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A Comparative Dictionary

Of The
Pwo Karen Dialect
Part 1
Pwo Karen - English
Compiled by
Rev. W. C. B. PURSER, M. A.,
Part II of this work was published before Part I, and all that the authors consi
dered it necessary to say by way of introduction has already been said in the Pr
eface to Part II.
In Part I, the Sgaw Karen equivalents are given in round brackets immediately af
ter the Pwo words.
The grammatical introduction at the end of Part I is rather awkwardly placed, as
it was only at the last moment that the decision to include such an introductio
n was arrived at; the authors feel sure that those who have struggled to master
the difficult Pwo dialect will welcome this introduction however difficult it ma
y be to find it!
The remarks on Tones and on the phonetics of the Consonants and Vowels contained
in sections 3 sqq. of the grammatical introduction should be regarded as tentat
S. Michael's, Kemendine,
Easter 1922.
, prefixed to verbs.. denotes future tense; as / (/) will go/will do. [/
(), adv. once. [ T.P.]
(), adv. occasionally. [ T.P.]
(), n. lord, master.
(), n. Lord God.
(), adv. occasionally. [ T.P.]
(), n. elephant; sometimes called [D.P. ]
/ (), a. compressed.
(), a. fickle.
(), n. pona.
(), n. ape.
(), n. camel.
, n. Nat.
(), v.t. to pay respect/make offerings.
, n. narrow ravine.
, n. elephant driver's hook.
(), n. horse. [D.P. ]
/ (), n. work.
(), a. difficult.
/(), adv. vexatiously.
(), n. pigeon. [D.P. pronounce it ]
// (), a. very difficult. [ T.P.]
, n. a pie/a coin.
(), a. tight.
, n. a small mud fish.
T.P. (), n. a kind of fish [B. ] [ D.P.]
, n. a kind of fish/the cockup [B. ]
(), v.t. tie up/bind.
(), v.t. to close up by tying; to bind tight.
, v.t. to tie in a bow.
/, v.t. to tie in a knot.
(), v.t. to shut up/cover.
(), n. shark.
(), v.i. yawn.
, [E.] n. conscience.
, [B.] n. brimstone.
(), a. checkered/spotted.
(), n. thigh.
(), n. hip.
, n. lower part of the thigh.
(), prep. between the thighs.
(), n. a kind of tree [B. ]
(), a. astringent in taste.
(), v.t. to rub/wipe off.
// (), v.t. to pick off with the fingers.
(), v.t. to break/crumble.
(), a. aching/to be stiff.
(), v.t. to pick with a pointed instrument.
(), v.t. to lever.
(), v.t. to prize open.
/ (), adv. in future; hereafter.
, adv. evening.
/ (), adv. tomorrow.
/ (), adv. day after tomorrow.
/ (), adv. this evening.
/ (), adv. to-night.
(), can; used as auxiliary to verbs as / can do/can go.
(), adv. excessively/beyond what is fit or desirable.
(), v.i. become; to sprout forth.
(), v.i. to be successful.
, become an example be an example to others.
(), a. twisted, kinked.
, n. a bit/fragment I want a bit of bread.
/ (), v.t. to split.
(), v.t. to cut a bamboo into splints.
(), a. crooked.
(), a. wavy; name of the middle tone sign.
(), a. irregular bends/having short bends.
(), v.t. to ply an oar/row.
, emphatic particle.
// (), a. corpulent.
(), n. affixed to some nouns.. denotes piece / piece of wood; piece of bam
(), n. a shell.
, v.t. to strip as bark from a tree.
(), v.t. to reap.
/ (), v.i. to bend down.
(), v.t. to slice bread.
(), v.i. to cough.
(), n. hooping cough.
, a. hook-like.
, v. circumcise.
(), v.t. to cut off.
(), n. bread.
(), n. vermicelli [B. /] the T.P. call it .
(), n. fried bread.
(), n. flour.
[B.] (), n. agent.
, adj. every. every one.
(), v. to call.
/ (), v.t. to call together an assembly.
, [T.P.] on the island.
(), v.t. to call to come up.
(), v.t. to name/be named.
[ T.P.], n. a pellet-bow [B. ]
, n. the string of a bow.
, n. a pellet for a bow []
/ (), a. long lived/hard to kill.
(), v. to hold the breath.
(), v. to plan.
(), v. premeditate what to say.
(), v.t. to take counsel/consult/settle a plan.
, v. be ill/sick.
, n. [T.P.] a field with felled trees before burning .
, n. [T.P.] a generic name for several spice trees.
, v. to turn up at the sides or edges.
(), v.t. to put on nether garments.
/ (), v. to fasten nether garments.
(), v.t. to put on one's clothes.
(), v. be relieved/be more comfortable.
(), v.i. recover as from sickness.
/, n. a lion.
[T.P.] (), v.t. to mingle/mix.
, v.t. to mix/to compound as medicines .
[T.P.] (), v.i. the wind blows.
(), v. turn about.
(), v. to turn back.
(), v. to turn the back upon.
/ (), v. to turn the rice pot.
(), v. to turn from side to side.
(), v. to fail of gaining/not to win; to be withered/rotten/brittle.
/ (), n. tent.
(), n. God.
(), adv. simultaneously.
(), v. to decorate/to adorn.
(), v.t. to decorate one's self with dress/jewelry or any kind of ornament.
(), n. parched rice.
(), n. flour made from parched rice.
(), a. lazy.
(), adv. lazily.
(), v.t. to pull/drag.
(), v.t. to pull tight.
(), n. tug-of-war.
(), v.i. to tow.
(), v.t. to pull up as a boat on the beach.
(), v.t. to elongate.
(), a. brittle; n. sheath for sword.
, n. a kind of plant; it has a bulbous root which is cooked for food; arum.
[T.P.] (), adv. gently/slowly/quietly.
, n. track/furrow/groove/water course/channel.
(), adv. accurately; correct. he pronounces correctly &c.
(), a. rotten, decayed.
, n. crow; v.t. to stick or lay flat things upon one another.
, n. a kind of bird.
, n. a kind of creeper.
(), v.t. to cause to adhere.
, to stick down or on as a plaster.
/ (), v.t. to sharpen a dah or axe.
, adv. entirely/completely/wholly.
(), v.t. to point a harpoon or spear.
(), n. petroleum.
(), v.t. to tempt.
(), v. to trick/impose upon.
(), v.i. to pretend.
(), v.t. to roll the eyes sideways.
[T.P.], n. a buffalo or cow bell (made of wood or bamboo) [D.P. ]
(), v.t. to lift up the eyes.
[T.P.] (), adv. often.
(), v.t. to cast the eyes upwards.
(), v.t. to cast the eyes downwards.
(), n. island. [ T.P.]
(), n. garden or plantation.
, v. to tear away a thing.
, v.t. to knock off the bark of a tree.
, n. a black bird about the size of the crow.. fond of water.
(), n. gun [ T.P.]
(), n. Pagoda.
(), v. to cut (with dah/axe.)
, v. to press together.
(), adv. in-considerate in doing anything; to treat with scorn/contempt.
, v.t. to sharpen/wilt.
(), v. 1. ought. 2. fit/suitable/worthy.
(), n. axe.
, affix; more than half; after midnight.
(), v.t. to scratch; to hang (as on a peg or nail.)
(), v.t. to suspend.
, a. mottled.
, n. a pick-axe (used in hollowing out dug-out canoes.)
[T.P.] (), n. lake or sea. [ D.P.]
(), a. to feel titillation.
(), n. bee. v. play.
, n. the wax of the above named bee.
(), v.t. to write.
(), v.t. 1. to forgive; 2. to set free.
(), v.t. to untie.
, n. an earthen lamp.
, v.t. to spell.
/, v. to beg/entreat/supplicate.
/ [B.] (/), plough/harrow.
, n. threshing floor.
[T.P.] (), n. fold/yard/plot of ground fenced in. [D.P. ]
[T.P.], n. circumference.
(), v.i. break.
, v.t. to turn up/bend up.
(), a. expensive.
(), a. bitter.
(), n. chin.
(), n. beard.
(), v.i. to step.
(), v.i. to step up and down.
(), v.t. to marry.. of a man.
(), v.t. to marry.. of a woman.
/, n. calamity/wretchedness/famine.
(), n. bedstead.
, n. heart-disease.
(), v.t. to shoot.
(), v.t. to fire a gun.
(), to shoot a bow.
, v. to gird up the loins. [B. ]
(), v.t. to sight high in shooting.
(), v.t. to shoot at random.
(), v.t. to shoot at an unseen object by calculation.
(), v.t. pass to the opposite side.
(), v.t. cross over.
(), v.t. ascend the opposite side.
(), v.t. traverse.
(), v.t. to step over an obstacle.
(), n. spider.
(), n. a spider's web.
(), n. foot/leg of any kind.
(), n. the third toe.
(), n. the large tendons behind the knee.
(), n. the ankle.
(), n. the calf of the leg.
(), n. the second toe.
(), n. heel.
(), n. shoe/sandals.
(), n. stocking.
(), n. the knee-cap.
(), n. toe nails/claws/hoofs.
(), n. the fourth toe.
(), n. the process on each side of the ankle.
(), n. the great toe.
(), n. the top of the foot.
(), n. footstool.
(), n. a track/foot prints.
(), as in n. quadrupeds.
/ (), n. lap; the knee.
(), n. country.
(), n. world.
(), n. marrow.
(), n. a kind of tick.
(), n. larva of mosquitoes.
(), prep. on. on the tree; source of a stream; tip of the tongue;
(), n. at the top.
(), n. the top part.
/ (), n. brother-in-law/sister-in-law.
(), n. brother-in-law.
(), n. sister-in-law.
(), n. hart/barking deer.
(), n. a kind of worm found inside trees.
or (), v. grating to the ear.
(), a dark.
(), adv. darkly.
or (), a. very dark.
(), v. become dark.
(), n. twilight.
(), n. black darkness.
(), n. balance. v. to weigh.
(), adv. at the right time.
or ( or ), n. appearance.
(), n. a heavily built man.
(), a. handsome/fair/beautiful.
(), n. tiger.
(), n. the cheetah.
/ (), n. servant.
(), v.t. to pick out as a shorn@/pick open as a boil.
[B.] (), n. pencil.
(), n. an animal resembling a squirrel.. though nearly the size of a cat.. under
yellow.. other parts black.
(), v. 1. shine. 2. blaze.
or (), v. burst forth in a vigorous blaze.
(), v. to flicker.
(), v. be dazzling of a light.
(), v. blaze with a dull light.
/ (/), v.i. 1. make mischief. 2. tell a person what others say about hi
(), a. dense.
, n. a wind instrument with holes on the side and a spreading mouth used at festiva
ls/funerals and theatrical exhibitions.
(), n. the posterior.
(), n. a stand for a pot.
(), n. any little thing used to rasie one from the ground or floor in sitting.
, n. buttocks.
(), n. the bottom.
(), n. the broad part of the posterior.
(), n. anus.
(), n. the convex part of the posterior.
(), n. piles.
, n. a hooked rod used for gathering fruit from high trees.
[ T.P.], n. the sycamore/a species of ficus.
(), v. to tie round/bind.
(), v.i. to tie the wrist; a ceremony used by heathen Karens to reca
(), v. to gird.
, n. the juice of the sycamore.
(), a. firm/strong.
, n. a block on which meat &c. is chopped.
(), n. girdle.
, v. to dig up something partially buried.
, v. up root.. tree torn up by the roots.
/ (), n. trap.
, n. rat trap.
(), v.t. to prop up by a short prop or fulcrum.
(), n. affix to some nouns.. denotes one piece as // [B.
(), v. to dig.
(), v. to dig up the ground.
(), v. to dig up into a heap.
(), v.t. to bury as a corpse.
(), v.t. to dig a ditch.
(), v.t. to dig a well.
(), v.t. to dig and pile up soil round the roots of a tree to make it
(), v.t. to dig a hole.
(), v. to dig up.
/, v. threaten to beat.
(), v. threaten to stab.
(), v. threaten to cut.
(), v. threaten to kill.
(), adv. now and then.
/ (), adv. intermittently.
/, v. to bend of the stalk of ripe paddy.
, n. vapour.
/ (), n. smoke.
/, v. to wind as thread on a ball.
(), v. smoke slightly.
, v. hew; to cut down.
(), n. a species of iguana or a large lizard.
(), a. hot.
(), a. corrugated, shrivelled.
(), a. scorched.
(), n. the scab of a sore.
(), adv. luke warm.
(), 1. n. hot ashes; 2. a. troubled/perplexed.
/ (), n. lump.
(), v. smart.
(), a. close/muggy/warm.
(), v. burn to a cinder.
(), n. sweat.
/ (), v. sweat/perspire.
, v. the sweating state of intermittent fever; to feel oppressed with heat.
[B.], n. kala/foreigner.
, n. head.
(), v. hesitate/mistake one end for the other.
(), n. pillow.
/ (), n. pillow-case.
(), n. the skull.
/, v. head-ache.
(), a. pointed.
(), n. a pinnacle.
(), n. a stump.
(), n. hair-pin.
(), n. 1. the soft open part in the skull particularly of children. 2.
(), n. the mouth of a bottle or cave.
(), n. top of the head.
(), n. the brain.
(), n. the tuft of hair extending beyond the top-knot when the hair is tied up.
(), n. prize/bribe/gift.
(), n. 1. the scalp or skin of the head; 2. a pad used when carrying things on t
(), n. rim; the rim of a well.
(), n. turban.
(), n. the knot of hair. [B. ]
(), n. a kind of hat made of bamboo and leaves. It also means umbrella to the T
(), n. hat.
(), n. mountain.
(), n. hair.
(), n. the neck.
(), v. strangle.
(), n. the back of the neck.
(), n. the lower extremity of the neck.
(), n. the cavity of the mouth/the interior of the neck.
(), a. choked.
, n. the wind pipe.
(), v. to irritate of the throat.
/ (), v. be hoarse.
(), n. the gullet.
(), v.i. to crouch/prostrate oneself in adoration.
(), n. the prominent part of the throat; Adam's apple.
, n. mango.
(), v. to watch.
(), v. to lie in wait to shoot.
(), v. to listen.
(), v. to watch for in order to catch.
(), v. on the lookout/watch in order to see.
(), v. to lie in ambush.
(), v. watch in order to bite.
/ (/), n. thanks.
, n. to bark as of a small deer.
(), n. a part/one side/half; half of a split bamboo; v. to be disengaged.
, n. meaning.
, n. a kind of whitlow (skin disease).
(), n. 1. land as distinct from water. 2. without/on the out side. 3. the corporeal/o
uter part of a man. 4. the visible/present state. 5. taxes.
(), n. a kind of thorny tree.
(), n. dry land.
(), n. a kind of bird.
/ [B.] (), n. coffin.
/ (), adv. till now.
(), a. bald.
/ (), a. be quite gone/completely gone.
, n. wood ashes; n. lye.
(@), v. to tap.
, v. to make a clucking sound with the tongue. [B. ]
(), a. quick/rare; commonly; //
, n. a disease in children/the marasmus.
(), a. 1. not tight close: loose. 2. hot (of water.)
(), a. very loose.
/ (), n. a coil.
(), v. to coil.
(), v. to coil a rope.
(), n. cross-bow.
(), n. a bow-string.
(), n. the bow of a cross-bow.
(), n. the stem of a cross-bow.
(), n. the trigger of a cross-bow.
(), n. 1. boat. 2. seed/kernel. 3. the eye-balls. 4. an addled egg.
(), n. the stern of a boat.
(), n. the bow of a boat.
(), n. the thwarts of a boat.
(), n. a turtle; there are many different names for the turtle; e.g.
, the large soft shelled turtle.
, the small soft-shelled turtle.
/, the large hard shelled turtle.
, the small hard shelled turtle.
(), n. the turtle shell.
(), v. fold up.
(), v. to have a relapse of sickness.
(), v. to kneel down.
(), n. spindle/spinning wheel.; a. cold.
(), n. a pestle.
, n. a spinning wheel.
(), n. the string of a spindle.
(), n. the thread on the spindle.
(), adv. gently.
(), v. become cool/cool down.
(), v. to roll.
(), v.t. to roll away.
(), v.i. to revolve.
(), n. a winnowing fan.
(/), n. a sieve.
/ (), n. a fathom.
(), v. to measure with the arms extended.
(), a. quick/rapid.
(), adv. speedily/rapidly.
(), v. speak.
(), v. to joke/jest.
/ (), v. to speak proudly.
(), v. to answer.
(), v. to talk nonsense; talk to no purpose.
(), to speak to each other/talk together.
(), v. to mimic another's speech.
(), v. to whisper.
(), v. to say more than is true/ exaggerate.
(), v. to talk in sleep/ talk at random.
(), v. to speak with truth and gravity/speak with candour.
(), v. to solace/comfort with words.
