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Republic of the Philippines

________________ City
JENNY S. DELA CRUZ, rep. by her parents, I.S. Ns. !"#!$"%$""# an&
The Respon'ent" JAM+, C( MADRI-A." /!s ch!&0e' of the c&ies of RAPE
!n' FRUSTRATED MURDER in ! copl!int file' by he&ein copl!in!nts" JENN, S(
MADRI-A." ! ino& &ep&esente' by he& p!&ents" JUAN R( DE.A CRU1 !n' E.ENA S(
In suppo&t of he& copl!int" the he&ein copl!in!nts !tt!che' the follo/in0
2( Copl!int Affi'!%it of Jenny S( Del! C&u34
5( Affi'!%it of Johnny R( Del! C&u34
6( Affi'!%it of -o&io C( Toe4
7( Affi'!%it of +&0y( C!pt!in 8icto& M( Uy4
9( Me'ic!l Ce&tific!te:Repo&t of D&( +&en'! T( Esol!&4
;( Police Reco&' of E%ents !n' othe&s(
As his counte&" the &espon'ent !tt!che' the follo/in0 'ocuents to suppo&t his
'eni!l of the !lle0!tions !0!inst hi#
2( Counte&$Affi'!%it of J!by C( M!'&i0!l4
5( Affi'!%it of M!&io T( M!'&i0!l(
Statement of Facts
+!se' on the in%esti0!tion con'ucte' by the Police In%esti0!to&" PO5 JO8IT
C<AN" the f!cts of the c!se !&e st!te' he&eun'e&#
Th!t on o& !bout the 2=
'!y of June 5>25" !t !&oun' 5#>> in the
!fte&noon o&e o& less in +&0y( C!nito!n" C!0!y!n 'e O&o City"
Philippines" the &espon'ent" JAM+, C( MADRI-A." /ith le/' 'esi0n 'i'
the&e !n' then" /ilfully" unl!/fully !n' feloniously h!' c!&n!l ?no/le'0e
/ith the %icti" JENN, S( DE.A CRU1" ! 25$ye!& ol' ino&( Th!t p&io& to
the c!&n!l !ct" the %icti !n' the &espon'ent c&osse' p!ths in 9
St&eet in
the s!i' b!&!n0!y( Respon'ent 0&!bbe' the %icti !n' '&!00e' he& to
the bushes !lon0 the left si'e of the &o!'( <e fo&cefully co%e&e' he&
outh /ith he& h!n'" sl!ppe' he& on the f!ce" !n' bo*e' he& t/ice in the
sto!ch" /hich &en'e&e' the %icti unconscious( Respon'ent" then !n'
the&e" h!' c!&n!l ?no/le'0e /ith the %icti( Afte& /hich" &espon'ent left
the %icti( Du&in0 th!t tie" the %icti 0!ine' consciousness but un!ble
to o%e( Th!t on o& !bout !n hou& l!te&" &espon'ent c!e b!c? c!&&yin0
/ith hi ! ?nife( Th!t" by e!ns of t&e!che&y !n' !buse of supe&io&
st&en0th" &espon'ent !tt!c?e' !n' st!bbe' the %icti th&ee ties in the
chest !n' st&uc? he& he!' /ith ! &oc?4 thus c!usin0 he& to !0!in lose
consciousness( Th!t on o& !bout 2@
of June" 5>25" !&oun' p!st
i'ni0ht" the %ictiAs f!the&" JO<NN, R( DE.A CRU1" !n' soe
b!&!n0!y offici!ls" !fte& ! /i'e se!&ch" foun' the bo'y of the %icti lyin0
!on0 the bushes" n!?e' f&o /!ist 'o/n /ith bloo' !ll o%e& he& he!'
