
B = Base, C = Its Concentration. This means the PH level Squeeze the juice of 1 (or 2) lemons. Add the exact same
or the acid base balance of our internal fluids. The PH amount of water as the lemon juice. The ratio of lemon
level affects every cell of our body - it is important right juice and water should be 1:1. Drink immediately after
from the beating of our heart to the neural messages of extraction - fresh. Do not store.
the brain. Our bodies - our blood is slightly alkaline in Lemon Shots are the best for balancing out junk food
nature - our entire metabolic process depends upon this intake. Whenever you have indulged in your favorite
alkaline environment. Just like our body temperature is foods - meat, dairy, junk, sweets, fried, heavy foods -
98.6O C. our blood is ideally maintained at 7.365 PH - follow up with a lemon shot.
which is very mildly alkaline. Over acidity thus affects • You have partied hard - whether you are drunk or
and interferes with life itself. What is over acidity? When have a hang over - have lemon shots - they work like
we eat wrong foods or live with an unhealthy lifestyle - magic !
then our bodies reach on acidic state (highly toxic) - • For any and every kind of sickness and disease -
thereby causing disease and illness. whether it's a cold, fever, diarrhea, BP, diabetes, skin
So why lemon shots? Lemons are chemically acid - problem anything and everything. From the smallest
but when they are utilised within the body - they have an to the biggest. Whether it is a minor or a major
alkalinizing effect. They act like instant flushers - discomfort - it can all be neutralised with a lemon shot.
throwing away wastes and toxins and bringing the body • In times of stress, worry, anxiety, headaches,
back to an alkaline state. All symptoms of disease are migraines, nausea, vomiting - etc., lemon shots are
expressions of the stress created by the PH imbalance. the best. In times of illness - have lemon shots every
Lemon shots ease this stress instantaneously. Because 2 hours for thorough cleansing and flushing.
of their high mineral content and low sugar - they make Use lemons liberally on salads, vegetable juices,
oxygen available to the body. This combination of curries, cooked vegetable. It adds a great taste.
oxygen, low sugar, and alkalinity discourages and Always remember - Lemons are the single most
prevents micro-form overgrowth and reduces the acidity powerful way of flushing your body instantly and
in the body. Lemon shots are therefore balancing agents bringing your body from acidic to alkaline.
- between our body and externally stressed lifestyles. Dr. Vijay Venkat & Associates
How to make a Lemon Shot - Lemon shots indicate Tel.: 2436 1672 / 2432 0788

More and more studies in conventional scientific Time has come for mankind to depend more on our
disciplines have affirmed the fact that faith does heal. immune system rather than on antibiotics.
20 21

THE POWER OF picture vivid and real. Hear the voice, see the
gestures, and feel the reality of it all. Continue to
YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND do this frequently, and through frequent occupancy
1. Success means successful living. When you are of your mind, you will experience the joy of the
peaceful, happy, joyous, and doing what you love answered prayer.
to do, you are successful. 11. Your subconscious mind is a storehouse of
2. Find out what you love to do, then do it. If you don't memory. For a perfect memory, affirm frequently:
know your true expression, ask for guidance, and "The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind
the lead will come. reveals to me everything I need to know at all times,
3. Specialize in your particular field and try to know everywhere."
more about it than anyone else. 12. If you wish to sell a home or property of any kind,
4. Those who are successful are not selfish. Their affirm slowly, quietly, and feelingly as follows :
main desire in life is to serve humanity. "Infinite intelligence attracts to me the buyer for
this house or property, who wants it, and who
5. There is no true success without peace of mind.
prospers in it." Sustain this awareness, and the
6. A successful person possesses great psychological
deeper currents of your subconscious mind will
and spiritual understanding.
bring it to pass.
7. If you imagine an objective clearly, you will be
13. The idea of success contains all the elements of
provided with the necessities through the wonder-
success. Repeat the word "success" to yourself
working power of your subconscious mind.
frequently with faith and conviction and you will be
8. Your thought fused with feeling becomes a under a subconscious compulsion to succeed.
subjective belief, and according to your belief is it – Dr. Joseph Murphy
done unto you.
9. The power of sustained imagination draws forth the
miracle-working powers of your subconscious mind.
All our three monthies can now be read
10. If you are seeking promotion in your work, on the following website :
imagine your employer, supervisor, or loved one
congratulating you on your promotion. Make the
Doctors put drugs of which they know little, in bodies of which All medicines which enter the circulation poison the blood in the
they know less, to cure diseases of which they know nothing at all. same manner as do poisons that produce disease.
– Voltair – Dr. J. M. Smith-M.D.
22 23

THE FAMOUS LETTER WRITTEN and tough with the tough.....