/ (/), v. to explain/interpret/translate.
(), v. to speak secretly.
(), v. to speak with precision.
(), v. stammer.
(), v. to speak or pronounce correctly as in speaking a foreign tongue. [B.
(), v. to speak slowly. [ T.P.]
(), v. to use a figure/metaphor.
(), v. be skilful in speaking.
/ (), v. to speak with truth/without prevarication or f
(), v. to speak evil against others behind the back.
(), v. to put on (as a hat); shut down a lid.
(), v. to wear a cap.
(), v. to shut up inside.
(), v. to turn down; to turn over.
(), v. to screen with a cover; to hide from sight.
(), v. be at leisure.
(), v. to overtake.
(), v. to attain to.
(), v. not overtake/not attain to.
(), n. snail/shell.
, v. to excavate.
/ (), n. river.
, n. feeding-trough.; v. to set up as sheaves of grain.
(), v. to put down/to lay down.
(), n. back.
(), n. on the back/back side.
(), n. the hollow of the back.
(), n. the banyan tree.
(), n. the sour banyan tree whose tender leaves are used as a vegetable.
, n. another kind of the banyan tree.
, n. middle; middle of the stream.
(), n. a fig.
/, n. a log of wood/large sticks of fire wood.
// (), n. cattle/cow/ox.
(), n. ox.
(), n. cow.
, n. birth-mark.
/, v. to wharp.
, n. mat.
/, n. unbroken ripe.
/, n. loud and pleasant voice.
(), n. 1. a cross beam. 2. whole as the whole day. 3. to tie up as
/, v. to swallow without chewing.
//, n. the tamarind tree.
(), n. 1. masculine gender of human beings. 2. cousin.
(), n. 1. married man. 2. old man.
(), n. female-cousin.
/ (), v. behold.; () v. try.
(), v. 1. scratch with the nails. 2. scrape as a cucumber or a cocoanut for eating. 3
. rake.
(), v. to give one a touch with the end of the finger.
(), n. a kind of small tree [B. ]
, n. a wooden bowl.
, v. to reel.
/ (), n. bandy-leg.
, v. to reel thread.
(), v. be circular.
(), n. circumference.
(), a. circular in shape.
// (), v. to surround.
/ (), a. circular.
, n. million. v. to watch with an evil object; watch one's prey stealthily as a tige
, n. a suit at law. to litigate.
, n. a cotton-seeding mangle made of two rollers turned by a crank.
(), n. lizard.
, n. blue coloured chameleon.
(), n. a kind of lizard which burrows in the ground.
, n. the flying lizard.
(), 1. a nine. 2. v. to comb. 3. to brush.
(), v. to comb the hair.
(), v. to throw/cast away.
/ (), v. to throw away.
(), v. to throw up.
(), v. to throw down.
(), to cast into prison.
or (), n. a kind of tree whose flowers and fruits are used as vegetables,
(), n. a fishing hook.
(), n. the bar of a fishing hook.
(), n. bait.
(), n. a large fishing hook with a very long line but without a rod.
(), n. fishing line.
(), n. fishing rod.
(), n. trumpet.
(), n. a trumpet made from an elephant's tusk.
(), n. a trumpet made from buffalo's horn.
, v. to sweep dust with a brush.
(), v. to stir up.
(), v. to remove with the finger or some instrument.
(), v. to lift out of with some instrument.
(), v. to gouge out.
, v. to draw one's attention by touching him.
(), v. to dip rice out of the pot into a dish.
(), adv. slowly. he walks slowly.
, v. to creep.
, v. to curl up.
, v. to curl up oneself.
(), n. elderly women are so called by younger ones.
(), v. to pour out.
(), v. to pour down.
(), 1. numeral adjunct.. applied to persons; e.g. one man. 2. another.. every; a d
nt person.. animal or thing; e.g. every person. another animal.
(), n. evening.
, v. to cross over as a stream. to resemble.
(), n. spirits/arrack.
[T.P.], v. to prepare.
(), v. to walk.
[T.P.], v. tree/house &c. turned up by the root.
[ T.P.], v. to crawl on all fours.
(), a. destroyed.
(), v.t. to avoid/shun.
(), v.i. walk.
(), v.i. to escape.
(), v.i. to go astray.
(), v.i. to walk to and fro.
(), v.i. to wander.
(), v. to abandon.
[T.P.], v. see to uproot.
(), a. salty.
, n. the ridge pole of a building.
[T.P.] , n. a bamboo rafters.
, n. image.
(), prep. near by/beside.
, n. a howdah.
(), v. to cry.
(), v.i. to scream/cry out violently.
(), n. the earth.
(), n. rich soil free from stones.
(), v.i. to cry.. holding the breath.
(), v.i. to whimper.
/ (), v.i. to mourn/groan.
(), v. to shake with short and quick motion.
(), v.i. to shake the head.
(), v. to shake down.
(), to press down by shaking.
/, n. grass thatch. [B. ]
(), v. to grate/grind/rub.
(), v. to compress by wringing/to file rasp.
(), v. to press down.
(), v.t. to compress into powder.
[T.P.] [D.P.] (), n. house.
(), n. roof of a house.
(), n. house post.
, n. 1. site of a house. 2. womb.
/ (), v. to doubt.
(), n. cane/ratan plant.
(), a. good.
/ (), adv. well/perfectly.
(), v. become good.
(), a. very good.
(), a. delectable/charming.
/ (), v. it is fitting so to do.
(), a. the best.
, v. to rip open/slice off &c.
(), a. slanting/oblique.
(), v. to rise up.
(), v. move about/shake.
(), v. to struggle.
/ (), v. to wriggle about here and there.
(), a. pungent to the taste.
(), v. to come.
/ (), v. to come with company.
(), v. to come to.
(), v.t. to bring/fetch.
(), v.t. to come out/come up.
(), v. to come back.
(), v.i. to arrive.
(), v.i. to come in.
(), v.i. to come down.
, n. edge.
, num: adjunct signifying a row.. two rows of people.
(), a. weak.
(), a. strong.
(), v. to contradict.
(), v. be heard.
(), v. be famous.
/ (), v. to stimulate/encourage.
, v. to winnow.
(), v. to besmear.
(), v. to apply medicine outwardly.
/ (), n. side.
/, n. rib.
(), a. still/firm.
(), adv. firmly.
(), a. steadfast.
(), adv. very quiet/very calm.
(), n. snake.
(), n. a harmless snake. [Bur. ]
(), n. the snake that eat eggs.
(), n. viper.
(), n. cobra; there are two kinds /
, n. green coloured snake found among the leaves of trees.
(), n. water-snake.
, n. a snake with a red spot on the head.
(), n. a yellow snake whose bite is hot like fire.
/, v. to clean rice.
, n. the black tongued snake.
(), v. to increase in number.
(), v. to brood/sit as a hen.
(), prop. other.
(), n. cleaned rice.
(), n. broken rice.
, v. to rub one thing on another/to grind/file/saw.
(), v. grind paddy.
(), v. to play on the harp.
(), v. to be constipated.
(), v. to have stomach ache.
(), n. the abdomen.
/ (), v. to have a motion/evacuate the intestines.
(), v. miscarriage.
/, v. to clear the high land for cultivation/taung-ya.
/, v. open without obstruction.
(), v. thrust a stick or other instrument into a hole.
/, n. collar-bone.
, n. the knapsack harness. the lower part of the harness; the upper part.
/ (), v. to bake.
, n. wood-louse.
, n. powdered wood resulting from dry-rot.
, n. to have dry-rot.
(), n. rays of the sun/moon/stars/firelight.
(), adv. brightly.
/, n. great multitude.
(), adv. early.
(), adv. early morning.
/, v. a double-hand full; to take in the two palms as rice or paddy.
(), a. gaping/not close together.
(), v. to become open/to gape.
(), a. 1. mad. 2. finish.
(), v. finished.
/ (), n. companions friends.
/, n. male friends.
/, n. female friends.
/ (/), a. cold.
(), n. Christ.
(), n. Christians.
(), adv. near by.
(), n. cage for fowls.
/, v. to hold off.
, v. to use loud violent language in order to daunt or terrify.
(), v. to winnow.
(), v. to winnow rice.
(), v. to winnow paddy.
/ (), n. itch.
(), a. diligent/industrious.
(), n. stairs/ladder.
(), n. rungs of a ladder.
(), a. even/straight.
(), a. very level.
(), adv. evenly.
[T.P.], n. a kind of wax used for daubing baskets and boats.
/, v. to fall down as stalks of paddy, &c.
/ (), n. ant.
, a. clear. clear water.
/ (), a. holy.
/ (), v. to smell rank.
(), a. clean.
/ (), a. pretty.
(), adv. prettily.
/ (), a. crowded together.
, v. to fence in.
, v. set on edge as the teeth.
(), adv. everywhere.
, n. a large Karen basket.
(), n. dah. spade.
, n. collective term for cutting implements.
(), n. the handle of a dah.
(), n. the edge of a dah/blade.
(), n. the back of a dah.
(), n. the head of a dah.
/ (), v. to avoid/shun.
/ (), v. crack.
/ (), v. to burst open.
(), n. deer [B. ]
, n. a rough grass.
(), v. to arrange/put things in their order.
(), a. dry.
(), v. become dry.
(), a. very dry.
(), n. twin.
(), v. to go round and round.
/ (), v. to diverge in order to circumvent an obstacle.
, v. to dent.
/ (), v. to be past noon.
(), a. heavy.
(), adv. very heavy.
(), n. mushroom of which the following varieties are edible. //
, n. wealthy/property/valuable.
, n. sponge.
(), n. a kind of bird.
(), verbal affix.. to be together/combined with/in connection with; as go toget
her.. live and die together.
/ (), v. live together/also cohabit as to dwell together in
(), n. field of upland cultivation/taung-ya.
//, v.t. to blow the nose.
(), v. to set fire to.
(), v.t. to burn.
(), v.t. to burn to ashes.
(), v.t. to cremate .
(), to burn rubbish.
(), n. a species of potato plant/arum.
(), n. the root of the above named plant much used as an article of food.
(), n. the stem of the arum.
(), n. the wild arum.
(), a. six.
(), a. sixty.
(), a. six hundred.
(), a. six thousand.
(), a. sixty thousand.
(), a. six hundred thousand.
(), adv. harmoniously.
(), v. to whittle.
(), v. to whittle cane.
(), v. to whittle bamboo.
(), v. to whittle an arrow.
(), to smooth by whittling.
/ (), a. large.
(), a. large and tall.
(), a. not equal in size.
(), v. to grow up.
/ (), v. to char/singe/roast in the embers as potatoes.
/ (), v. shout to frighten.
, v. to slacken speed to keep together with a slow walker.
/ (), n. a stag.
(), n. buck.
(), n. doe.
(/), n. bellows.
(), v. to blow with the bellows.
(), v. to poke up the fire.
/ (), a. the same.
, n. a kind of tree whose tender leaves and fruits are used as vegetables [B. ]
(), n. servant/slave.
, v. to throb or shoot (of pain)
/ (), n. intestines.
(), n. pepper.
(), v. 1. to make a pleasant melodious sound as birds. 2. sound of thunder. 3. to re
often as the name of a person. 4. n. soot.
, n. a small bell.
(), v. to repeat someone's name often.
, n. ebony/blackwood [B. ]
/ (), v. to boil.
(), v. to scatter as dust thrown from the hand.
(), v. to sow seeds.
(), v. to sow paddy.
(), v. to throw dust.
(), v. to throw quick lime.
/, a. to be light/not heavy.
(), a. how many; prefix to numeral adjectives as
(), how many men?
(), how many birds?
(), how many buffaloes?
(), how many pencils?
(), how many houses?
/ (), a. thin.
/ (), v. to become thin.
/ (), v. to become thin and small.
, a. 1. full. 2. v. buy.
(), a. as much as/of equal size.
(), v. to be heaping full.
(), as much as that/that much.
(), as much as this.
(), v. overflow.
, not quite full.
(), v. to buy for eating.
(), v. to buy for drinking.
/ (), n. rain water.
(), v. to operate upon.
(), v. to undergo an operation.
/, v. to pine away.
T.P. (), n. ironwood used for house posts. [ D.P.]
/ T.P., n. roe of fish/eggs inside fowls, [ D.P.]
(), n. king.
[B.], n. table.
[B.], n. clerk.
, v. to go against the tide or current.
, v. to go against the wind.
(), num. adv. twice as much as formerly.
(), v. to fail of gaining/not to win/lose.
[B.], n. paper.
(), n. a mallet.
(), v. to commence/start.
(), to start a business/work.
(), n. the wood-oil tree [B. ]
(), n. wood-oil.
, n. sodomy.
, n. a kind of creeper.
, n. a fish scoup made of cloth.
(), v. to open the eyes.
T.P. [ D.P.], nigella sativa [B. ]
(), n. bladder.
(), a. dirty.
(), v. to say.
(), v. to thank.
/ (), v. to tell one he is a fool.
(), v. to reply.
(), v. to praise.
(), v. to inform.
(), v. to speak of one's self.
(), v. to use ribald language.
(), v. promise.
(), v. to slander/traduce/villify.
[B.], n. 1. diamond 2. arsenic.
(), n. silver.
[T.P.] (), n. a bracelet.
(), v. to punish/direct/decide.
(), v. to condemn/to give judgment against.
(), v. give judgment for.
, a. left side.
, v. to stick on.
(), v. to seal.
[B.], n. machine.
(), n. sewing machine.
, v. incline.
(), v. to run/walk.
, v. to walk for pleasure.
(), v. to start off.
(), v. to go out and to come in.
(), v. to run a race.
(), to tie/bind/fasten with a string.
(), v. to bind up.
(), v. to tie a knot.
(), v. to suspend.
(), v. to commit suicide by hanging.
(), v. to hang/die by hanging.
, v. to tie in a tight knot.
(), n. poison.
(), v. to soak/drench.
(), v.t. to steep.
(), v. to bump/stamp.
(), v. to cast away.
(), v. to dash down with force.
(), v. to stamp heavily with one's feet.
(), v. to bump one's head against something.
(), v. to dash open.
(), v. to throw up into a heap.
(), v. to throw over so as to cover.
(), v. to dash into pieces.
(), a. pointed.
(), adv. hence-forth.
(), n. hand.
(), n. cramp in the hand.
, n. the third finger.
(), n. the fist.
(), n. the wrist joint.
, pins and needles in the hand.
(), n. the left hand.
[T.P.] (), n. mosquito.
, v. to be cramped/to ache as the arm or hand (after writing or using it in any way)
(), n. a span.
(), n. the right hand.
(), n. the wrist.
(), v. figuratively applied to pilfering.
(), n. the little finger.
(), n. the fore-arm.
(), n. the index finger.
/ (), n. the elbow.
, n. the arm (above the elbow)
, n. a cover for the hand when holding hot things.
(), n. tendrils of creepers.
/ (), n. a rail used to steady a person in going up or down stairs
(), n. the distance from the elbow to the end of the finger; a cubit.
(), n. a glove/thimble.
(), n. the nails/claws.
, n. 2nd finger.
(), n. the thumb.
(), n. the back of the hand.
(), n. the palm of the hand.
(), n. the two hands.
(), n. goods/possessions/wealth.
(), n. trembling of the hands.
(), n. armour.
(), n. ring.
(), a. skilled in handiwork.
(), n. 1. a sharp tattooing iron. 2. v.t. to hoard/ acquire.
, v. to acquire money.
(), n. pain.
(), v. to huddle together as a company.
// (), n. corpse/carcass.
(), n. 1. sledge. 2. v. to peck.
(), n. the hopia tree.
(), v. pitch head foremost.
(), v. to dig out a boat/canoe.
(), v. to stop a steamer at the shore.
/, n. a species of locust.
(), v. to peck into pieces.
, v. to eat by pecking (as fowls)
(), n. parents call their elder sons younger brothers and sisters call their elder b
thers or
(), adv. softly/ gently.
, a. immodest.
(), a. wet/ moistened.
(), v. to recollect ourself; generally in reference to some error or
(), v. to recollect one's self.
(), n. umbrella.
/ (), n. rising above the common level as the surface of the ground into
(), a. convex.
(), adv. together.
(), v. creep/go upon the belly as a snake/worm or a child before walking. Creeping al
ong the ground as a creeping plant.
/ (), n. corpse/carcass.
(), n. a teacher.
(), n. a female teacher.
(), n. a preacher.
[B.], n. a bill/register.
(), n. an earthen bowl [B. ]
(), a. 1. soft. 2. weak.
[T.P.] (), adv. slowly.
(), n. pain.
, adv. seriously ill.
, v. throw the arms about in affection.
, n. lion.
(), n. 1. soundness/completeness/free from defects; applied to seeds/fruit. 2. a. a
pplied to persons of ability as have a sound mind. 3. v. sew with a needle.
(), v. to embroider.
(), v. to patch/sew on a patch.