!n' bo'y( Th!t 'ue to the tiely !n' !ble e'ic!l !tten'!nce &en'e&e'
to the %icti" she /!s !ble to su&%i%e !n' specific!lly i'entify the
pe&pet&!to& !s he&ein &espon'ent(
In the sep!&!te !ffi'!%its of /itnesses Johnny R( Del! C&u3" the %ictiAs f!the&"
!n' +&0y( C!pt!in 8icto& M( Uy" they st!te' th!t on June 2=" 5>25 !t 2>#>> in the
e%enin0" to0ethe& /ith soe b!&!n0!y t!no's they st!&te' the se!&ch of the %ictiAs
/he&e!bouts( Th!t !&oun' p!st i'ni0ht" !s they p!sse' !lon0 9
St&eet" they foun' !
yello/ h!n'?e&chief /hich /!s &eco0ni3e' to be belon0in0 to the %icti( Fu&the&o&e"
they foun' the %ictiAs bo'y lyin0 !on0 the bushes( They foun' he& n!?e' f&o /!ist
'o/n /ith bloo' co%e&in0 he& uppe& bo'y !n' he& he!'( They b&ou0ht the %icti to the
ne!&est hospit!l !bo!&' the b!&!n0!y %ehicle( On thei& /!y" the %icti /!s sli0htly
unconscious !n' /!s !ble to utte& the /o&'s BSilingan nato..C to he& f!the&( Th!t !fte& !
/ee?As confineent !t the hospit!l" the %icti specific!lly i'entify the pe&pet&!to&As
fe!tu&es but not his n!e( +&0y( C!pt!in Uy /!s !ble to i'entify the &espon'ent !s one
J!by C( M!'&i0!l /ho li%es ne!& the Del! C&u3As &esi'ence( <e" to0ethe& /ith M&(
Del! C&u3 !n' the policeen" /ent to the &esi'ence of the M!'&i0!ls( +ut they 'i' not
fin' the &espon'ent !t his hoe(
In the !ffi'!%it of -o&io C( Toe" ! &esi'ent !n' t&isi?!' '&i%e& in the s!e
b!&!n0!y" he st!te' th!t on June 2=" 5>25" !&oun' 6#>> in the !fte&noon" he /!s
p!ssin0 !lon0 9
St&eet /hen he s!/ the &espon'ent ee&0in0 f&o the bushes besi'e
the &o!'( <e notice' th!t the &espon'ent /!s not /e!&in0 !nythin0 f&o /!ist up !n'
he /!s hol'in0 ! &olle'$up shi&t in his &i0ht h!n'( <e e%en !s?e' the &espon'ent /h!t
h!s h!ppene'" but the l!tte& &eplie' BWala!C !n' /!l?e' s/iftly to/!&'s opposite
'i&ection( M&( Toe(
In the e'ic!l ce&tific!te:&epo&t !'e !n' si0ne' by D&( +&en'! T( Esol!&" it
/!s st!te' th!t the %icti suffe&e' the follo/in0 inDu&ies#
2( Contusion" l!ce&!tions" !n' he!to! in the &i0ht f&ont!l si'e of
the he!'4
5( Petechi!l heo&&h!0es on both pe&$o&bit!l !&e!s4
6( <e!to! o%e& the left uppe& !&" l!te&!l !&e!4
7( Th&ee st!bbe' /oun's !n' he!to! o%e& the uppe& !nte&io&
chest /!ll" i'cl!%icul!& line4
9( -enit!l !n' pe&i$!n!l !&e! soile' /ith 'eb&is !n' /hitish ucoi'$
li?e !te&i!l4 !n'
;( <yen!l l!ce&!tions !t the 9 oAcloc? !n' E oAcloc? position(
D&( Esol!&As ip&essions on the inDu&ies st!te' !bo%e !&e ultiple soft tissue inDu&ies"
specific!lly in the he!' !n' chest !&e!s" !s /ell !s hyen!l l!ce&!tions in the 0enit!ls(
As fo& the &espon'ent" in his counte&$!ffi'!%it" he %eheently 'enie' the
!ccus!tions !0!inst hi puttin0 up the 'efense of !libi( <e st!te' th!t on June 2="
5>25" !t 25#>> noon" he /!s !tten'in0 the bi&th'!y p!&ty of his uncle" M!&io T( M!'&i0!l"
in the l!tte&As &esi'ence loc!te' in P(N( Ro!" C!0!y!n 'e O&o City( <e fu&the& st!te'
th!t he '&!n? ! l!&0e %olue of T!n'u!y liFuo&" !?in0 hi '&un? !n' sleepy( Th!t !t
5#>> in the !fte&noon" he b!'e 0oo'bye to his uncle !n' '&in?in0 bu''ies !n' he /en
hoe !bo!&'in0 ! Deepney( <e !li0hte' !t the openin0 of 9
St&eet" +&0y( C!nito!n"
C!0!y!n 'e O&o City( <e !lso st!te' th!t 'ue to the sco&chin0 he!t" he too? off his t$
shi&t" &olle' it !n' hel' it in his &i0ht h!n'( As he p!sse' !lon0 the st&eet" he he!&'
/hipe&s behin' the bushes( <e /ent the&e !n' s!/ ! 0i&l lyin0 !on0 the bushes"
n!?e' f&o the /!ist 'o/n /ith bloo' !ll o%e& he& clothes( <e !lso i'entifie' the 0i&l !s
Jenny S( Del! C&u3" the '!u0hte& of his nei0hbou&" Johnny R( Del! C&u3" /ho he h!'
