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Case prioritization
VINAMILK wants to launch a new sport drink, which still is new in Vietnam, that can help them
to establish a foothold, expand the sport drink market in Vietnam also gain market share against
competitors. Taking responsibilities of developing this idea, Mr. Luan has to determine name of
the product, positioning, pricing, and go-to-market strategy and how to expand the market for
sport drinks in Vietnam. Our solution here is to help Mr. Luan answer these questions.
II. Discussion and solution
1. Product introduction: V-Play- For a great fight
It is suggested to name this product V-Play. V in Vietnam and Vinamilk, Play sports link-
easy to pronounce and remember. As the idea of Vinamilk, this sport drink provides athletes with
replenishing fluids and essential nutrients during and after playing sports. In addition, it is non-
carbonate with natural essences added like honeybee and Aloe to supply a healthy drink to
customers. Product package is plastic bottle, which is easy for users to bring along in any match.
2. Target customer: people at age from 14-50 playing sport (Appendix)
3. Positioning strategy
The image that Vinamilk wants to set in customer mind is that V-play is a healthy sport drink
with moderate price and higher quality by providing healthy natural essence. It could highly be a
superior value to customer in comparison with competitors product.(appendix)
4. Pricing
Based on positioning strategy, current price level of competitors drink and estimated promotion
budget (appendix), we decide to launch V-play with the price of 10.000 VND for a 360ml bottle
in the market.(appendix)
5. Promotion for launching new product
Timeline: (Vit v cho t timeline v hnh nh chn vo nu c th)
a. Pre-launching/teasing
Effective advertisement is important in this first stage to get customers attention. TV and
internet channels are a considerably useful mass- marketing tool.
+ advertise on TV: (VTV3, Thethao TV, HTV3) at golden time (11h55-12h30: before and during
the dramas; 19h50-20h30: after the news and before game show) with message: Vt qua mt
mi, tha mn am m, khng nh c tnh trong tng cuc chi. Nhanh hn, mnh hn, do dai
hn- VPlay- Sn sng cho tng trn u (dch h t nh).
+Advertise on internet channels: at popular websites like facebook fanpage, google, message
marketing,,,,, and,, which attract huge attentions and have a strong belief of customers.
In addition, the company will organize a competition: Designing banner and making clips about
a sport drink that you want. It will help increase customers excitement that they make that
brand; they will have awareness by themselves about sport drinks. The company will not have to
pay too much for ads to set the definition and use of sport drink peoples mind but still attract a
large amount of customers who will from 15 to 25 years old. They can take customers ideas to
develop their products image. Initially, it will affect significantly financial and marketing goal
b. Launching
This is the peak time for launching products image and increasing small revenue. TV and
internet advertising will be continuously developed; we also call for helpful feedback from
audiences. At this stage, the marketing office should focus on print advertisement with posters at
public places, magazine, bus stops, buses, health clubs or centers. Moreover, sales promotion
will be carried on. Customers love getting more products with the same money expense. Thus,
when customers buy any four block of Vinamilk dairy products will be given additional V-Play
bottles. Concurrently, Vinamilk should introduce a package of VND8, 000 V-play bottles, which
discounts VND 2,000, compared to marketed price and offer special chance for customer to get
V-Play tickets to attend V-Play- You can be athlete. This special event will include music,
sport game and freely using the product and the attendance of famous health clubs, athletes and
sport trainers to encourage people to play sports and set in their mind the link between sports and
sport drink V-Play.
c. Post-launching
Vinamilk should evaluate the result compared to the goals and estimate potential revenue in the
next 6 months, changing plans to expand images and increase revenue.
6. Distribution: Take the advantage of Vinamilks distribution network
7. Recommendation for market expansion
In order to expand the market for the sport drinks in Vietnam, Vinamilk should create two
things: Demand from customers and the diversity of this type of products. Two things have close
relationship to develop this market segment in Vietnam.
Creating demand:
Recently, Vietnamese people are more and more interested in activities to enhance health.
Therefore, the company should carry on research customer behavior or demand on it. After that,
the company directly creates the trends of playing sports or out-doors activities to improve heath
by organizing campaign to make people understand the importance of sports and encourage them
to enjoy those activities. It will help increase demand and reinforce the good image of V-Play
sport drink- good-for- health product. How will Vinamilk carry on this campaign? There are
some suggestion as follow:
+ TV & internet channel: corporate with VTV to organize talk shows and reality series bring the
message that encourages people to play sports and make the link between these trends to the
benefit of the products.
+Print ads: at public places, sport clubs, magazine with the content to encourage people to play
+Relations: corporate with famous health center, clubs, athletes to develop advertising, sales
promotion, reality show and so on. For example, they can be main MC of reality series or give
discount fee of course in health center for customers in the next peak time of sales promotion.
+Sponsor for some popular sport events: VTV volleyball cup, sport competition in schools.
a. Diversity of sport drinks
Developing their product lineup is necessary. Besides providing variety- products with different
flavors after doing survey or research, Vinamilk should research more to bring additional
benefits to customer like V-Play Diet,V-Play for Teen, which will consist of healthy ingredients
to divided the market and care targeted customers: overweighed people and teenagers
(Appendix- target customers). It will increase both revenue and the amount of different types of
III. Conclusion
In conclusion, the solutions we provide above are general. It includes short-term solution
(Promotion for launching new product) and long-term recommendation (market expansion).
Although they are not likely a specific plan, we hope that this will be not only suggestion on
paper but also implemented effectively for the reality of this idea.