, v. to sew a zigzag figure.
, v. to sew together.
(), n. soap.
(), n. fowl/elephant.
(), n. the turkey.
, v. to cackle as a hen before and after laying.
(), n. worm.
, n. a kind of bird.
(), n. the common domestic fowl resembling the jungle fowl.
[T.P.] () [ D.P.], n. butterfly.
(), n. lice of fowls.
/ (), n. a skin disease [B. ]
(), v. cock fight.
(), n. a species of very small bird/the tailor bkrd.
, n. the spur of a cock.
, n. the roost of fowls.
, n. a cock's comb.
(), n. a hen's egg.
(), n. egg-shell.
(), n. addled eggs.
, [T.P.] n. trumpet flower tree [B. ] [ D.P.]
(), n. white of eggs.
(), n. the yolk.
(), n. the skin of the egg.
(), n. the domestic fowl.
(), n. a cock.
(), n. not a quite full grown cock.
(), n. chicken.
(), n. a jungle fowl.
, n. water-fowl.
(), n. the yellow jungle fowl.
/ (), n. a hen.
(), n. a brooding hen.
, n. not a quite full grown hen.
, v. to place in series/companies.
, n. screw pine.
(), n. a kind of basket used for the transport of fowls or for them to lay eggs in
(), n. the gizzard of a fowl.
(), v. to crow of a cock.
, v. to strain.
(), v. to filter milk.
, n. mist/ fog. frost.
(), v. to filter water.
(), v. dew fall.
(), n. dew.
(), v. to push.
(), v. to break by pushing.
(), v. to push down ripe paddy preparatory to reaping.
(), v. to push up.
(), v. to push against.
(), v. to press down.
(), v. to push aside or away.
(), v. to collide/to charge into.
(), v. to hush up/make inconspicuous.
(), v. to cause to fall by pushing/to push down.
(), v. to submerge.
(), v. to humble one's self/ restrain anger/ forbear.
(), v. to push under water.
[T.P.], v. to spread the sail. [ D.P.]
, v. to size thread with rice water.
, v. to clinch.
, n. the measure of a circumference equal to that by joining together the thumb and
third finger of one hand.
[T.P.] (), v. to mix by squeezing together.
[T.P.], n. mixture/condiment.
, v. 1. to foment as a wound. 2. to salt/to season food.
(), v. to salt fish.
(), v. to salt meat.
(), v. to mix as rice and curry by squeezing.
, v. macerate.
(), n. urine.
(), n. the urethra.
(), v. to pass water or void urine.
(), v. to void urine upon any thing.
(), n. the bladder.
, v. to wet the bed (of children).
(), v. to have a stoppage of urine.
/ (/), a. ten.
(), n. ten parts.
(), n. one-tenth/a tithe.
(), n. ten things.
(), n. September [B. ]
(), n. sugar-cane.
(), n. molasses.
(), n. black sugar-cane.
(), n. cultivated field of sugar-cane.
(), n. August [B. ]
, v. to plough; n. paddy field.
, [T.P.] n. ridge in the paddy field. [ D.P.]
(), n. paddy field.
, n. a cultivated field of lowland paddy.
(), a. little/small.; v. to milk.
(), a. very small.
/ (), v. to fly off/ splintr.
(), v. to milk.
(), v. to milk a cow.
(), adv. how long.
(), adv. how big/large.
(), v. to milk a buffalo.
(), adv. how long (time)
(), adv. how far?
(), adv. how wide?
(), v. in crying.. expel the tears from the eyes by compression of the l
(), v. become less/ be reduced in number.
(), a. clean/pure.
(), a. holy.
[T.P.], a. be quite clean/ completely free from dirt.
, conj. also.
, do not make a noise (by speaking)
, v. to stamp with the foot.
, v. to stamp the feet.
, v. to shake the hands.
, v. to shake off.
[T.P.], v. to open out and flatten a bamboo with many cuts of a dah. [ D.P.]
/ (), v. to sit down.
/ (), v. to sit on the heels.
(), v. to sit with legs curled up and turned to one side.
(), to sit cross-legged.
/ (), a. green as leaves/bamboos; fresh/not stale or tainted.
(), v. thrust/stab.
(), v. to skewer.
(), v. to stick in an inclined position.
, v. to thrust away as a boat from the shor.
(), v. to set stakes to form a fence.
(), v. to beat in (of rain).
(), v. to dig a person in the ribs.
(), to cast a spear and transfix a thing.
, v. to stick upright.
, v. to set upright.
(), to shoot up as blades of paddy.
(), v. to perforate/ thrust through.
, v. to pierce or thrust through.
(), v. to vaccinate/to have vaccination.
(), v. to tattoo.
(), v. to tattoo one's self.
(), v. to set stakes around for an inclosure.
/ (), v. to let down.
(), v. to draw water as from a well.
(), v. to suspend the feet.
(), v. to suspend the hand.
(), v. to let down a rope.
(), v. to strike (of roots or trees &c.)
/ (), v. to set a trap.
(), v. to trap a bird.
(), v. to trap a rat.
/, v. to transcribe.
, [T.P.] v. to change a place.
/ (), v. belong to.
, v. to put ratan rings on a knife handle.
/ (), n. jacket.
/, a. slim in the waist like a wasp.
(), a. sour.
(), a. sourish.
(/), n. acacia tree [B. ]
(), v. turned sour/fermented.
(), v. have sour/acrid taste.
(), v. to taste.
, v. exude/leak.
(), 1. a thing/subject matter. 2. prefix used to form verbal nouns. 3. affix used to
form participles.
(), n. a bit of cloth/a rag.
(), n. plan. wisdom.
, n. scorpion.
(), n. temptation.
(), n. gnashing of the teeth.
(), n. leprosy.
(), darkness.
(), n. heat.
(), n. obedience.
(), n. cold.
(), n. word.
(), n. an offering or sacrifice made at the foot of a tree.
(), n. trembling/ shaking/ quaking.
/ (), n. a chillie (pepper).
(), n. sound of coming rain.
(), n. image.
(), n. cold weather.
, n. a midge.
(), n. itch.
(), n. deer [B. ]
(), n. peace.
(), n. stag. [B. ]
(), n. bones.
(), n. promise.
(), n. sickness.
(), n. power/ authority.
(), n. rain.
(), n. rainy season.
(), v. it rains.
(), n. faith/ trust/ confidence.
(), n. thorn.
/ (), n. fever.
(), n. affliction.
(), a. omniscient.. possessing mysterious & occult power.
/, n. bushes.
(), n. an insurrection/ turmoil.
(), n. righteousness.
(), n. salvation.
(), n. gall.
(), n. sin.
(), n. war.
(), n. insult.
(), n. rhinoceros.
(), n. a beating or knocking.
(), n. vegetable.
/ (), n. a wall or partition.
(), n. poverty/ misery/ suffering.
(), n. a pleasant smell/ fragrance.
(), n. evil-spirit/ nat.
(), n. a bad smell/ stink.
(), n. reign (of a king &c.) government.
(), n. field/ an open space.
(), n. fatigue.
(), n. light.
(), n. work/ business.
(), n. flesh.
(), n. hole.
(), n. mosquito.
/ (), n. midway; firmanent/ the space between the earth a
(), n. trowsers.
(), n. a wedding/ marriage.
(), n. the bison (yellow horned.)
, n. yellow robe.
(), n. a meritorious action/ merit.
(), n. something easy/ prosperity.
(), n. parcel/ bundle.
, n. obstruction/ hindrance.
(), n. law/ commandment.
(), n. ox.
/, n. satisfaction.
(), n. disfigurement.
(), n. the lord of life.
(), n. life.
(), n. soil/dirt on the surface of a thing.
/ (), n. compassion.
, [B.] n. civilization.
(), n. loneliness/ homesickness.
(), eclipse of the sun; lit. the swallowing of the sun (by a toad or centipe
(), n. eclipse of the moon.
(), n. a powerful kind of wizard.
(), n. reverence.
, n. hope.
(), n. drought.
(), n. summer/ hot season.
(), n. good reputation/ glory.
(), n. steepness.
(), n. journey to and fro.
(), n. temple.
(), n. an offering/ sacrifice.
(), n. scarlet/ purple.
(), n. witchcraft.
(), n. envy.
(), n. anger/ wrath.
(), n. glad tidings/ the gospel.
(), n. hunger/ starvation.
(), n. fear.
/ (), n. famine.
(), n. song.
(), n. death.
(), n. a carcass.
(), King of death [B. ]
(), n. hatred.
(), n. fruit.
(), n. sin/ crime.
(), n. doctrine/ precepts/ law.
(), n. white eyelid monkey
(), n. vapour.
(), n. a thief.
(), n. deceit/ hypocrisy.
(), n. dung/ manure/ filth.
(), n. love.
(), n. clouds/ cloudy/ foggy weather.
/ (), n. a charm/ a spell.
(), n. monkey; sometimes it is called .
(), n. association/ assemblage/ conference/ church (as a body).
(), n. abode.
(), n. sweetness.
(), n. burden.
(), n. 1. boundary. 2. sweet. 3. become tense as a rope. 4. koempfera grass [B. ]
/ (), n. a cry; calling. e.g. or he calls out at the
/ (), v. become tense or taut as a rope.
(), v. to stand up.
(), v. to sit down.
(), a. savoury/ sweet.
(), adv. directly in front/ confront/ be face to face.
, n. red koempfera grass. [B. ]
, n. black koempfera grass. [B. ]
(), v. to complete a period e.g. to be a year old. [B. ]
, a. meek/ humble; he is very meek.
/ (/), n. rain; also applied to the mind as patient/ meek/ forbearing/ long
(), generation/ succession of the same race/ kind; descendants; successors; e.g.
ors of parents.
, n. race.
(), n. descendants.
/ (), adv. apart/ far away/ yonder.
/ (), adv. one by one/ each.
, v. to make fast/ firm/ secure by tying/ binding.
(), n. mortar.
/, n. a mill for grinding paddy.
/ (), n. a mortar for pounding chillies.
/, n. a pestle used in pounding chillies.
(), n. rice mortar or a mortar for pounding rice.
, n. the cup of a rice mortar.
, n. the lever which raises the pestle.
, n. the pestle of a rice mortar.
, stretch out as a rope.
/ (), v. to go direct straight forward.
(), v. to obey.
(), v. to believe.
, n. fever.
, n. fever.
, v. to pour down (as water into pots or cups). 2. to put in as things into boxes or b
/ (), v. to wash as clothes.
(), n. cradle.
(), n. cradle made with wood.
(), n. 1. intestine/ a space between. space between houses; 2. v. to swarm as b
et on fire.
, v. to warm oneself by the fire.
, v. to set fire to.
, adv. now and then.
(), adv. forever.
/, adv. for life.
(), v. invoke/ vow/ swear.
, to abuse/ curse/ swear.
, v. to imprecate.
(), v. to bless.
(), v. to pray.
(), v. to take an oath.
(), v. to curse/ imprecate.
(), v. to bear/ carry.
(), v. to carry news.
(), v. to bear up.
(), v. to put down.
/, n. blossom/ mango blossom.
, n. shelf at the side of the house.
, v. to place flowers (in the hair)
/, v. to pluck.
(), n. desire or longing.
(), v. long to be old.
(), v. long to see.
(), long to obtain or have.
(), v. hope for.
(), v. long for death.
//, n. spindle.
, n. bier/ coffin.
/, n. the ribs of a tree.
, a. immodest careless.
(), v. to think.
, a. disabled by disease or wound.
(), v. to examine a subject before taking action.
(), v. to consider thoroughly so as to understand clearly.
/ (), v. listen.
, v. watch/ guard.
, v. to bring forth .
/ (), n. a raised da's to sleep on.
, v. to elevate.
(), a. strong.
, v. 1. to perch. 2. to meet e.g. / I go to meet you; I come to meet yu
, v. to alight/ perch.
(), a. bevelled.
(), n. spade.
(), a. not deep/ shallow.
(), 1. v. to geld/ castrate; 2. a. old; e.g. old rice.
(), v. to castrate.
or (), v. to stop up a hole.
(), v. to force something into a hole.
/ (), n. crab.
/ (), n. the soft-crab.
or , v. to carry a thing by suspending it from the shoulder e.g. to gird on
or , v. to carry a bag by suspending it on the shoulder.
(), a. old/ mature.
(), a. very old/ very mature.
, n. high shelf over the head.
/ (), adv. really/ certainly/ surely.
(), n. wilderness/ a forest without inhabitants.
, v. die of old age.
(), n. used figuratively of person of mature age but without underst
(), a. few/ scarce.
(), a. very few.
(), n. a few men.
(), n. a few words.
(), a. less than.
(), v. decrease/ reduce in number.
(), n. star.
(), n. the Great Bear constellation.
(), n. seven stars/ Pleiades.
(), n. the evening star.
(), n. the morning star.
, n. the Milky Way.
(), n. a comet.
(), n. shooting stars.
(), n. the stars (collective.)
(), 1. n. pliable splints (generally of bamboo) 2. a shy/ timid; 3. lively.
/ (), v. spring with elastic force.
/ (), a. have a lively countenance.
/ (), n. pliable splints of bamboo.
/ (), a. sane; a sane person.
(), n. 1. a hand-net with lead weights at the bottom; 2. lead (metal).
, n. brass.
(), n. pewter/ corrugated iron.
(), n. lead.
(), n. used collectively of all metals like lead and tin.
/ (), v. to call out.
/ (), v. to cry out.
(), n. the river bank.
, n. shore/ steep bank.
, v. land-slip on a river bank.
[ T.P.] (), n. pasoe [B. ]
(), v. to rend one's garments.
(), v. to tear off.
(), v. to tear/ rend.
, v. to place a fence around.
(), a. be poor.
(), be extremely poor.
(), v. to become poor.
(), v. to slap as with the palm of the hand.
, n. red glow in the sky at sun rise and sunset.
, v. to be spread out.
[T.P.], v. to scratch the skin of the head with the fingers when washing the hair.
[T.P.] (), adv. where.
(), v. be startled.
(), v. to have the jumps (as when sleeping.)
(), a. 1. cool. 2. adv. cowardly.
(), adv. in a cool or comfortable manner.
(), a. very cool.
(), v. become cool/ cool down.
[T.P.] (), n. shoulder.
, v. to split.
, v. to smooth.
, v. to stroke downward.
/ (), n. Pwo Karen.
/, n. river.
, n. prickly heat.
, v. to have an eruption of pimples.
, v. spray water by blowing it out of the mouth.
/ (), v. to blow with the mouth.
(), n. a sty/ boil.
, v. winnow paddy.
/ (), n. bush.
T.P. [ D.P.] (), to recall the spirit; the belief is that if t
, v. to accuse to another/ report.
/, v. to pound unhusked paddy.
(), v. to gargle.
[T.P.] , n. scum/ moss.
(), a. slow.
(), adv. slowly.
(), n. ringworm.
, v. 1. to pour. 2. to bow down. n. fruit just formed.
, v. to quench fire by pouring water on it.
/ (), to bow down.
(), bow down yourself.
, n. dragon.
/, a. invisible; of God/spirits. the soul.
, v. to speak in a riddle.
or , n. a kind of basket used in trapping fish [B. ]
, n. water-lily.
, v. to bargain.
, n. goblet/ flask for carrying water.
(), n. cousin.
, n. oar.
, v. to row a boat.
, [B.] medal.
, n. a kind of tree used for firewood.
, n. a kind of tree used for house posts.
(), adv. surely/ certainly.
, v. to mark/ note down.
, n. steel.
/, n. March [B. ]
, n. a kind of tree whose bark is used for dyeing clothes or thread.
[D.P] [T.P] (), n. mosquito-net.
, [B.] Law/ doctrine.
, a. spreading as roots in the ground or branches on the ground.
/ (), n. door.
, vegetation brought down the river [B. ]
, a. folding as doors.
(), n. village.
(), a copulative conjunction.
(), affix to some verbs in the imperative mood; denotes quick; e.g. go quic
, 1. n. a kind of leguminous plant; 2. v. to carry a thing on the head. 3. v. to pu
t up or down.
(), a silver coin [B. ]
, [B.] a shed/shelter for cattle.
, v. to dispute.
// (), n. blanket.
, v. to carry a basket on the head.
(), v. to place upon.
(), n. basket. [B. ]
(), a. thick dense.
, a. very thick.
, v. to dispute.
, v. to dispute one with another.
, n. tent/ tabernacle/ booth.
, v. to trim a canoe-paddle.
, v. to trim a house-post.
(), v. to create.
, v. to build a ship.
(), v. to prepare to make ready.
, n. water-melon.
/ (), n. a post/ a piece of wood/ column [B. ]
(), n. brick house [B. ]
(), v. be in a turmoil.
, a. very small.
, v. to measure (by basket).
(), v. to measure rice.
, v. to measure paddy.
(), a. true; exact.
