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The Balance of Blogging

The Balance of Blogging
Sara Elizabeth Travostino
Florida State College at Jacksonville
All real and integral understanding is actively resonsive!" e#lains $ikhail Bakhtin! a
scholar and hilosoher% &a'ny understanding of live seech! a live utterance! is
inherently resonsive(" )*+1*! ara, -., /ialog is an e#change of thoughts and ideas
The Balance of Blogging
bet0een t0o or 1ore arties that 1ay result in advance1ent in a situation, 2ebsites!
articles! blogs have a co11on goal of co11unicating their urose to their audiences,
According to Janet 3edish! author of 4etting 5o of the 2ords! ,,,dialog is not si1ly a
0ay of ersuading others to accet our ideas(" )3edish! *+1*.,
The Balance of Blogging
The Etsy Blog on Etsy,co1 features categories of blogs that intrigue and aeal
to 1ultile audiences, The blog titled Editors7 8icks9 5ifts for /ads! features so1e of
the 1ost oular yet uni:ue! ready;1ade gifts that interest those shoing for Father7s
day, Each ick is featured in a 0ay that is youthful! yet sohisticated! 0hich really grabs
the attention of the
1asses, The dialog of
this articular Etsy Blog
is essentially having a
conversation 0ith a
custo1er, <t7s asking
:uestions and giving
insight as to 0hich
father7s day gift is
erfect for a
custo1er7s o0n dad,
Thank hi1 for all the recious hours you7ve sent together 0ith a 0ooden 0atch"
)$ade0ell! *+1=., The author of the blog is visualizing herself in her audience7s shoes!
and getting in touch 0ith the ersonal 1essage that each gift ite1 conveys )all 0hile
ointing you to0ards 1aking a urchase 0ith one of the featured Etsy shos., As
1entioned in Chater 1 of Letting Go of the Words! ,,,They [the audience] co1e for
the content they think )or hoe. is there," The content is very secific9 The ite1s for
sale are a1ong the editors to choices in gifts to give for father7s day, A 0ider array of
custo1ers 0ill be able to easily find 0hat they7ve co1e looking for,
The Balance of Blogging
Custo1ers should return to this articular 0ebsite! and other blogs 0ritten by this
author because it is easy to find 0hat they are looking for, This is likely because
Successful 0riters don7t start by 0riting, They lan before they 0rite(" )3edish! *+1*.,
8lanning is the 1ain idea of content strategy, A site or blog should be 0ell organized
and easy to navigate, 8eole
should not have to read through
overloads of infor1ation or click
through 1asses of hyerte#t links
in order to reach 0hat they7re
searching for,
The Etsy blog! Editors7
8icks9 5ifts for /ads! includes
user friendly hyerte#t links to the
sho 0here featured ite1s can be
urchased, There7s another hyerte#t link at the to of the age 0hich connects other
blogs 0ritten by the author, There are great ictures! 0hich deict the ersonal!
heart0ar1ing feeling the author is elaborating on,
The Balance of Blogging
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The Balance of Blogging
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