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Service Request Number

Company Name
Server Location EMC Site ID number
Server Location Address, City, [State/Provence], Country &
Postal/Zip code
Avamar Server Location Timezone
Is this Site a Dark Site?
Primary Contact Information
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact 1st Phone number
Primary Contact 2nd Phone number
Primary Contact email Address
Secondary Contact Information
Secondary Contact Name
Secondary Contact 1st Phone number
Secondary Contact 2nd Phone number
Secondary Contact email Address
Server name (FQDN)
Avamar Server ID number
Current Avamar Server Version
Desired Upgrade Target Version
Hardware Platform Type or Generation
Number of Data nodes
Data nodes' Native Avamar Capacity
Replication Personality
Current GSAN Capacity (Percentage)
Is this Server subject to an EMC RPQ Customization?
Do you have a working Spare Node?
How many NDMP Accelerator Nodes for NAS backups?
Do you have any Access Nodes?
Do you have any Extended Retention Nodes?
Is your Avamar Integrated with EMC Networker as a de-duplication
Media Server?
Is Your Avamar Server integrated with your VMWare Vcenter Virtual
Data Center?
Is your Avamar Server integrated with EMC DataDomain Hardware
for additional storage?
Do you currently use a "Tape-Out", "Avamar Data Transport" or
"Extended Retention" solution?
Do you have a working Avamar Downloader Service installed and
running in your Enterprise?
Do you use the Avamar Desk-Top/Lap-Top (DTLT) feature?
Is the Avamar Email Home service currently working?
Is the Avamar ConnectEMC service currently working?
Is your Avamar server currently configured to an EMC ESRS
Do you have any other important information or requests directly
related to the Avamar Server upgrade?
Final Instructions:
o Save this document using the file name shown to the right.
o Email the completed form to the EMC Representative who sent
it to you.
o If you do not know who sent you the form, you can send it to
The contents of this field will be generated automatically as soon as
you enter in your Company name, and Server Fully Qualified
Domain Name (FQDN) in the fields above.
Revision 6.1.0-420_4_GA_20120912
Other Important information or special requests
Avamar Upgrade Request Form
Basic Instructions
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o All white fields are mandatory, and require some input.
o The yellow fields are optional, but highly desired.
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