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Recognize these headlines?

Who Else Wants To Discover The Secret

To Writing Headlines
That Begin With The Words Who Else ?


Do You Have What It Takes
To Write Powerful Headlines
Which Have Quotation Marks
And Are In The Form Of A Question?


Everybody Laughed When I
Used An Old Headline Template To Create My Headline,
But When I Put It At The Top Of My Sales Letter..

If not, it means you are unfamiliar with three of the most proven classical headlines of all
time. If you do recognize them, you probably get the point, which is: why waste time
trying to come up with the next best headline when you can swipe from the masters! And
by swipe, I mean adapt these headlines (and other proven ones) to your own sales letters.
Sentences and paragraphs can be copyrighted. Ideas cannot.

The above content was taken from my September 2005 Money Magnet newsletter, which
in turn was originally taken from the May 2005 issue of Dan Kennedys No-BS
Marketing Letter, which you can find more about (and sign-up for a three month trial) at (You can download this particular newsletter of mine for
free here:

And having a good headline swipe file can make the difference between a mediocre
website or a great one (this applies to offline direct response as well, of course).

If you want a quick way to test different headlines for your sales letters, nothing beats a
good swipe file, with headlines that have stood the test of time and have proven tested

And thats what this swipe file is about.

Ive taken a number of the best material Ive come across, including the classics, and put
them all in this resource for you to use to boost your success. Try them out and see which
ones work for your business, and which ones pull in the best response. Its the most
foolproof way to boost your profits with minimal changes to your copy.

David Olgivy of Olgivy & Mather fame once said that 5 times as many people read your
headlines as they do your copy. It really doesnt matter whether hes right about the
specific percentage. The fact is, a headline is an ad for your ad, so you had better get a
great one if you want to add plenty of George Washingtons to your bank account.

But this swipe file isnt the ultimate one. You should buy a few small products from
Boardroom, Phillips, Agora, and the other big direct mail companies so you can get on
their mailing lists and build your own swipe files. You can get the best of the best for a
tiny chunk of change. Ive done it, and I have more sales letters coming in all the time.
Its a great way to build your sales letter education, and at the same time, build your
swipe file with the PROVEN moneymakers, the ones YOU can swipe and use for your
own business, whether online or offline.

This resource is an ongoing work of progress on my part. I only have a percentage of my
swiped headlines in here, strictly because of time constraints. But I want to help you, as
many of you have helped me.

You see, I am constantly updating this resource. Its always a work in progress. If you
want to get FREE updates of my headline swipe file, all you have to do is send a blank
email to, and youll be sure to get the updates as they
become available.

Now, a word about that: I will NEVER sell, rent, or trade your information. The only
emails youll get from me is when I release an updated swipe file. NOTHING ELSE. Not
even a sales letter. I wanted to make an easy place for folks to keep up to date on this
resource without them having to worry about me sending endless pitches or stuff they
dont want. Plus, you can remove yourself from the list at any time (There is always an
unsubscribe list).

Bear in mind, you dont have to get on my list. If youre happy with this swipe as is, then
good for you! But this swipe file will grow tremendously as I add my swiped headlines in
here and make them available to you.

By the way, to sign up for my Money Magnet newsletter for FREE, simply go to (same rules apply, I will never give out
your info).

Correction from version 1 of this swipe file: After talking with Yanik Silver, he told
me that one of the headlines I have listed as Dan Kennedy being the author was actually
written by him. I want to give credit where credit is due, so youll see that headline listed
at the end of Yaniks headlines in this version. Sorry about that, Yanik .

Ok, enough of all that. On with the headlines
John Carlton Headlines

"If You've Got 19 Minutes Before You Head Out To Play Your Next Round
Of Golf I Will Show You How To Knock 10 Strokes Off Your Score. It's
Simple, It's Easy, And I Guarantee It Will Work For You Or I'll Pay You

"Give Me 5 Minutes, And I'll Force You To Get So Good At Driving With
Power And Accuracy That You'll Be Able To Hit 200-Yard Tee Shots
While Kneeling On One Knee!"

"How A Completely Self-Taught Pip-Squeak Golfer Ignored Everything The
So-Called "Experts" Teach... And Stumbled On The ONE BIG DARN
SECRET To Instantly Adding Dozens Of Laser-Accurate Yards To Your
Tee Shots... Especially If You're Too Short, Too Tall, or Too Out-Of-

"C'mon! It Can't Be THIS EASY To Add 50+ Laser-Accurate Yards To
Your Tee Shot (And Break Your Buddies Hearts On Every Single Drive)...
Can It?"

