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Bilingual in English/Spanish Organized
Bachelors degree in Communications
Highly motivated
#roblem solver
Solid time management s"ills
$etail oriented
%eam player
E&ceptional communication s"ills
St. Frances of Rome School C!cero Ill!no!s A"#"st $%&' ( Present
)!n*er#arten Teacher
'indergarten %eacher
E((ectively planned and e&ecuted lesson plans daily
)or"ed cooperatively *ith special education teachers
+ttended ,E# meetings and provided substantial in(ormation
+ttended and coordinated all parent/teacher con(erences
St. +osa,hat School Ch!ca#o Ill!no!s A"#"st $%%- ( $%&'
Ass!stant Preschool Teacher
+ssisted lead teacher *ith implementing daily lesson plans
#repared classroom and materials (or daily activities
Supervised students inside and outside the classroom
Chaperoned students on annual (ield trips
M . R Car Im,ort Ser/!ces Inc. Ch!ca#o Ill!no!s A"#"st $%%- ( Present
Mar0et!n# S,ec!al!st
#repare and manage timelines (or mar"eting pro-ects
$esign and implement ne* processes to achieve mar"eting leverage and establish best practices
$eliver e&ceptional customer service and assist in the creation o( a positive customer e&perience that
includes proactive interaction
+ssist in setting. communicating and e&ecuting mar"eting programs to achieve "ey mar"eting initiatives
Key Accomplishment:
! ,nitiated mar"et research and demographic pro(iling to identi(y and capitalize on unmet mar"et needs
! ,mproved o((ice e((iciency and customer service by overhauling (iling systems

1ensler Ch!ca#o Ill!no!s
/+ global architecture. design. planning and consulting (irm0 Se,tem2er $%%3 ( +an"ar4 $%%-
El!5a2eth Moran
St"*!o Coor*!nator
+ssisted $irectors *ith administrative pro-ects including proposals. contracts. and meeting notes
Coordinated travel. timesheets. and e&pense report logistics (or Studio $irector
Served as bac"!up (or reception and other Studio Coordinators to maintain o((ice e((iciency
Collaborated *ith other studio departments to complete assignments on time
Organized *ee"ly sta(( meetings to revie* and resolve issues
Spearheaded special pro-ects as needed (or studio departments
Key Accomplishment:
! $elivered studio pro-ects on!time/on!budget by introducing pro-ect management best practices
! Conducted companys sta(( revie*s and evaluations processes
/,ntegrated erchandising Systems0 7ecem2er $%%8 ( Fe2r"ar4 $%%3
Pro*"ct!on Coor*!nator
Collaborated *ith vendors to produce signage. displays. and branding merchandise (or clients
#rovided accurate pricing (rom vendors allo*ing account teams to authorize production
onitored production timelines ensuring accuracy o( promotional materials in production
Supervised end!to!end #oint o( Sale /#OS0
Key Accomplishment:
! $irected and implemented uni1ue needs o( merchandising materials (or $iageo client
! $eveloped accurate estimates (or merchandising brands including2 Cro*n 3oyal. 4uinness. 5ohnnie
)al"er. and Captain organ
9A6I 1LO:AL SOLUTIONS 7O;NERS 1RO6E IL +"l4 $%%8 ( Octo2er $%%8
1ra,h!c Coor*!nator( Freelancer
Supervised all national and regional graphics (or c$onalds pac"aging *hile
e&ecuting brand consistency
,mplemented ne* organizational strategies (or providing status updates on all c$onalds pac"aging
Collaborated e((ectively *ith pac"aging supplier to secure proper protocol on all graphics
anaged all incoming and outgoing graphic materials (rom pac"aging supplier
Key Accomplishment:
! ,ncreased productivity and improved brand consistency through organizational strategies
! aintained e&ceptional communication bet*een vendors and account e&ecutives
L<PI= C9ICA1O IL March $%%> ( A,r!l $%%8
Creat!/e Coor*!nator
Submitted creative a*ard sho* entries2 conversion o( (iles. re1uested prints. compiled components.
shipped to sho*. administered invoice o( payment
#rovided o((ice support to Chie( Creative O((icer. account e&ecutives and creative teams
aintained calendar o( corporate (unctions. scheduled appointments. and reserved meeting spaces
Collaborated *ith producers to create materials (or ne* business pitches
Key Accomplishment:
! #rovided accurate documentation (or a*ard sho*s *hile increasing agencys reputation
! 3eorganized agencys (iling system increasing e((iciency (or (uture a*ard entries
! Managed creation of videos and boards for new business pitches and award shows
asters in Elementary Education currently enrolled since 6789
$ominican :niversity. 3iver ;orest. ,<.
Completed 8 year to*ards masters program
Bachelors o( +rts in Communications and Spanish
illi"in :niversity. $ecatur. ,llinois
,ES +broad
adrid. Spain
97 Credits to*ard Spanish a-or

S)ILLS #ro(iciency in icroso(t Suite
;amiliar *ith #lanet <eo
+dobe Creative Suite
Social media!%*itter