(), adv. straight ahead.
(), adv. verily/ justly/ righteously.
[T.P] (), v. meet from opposite directions as two persons travelling; to strike
(), n. a kind of tree.
, n. a round tray standing on legs [B. ]
(), v. to cipher [B. ]
(), v. to work out a sum [B. ]
, v. to refuse to do because another is delinquent.
/, v. to consider/ deliberate on.
, n. a torch made of wood and oil.
(), adv. where.
(), n. a betel box.
, n. pasoe.
, [T.P] adv. vainly.
/, n. black-smith.
/ (), n. crotch/ space between the branches of a tree.
(), v. bet/ lay a wage.
(), n. weaving.
, v. to span; n. a span.
/ (), v. adhere.
(), n. a kind of small tree.
, v. to build a fort; stockade.
(), 1. iron. 2. needle. 3. above. 4. nail.
(), n. a file.
(), n. song; poetry.
[T.P] (), n. mouth.
/ (), n. an iron ring.
(), n. a sickle.
(), n. fork.
, v. to weave.
(), n. betel-nut cutter; scissors.
(), n. pin.
(), n. magnet.
(), n. sheet-iron.
(), n. safety pin.
(), n. chisel.
(), n. chain.
(), n. awl.
(), n. an iron bar.
, n. 1. the thread attached to the needle. 2. the eye of a needle.
(), n. iron rust.
(), v. rise up against.
, v. to put on a handle as of a chisel &c.
(), n. shield.
(), n. ascend.
(), a. convex/uneven.
(), a. have an uneven surface with elevations and depressions.
, v. become red.
(), v. to settle down in the married state.
, n. a kind of tree whose tender leaves and flowers are used as vegetables [B. ]
/ (), n. chicken-pox.
(), v. to beget a child.
(), v. rise to the surface/float.
(), v. project.
(), v. to spring up as a fountain.
, v. arrive at (in ascending).
(), v. become sun-burnt.
(), v. to climb a tree.
(), v. become rusty.
(), v. become mouldy.
(), v. to beat/strike.
, n. a screen of closely woven rods used for trapping fish.
or , v. to set up a screen to catch fish.
, n. pasoe.
, n. bulbous roots.
(), n. cucumber.
(), n. the male cucumber.
(), v. fall prostrate as from a false step.
(), n. the female cucumber.
(), n. cucumber fruit.
(), n. friend.
/ (), adv. always.
, [T.P] v. see.
(), n. water.
/, n. one bend or reach of a river.
, n. the whole of one tide.
(), n. source of a river.
(), n. boiled water/hot water.
(), n. cold water.
, n. [T.P] middle of the stream.
(), n. stream/ channel/ river.
(), n. salt-water.
//, n. the spring-tide.
(), n. animalcule in water.
(), n. clean water.
/ (), v. a rise of water in a river caused by heavy rain.
(), n. a new straight channel cut by a river [B. ]
(), n. bucket.
(), a. swiftly flowing water.
/ (), a. shallow water.
(), n. a dipper.
(), v. to rise of the tide.
(), n. spring/ fountain.
(), adv. clearly.
(), n. an estuary/ river-mouth.
, [T.P] n. 1. a rich man. 2. bamboo water bucket.
, n. a place where water is thrown away out of the house.
/, n. trough.
(), n. water spring.
(), n. muddy water; coloured water.
(), n. foam.
(), n. the surface of the water.
(), n. a well.
(), n. water spray.
(), n. salt.
(), n. sugar.
(), v. to fall of the tide.
(), v. to drop/tickle down as water.
(), v. dry up (of water.)
(), a. flooded.
(), n. gourd.
(), n. gourd creeper.
(), n. gourd fruit.
(), n. ice.
(), n. ice-berg.
(), n. perennial spring of water.
(), n. deep water.
(), n. running or flowing water.
(), n. the lowest neap-tide.
(), v. 1. to pinch as a crab or scorpion; 2. v. cut with scissors; 3. a. narrow.
(), v. 1. hinder/annoy; 2. to keep a thing in th armpit; 3. to hold with pincers.
(), v. to clip off (with scissors)
(), a. very narrow.
(), v. to have the hair cut.
/, n. tree/post.
, v. to strike cymbals.
(), n. scorpion.
(), n. eel.
(), n. the yellow eel.
(), n. the blue eel.
(), a. close/tight/compact.
, v. to put in.
, adv. exactly.
/, n. relation/relatives.
(), v.i. break.
/ (), v.i. to fall down.
(), v.i. break off.
, v.t. to extract as a tooth; pull out as feathers from a bird.
(), v.t. up-root.
(), v.t. to pull out by the root.
(), n. plough.
(), v.t. to plough.
(), n. plough-share.
(), v.t. to weave/plait.
(), January
, December
(), v. to weave mats.
(), v. to weave baskets.
(), v. to return.
/, n. a rod with a running noose for trapping birds.
(), v. to go back.
(), v. to go back again.
(), v. branch off as a stream/tree or road.
(), v. to taste.
(), v. to kick.
(), adv. throughout the whole country.
/ (), n. sisters and brothers-in-law.
(), n. the whole body.
(), n. the whole house or household.
(), n. the whole animal.
(), v. connected as friends.
(), v. be related by marriage.
(), adv. the whole day.
(), adv. throughout the year.
(), v. related as uncle and nephews.
(), n. brother and sister.
(), n. full brother or sister.
(), n. the relation produced between children by the marriage of
(), n. half brother or sister.
(), n. brothers.
(), n. sisters.
(), a. related as father and child.
(), a. related as mother and child.
(), n. the whole of any round thing.
(), n. the whole as of a fish or fowl.
(), v. connected as relatives.
(), n. husband and wife.
(), v. related as uncle or aunt and nephew or niece.
(), v. related as aunt and nephews or niece.
(), v. to circle with little or no motion of the wings/ hover.
[T.P.] (), n. a scorpion.
, a. to be rucked up or crumped.
/ (), v. to stumble.
T.P. [ D.P.], perpendicular/straight upward, used with other root; e.g.
e air.
/, numer l adjunct. or a bundle of ratans.
(), n. 1. end/termination. 2. affix. denoting superlative degree.
or (), a. numb; [D.P.]
(), v. 1. to pull/draw; 2. twitch as the eyelids.
, v. draw together as the mouth of a bag.
(), v. to subtract/take from.
(), v. 1. to translate. 2. to pull a thing up as a rope from the ground. 3. to d
(), v. to prolong; elongate.
/ (), v. to jerk.
(), v. to separate/ force apart.
(), v. to bring to light.
(), v. prolong.
(), v. to deduct.
/ (), v. 1. to wean a child 2. to separate/divorce.
(), v. to drag along/to pull hard.
(), v. to widen.
, v. to pull or draw tight/to tighten.
(), v. to restrain one's feelings.
/ (), v. to pick up.
, v. to vibrate/shake.
(), v. to be careful.
(), n. generic name for ants.
/, n. the common ant.
, n. a species of red ant most commonly found on trees; the bite of which is painful; s
tinging ant.
/, [T.P.] n. the four-toothed porcupine.
(), n. a species of small wasp.
, n. a species of wasp so called because its hive is shaped like the cover of a ri
/ (), n. a species of wasp so called because it is the s
(), n. the red edible ant.. sour to the taste.
(), v. to string (as beads or flowers.)
(), v. to thread a needle.
(), v. to string beads.
(), v. to bore through.
(), v. to string flowers.
(), v. to bore th buffalo's nose to insert the halter.
(), v. to bore the ears/to have an ear-boring.
(), adv. little by little/in succession/here and there.
(), v. to roll up.
(), v. to roll up a mat.
(), v. to roll a cigar.
(), v. to ride.
(), v. to ride on a horse.
(), v. to ride in a boat; by boat.
/ (), a. severed.
(), 1. v. rub/brush any thing to smooth or clean it. 2. able to reach. 3. n. wart.
(), 1. v. to rub off. 2. n. the distance of a stone-cast.
(), n. the distance of a gun-shot.
, v. to clean by rubbing; wash by scrubbing.
(), n. the distance only of an arm's length, i.e. within reach.
(), a. elevated only as high as one can reach.
(), v. to smooth by rubbing.
(), v. to rub bright.
/ (), a. rich/wealthy.
(), adv. as far the eye can reach/ to follow unobserved at a distance.
(), n. silk.
(), n. handle as of a cleaver/axe or chisel.
(), v. put forth as flower buds.
, adv. darkly.
(), 1. n. a generic name for birds. 2. v. to survey/measure.
, [B.] n. ostrich.
/ (), n. parrot.
/ (/), n. two species of horn-bill birds of which one is a little da
(), n. a species of bird distinguished by a white stripe round the neck
or (), n. the crow pheasant.
(), n. a kind of parrot.
(), n. the pheasant.
(), v.t. to wake up.
, v. to shake.
or , n. a species of bird nearly as large as a jungle cock whose flesh is
or (), n. the green pigeon named from its fondness for the fr
(), n. sparrow.
, n. a large species of pelican.
(), n. a species of bird with very pretty crest.
(), n. peacock.
(), v. to shake.
or (), n. the Tit-tit-tu bird.
(), n. a duck.
(), n. a water fowl.
or , n. a swan/goose.
/ (), n. the owl.
, n. a species of large bird so called because its bill is curved like a sickle.
, n. a species of bird with a wide mouth which seldom perches on trees.
(), n. the adjutant bird.
(), v. to spit.
(), n. spittle.
or or or (), v. to let anything float down
(), n. the swallow/sea-gull.
, v. to let anything float up with a rising tide.
(), v. to throw one's self down.
(), v. to cast down one's self from above.
, v. to make or cause to fall down.
(), n. dove.
(), n. a green coloured dove.
(), n. the white heron.
(), n. the brown heron.
(), v. to swing or rock a cradle.
(), n. the red tailed pelican.
, n. a fern.
(), n. a fortress.
, n. margin of the floor extending beyond the side of the house.
(), n. 1. hog; 2. bean; v. to touch.
/ (), n. the ham.
, n. a species of thorny creeper; the bulb of which is also thorny.
(), n. civet cat so named because of its stripes.
(), n. a species of civet cat distinguished by its pleasant smell.
/ (), n. the end (as of the finger.)
(), v. to mark by a touch with the end of something.
(), v. to tap with a staff.
, n. skunk.
(), n. castrated boar.
(), n. uncastrated boar.
(), n. a pig-sty.
, n. a species of civet cat distinguished by its bad smell.
, v. 1. to connect the ends. 2. to adhere. n. 3. sealing wax.
(), n. hog's tusk.
(), n. solid tusk of a hog.
(), n. wild boar.
(), n. a female hog.
(), n. pork.
(), n. the long green bean.
(), n. the fat of a pig.
, n. chasm/valley. mountainous country.. lit. hills and valleys.
/, v. to squeeze in the hand.
/, v. to squeeze rice in the hand.
, n. black beetle/wasp.
(), v. bear/suffer/endure.
, v. to take the responsibility/suffer vicariously.
, v. to suffer a defeat.
, v. to suffer loss.
, v. suffer pain/disease/sickness.
, v. to suffer persecution.
(), v. to be reviled and suffer abuse.
(), v. to entertain/offer hospitality.
(), v. to bear for others.
, v. to suffer hardship.
, v. to aid one in trouble/to save.
(), v. to suffer death.
(), v. to witness.
(), n. bag.
(), n. a leather bag.
(), v. to be capable of containing.
, v. not to be capable of containing.
, v. to punt a canoe with a long pole.
/, n. bamboo punting pole.
(), a. long/ tail.
, v. to wonder.
(), n. gold. money/precious things.
(), n. jail/prison; a. thousand.
, n. a species of creeper whose fruit is sour.
/ (), n. pure gold.
, v. to take down as rice or curry pot from fire place.
, n. 1. a top. 2. the fruit of the .
(), n. bridge.
(), v. to reach.
, v. to reach to/arrive at.
(), v. to arrive back.
, v. to clench the fist.
[T.P] (), a. quiet.
(), adv. unto this time/up to the present.
, v. to draw a line.
(), 1. prep. until. 2. v. to reach down.
, n. the long green plantain.
, v. to plant paddy in taung-ya or in an upland field.
(), 1. v. hold on/retain in memory; 2. n. brass or copper/pie; 3. v. to pound with pes
tle; 4. a. loose/ not tight.
, n. the large bud of the plantain from which the fruit is developed.
, a. slack as a rope.
(), pro. whatever.
, whatever happen/in any case.
(), whatever he likes or desires.
(), v. to pound chillies.
(), v. to mark/pay close attention so as to remember/obey.
/ (), adv. there.
// (), adv. then/ thereupon.
, a. very loose.
(), n. brass.
(), v. to pound paddy.
, don't do it.
, let it not happen.
(), adv. here.
(), adv. from this time forward.
, v. to be cautious/take care.
(), n. copper.
, v. to notch a tree with a dah or axe.
(), v. to pound medicine.
(), pro. a. all.
(), v. to swing (as the arms in walking.)
, to wipe off tears.
, to swing one's arms in walking.
, v. to root as a hog.
, v. to sprout/come up as a plant.
, v. to kneel down.
, v. kneel down to worship.
, kneel down to pray.
(), n. dog.
(), n. a foreign dog.
or (), n. flea.
(), n. domesticated dog.
(), a male dog.
(), a dog that is good for the chase; hunting dog; hound.
, [T.P] to strike the foot against anything.
(), v. the dog barks.
(), n. a wild dog/wolf/fox or jackal.
(), n. a bitch.
(), v. the dog howls,
, v. to reel thread on shuttle.
/, n. the reel of a weaver's shuttle.
(), n. grasshopper.
or (), n. 1. unripe rice/roasted and flattened or bruised by pounding; 2. right s
(), v. to lift the feet up and down as in walking.
, n. rice-cup.
, n. curry-cup.
(), a. level; n. floor.
[T.P.] (), a. very level.
(), v. to lay bamboo to make a floor.
(), v. to lay boards to make a floor.
(), v. to spread out as mats/blankets/planks &c.
(), v. see.
(), imperative particle e.g. do it; stop [
(), even even a worm.
(), v. to meet. to meet after coming from opposite directions.
(), v. to recover the sight.
(), v. to discover.
(), v. to recover what is lost.
(), 1. alone; e.g. let him or it alone. 2. self as /
, a. dense/thick (of liquid.)
(), n. centipede.
, n. a species of creeper.
(), n. basket.
(), n. top (as of a mountain.)
/ (), n. a basket of the capacity of 16 pyee. It is used for measuring paddy or
, v. to start up in an affrighted manner when sick.
, v. to cut down tall grass so as to get along.
(), n. lizard.
(), n. a mariner's compass.
(), v. to cut (with dah.)
, v. to make the end level by cutting with a dah.
(), v. to cut off/sever.
/ (), v. to cut up fine as meat/mince.
(), v. to chop fish (as on meal block.)
(), n. an egg.
(), n. the shell of an egg.
(), n. an addled egg.
(), n. testicles found within the abdomen as those of cocks.
(), v. lay eggs occasionally.
(), n. ovary of fowls.
, to offer variegated rice to the spirits.
(), v. to lay eggs.
(), n. testicles.
(), v. falling of testicles.
(), v. to fly off or away.
(), 1. wing; 2. yet/still; 3. to wear (as ear ornaments.)
or (), the part of a wing in which the feathers are inserted.
(), v. to twitch a thing with quick/forcible motion (as a garment in washing it.)
(), v. to erase or efface.
(), v. to wear ear-ornaments.
(), v. to insert flowers in the hair; to wear flowers in the hair.
, not yet.
(), v. to lean/to list to one side.
(), v. to play on a stringed or keyed instrument of any kind.
(), the longer the better [B. ]
(), the longer the more [B. ]
(), n. sesamum.
(), the white sesamum.
, n. the refuse of sesamum which remains after the oil has been extracted.
(), the black sesamum.
(), sesamum oil.
(), n. navel.
(), to have a spasmodic tension of the muscles about the navel.
(), the part in a line with the navel running downwards.
(), n. a frog.
, a kind of frog which derives its name from a stripe along its nose.
(), the spawn of frogs.
(), a small black frog named from its being found in grass.
(), a frog which derives its name from the fleshy part of the legs being y
(), a species of frog frequently found on trees or in a house.
(), a large frog used for food.
(), n. a toad.
or (), a species of frog named from its croak.
(), n. debt.
(), v. to nip off/pluck as fruit/flowers.
(), every/used after a numeral adjective e.g. everyone everything.
, v. carve in metal or wood.
(), conjunction he and I. preposition I go with him.
(), 1. to slap with the palm of the hand.
/ (), adv. mutually/ each other.
(), v. to clap the hands.
/, n. sin.
, n. parrot.
(), v. make a noise by clapping the hands.
, n. the spring tide.
, [T.P.] n. a water-stand near the road-side.
, [T.P.] n. water-pot.