How Does An Out-Of-Shape 55 Year-Old Golfer, Crippled By Arthritis &
71 Lbs. Overweight, Still Consistently Humiliate PGA Pros In HeadToHead
Matches By Hitting Every Tee Shot Further And Straighter Down The

They All Snickered At The Nearly "Crippled", Overweight Golfer As He
Hobbled Up to the Tee Box Until He Promptly Blasted a Perfect 275-
Yard Drive Straight Down the Fairway!

Amazingly EASY Advanced Power Swing Secrets Will Help You ADD At
Least 50 YARDS To Your Drives (Instantly and Consistently) WITHOUT

How A Skinny Little Golf Genius From California Accidentally Started
Hitting 425-Yard Tee Shots!

Get an "unfair advantage" in driving a golf ball for distance and accuracy
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Here's How To Get Your Copy Of That Amazing $5,000 "Advanced Secrets
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"Embarrassingly Simple Secret Instantly Unleashes The Explosive Power
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How A "Hard Luck" Golfer Accidentally Discovered The Amazing Secret
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Within An Hour of Testing These 4 Simple Professional Secrets On The
Range, I Will Have You Hitting 35 Yards Longer Off The Tee, With
Absolute Pinpoint Accuracy And More Jaw-Dropping Power Than You
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"Hate To Practice... But
Still Want To Add 80
Laser-Accurate Yards To Your
Tee Shots? Then Check THIS out..."

"How A Blind Golfer Stumbled Onto The Simple Secret Behind
David Duval's Swing That Can
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Golfs Forgotten Long Ball Secrets Finally Revealed By Disgruntled PGA

"In Just 22 minutes And 17 Seconds, You Can Learn For FREE What 400
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A Chance To Add 50 Yards To Your Drive And Drop 5 to 11 Strokes Off
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Amazing Secret Discovered By
One-Legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards
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and Slices And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game
Almost Overnight!

Crippled Golfer Stuns L.A. Open Crowd By Crawling From Death Bed To
Beat 110 Pro Golfers With a 67 (Using A Short Backswing) And Qualify
For The Last Spot In The Famous 2002 Tournament!

Who Else Wants Another 40-to-60 Effortless Yards On Every Tee Shot,
Starting With Your Very Next Drive Without Trying Or Changing Your
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How One Simple "Magic Move" (Which You Can Easily Feed Into Your
Current Swing In Just 9 Minutes, Even If You Stink At The Game Right
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From Your Knees!

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Simple 2-Step Secret Instantly Slashes 10-to-20 Strokes Off Your Very Next
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I Guarantee (With My
OWN MONEY!) That You
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Of Golf!

Death Scare Forces World Famous Golf Pro To Reveal Amazing "Short
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I Want To Give You The
Greatest Gift One Golfer Can Offer
Another Golfer... A Full 11-to-18 Strokes Off Your Next Round!"

Worlds Most Natural Putting System Lets You Putt Like a PGA Pro and
Par or Birdie Every Hole, Every Round, Slashing 8-to-10 Strokes (Or More)
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Secret New Video Reveals The
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Strokes Off Each Round...

Who Else Wants To Quit Slicing Forever, While Adding 40 Yards To Your
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How to guarantee you're never the guy playing...
Butt-Ugly Golf
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"Superstar" PGA Teaching Pro
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The Lazy Golfers Guide To Saving Par Even If You Screw Up On Every

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"Here is my promise to you: Take a single bucket of range balls, work these
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Why Every Pro Teacher, Magazine
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The Most Important Letter
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You Play Your Next Game Of Golf!

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Why Are Men Who Hunt Professional Killers
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Take All Your Complicated
Oriental Martial Arts Systems
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Theyre All Hopelessly Obsolete!
Amazing "New" (Re-Discovered) Fighting System Used By The
Gladiators In Ancient Rome Is Super-Easy To Learn And MEGA-Easy
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It Even Beats Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do

"The 7 Stupid Mistakes Most Men
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Frank Cucci's Advanced Combat Course A Sobering Message to Every
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Veteran Cop-Trainer Demonstrates the "Must Have" Skills for
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How An Innocent-Looking
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