BY ABRAHAM LINCOLN Teach him there is no shame in tears
Teach him to scoff at cynics
and to beware of too much sweetness...
He will have to learn, I know Teach him to sell his brawn
that all men are not just, all and brain to the highest
men are not true.... bidders, but never to
But teach him also that for put a price tag to his
every scoundrel there is a hero : heart and soul....
that for every selfish politician Teach him to close his ears to
there is a dedicated leader.... a howling mob, and to stand
Teach him, for every enemy and fight if he thinks he is right....
there is a friend Treat him gently but do not
Steer him away from envy cuddle him, because only
If you can teach him the secret the test of fire makes
of quiet laughter.... fine steel....
Let him learn early that the Let him have the courage
bullies are easiest to lick... to be impatient
In the school teach him let him have the patience
it is far more honorable to to be brave....
fall than to cheat...... Teach him always
Teach him to have faith to have sublime faith
in his own ideas in mankind.
even if everyone tells him This is a big order, but
they are wrong..... see what you can do......
Teach him to be gentle He is such a fine fellow
with gentle people my son !
The body never loses its inherent ability to recuperate if
Every dose diminishes the vitality of the patient.
you give it a chance. – Dr. George Crill
– Dr. Clark-M.D.
24 25

Ten Ways to Use Think about these facts... when you are tempted by a
Your Three Golden Keys luscious-looking ice-cream.
to Build Self-Confidence N Ice-cream manufacturers are not required by law
to list the additives they use. Consequently, the
Golden Key One (Thought) majority of ice-creams are synthetic from the first
1) Live with the knowledge that you will succeed.
temptation to the last lick.... Even the
2) Don't compare your weaknesses with others' strong
conventionally used ingredients of milk, eggs and
Golden Key Two (Writing) sugar are "synthetic" to the body.
3) Keep on index cards or in a loose leaf notebook, a N Lab analysis shows that ice-creams are really a
record of the qualities you wish to have and note your mixture of anti-freeze, oil-paint, paint-remover,
success in attaining them. nitrate-solvent, leather-cleaner, and even lice-
4) Keep a record of your time budget.
killer... the actual ingredients are :
Golden Key Three (Action)
5) Compete against your own past records, instead of N Diethyl Glucol : a cheap chmical used as an
those of other individuals or companies. emulsifier instead of eggs. This is the same
6) In all competitive thinking, reach for a definite objective. chemical used in anti-freeze and paint-remover.
7) Keep studying and learning.
N Piperonal : Used as a substitute for Vanilla. Also
8) Take up a social activity like ping-pong or dancing,
that will give you practice in getting along with others. used to kill lice.
9) Join a congenial club. Be one of the workers in your N Aldehyde C17 : for flavouring cherry ice-cream.
club. Don't sit back and let the other fellow do all the
An inflammable liquid used in dyes, plastic and
10) Tackle big jobs, a step at a time.
– Dora Albert N Ethyl Acetate : For pineapple flavoured ice-cream.
Used as a cleaner for leather and textiles.
"Natural hygiene is in harmony with nature in accord
with the principles of vital organic existence, correct in N Butyraldehyde : For nut flavoured ice-creams.
science, sound in philosophy and ethics, in agreement with Ingredients of rubber and cement.
commonsense, successful in practice, and a blessing to
humankind." – T. C. Fry N Benzyl Acetate : Strawberry flavouring.
Otherwise a nitrate solvent.
The treatment of disease is not a science, not even a refined
art but a thriving industry. N Amyl Acetate : Banana flavour. Used as an oil paint
26 solvent.
– Dr. Vijaya Venkat & Associates
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The Following Concepts are

Commonly Accepted in
Mainstream Medical Circles :
1. An individual is inherently capable of
controlling his or her own physiological
processes to a greater degree than ever
before thought possible.
2. Healing always involves both mind and
body as well as what many call the spirit.
3. Negative emotions can have adverse
psychophysiological effects.
4. Positive emotions can have positive
psychophysiological effects.
5. The mind has many avenues of contact with
bodily processes, some of which can "tip
the scales" toward healing.
– Jose Silva


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