, a. 1. thick. 2 be pregnant.
(), v. conceive/become pregnant.
(), v. to become pregnant by illicit intercourse.
(), n. bastard.
(), n. womb.
(), n. shade/shadow.
, numeral adjunct used specially of quadrupeds; as / two dogs/five cow
(), 1. v. abstain/fast. 2. a. muddy.
(), v. to fast/avoid food.
(), v. become muddy.
(), n. an adversary/opponent/enemy.
(), v. to revile.
, v. to abstain from drinking spirits/to be a teetotaler.
, [T.P.] n. tiles.
(), 1. v. to attack/fight. 2. a. short as the distance between the parts of a thing.
3. causative particle as in the following phrases.
(), to clothe/cause to wear clothes.
(), cause to say/allow to speak.
(), to set on (as dogs.)
(), to fight/attack as a foe.
(), cause to endure or to suffer.
(), be close together.
(), to point out/to show.
(), to let in/admit/put in.
(), to fight as armies.
(), to feed; cause to eat and drink.
(), n. a species of tree.
(), v. to scoop up (as water.)
(), v. to draw water.
, v. to scoop up curry out of a curry pot into a bowl.
(), a. bold.
, n. a species of tree.
, v. to respect.
/, n. fly.
(), n. a room.
(), v. to put in.
(), a. large.
(), v. beat/strike/knock.
(), v. to break by striking.
(), v. to become large; to grow.
(), v. to beat open.
, v. to beat into fragments.
(), v. to kill by beating.
(), v. to set (as a trap.)
(), n. Bilu [B. ]
(), v. to set a trap.
, v. to put a thing opposite to the sun.
, v. to sustain by placing something under.
(), v. to sprout up (as tender leaves)
, v. to sprout up as the roots which spring up around the stump of a tree.
, [T.P] v. to start up in an affrighted manner when sick. [B. ]
(), v. to set a trap to catch fish.
(), v. to receive.
(), 1. v. to lean against. 2. v. to depend on someone for help or protection.
(), v. to listen.
, 1. n. city 2. n. hive as of ants/bees. 3. a. tame.
, a. crippled.
, n. cities and villages.
, n. a species of small honey-making bees.
(), n. knife.
(), n. a knife-handle.
(), n. the blade of a knife.
(), v. to fold.
(), v. to fold up (as clothes.)
(), adv. again.
(), v. to place upon (as a pot upon the fire.)
, v. to place a rice pot upon the fire.
(), v. to liken/compare.
/, v. to distill liquor.
(), v. divide into compartments/inclose by a wall or partition. num. adjunct applied
tribes/families etc.
(), v. to set up the wall of a house.
(), v. to set up a wall.
, v. to enclose all around.
/ (), the relationship between the parents of a husband and the parents of h
(), v. to enumerate/reckon as numbers.
(), v. to enumerate figures or do a sum.
(), v. to rub as with the end of the finger/strike as the strings of a harp with the
(), v. to light as a candle/cause to blaze as fire.
(), v. set it on fire/burn up.
(), v. to light a lamp.
(), v. to light a cigar.
(), v. to kindle/light up/cause to blaze.
, v. to select the best kind of paddy for seed.
(), pronoun. second person; nom. mas. or fem. singular. number; when is prefixed
to nouns it is always in the possessive case; e.g. / your son/your wife &c.
(), pro. yours.
/ (/), pro. you (emphatic.)
/ (), pro. you (plural number).
(), n. 1. the ear. 2. blade (as of a cleaver)
(), n. the upper part of the ear/the ear where it joins the head.
(), a. disobedient/self-willed.
/ (), n. the upper part of the ear.
(), v. to hear.
(), a. hard of hearing.
(), n. ear-rings.
(), n. musical instruments.
(), n. 1. the passage to the interior of the ear; 2. the hole bored through the e
(), n. the lobe of the ear.
(), a. 1. be obedient. 2. quick of hearing/to have a good ear.
(), n. ear wax.
(), a. deaf.
(), n. pine-apple [B. ]
(), n. a time-piece/watch/clock/hour.
(), v. to understand.
(), n. a species of bird which cries .
, n. covetousness.
(), n. hair in the nostrils.
(), n. nose.
(), n. the nostrils.
(), to have the nose stopped as with a cold.
, n. mouth of the nostrils.
(), n. ridge of the nose.
(), v. be mildewed.
(), n. mucus of the nose.
(), n. a basket.
(), v. to enumerate/count.
(), n. sword.
(), n. sheath of a sword.
or (), n. the point of a sword.
(), v. continue to increase or grow more and more severe.
(), very much.
or (), v. to be equal (as of width.)
(), pron. 1. self: in all three persons as myself; yourself; hi
(), v. to expel/cast out.
(), so wide as that.
, v. to drive down.
(), so wide as this.
(), used in conjunction with other words as to sit down; virgin;
(), n. grass.
(), v. to remember/remind.
(), v. to wake up (as from sleep.)
(), n. all kinds of grass.
(), prefix to the names of females: parents call their elder daughters ""
/, younger brothers or sisters call their elder sisters " or "
[T.P] (), n. guava.
(), n. body.
, a. next one/one person more.
(), n. next or future state.
(), n. queen.
, adv. somewhere.
/ (), n. a little/a small quantity.
(), adv. a short interval of time; or a moment.
(), adv. once.
/ (), adv. never.
, n. one span.
(), pro. some/a part.
/, adv. next time/once again.
, n. one cubit.
, n. unmarried youths. e.g. how many unmarried daughters and
(), v. to laugh.
/ (), v. to laugh clandestinely.
(), to laugh slightly.
(), to laugh at/ridicule/smile with contempt.
(), smile or laugh mutually.
(), v. to laugh in an immoderate and unbecoming manner.
(), n. day as distinct from night.
(), n. a happy day.
(), n. petticoat. []
(), n. skirt woven in a peculiar way.
(), n. silk petticoat.
, n. a variegated petticoat.
(), a. two.
(), a. twenty.
, to press down with the thumb.
//, n. the crop/craw of a bird.
(), n. year.
(), n. the beginning of a new year.
(), the proper time has come/seasonable.
(), v. get.
/ (), v. take/ get.
, v. to profit/benefit.
, no use/useless.
(), adv. 1. only; e.g. only I. 2. honey-bee.
(), n. honey comb.
(), n. honey.
/, a. same/equal.
(), about so large.
(), as large as that.
, so large as that.
(), how large.
(), as large as this.
, n. sting of bees.
, n. bee hive.
, this much/only this.
, a. selfish.
(), v. believe/trust.
(), a. tame.
(), v. to have an erroneous belief/be superstitious.
(), v. to show/teach/point.
(), n. yam.
, [T.P.] n. sweet potato.
(), n. the root of the yam.
(), n. the stem of the yam.
(), n. the long yam.
, v. to teach.
(), n. the red yam.
(), n. the black yam.
(), n. a rod forming part of the structure of a loom.
, v. to forge (of a blacksmith)
, n. a kind of basket used in carrying fish [B. ]
/, [T.P] n. the inga tree [B. ]
(), n. edge/side/outskirt; adv. near by.
/ (), n. the fruit of the inga tree.
(), prep. than; e.g. less than; more than.
(), pronoun. second person; objective case; pronounced by D.P.
(), v. have a smell/stink.
(), v. acid smell like that of certain fruits.
(), v. smell scorched as food in cooking.
(), n. a pungent smell.
(), v. to smell rank.
(), v. to smell like burnt hair/feathers &c.
(), v. to smell sour.
(), v. to smell like something in a state of fermentation.
(), v. to smell sweet.
(), v. smell filthy.
(), v. smell of fire.
(), v. smell of burning.
(), v. sweet smell.
(), v. smell burnt or scorched.
(), v. to expel wind.
(), v. smell decayed.
(), v. smell rancid/frowsy/rank.
/ (), v. to kiss.
(), v. to win/conquer.
(), n. plants used for plaiting mats [B. ]
(), auxiliary v. can; e.g. I can go; I can do &c.
, n. used to denote the blunt side of a cutting instrument. e.g. // t
, v. 1. to argue in a perversely contrary manner. 2. v. to persist in doing a thing. 3
a. blunt. e.g. a blunt dah.
, a. sharp (as a cleaver) e.g. this dah is very sharp.
(), v. enter.
/, v. to go in.
(), n. the breasts of females.
(), have the breasts overfilled with milk.
(), n. nipples.
(), n. milk.
(), n. the upper part of the breasts.
/// (), v. to make a weal.
/, n. marrow and brain.
(), n. instrument for grilling.
(), n. a stick or whip.
, n. a walking stick.
, n. a long bamboo used for pushing down the paddy preparatory to reaping it.
, n. fork.
(), n. broom.
/ (), n. a yoke for carrying heavy weights
(), n. pinchers.
(), n. a skewer.
(), n. a staff.
(), n. spoon.
, n. a hooked stick.
/, [T.P] n. fan punkah.
, n. sling.
, n. peg/spike/small stake to drive in the ground.
, n. a whip.
(), n. stick for stirring boiling rice/curry &c.
(), n. the needle-leafed asparagus [B. ]
(), n. mouth.
, to lose one's appetite.
(), n. moustaches.
, n. the cheek.
, to have a bitter taste in the mouth.
, to have a sour taste in the mouth.
(), to be hare-lipped.
(), n. the upper or lower lip.
, n. protrusive lips/to have protruding lips.
(), n. horn/antler.
(), n. angle.
, n. a corner.
/, adv. there.
/, pro. that.
, n. a species of tree.
(), v. to wrestle.
, v. to cause an opponent to fall in wrestling.
(), pro. what?
(), v. to wrestle with each other.
(), v. to be skilful in wrestling.
, v. to repent.
(), a. hard/solid.
, a. very hard/solid.
, n. a kind of squirrel with a pointed nose.
(), n. a pond/lake/fishery.
, n. a fishery lessee. [B. ]
, n. an employee of a fishery lessee.
, n. fishery revenue.
(), n. palace.
, n. looking-glass. [ T.P.]
, n. fringe.
/ (), n. the jack tree.
(), a. seven.
(), a. seventy.
(), a. seven hundred.
(), a. seven thousand.
(), a. seven hundred thousand.
() pro. 1st person plural/construct; we go; our house.
(), v. add together/combine.
, v. to stimulate/encourage.
(), n. King.
(), n. ghost.
, n. an amulet.
, n. a mat wall [B. ]
, v. stop.
, n. burr/thistle.
, v. to hinder/oppose.
(), n. hare.
//, a species of tree [B. ]
(), n. a buffalo.
, n. candle.
, n. plummet.
, n. a yoke (for drawing ploughs or carts)
, n. the two rods projecting from the yoke between which the bullock's neck fits.
/ (), n. teak.
, n. Burman.
(), n. news/letters.
, n. lemon.
, n. sweet-lime.
(), n. bottle. [B. ]
(), n. jacket.
, [T.P.] n. white ant.
, [B.] virtue.
, v. to respect.
, [T.P.] a. flat.
, [B. ] v. to be out of breath/exhausted.
, [T.P.] v. to assess.
, [B. ] n. sea/ocean.
, n. an insect that perforates wood &c.
/, [T.P.] n. bail-fruit tree.
(), n. flute.
, v. to become black or dark-coloured.
/, n. the chirp or cluck of chickens and fowls.
/, v. to vanish/disappear/be silent.
, a. 1. small; 2. n. a kind of palm. [B. ]
, [T.P.] v. to become small.
, v. to push aside.
// [B. ], n. pie.
(), n. door.
, n. entrance.
(), v. to reign/own/possess.
, v. to surround.
, v. see .
, [T.P.] Wednesday.
, n. a kind of a large wicker basket used for storing paddy.
(), a. stunted.
, [T.P.] n. a four cornered basket with a cover [B. ]
(), adv. hurriedly as in eating. e.g. .
/, [T.P.] n. hump as of oxen/buffaloes.
, [T.P.] v. to open.
/, [B. ] n. heap.
(), [T.P.] n. story/fable/tale. [B. ]
(), v. to rebel.
(), v.i. to be heaped up.
/ [B. ], v. to print (as books.)
/ (), a. round.
, [T.P.] v. to heap up.
[T.P.] , v. to read.
/, v. to read a book.
[B. ], a. plentiful.
, n. Buddhist nun.
, a. soft (as flesh/earth.)
(), v.t. to untie/spread out.
, a. flat.
, [B.] n. police.
, v. to repeat from memory (as before a teacher.)
/, [T.P.] v. to cosset (of an infant.)
, v. to tear/rend/sever.
(), n. foam/froth.
/, n. foam of water.
/, n. foam (of mouth).
/, n. foam (of fish.)
(), v. to vomit. cholera.
, [T.P.] v. to widen out the boat.
(), a. clear.
(), n. an open field or plot of ground.
, v. to be dislocated.
/, v. to be dislocated (as joints.)
, v. to fly out (as an axe or dah while cutting)
, a. very stingy [T.P. obsolete.]
, v. to overflow (as water.)
(), [T.P.] v. to permit/give leave.
, [T.P.] wait!
, n. a wallow.
, v. to wallow as a buffalo.
, v. to tread out corn (as an ox.)
, a. vain/empty.
(), v. to be scattered.
, adv. separately.
, a. small.
, a. very small.
/, v. to be scattered/dispersed.
, n. an eruption just appearing.
/ (), adv. (onomatopoeic) sounding like clapping things together.
, [B.] a Burmese pyat-that.
(), v. to compete/race.
(), v. to race with horses.
(), v. to race with boats.
(), v. to compete with each other.
/ (), v. to run a race.
, v. to work or go in company implying unity of action like a multitude crowding along
ogether; also .
, v. to spray water (from the mouth.)
, v. to spray water upon a thing.
, [T.P.] Thursday.
(), a. tired/fatigued.
[B.] , n. Festivals.
, n. sandy desert/sterile place.
, [T.P.] please make room/give place.
, v. [T.P.] to mark/make a sign.
(), n. a bent nail.
, v. to shirk.
, a. contrary/fractious.
(), v. hint/allude/refer.
[T.P.] , v. to winnow paddy.
, n. sling.
, v. to avoid/shun; to evade a blow; to take refuge in; a refuge.
(), n. father.
(), n. divine father.
(), n. God the father.
(), n. a step-father.
/, a. slightly sloping.
, [B.] a four cornered basket with a cover.
(), affix. male gender of animals.
, n. the cover of a four cornered basket.
(), n. a castrated male.
(), n. uncle.
/, n. an uncastrated male.
, [B. ] v. to mend a breach/close a hole by patching.
, v. to replace destroyed paddy-shoots by fresh ones.
, v. to pass by/to miss. in counting I passed by or missed on
/, v. to step over/transgress.
, [T.P.] n. pasoe; blanket.
/, v. to pass over.
/, v. to overlook.
(), v. crack/burst as grain in parching.
, v. to cast lots/guess.
(), v. hatch as eggs; ferment as leaven.
(), a. very high/very long.
, v. to guess.
(), a. very large/big.
(), v. to appoint a day.
(), a. very deep.
(), v. to appoint a time/agree upon a time/make an arrangement.
(), v. to chop firewood.
(), n. a granary.
(), prep. upon.
(), n. a wooden or bamboo-basket prepared for use as a fire-place.
(), prep. under/beneath.
(), n. a spear.
(), v. shine/light.
(), v. shine with a glittering light.
, v. shine with brilliant light.
(), v. begin to be light/begin to shine.
(), n. spear blade.
(), v. glimmer/shine faintly with intermission.
(), v. to shine down/to cast down light.
(), n. the rod of a spear.
(), n. viss/a measure of weight.
, n. ganja/the hemp-plant.
/ (), n. one hundred rupees.
, v. to pick dirt out of cotton.
[T.P.] , n. cassia tree [B. ]
(), n. willow tree.
, v. to become liquid/melt/suppurate.
, v.i. melt away.
/, [B. ] n. pus.
(), n. grandmother.
(), in the days or times of our ancestors.
(), aged grandmother.
(), grandmother and grandfather.
(), 1. a. adhesive; 2. miserly; 3. be extinguished as fire; 4. n. clay/mud.
, n. spark/flash.
(), adv. alternately blazing and dying away in a flickering manner; a
/, n. a miser.
, n. dust.
(), n. 1. skin. 2. bark. boots.
(), n. surface.
, v. to grasp/hold.
, v. to hold firmly.
(), v. to twitch as an animal when trying to get rid of flies.
/, n. parched rice.
, a. akin/kindred (of human beings.)
(), v. to associate.
(), n. skin wrinkled as by age.
(), n. ashes [D.P. pronounce .]
(), n. fireplace [D.P. pronounce .]
, n. 1. opium. [B. ] 2. flying-ant.
/ (), v. to give first; to give to one before another.
(), v. to hand up.
(), v. to give instruction; show how to do a thing; to point out (the road &c.)
(), v. to give.
(), v. to hand down.