p&e%ious !lte&c!tions( Th!t 'ue to shoc? !n' fe!& th!t he i0ht be !ccuse' of JennyAs
t&!0e'y" he &!n !/!y f&o the scene to/!&'s the &o!'( As he ee&0e'" he et his
nei0hbou&" -o&io C( Toe( The l!tte& !s?e' hi /h!t h!s h!ppene'" but he &eplie'
BWala!C( <e then /!l?e' the opposite 'i&ection to/!&'s his hoe( Out of fe!& !n'
!pp&ehension th!t he i0ht be iplic!te' !n' !ccuse' of the inci'ent" he &!n !/!y
f&o hoe !n' hi' fo& ! fe/ '!ys(
To co&&obo&!te the counte&$!ffi'!%it of the &espon'ent" M!&io T( M!'&i0!l" the
uncle of the fo&e&" st!te' in his !ffi'!%it th!t on June 2=" 5>25 he hel' his bi&th'!y
p!&ty !t his &esi'ence in P(N( Ro!" C!0!y!n 'e O&o City( <e in%ite' his nephe/" the
&espon'ent" !n' the l!tte& !&&i%e' the&e!t !t !&oun' 25#>> noon( <e !lso st!te' th!t his
nephe/ h!' '&!n? /ith hi !n' othe& '&in?in0 bu''ies( Th!t on o& !&oun' 5#>> in the
!fte&noon" his nephe/ b!'e 0oo'bye to hi !n' /ent hoe(
The &espon'ent h!s in%o?e' !n' !%!ile' of fo& his &i0ht to ! p&eliin!&y
in%esti0!tion( <o/e%e&" on the tie sche'ule' the&eof" the &espon'ent f!ile' to !ppe!&
'espite 'ue notice fu&nishe' to hi( <ence" the &i0ht to ! p&eliin!&y in%esti0!tion is
'eee' /!i%e' by the &espon'ent(
Analyses / Findings and Recommendations
A&ticle 5;;$A of the Re%ise' Pen!l Co'e specific!lly st!tes#
Art. !**$A. Rape, When and How Committed. G R!pe is
2( +y ! !n /ho sh!ll h!%e c!&n!l ?no/le'0e of ! /o!n un'e& !ny of the
follo/in0 ci&cust!nces#
* * *
b( Hhen the offen'e' p!&ty is 'ep&i%e' of &e!son o& is othe&/ise
* * *
The facts of the case before us fall under the crime of rape. By force and
intimidation, the respondent had taken advantage of his superior strength and
employed means to weaken the defense of the victim by slapping her face and boxing
her twice in the stomach which rendered the latter unconscious. Thereafter,
respondent had carnal knowledge with the victim, a minor, while the latter is
unconscious. Such facts are proven by the positive identification by the victim of the
identity of her perpetrator as well as the corroborative identification by the witness orio
!. Tome and the medical report presented by "r. Brenda #smolar.
