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Sponsor Interview

A. General Information
Interview Date: September 4, 2009
Proposed Project Title: “Facilitating Culiat High School students in learning
MS Word, Adobe Photoshop and Movie Maker”

B. Sponsor Information
Name: Victoria B. Mangosong
Title: School Head / Principal
Department/Unit: Department of Secondary Education (DepEd)
Telephone Number: 4537812
Email Address:

C. Sponsorship Responsibility
(Read aloud.) The following is a description of the role of the project sponsor.
Please tell me if you are able to fulfill the responsibilities described:
The sponsor has ultimate authority over the project and provides project funding,
resolves issues and scope changes, approves major deliverables, and provides high-
level direction. The project manager looks to the project sponsor to provide the
required help to acquire needed resources and to help navigate project politics,
especially the blending of stakeholder requirements.
Yes__⁄_ No___



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Sponsor Interview

D. Proposed Functional Owner

Who is the functional owner who will be responsible for supporting and overseeing the operation
of the systems and services created by this project?

Name: Rowena A. Arcega

Title: Secondary School Teacher II (Computer Teacher)
Department/Unit: Technology and Livelihood Education Department
Telephone Number: 4537812
Email Address:

E. Business Problem and the Origin of the Project

Describe the business problem the project should be designed to address. Often, the business
problem is reflected as a critical business issue or initiative in UC Berkeley’s IT Strategic Plan.

The sponsor wants to help the computer teacher in teaching the students MS
Word efficiently and also teach them Basic Adobe photoshop and Movie maker.
So we want the project team to help the teacher in teaching by facilitating the

F. Resources
Describe the resources that you can provide for the project, including funding, staff, and
equipment. Also, describe any constraints on the use of the resources.

We can provide you with the computers, which are in the computer room and
all of them has MS Word installed. Some have Adobe photoshop. All the
necessary materials in teaching are there and the teachers are readily
available in-case of problems that may arise.

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Sponsor Interview

G. Key Project Constraints

Describe the key project constraints for the project including any deadlines, budget limitations,
technical constraints, or dependencies on other projects.

Key Constraints

1.Schedule of the class and the project manager’s team may clash

2.Not all computers are fixed

3.Not all computers have Adobe photoshop



H. Key Stakeholders
Identify the key stakeholders who should be consulted about the requirements for the project.

Name Department/Unit

Victoria B. Mangosong Principal, Culiat High school

Rowena A. Arcega Computer teacher, Culiat High


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Sponsor Interview

I. Other Recommended Project Participants

Besides the key stakeholders whose names you have already provided, are their any other
people that you recommend work on the project? For each person, please describe the role that
you think they should play in the project.

Name Department/Unit Recommended Role

J. Project Assumptions
Describe the project assumptions. For the purposes of this discussion, assumptions are factors
that, for project planning purposes, are considered to be true and do not require proof.
It is assumed that the project manager’s team is well equipped with the necessary
knowledge in teaching MS Word to the students and you will follow as the teacher
tells you.

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Sponsor Interview

K. High-Level Project Risks

Describe what you think are the high-level project risks. For each risk, describe what you think is
the probability of the risk occurring (high, medium, low) and the impact on the project if it does

Description of High-level Risk Probability of the Risk Impact of the Risk

(high, medium, low) (high, medium, low)

Students may not come to Medium High


The computers might crash Medium High

The teacher/project manager’s Low Medium

team might get ill

Power failure/interruption may Low high


L. Success Factors
i. When you look back on this project, how will you determine success?
ii. For each success factor, what is the specific measurement of success that you want to
iii. For each success factor, please rank its relative priority with the most important ranking #1.

Description of Success Factors Measurement Priority Rank

The students (80) knowledge in 100% in exams 1

MS word increase

he students learned MS word 25% increase in speed 2

faster than usual(whole year)

Learn the basics tools in adobe Able to make their own 3

photoshop and movie maker presentation

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