(), v. to send by another.
[B. ], to give warning.
(), v. to give an inheritance.
(), v. to give to eat.
(), n. husk; chaff.
(), n. bran.
(), n. husk/chaff.
(), v. to cut with a chopping motion.
, n. a species of creeper whose fruit is sour and which is used as a vegetable.
/, v. to cut so as to fall down/to cut down.
/ (), v. to cut down (as jungle in order to clear it away.)
, v. to clear the path.
, v. to cut taung-ya.
(), a. be of an irregular form/askew.
(), v. to cut off obliquely as the end of a thing.
, v. to cut so as to break off.
, v. to sever.
(), v. cut/sever/divide.
, n. the fruit of .
[B. ], n. satin.
, [T.P.] to paddle a boat.
, v. to push aside/remove out of the way.
[B. ] n. a playing card.
(), n. beads.
(), n. a saw-set, saw-wrench.
(), n. silver beads.
(), n. gold beads.
(), n. red beads.
, n. a species of tree whose tender leaves flowers and fruits are used as vegetables
[B. ]
/ [ T.P.], v. to clear up after rain.
, v. to put on a shawl.
/, v. to fold the arms.
, v. to sit down with legs bent. / [ T.P.]
(), n. bug.
, n. the soap acacia creeper. [B. ]
/, v. to stroke gently/smooth down gently with the palm.
, n. a species of soap acacia creeper (but not edible.)
(), prep. in the house; in the town &c.
/, 8 Annas.
/, n. hole/well.
(), n. pots of all kinds.
, a pot with perforated bottom used in baking.
(), an iron pot.
(), a water pot.
(), a brass pot.
, an earthen pot.
(), a rice pot.
, soot.
(), n. a wound.
/ (), n. road/path.
(), between the roads.
/ (), branch road.
(), road side.
(), a small path.
(), half way between two places.
(), a main road.
(), a long distance/long journey.
(), a curry pot.
(), a. short.
(), a. be of unequal lengths or heights.
(), a. shorter.
or , to decrease in length or height.
(), n. a younger brother or sister.
or , n. the mountain jack-fruit tree. [B. ]
(), n. younger brother.
, n. real brothers and sisters.
(), n. youngest brother or sister.
, n. younger sister.
, n. betel plant or leaf.
(), n. younger step brothers or sisters.
[T.P.] , v. to carry (as a child on the back.)
, v. to jump/ skip/ gallop; n. log.
(), n. a married man/old man/elder.
/, n. bear.
, v. to jump up.
, n. flooring either of planks or bamboos.
, adv. on the floor.
, [T.P.] bamboo partition. [D.P. ] [B. ]
, v. to jump over.
, v. to skip with a rope.
, v. to swoop/make a swoop.
, v. to grasp.
, v. to take with a swoop as a bird of prey or a crocodile.
, v. to swoop down.
, v. to put on a turban.
, n. a kind of disease on the hand and foot.
, v. to exhume (of a thing buried in the ground.)
, n. all kinds of flowers (generic.)
(), n. a grandfather.
/, v. earthquake. The Karen tradition is that the world is placed on the shoul
ose name is "". When one side of his shoulder is tired he moves the burden to the othe
r side; by doing this he causes the earth to quake.
(), n. an evil demon which is said to ride on dead bodies.
, n. a kind of weed which grows in rivers.
(), a. soft.
, v. to flip away/brush away.
, v. to shake off.
, v. to fan.
, v. to wave/to shake (as of the ears of a quadruped.)
, v. to strike out paddy.
(), a. very soft. gentle answer.
, n. a cluster. n. a bamboo cluster.
, v. to turn in a lathe.
(), n. son.
[T.P.] (), n. orphan. [ D.P.]
(), n. an infant.
(), n. an own child.
(), v. to pile up as books/boards &c.
(), n. youngest son or daughter.
(), n. children.
(), n. step-son or daughter.
(), n. the eldest son or daughter.
(), n. young man.
(), n. young woman.
(), n. a nursing infant.
(), n. as an adjunct to nouns denotes the young of any thing e.g. chicken;
(), v. to rise in blisters/pustules.
, adv. 1. proudly. 2. in a swollen manner.
(), v. 1. break/nick as the edge of any thing to be broken as a tooth. 2. to follow/tr
ack; to break; 3. n. name of certain kinds of grass.
, n. a species of grass used as medicine for certain diseases.
, v. break off/ nick out.
(), v. to commit a rape.
(), v. to beat a drum.
(), v. to follow/ trace as a road or path.
, n. a kind of grass used as a vegetable.
, v. to make (as to make a table.)
(), v. to follow one after another.
(), a. toothless.
(), v. to follow after.
(), v. fold in the arms as a mother her child; hug.
(), a. half/midway.
(), n. half a day.
/ (), n. mid-year.
(), n. midnight.
, n. after midnight.
(), v. to cover/conceal.
(), prep. about.
, about that much.
, n. a kind of fish trap.
, v. to put in the pouch formed by hitching up the lungyi in front.
(), to fill the mouth so as to make the cheek bulge.
, v. to embrace.
, v. to embrace closely.
, n. a species of tree.
, n. a kind of fruit. [B. ]
, n. the thorny variety of the fruit.
, v. having a hole through/to be opened as a road .
, v. lead out to.
, v. to come through as light; to come to light; of a thing or person long lost sight
of; to break out as a boil.
(), v. go through the country or countries.
(), v. to read.
, v. to throw into or upon pile up mud.
[T.P. ] v. to make a kazin bund.
, v. to make a dam.
, v. to throw up earth under the house so as to make it high and dry.
, v. to fill up a pit by throwing earth into it.
/ T.P. [@ D.P.] a bundle of paddy seedlings/handful of paddy.
(), to read a book.
(), n. generic name for flowers.
, n. a species of tree.
, n. a species of fragrant grass.
, n. a species of edible grass.
, n. bell-shaped flower.
, n. royal flower.
, n. roses.
, n. coxcomb flower.
, n. fowl's-tongue creeper.
(), n. a tree the wood of which is used for cross-bows.
(), v. to blossom.
(), n a flower-bud.
(), n. hornbill-flowered tree.
/ (), n. parrot-flower orchid.
or , n. the nauclea parvifolia.
, n. wild-cat orchild.
, n. a flower-pot.
, n. a species of water weed.
, n. a kind of scented flower.
, n. a species of scented fower.
, n. lily.
, n. a flower garden.
, n. a species of fragrant grass.
(/), n. raft.
, v.t. to raft bamboos.
, v.t. to raft logs of timber.
(), n. enclosure/fold.
(), v. pass/go beyond.
, n. syringe/squirt.
, v. to twist or braid a rope.
(), v. be free from/liberated.
(), v. seize/catch.
(), v. to assist in catching or holding.
(), v. lay violent hands upon; to commit a rape.
(), v. to hold fast.
(), v. reach up and take a thing.
(), v. seize/take up as any thing lying on the ground.
(), n. a generic term for reeds.
(), n. a cracking noise.
, v. make a cracking noise.
, n. a variety of small reed.
, n. the reed from which is made.
(), v. split/crack with force/burst open.
, n. elephant grass.
, n. stem of a reed.
, n. a kind of reed to which the leaves of a thatch are fixed.
[T.P.] (), n. bazaar/market. [Talaing]
[T.P.], n. Kyaung (of Buddhist monks.)
/, v. to frighten by a sudden noise.
, n. the sound of a foot-fall or of water splashing.
(), n. arrow.
(), v. to liberate/forgive/dismiss.
, n. a species of tree []
(), n. a poisoned arrow.
(), n. the barb of an arrow.
(), n. to forgive sin.
(), n. a quiver.
(), n. the wing of an arrow.
(), v. wash the face.
/, n. two species of
(), n. an unpoisoned arrow.
(), v. to chisel.
(), v. to nail up; to drive in as a nail.
, v. to bore through with a chisel.
, v. to make a hole as with a chisel.
(), n. bat.
(), n. a species of bat with a crooked nose.
(), n. gunpowder.
(), v. to slip.
(), bite/strike the fangs into as a snake; to strike as a flash of lightning
(), v. to nod the head.
(), v. peck up the earth as with a hoe.
(), v. to wink.
(), v. transplant paddy.
[ T.P.] n. a species of hornet which makes its nest with clay.
, n. the nest of the above hornet.
(), v. to marry.
/, v. be frightened.
(), 1. to sheath as a sword; 2. in combination with other words.. stockings; thimble
(), v. to put on a cover that shuts over.
(), v. to put on as stockings or gloves.
(), v. to sheath as a sword.
(), v. dream.
/ (), n. a rope/string.
, n. snare/a noose.
(), n. chain/wire.
(), 1. n. a flying squirrel. 2. v. bore as with a gimlet.
(), v. bore through as with an awl or gimlet.
/, a. slimpy.
(), n. the tongue.
(), the root of the tongue.
(), n. the uvula.
(), v. have the tongue immovable as when near death.
(), v. to lash/flog/whip.
(), v. 1. wave to and fro; 2 wag as a tail.
(), a. smooth/slippery.
(), a. very smooth/slippery.
, n. a species of chameleon.
(), a. soft as substances softened with water.
, very soft.
/ (), v. escape from as from a calamity.
/ (), n. disciple.
(), n. a species of plantain [B. ]
(), a. quick/rapid.
(), adv. speedily.
(), very quick.
, a. soft.
, v. to wreathe/splice a rope.
, v. to wreathe tightly.
(/), n. harpoon.
, v. to snatch.
/, v. to snatch away.
(), n. a wasp or hornet.
(), n. a wasp with yellow wings.
(), v. be insane.
(), v. to have an epileptic fit.
(), n. hades.
, n. inhabitants of hades.
/ (), n. rope/string.
, v. to throw into as wood in the fire.
, [T.P.] v. to climb up a tree.
/, a. be slimy.
/, paddy is heading out.
/, n. a species of plant. [B. ]
, 1. a convex. 2. v. shoot forth (as paddy.)
/, as far as the eye can reach.
, n. a species of fruit.
, v. to give a name.
(), v. move rapidly.
/, v. to spring up (of water.)
(), n. Karen.
/, adv. anciently/ at the beginning.
(), a. round.
/ [T.P.] (), wholly round.
/, n. hillock.
(), n. cocoa-nut tree.
, n. cocoa-nut husk.
/, [T.P.] n. cockroach.
(), n. cocoanut/ the fruit.
(), n. cocoanut shell.
, a species of cocoanut which bears fruit three years after planting.
(), n. cocoanut oil.
(), a. visible.
, be indistinct as a path.
, to be visible at intervals.
, pretty in appearance.
, be dimly visible (as a mountain from a great distance.)
, v. becoming visible after being dim.
/, [T.P.] an easy-going man/an unselfish man.
(), n. hole through/passage way.
(), v. bore through/to lead to (as a channel to a main river.)
(), v. go through in a downward direction.
, v. to peg a tree so as to climb up; n. ruts in a road.
, v. to decrease of fever.
, v. to change the clothes on a corpse.
(), v. pass/ go by or beyond.
/, n. tender shoots of vegetables.
(), a. be humpbacked.
(), n. backbone/spine.
/, [T.P.] n a post which supports the ridge of a roof.
, v. to miss one another/to fail to meet one another.
(), v. to worship/honour/respect.
, v. cool down to the normal temperature after fever.
(), v. to take out rice from a pot and put it into a dish.
(), 1. v. hit in shooting; 2. a. be suitable/ proper.
(), n. the mustard plant.
(), v. be caught in a trap.
(), v. fall in with/ meet with in travelling/ come in contact with.
(), v. be infected; take a disease.
, v. 1. hit against/ knock against; 2. meet with in travelling/ collide.
(), v. get wet.
(), v. be pricked or pierced.
(), v. belong to.
, v. to be opportune.
/, [T.P.] v. to have measles.
, v. meet in opposite direction as in travelling.
(), a. 1. sufficient/exactly. 2. opportune.
(), lest lest you fall.
(), n. the root of the mustard plant.
/, a. be wounded/ hit.
, v. to be hindered.
(), v. get pinched.
(), v. to hit or strike against/ stumble.
, v. to suffer misery.
(), v. get a cut by a knife.
(), v. have to suffer.
(), adv. fittingly; adj. suitable.
, not much/moderate/slightly.
(), v. be wounded/hit.
(), n. the leaves of the mustard plant.
(), v. to be like/similar.
(), please the ear.
, v. to have mumps.
, v. please the mouth (as in taste.)
, why? what is the matter.
/, v. to hit an object/plumb in the middle.
(), v. to have something in one's eye as when a small particle enters into it.
, graze/just hit.
, v. be caught as by a hook.
(), v. mourn/grieve.
(), adv. sufficient/enough.
(), a. anxious/concerned about.
(), perhaps.
, why.
(), v. 1. live in peace. 2. agree with as medicine.
(), v. to have small-pox.
(), v. be pleased with/to like/to wish.
/ (), a. defiled/dirtied/soiled.
(), v. to have a whitlow; to be stung by caterpillar's hairs.
(), v. happen to meet/come across by accident.
(), v. to have a cold.
(), a. yellow.
(), v. turning yellow as fruit just beginning to ripen.
(), n. a species of bean.
(), n. a kingdom.
(), n. 1. esculent shoots of bamboo; 2. young/tender leaves.
, a. very young/tender.
/, v. to pass away/evaporate.
//, n. main river.
, a. scarcely visible.
(), a. tangled.
, a. shivering.
, n. dirt/off-scouring/filth/aust &c.
, aff to whisper.
(), 1. n. obstruction in the throat or nose from cold; 2. v. to squeeze out as in mil
king with the hand.
(), v. to shampoo/squeeze/pinch.
(), v. to milk.
(), v. to hold firm by squeezing.
, v. to shut tight.
(), v. to make into a ball by squeezing.
(), a. distressed/troubled/breathe with difficulty as from a cold.
(), v. be partially concealed.
(), v. to squeeze out (as water from a wet cloth.)
(), v. be hoarse/wheeze (as from a severe cold.)
(), num. affix.. to things flat; to the word for skin/bark e.g. a book;
tree &c.
(), v. be covered up.
(), v. to shut and open the eye as when something has entered it.
(), v. to close the eyes.
/, [T.P.] n. the mammouth bean [B. ]
, n. the seeds of the above creeper.
, n. a species of creeper.
/ [T.P.] (), n. goat.
, v. be softened (as potatoes when boiled.)
or (), n. cotton.
or [T.P.] n. the roselle plant [B. ]
/ (), v. 1. to be faded/withered as leaves. 2. to be exhausted from hard labour.
(), adv. so/thus/in like manner.
(), adv. to such a degree.
(), this/like this.
(), adv. how/what.
(), conj. as/thus/in order that.
(), v. 1. to bind round and round (as with a rope) 2. to coil round as a snake.
(), v. wind round as the tendrils of a creeper in climbing.
(), v. wind many times and make fast.
(), n. a species of pea.
(), a. flat.
(), v. to take off as a garment/shoes/stockings &c.
/ [T.P.] (), n. plate/cup.
/ (), n. a species of water duck/teal.
//, adv. as much as.
(), a. thin.
(), n. quick lime.
(), a. very thin.
(), v. to bury.
(), n. paddy.
(), n. wheat.
, n. a species of plant.
(), n. corn.
(), the ears of paddy bend
(), n. seed grain.
(), n. sound/good paddy.
(), n. the ears of paddy.
(), n. early paddy.
(), n. wild paddy (so called because it has a long tail like a peacock.) ta
, n. the stubble of paddy.
, n. the swollen paddy stalk just previous to the appearance of the grain.
, n. milk like fluid found in grains of paddy.
(), n. a pile of paddy.
(), n. a granary.
(), n. the paddy flower.
, n. parched rice.
, v. the paddy shoots out (as when the grains appear.)
, n. yellow husked paddy.
(), n. the paddy stalk.
/ (), partially cleaned rice.
(), the first green shoots of growing paddy.
(), n. barley. [B. ]
(), v. to nourish/feed.
(), n. a sheaf of paddy.
(), opening of the paddy flower.
(), the paddy is ripe.
(), cleaned rice.
(), new paddy.
(), to administer poison.
(), black husked paddy.
(), blasted paddy.
(), the guardian spirit of paddy.
(), v. stick/adhere.
(), v. to arrange the threads of the warp preparatory to weaving.
(), v. 1. be sticky; 2. to run aground (as a steamer or boat.)
(), v. to get fire by rubbing two sticks or bamboo splits together.
, v. to reach down/touch bottom as a boat running aground.
(), v. dare/venture.
(), v. to make a hole (as with an axe.)
(), v. to cut out bees from a tree.
(), v. to make bamboo steps.
(), v. to make a fire-place for cooking.
/ (), v. to cut a hole through/to break through as robbers into a house
, v. to scoop out (as a boat.)
, a. rotten/crumbling like rotten wood.