A&ticles 57@ !n' 59> of the Re%ise' Pen!l Co'e specific!lly st!te#
Art. !+,. Murder. G Any pe&son /ho" not f!llin0 /ithin the
p&o%isions of A&ticle 57;" sh!ll ?ill !nothe&" sh!ll be 0uilty of u&'e& !n'
sh!ll be punishe' by reclusion perpetua to 'e!th if coitte' /ith !ny of
the follo/in0 !tten'!nt ci&cust!nces#
2( Hith t&e!che&y" t!?in0 !'%!nt!0e of supe&io& st&en0th" * * *" o& eployin0
e!ns to /e!?en the 'efense" * * *4
* * *
Art. !-". enalty for frustrated parricide, murder, or homicide.
G The cou&ts" in %ie/ of the f!cts of the c!se" !y ipose upon the pe&son
0uilty of the f&ust&!te' c&ie of p!&&ici'e" u&'e& o& hoici'e" 'efine' !n'
pen!li3e' in the p&ece'in0 !&ticles" ! pen!lty lo/e& by one 'e0&ee th!n
th!t /hich shoul' be ipose' un'e& the p&o%isions of A&ticle 9>(
* * *
The facts of the case also fall under the crime of frustrated murder. The time
element that lapsed in between, when respondent left the victim after the commission of
rape and when he returned back to kill the latter to ensure her death, sufficiently
constitute treachery on the part of the respondent. $e committed the act of killing
against the person of the victim and employed means in the execution thereof, by
hitting the victim%s head with a rock and stabbed her thrice in the body, in order to
insure the execution thereof. Thus, the crime committed is murder. $owever, although
the respondent has performed all the acts of execution which would produce the crime
of murder as a conse&uence, nevertheless it did not produce it by reason of causes
independent of the will of the perpetrator, that is due to the survival of the victim reslting
from her timely rescue and able medical attendance rendered to the latter which
prevented her demise. Therefore, the crime of frustrated murder is also committed
under the facts stated.
On the p!&t of the 'efense of the &espon'ent" it is ! settle' &ule th!t !libi is the
/e!?est of !ll 'efences bec!use it is f!cile to f!b&ic!te !n' 'ifficult to 'isp&o%e" !n' is
0ene&!lly &eDecte'( Fo& !libi to p&ospe&" it is not enou0h to p&o%e th!t the 'efen'!nt /!s
soe/he&e else /hen the c&ie is coitte'" th!t he ust li?e/ise 'eonst&!te th!t it
/!s ipossible fo& hi to h!%e been !t the scene of the c&ie !t th!t tie IPP %s(
M!leD!n!" 7=E SCRA ;2>J(
The 'efense of !libi c!nnot p&e%!il o%e& the positi%e i'entific!tion of the !ccuse'
!s the pe&pet&!to& of the c&ie( Fo& it to p&ospe&" the !ccuse' ust est!blish physic!l
ipossibility to h!%e been !t the locus criminis !t the tie of the coission of the
c&ie IPP %s( J!cinto" -(R( No( 2@556E" M!&ch 2;" 5>22J(
's regards the alibi of the respondent, that he was not at the place when the
crime was committed but only thereafter as he was passing the street, heard whimpers
behind the bushes and saw the body of the victim amongst it, such cannot be
appreciated since the respondent failed to convince that he satisfactorily sustain such
defense. 'side from the corroborative affidavit of the witness (ario (adrigal submitted
by the respondent, the latter presented no further evidence to support his denial. )n
addition, it is a well*settled rule that the defense of alibi cannot prevail over the positive
identification by the victim of her perpetrator, when she was able to directly, positively,
and categorically assert the identity of respondent as the one committing the crimes of
rape and frustrated murder against her. Thus, the respondent%s defense of alibi is
.HEREFORE, IN /IE. OF THE FORE)OIN), it is ost &espectfully
&ecoen'e' th!t Info&!tions fo& the c&ies of R!pe !n' F&ust&!te' Mu&'e& be file'
!0!inst the &espon'ent JAM+, C( MADRI-A.(
C!0!y!n 'e O&o City" Octobe& 2" 5>>@(
Assist!nt City P&osecuto&
Chief City P&osecuto&
Copy Fu&nishe'#
I2J J!by C( M!'&i0!l G +&0y( C!nito!n" C!0!y!n 'e O&o City
I5J Johnny R( Del! C&u3 $ +&0y( C!nito!n" C!0!y!n 'e O&o City