(), 1. prep. near. 2. v. to divide into with the hand.
(), prep. very near/close by.
(), v. be near to/be at hand.
(), near relatives.
, v. to get by diving the hand into.
(), adv. nearer.
(), a. related to each other.
/, interjection. indeed! It is so!
(), v. to bend/curve a thing.
, v. to break.
or , v. to overturn; turn upside down.
(), n. the cheek-bones.
(), v. to bend forcibly so as to break.
, v. to lift up with one end on the ground.
, v. to set a thing erect.
(), v. to lift up and down.
(), n. the cheeks.
, bend right/turn straight/put right.
(), v. make known to/tell.
(), v. to turn any one into the right path.
, v. to turn face-upward.
, n. beaver.
(), adv. between.
(), adv. now.
(), adv. while/during.
(), n. 1. merit. 2. feast.
, a. lucky/fortunate.
(), a. in a state of nudity.
, v. be soaked/to become soft.
(), v. to worship.
(), n. pwes/feasts.
(), n. tiger.
, v. be in easy circumstances/be in prosperity.
(), n. leopard.
(), n. the largest species of tiger.
(), num. adjunct denoting anything long as grass/bamboos/reptiles/rivers &c. e.g.
a snake; a river; a sugar-cane &c.
, n. midrib of a leaf.
(), v. to set up (as house posts.)
, v. to make a bridge particularly of bamboo or log.
, v. to lay down (as bamboos/pipes &c.)
, v. to let water flow down as in a pipe or ditch.
, v. to drain off.
(), adj. fat/plump.
(), v. to wrap.
(), v. wrap up/ close.
, v. 1. to wrap up (as a bundle) 2. become fat.
(), v. to cover by wrapping.
(), v. to wrap up rice for a journey.
(), a. excessively fat.
, a. gently/slowly.
(), v. to give medicine/assist in recovery from sickness.
(), v. be skilful in giving medicine.
(), v. to mend/repair.
, unsuccessful in giving medicine.
// (), a. without flavour/tasteless.
, v. to pare off/shave off.
, v. split into strips.
(), v. be healed/cured/well again.
(), v. to cut into strips (as flesh.)
(), v. to hang up.
/, v. to hang up as on a nail peg &c.
(), num. adjunct once. e.g. I went once or twice &c.
(), num. adjunct.. applied to paper e.g. / one leaf/two leaves.
(), v. be overhead in (as water too deep to ford.)
(), v. be overhead or higher than the head.
, v. to turn over on the other side.
/, v. to turn inside-out/upside-down.
(), v. pulverize/reduce to powder/digest.
(), v. be full; be satisfied.
, v. to scoop water with the hand to make wet.
(), v. be satisfied with food.
(), v. drink to the full.
/ (), n. the remainder.
, n. inclined/steep as a bank.
, v. cut off knots &c. on bamboos.
/, v. to be sloped/steep.
, v. to glance off.
, v. to swoop down (as a kite.)
/, a. many/several.
(), v. 1. gore/push with the horns. 2. dip with a dipper.
, v. to dip water out of a pot and throw it away.
, v. to dip water with a dipper.
, v. to dip curry out of a pot and put it into a dish.
(), v. to flay off (as the skin of an animal.)
, v. to take off (as garments/shoes/stockings &c.)
, v. to peel off applied to snakes.
, v.t. pull off the skin.
(), v. to bend the head backwards.
, v. to break the neck by bending the head.
, v. to turn summerset.
(), a. blind.
, v. to roll one's self about as when suffering severe pain or to roll about in be
restless from sickness.
(), a. white [ T.P.]
(), a. white or grey headed.
(), a. pure white.
(), v. become white.
[T.P.] , n. a species of pea.
, n. the root of a species of pea.
, n. the cashew tree.
/, n. one anna.
, colloquial for .
/, colloquial good.
/, n. name for a precious stone/jewel.
, adv. very much.
, not a little/meaning much.
[T.P.] (), n. a small-pox.
, n. a ditch; depression in a paddy field.
, n. 1. a kind of disease of the nostril. 2. the last stage of the larva previous
to its becoming a fly.
/ (), n. debt.
, v. to work.
(), v. vex/trouble/try to get into difficulty.
(), v. to variegate.
(), v. to make crooked.
(), v. to break.
(), v. to make fast (as in typing.)
(), v. to kindle a fire.
(), v. to worry.
(), v. to cool.
, v. to make time to do a thing.
(), v. try.
(), v. to finish/complete.
(), v. destroy/cause to be destroyed.
, v. show another how to do anything.
, v. to make or build a house.
, v. suppress feeling/restrain one's self.
, v. to crack.
, v. to cultivate taung-ya.
or (), v. to work in company with others.
/, v. to make even/make peace.
(), v. to dry.
(), v. to fill up.
(), v. to wet/cause to be wet.
(), v. to hurt.
, v. to cultivate a paddy field.
(), n. work/do any kind of business.
(), v. do honestly/uprightly.
, v. do in return.
, v. to revenge.
, v. to assist/help/aid.
, v. to do by force.
, v. to oppress.
/ (), v. to frighten/terrify.
, v. cause to be cooled.
, v. to confuse.
(), v. 1. to make one angry. 2. it appears as if/appears so and so.
, v. to hinder.
, v. to break.
(), v. to sever.
, v. to make numb.
, v. to lengthen or heighten.
, v. to shade.
(), v. to do in return.
, v. do again.
(), v. to imitate.
or (), v. to persecute/oppress.
(), v. to make one laugh.
(), v. to obtain/get by labour; to take.
(), v. take away.
, v. to tame/to reclaim from a wild state.
(), v. to set a mark upon a thing.
(), v. to conquer/overcome.
, v. to heap up/pile up.
, v. to scatter.
, v. to trade.
, v. to melt.
, v. to bore through.
(), to break out/nick out.
, v. to fence around.
/ (), v. to deliver/set at liberty.
(), v. to make smooth/sleek.
, v. to make in haste.
(), v. make visible/bring to light.
(), v. cause to hit/strike against.
, v. to cover; to conceal.
(), v. to make an offering/to give (for a religious purpose.)
, v. to heal/cure.
(), v. to break into fragments or pieces.
(), v. to cause to mature (as fruit/fish/beef &c.)
, v. to console/comfort.
/ (), v. make alike/do alike.
, v. to bend down.
, v. to pull down (as a house.)
, v. to cause to fall down.
(), v. to extinguish/quench (as fire.)
, v. to decrease (in length or height.)
, v. soften as by soaking in water.
, v. 1. to cause to sink 2. to make thin.
, v. to break into fragments.
(), v. lose/cause to be lost.
, to make into powder.
, v. to narrow (as the width.)
(), v. to warm/make warm.
(), v. learn/study.
(), v. to straighten/to make straight.
(), v. to cause a thing to swing to and fro.
(), v. kill/take life.
(), v. be able to do.
, v. to blacken.
(), v. to make a noise/to sound.
(), v. to make a hole.
, v. it happened.
(), v. cause to increase.
/ (), v. work for a livelihood.
(), v. to persecute.
/ (), n. an alligator.
(), v. to command/order.
(), n. a wife.
, n. the ocean/sea.
(), 1. a. aromatic. 2. n. son-in-law.
, n. fennel flower [B. ]
, n. castor-oil plant.
, n. a kind of plum.
, exclamatory particle how good it is! how quick it is!
/ (), unhusked grains of paddy in cleaned rice.
, n. spleen. the kidney/spleen &c.
(), 1. v. bark (as a dog) 2. n. uncle; older men are called by the younger ones .
, a species of creeper which resembles the betel plant [B. ]
, the yellow varnish tree [B. ]
(), tamarind []
, a species of bird whose note has a resemblance to the utterance of these words
part of the hot weather only. [B. ]
, v. to bark at continuously.
, n. sago palm [B. ]
/ [T.P.] (), last year.
, v. to fast (as on a Buddhist Upothata day.)
, n. Sabbath day.
, [E.] minute.
(), [E.] mile.
, the Eugenia tree. [B. ] There are two kinds; 1. or 2. or
or (), n. leaven/yeast.
(), v. sleep.
(), one spell of sleep.
/ (/), v. be sleepy/nod.
(), v. to sleep with one eye open.
, v. to lie down on the face/sleep on the face.
or , v. sleep in company.
(), sleep on the side.
(), v. to lie down.
(), v. 1. sleep/be sound asleep. 2. forgetful/be in a reverie.
(), v. dream.
, v. to lie down on the back/sleep on the back.
/, v. to collect (as taxes.)
, v. to ask to pay back (as debts.)
(), a. ripe as fruit. In cooking.. done/cooked.
(), a. over ripe.
, v. satisfy.
(), 1. n. name 2. a. wild.
(), large round seed/the patella [B. ]
, have a good name.
, be famous.
, n. father-in-law.
, n. mother-in-law.
/ (), n. the domestic cat.
(), n. wild cat.
(), n. jungle/forest.
(), n. tail of animals or birds.
(), n. the long tail feathers of a cock or peacock.
(), n. the root of the tail.
(), n. the stem of the tail.
(), n. cooked rice.
, n. rice slightly burnt and adhering to the bottom of the pot.
, n. the cover of a rice pot.
, n. dried cooked rice.
(), n. rice gruel.
(), n. rice congee.
(), n. cold rice/stale rice.
(), n. glutinous rice cooked in a bamboo.
(), n. glutinous rice boiled in a leaf.
, n. mouldy rice.
(), n. fermented rice used in distilling.
, stale/putrid rice.
(), rice boiled to a pap.
(), pasty made of glutinous rice and sesamum.
(), n. cooked glutinous rice.
(), n. fire.
, n. flame.
(), n. firebrands.
(), n. smoke.
/ (), v. burnt by fire/fire burn.
(), n. live coals.
(), n. 1. the eye/face. 2. a knot in wood or bamboo.
, n. dim sight.
(), 1. n. dizziness. 2. a. dizzy.
(), n. the socket of the eye.
(), sore eyes.
(), clear sighted.
(), the eyelashes.
(), the iris of the eye/the pupil of the eye.
(), n. the forehead.
(), v. blush.
(), n. tears.
/, not cry easily.
, v. to weep easily/the tears fall easily.
(), n. mirror/looking-glass.
, v. to weep/the tears fall/weeping.
(), n. the eyebrows.
, n. forehead.
, v. twitching of the eyes.
(), n. outer corner of the eye.
(), n. a jovial face.
/ (), n. mucus of the eye.
(), a. clear-sighted.
(), n. the eyelids.
, v. to be blear-eyed (as the eye when sore.)
(), fig. to die.
(), n. inner part of the eyelid.
(), v. be blind.
(), v. be ashamed.
(), adv. during life-time.
(), prep. before/in front of/front.
(), v. to squint.
(), dim sight.
, sad/sorrowful countenance/pensive.
(), v. have the countenance fall/be abashed.
(), v. to hate/dislike.
(), n. sand.
(), v. to fight with the fists.
(), n. a sandy plain.
(), n. a grain of and.
(), v. to box/fight with fists.
(), n. a female of bad fame/a harlot/prostitute.
, n. a bamboo pole used in punting boats. [B. ]
, [T.P.] a paddle.
(), n. a mole/a small dark spot on the skin.
(), n. a tooth/tusk.
/ (), n. the molar teeth/grinders.
/ (), teeth set on edge as from the action of acid.
/ (), to have tooth-ache.
(), spring up/vegetate.
/ (), to lose a tooth.
/ (), the gums.
(), a red mole.
(), a black mole.
, a. fat/plump.
(), 1. v. be alive/live. 2. n. ten viss.
, 1. v. to be giddy/dizzy/to be intoxicated. 2. n. nephew or niece.
, n. nephew.
, v. to be intoxicated.
, n. niece.
, v. to be intoxicated with spirits.
(), n. the sun.
(), n. south.
(), n. evening/night.
(), n. evening.
(), n. morning.
, the halo round the sun after an eclipse. The Karens say that the sun fences itself
d to prevent toads and centipedes from coming.
(), the sun rises.
(), midway between sunrise and noon.
(), the first rays of the sun appear.
(), v. to be a little past twelve o'clock.
, midway between noon and sunset.
(), v. to be past noon.
(), day as opposed to night.
(), strike as the sun's rays.
, v. the day dawns.
(), early dawn.
, the sky becomes red.
(), n. east/sunrise.
(), n. noon.
(), n. west/sunset.
(), n. the day.
(), n. north.
, v. the day dawns.
(), v. the sun sets.
(), the face of the sun; the sun.
(), the sun's rays.
(), n. a female of the human species.
(), n. satan/the devil.
(), n. an hermaphrodite.
, n. a married woman.
(), n. a young maid/a virgin.
(), n. a widow.
/, last year.
/, n. multitude.
(), 1. a. pleasant/agreeable. 2. n. flour/powder/dust/any thing reduced to a powder.
(), v. to enjoy.
(), v. happy in mind/pleased with.
, n. aloe.
(), n. sky/heaven.
(), n. snow.
(), n. the horizon.
(), n. 1. mother. 2. female species of animals. 3. particle denoting desire. I
I desire to do. 4. partice denoting future tense I will go.
, v. 1. will/shall; 2. wish/like.
/ (), adv. a short time/a little while.
, n. aunt.
/, n. 1. body. 2. mother (of animal.)
(), n. Pwo Karen.
(), n. own mother.
(), n. a young female of animals.
(), n. forefathers/ancestors.
, n. step-mother.
(), n. traditions (literally footsteps of ancestors.) []
(), a. applied to fruit.. full-grown but not ripe.
(), v. to smile.
/, a. green fruit.
(), v. rise to the surface as fish.
(), v. raise the head/look up.
/ (), n. a cigar.
[T.P.] (), n. a tobacco-pipe. [D.P. ]
(), n. several kinds of traps which spear the animal when caught.
(), adv. for a short time/a little while.
(), n. a prophet.
(), n. a false prophet.
(), n. a jar.
, n. large jar.
(), 1. n. gong; 2. v. lead as a child by the hand/ a buffalo by a rope.
, v. to drag/pull hard.
, n. a "Kyi-zi" gong.
, v. to lead out.
/, a. the same/alike.
(), a. implacable/revengeful.
(), v. have a desire for/to long after. [B ]
(), v. to deny.
// (), v. grieve.
, n. a pounder/a pestle.
/, [T.P.] continuous and loud noise made by a company of people.
, many in company.
/, [T.P.] n. difference. [D.P.]
, v. flash as lightning.
/, [T.P.] n. high steep bank.
(), n. a cannon.
, v. move gently to and fro.
(), n. cannon-ball.
/, [T.P.] n. a kind of betel box made of wood.
// (), the trunk of an elephant.
/, n. unhusked grains of paddy in cleaned rice.
, n. holes prepared for receiving seedlings of paddy in taung-ya or upland fields.
, persons who have the same name call each other "."
(), n. drizzle/fine rain.
/, v. to smile.
(), v. to be true/to be indeed.
, adv. wherefore.
, adv. why.
, conj. but.
.. (), yea.. yea.
.. (.. ), nay.. nay.
/, [T.P.] n. offensive smell/stink.
, pro. first person/singular number.. nom I go.. I work.
(), pro. mine.
/, reflex. pro. myself .
(), my mind/my will/my wish.
(), n. sail.
, n. yard-arm as of a sail.
(), n. top of a mast.
(), n. the mast.
(), v. to swim.
(), n. ropes/rigging of a ship.
, n. a sail.
[T.P.] (), n. tobacco.
[T.P.] [D.P.], v. to tear down.
(), n. generic name for fish.
(), n. roasted fish.
, n. butter fish [].
, n. king fish [B. ]
, fishing frog [B. ]
, short headed cat fish [B. ]
, cockup [B. ]
, long headed cat fish [B. ]
, large mullet [B. ]
(), n. torpedo fish [B. ]
(), large gudgeon [B. ]
, carp fish [B. ]
, banyan leaf fish [B. ]
(), ophidian [B. ]
, dried fish (as when placed over fire.)
, the bladder of a fish.
, small stinging cat-fish [B. ]
, fried fish.
, dried fish as when salted & dried in the sun.
(), pickled fish.
, silvery cat fish [B. ]
, back fin [B. ]
(), the small sorubium [B. ]
(), eel [B. ]
, garfish [B. ]
(), Tenasserim sole []
(), the roe of a fish.
(), the climbing perch [B. ]
(), spotted snakehead []
, sword fish [B. ]
, large-eyed mullet [B. ]
/ [T.P.] (), trichogaster fasciatus []
(), sheat fish [B. ]
(), fresh-water herring []
/ [T.P] (), goby [B. ]
/ [T.P.] (), barbus chola [B. ]
, Indian whiting [B. ]
, the large catfish [B. ]
, large barbuleless cat fish []
, long dorsal-finned catfish []
, the amphibious snake-head. []
/ [T.P.] (), topsy-turvy fish [B. ]
(), the banded snake head [B. ]
, rita buchanani [B. ]
, red-eyed gudgeon [B. ]
(), rotten fish/ngapi.
/, [T.P.] small snake-head [B. ]
(), soft fibre of the plantain tree.
(), a. torn/rent.
, n. the plantain tree.
, the most common kind of plantain having a slightly acid flavour.
(), a very small species of plantain; it grows wild.
(), v. to lay restriction upon/restrain; to hold fast with words/argument &c.
(), v. to get by force contrary to the wishes of the owner.
(), n. turmeric.
, n. tiger turmeric.
(), n. the powder of turmeric.
(), v. pity/to have compassion.
, n. brinjal.
, n. thistles.
, n. sour brinjal.
(), v. to stretch forth as the hand or a stick to strike.
, n. a species of brinjal.
, n. a species of soap-berry tree.
, v. to raise and lower the hand.
, v. to flap the wings up and down.
(), n. the loins.
///, [T.P.] n. thatch.
(), 1. adv. long applied to time. 2. used with other roots. to blame/accuse.
, used with other roots as fade.
/ [T.P.] (), n. a house.
(), a. green.
(), v. to mince.
(), v. to become wider and wider; to stretch as rubber or a garment.
(), v. to cut up (as meat.)
(), a. 1. five; 2. brilliant.
(), a. fifty.
(), a. five hundred.
(), adv. brightly.
(), a. bright/glittering.
(), adv. far.
//, v. to be far away/a long distance.
/, [T.P.] n. a species of locust.
, v. to reel.
(), v. tread/trample upon.
(), v. to tread rice.
(), v. press down with the foot/tread down.
(), v. to tread out paddy
(), pro. me; [D.P. pronounce it ]
/ [T.P.] , n. dividing line/ridge &c in ref to land.
/, v. to ornament; ornaments.
/ (), v. weep/cry/wail for the dead.
(), v. to repeat often/make frequent mention of as the name of a deceased frien
, adv. quietly/peaceably.
(), v. to swallow.
, v. to swallow without chewing.
(), v. to swallow down.
/ (), v. be accustomed or habituated to or with.
(), v. to dive/plunge into the water.
/, a. dim of eye-sight.
, v. to retrieve by diving.
, v. to dive down.
(), v. to hesitate/vacillate.
, v. to growl (of a dog.)
, v. sing (of a Burmese song or Karen poetry.)
, v. to be bright/shining/dazzling.
(), n. a rat.
/ (), v. to long after/yearn for [D.P.]
, n. parasite.
(), n. water-rat.
(), n. a very large rat.
(), n. supports to a floor/beams/rafters.
, a. very quiet/lonely/peaceful.
(), n. erysipelas.
(), v. to fly.
(), to fly up.
, v. to fly away in fright/escape.
(), v. to fly down.
, v. to whistle.
, v. to look after.
or , v. to look after cows.
(), v. to hand to/to reach out and give a thing to another.
(), v. 1. to hand up/lift and reach up to give a thing to another; 2. be elonga
(), v. to stretch up the hands.
(), v. to look after buffaloes.
(), v. 1. throb as a sore; 2. nod as in sleep.
, v. to hand or reach down a thing to another.
(), verbal particle.. denoting the past tense. e.g. did; went.
(), v. to honour/respect/reverence.
(), v. to look/behold/care for.
(), v. to give a person or thing a very oblique glance of the eye or look side w
(), v. to behold.
/ (), v. to spy/watch clandestinely.
(), v. to search for.
(), v. to look at any one steadily.
, v. to look over there or here.
, v. to look about here and there.
(), v. to look directly in the face of/to look at face to face.
(), v. to consider.
(), v. to look up to imploringly.
(), v. to look at or consider a thing minutely.
(), v. to take care of.
(), v. to look at in order to comprehend.
(), v. to look at in order to recognize when seen again.
(), v. to disregard/look to one side/overlook by mistake.
(), v. to look/gaze at.
(), v. to do a thing out of regard to the feelings or authority of another/show
(), v. to look with expectation/hope for.
(), v. to look at minutely.
(), v. to study/read.
(), v. to follow as a pattern/imitate/learn.
(), v. to look straight forward.
, used with other roots as v. take aim (to shoot.)
(), a. deep.
, v. to catch by the neck with a running noose.
(), 1. v. to carry with a neck-yoke. 2. a. swollen.
(), v. 1. swollen up. 2. applied to the first appearance of a new moon. 3. to be
(), demonstrative pro. this.
(), a. easy/feasible/not difficult.
(), a. quite easy.
, used with other roots n. a native implement for smoothing the outside of boats.
(), n. crane.
, v. be anxious/concerned about.
, v. to stretch down the foot.
, used with other roots n. a verse of poetry.
(), n. 1. a tattooed spot. 2. v. to be hysterical/imitate the actions of others.
, n. a species of rat with a pointed nose. the stinking rat.
, used with other roots stubborn/obstinate.. to go below the mark (in sh
(), 1. n. God. 2. v. to flow (as liquid.)
[T.P.], n. looking-glass.
, [T.P.] n. spectacles.
, v. to flow into.
, v. to pass by.
, v. to flow down.
, used with other roots a verse or hymn tune.
, (Talaing) v. to pray or ask favour of a divine being.
/, v. branches bending down.
, 1. n. noise as of something moving on dry leaves. 2. a. quick.
/, v. to spread out as a bird the tail/open as a fan.
, used with other roots teacher; a pearl.
, n. (1) a kind of grass used for thatching houses [B. ] (2) also used with other roots
. large earthen pan; probably not.
/ (/), n. hell.
, used in connection with other words e.g. to punish; door; register.
(), v. to leave the priesthood. []
, used with other roots / to beg/entreat/supplicate.
, (Eng.) n. report.
, v. to girdle around.
, v. to girdle a tree.
/, n. a spindle or an axle (as of a cart.)
, represents a similar sound made by insects and animals.
, v. to flow gently (as a stream.)
, used with other roots n. narrow ravine.
(), n. a love-potent.
(), n. a gunny bag/coarse mat bag.
, n. the palmyra tree.
/ (), n. the citron.
, used with other roots enclosure/fence; news; to send a message o
, n. [T.P.] a large moving object as a ship/elephant &c.
(), a. uncivilized/savage/rude/ugly.
(), v. to take back/gather up (as clothes spread in the sun.)
, used with other roots chinaman; an open fish basket.
/, v. drag along without stopping.
(), v. to pull down/destroy as an old house.
(), v. to steer (as a boat or steamer.)
(), n. court-house [B. ]
(), n. a forge/court house/shed for cattle.
, n. a coarse basket. juniper.
(), adv. sound of water dropping on dry leaves.
(), adv. a noise like something moving on dry leaves.
, v. to steer as a boat/manage the helm.
, v. to weld together.
/(), v. choose/select [B. ]
/, n. ten rupees.
, [T.P.] v. to lay down the planks of a floor.
() [D.P. ], numeral. one.
(), one hundred thousand.
(), one million.
, any body.
(), adv. every place/every where.
(), ten.
(), one group/company.
(), some.
(), n. waves.
(), plural affix.
(), n. storm/tempest.
(), n. omen [B. ]
, anything.
[B. ], a species of tree which grows in great profusion in tidal creeks.
, n. parasite.
(), rattan net-work in which jars and other things are placed for transport.
(), n. weight.
(), n. a snare with running noose.
/ (), adv. exceedingly/ excessively.
(), adv. both sides.
(), adv. alternately/this side and that.
/, conj. though/notwithstanding.
, n. bamboo fish trap.
(), prohibitive particle.
(), a. every/any.
, n. a contrivance for catching fish.
(), n. the moon/a lunar month.
, n. a species of tree [B. ]
(), July.
(), March.
(), June.
(), full moon.
(), past the full moon/the wane.
, v. to wane of the moon.
[T.P.] [D.P.], n. shadow.
/ (), v. the moon rises.
(), v. the moon sets.
(), n. 1. moonlight. 2. reputation/honour/ glory.
(), the face of the moon appears (applied only to the new moon)
(), same as above.
(), last day before the new moon. [B. ]
(), n. leaf.
, n. tea [B. ]
, a. blue.
/, n. a level spot of ground/a plain/swamp [B. ]
(), n. a present/a gift/a bribe. [B. ]
, adv. anciently/of old.
(), v. to bubble/boil.
(), ugly in form or shape.
, n. nettle.
(), n. thunder.
(), n. vulture.
(), v. to thunder.
(), n. an insect with wings like a moth with round body/generally found in swarms
, n. a species of tree.
(), v. to flash of lightning.
, n. a species of creeper.
, rainbow. (lit. lightning drinks water.)
/ (), v. lightning flashes. (lit. flaps his wings.)
, v. to bend down.
, v. to be left uncultivated as part of a paddy field.
, v. to become separated/peel off (as the bark of a tree.)
, loosening/unrolling.
(), v. to spill out/run out as when a vessel is turned up.
, a. to be bald headed.
(), v. be loose (as a sword in its sheath.)
, v.i. to roll down.
(), v. be upset.
, v. to curve downwards.
(), v. resemble/be alike; adv. probably.
(), v. be unoccupied.
(), v. be ruined (as old houses.)
, v. to fall off (as leaves or fully ripe grains from the stalk.) to have a miscarriage
(), v. lean to one side.
, narrowing to a point/becoming a sharp point.
(), v. to become soft/flexible/weak.
(), a. unlike/different.
(), v. trickle down as tears; leaking as roof of a house.
, v. to become small.
/, v. to fall perpendicular into the ground.
(), a. pendent/hanging.
(), a. eternal/unending.
, dwindling away/decrease/divide.
(), v. be divorced as man and wife.
, v. to become poor.
, v. to taper to a point.
, v. to bend forwards.
, a. spreading (applied to the branches of a tree.)
, a. vigorous/healthy of plants.
, a. left behind.
, v. to fall prostrate/headlong.
(), v. to become obstructed/compressed.
(), a. accurate/exact.
(), v. to fall off or down; displaced from office.
(), v. to become compact/compressed; settle down (as paddy in a basket.)
(), v. to fall in an upright position to become stiff as the tongue of a person
(), v. be cut off as supplies; be without descendants.
, [T.P.] v. to spill over.
, v. to be curved/concave as a road.
(), v.i. to float/drift on the surface.
(), v. 1. to sink to the bottom. 2. to become dense (as liquid.)
, v. to list to one side (as a boat.)
(), v. to become exhausted (as from hunger.)
, v. to become tame.
, v. be laughable.
(), v. 1. to set (as sun or moon) 2. to sink (as posts into the ground.)
(), v. become loose.
(), a. over-ripe/rotten as fruit.
, v. be scattered.
(), a. exhausted from fatigue.
(), v.i. become separated (v.t. )
(), v. be quenched (as fire.)
, v. to decrease (as disease or fire.)
, v. to enter upon second childhood.
(), v. to spring as a trap which throws a dart/to slip out of joint.
(), v. to fall in (as the lid of a pot.)
(), v. to fall into (as the fire.)
(), v. come into holes as the bottom of a pot.
, to become yellow.
/, v.i. to close or fill up as a well or wound; to be cancelled as an annou
(), a. drooping as leaves through want of water/faint/weary.
(), v. to sink as a boat.
, drowsy.
// (), v. be broken into fragments.
(), v. be left/remain over.
, steep as a bank/inclined.
, v. to suffer from debility.
(), a. lost.
, v. to be different/unlike/to differ.
, v. becoming fine as dust/flour &c.
/ (), v. to become withered as a broken plant.
, v. to go below (as when aiming at an object.)
/ (), v. float away.
(), v. to spill over (as water from a pot.)
, v. to have a miscarriage (applied to animals only.)
(), a. extraordinary/miraculous.
, v. to become old (as clothes/house &c.)
, v. to fall down (as the bank of a river.)
, v. to fall down (as immature fruit.)
, a. sinking (as in mud.)
, v. to become dull as the edge of a cleaver.
(), v. to step with one's foot into a hole.
(), v. to slip down as a bamboo not well tied/slip down an inclined plane.
(), v. to become dry (as streams.)
, v. to be wrinkled.
, [T.P.] depression/sinking in the middle as a ridge pole.
, v. to be submerged/drowned.
, v. dent as from pressing into a soft substance.
(), n. place/a track/foot-print.
(), adv. directly behind.
/ (), n. a chair/seat.
(), n. a throne/any raised seat.
(), n. a bed.
(), adv. on a bed.
(), n. a mat or sheet used for sleeping.
(), adv. continuously/just the same.
, v. becoming old as things; old.
/ (), v. to change (as raiment.)
(), n. wind.
(), n. grand-children.
(), the wind blows.
, the wind blows with a steady breeze.
(), the wind rises.
, the south-west monsoon rises.
, n. a storm.
, the north-east monsoon rises.
(), temporal particle. meaning "since"; e.g. . si
(), the wind blows.
/, a. old (as a garment.)
, a species of flying squirrel.
(), the yellow squirrel.
(), the red squirrel.
(), n. 1. books/writings of all kinds. 2. a generic term for birds of the eagle and ha
wk tribe.
(), large eagle.
(), n. claws of the kite.
(), a. written agreement [B. ]
, a species of thorny plant.
(), a parchment.
(), the Bible/sacred scriptures.
, a species of large hawk/hawk peacock.
(), n. envelope.
, n. a species of large hawk.
(), a written petition.
(), news-paper/letter.
(), v. to put on or wear beads.
(), n. letters of the alphabet.
(), a white headed kite.
, a species of large chicken-kite.
(), a small species of hawk.
(), to rub the palms of the hands together/to roll with the palm of the hand.
, n. books in general.
(), n. book of death.
(), n. chicken-hawk.
, used with other roots; dull as an edged tool.
, v. to be rubbed off/worn away by friction/abraided.
, [T.P.] a. completely gone.
/, n. orange. []
(), v. to proceed/to go forward.
(), to go to meet.
(), to go for a walk.
(), to go around.
or (), to go together.
(), to go to meet.
(), v. to ascend as toward the head of a stream.
(), v. to go up; to go from; as from town to the jungle.
(), v. to arrive at.
(), v. to go in/enter.
(), v. to follow after.
(), v. to pass by/to go beyond.
(), v. to go near.
(), v. to descend/to go down.
(), to go to and from.
or , v.i. to shake.
(), v. to walk to and fro.
(), v. to give light (as by torch-light.)
(), v. to catch frogs by torch-light.
(), v. to light/give a light/lighten.
(), v. to catch fish by torch-light.
, [T.P.] n. rod/club/cudgel.
/ (), adv. even.
(), a. loose as the legs of a bench.
(), v. to scorch.
, used with other roots; v. to stroke. 2. the fire rages.
(), a. wide/broad.
(), to increase in width/become wider.
, used with other roots; v. pull up or open the clothes by an immodest act.
, v. to mix.
(), v. to haste.
, v. to mix together as medicine.
(), v. rock to and fro (as anything moved by the wind.) [D.P.] pronounce it
(), interrog. affix used when the answer expected is not merely yes or no.
, used with other roots [T.P.] wonderful! strange indeed!
, v. falling of the bank of a river.
, [B.] n. a carpenter.
(), n. a rock/a precipice.
, used with other roots. [T.P.] to flare as a candle carried by one walking.
(), n. a cart.
(), n. a horse-cart.
(), n. a cart-track.
/ (), n. a bullock-cart.
, n. the hub of a wheel.
(), n. a cart-wheel.
, n. a cart road or track.
, [T.P.] n. cart-track
, n. the axle of a cart.
, a. 1. immodest/shameless; 2. n. a kind of instrument used for catching fish. 3. n
. a scoop with a long handle.
(), v. to go to and fro.
, v. to go to and fro.
, prep. by/with/to/from/on/at.
(), adv. behind.
(), adv. afterwards.
(), adv. there.
(), adv. in olden time/ancient time.
(), adv. here.
, [T.P.] people of the world. (Talaing) in the world.
(), a. to be complete/enough.
(), numeral. one.
(), a. perfect/complete.
(), v. be fulfilled/come to pass.
(), n. a quiver.
(), it is enough.
(), adv. fully/completely.
, not sufficient.
(), a. warm.
, negative. don't do it again.
(), adv. warmly.
(), 1. not warm. 2. no more e.g. there is no more.
, n. low lying land (as land under water.) or swamp where the water does not dry up.
, v. to transgress/disobey.
/ (), v. to sacrifice.
(), v. to feed/furnish with food for any one.
, v. to strew (as clothes/branches &c.)
(), v. to cover oneself with a blanket.
/ (), v. to overflow (as water); to cover up/spread over.
(), a. purple.
(), v. to feel about as when searching in the dark.
(), n. 1. the long white pumpkin. 2. to feel as with the fingers.
(), n. pumpkin.
(), v. to find out by feeling.
(), n. voice/articulate sound/word.
, a. valuable/priceless ().
(), thread/yarn.
(), n. a ball of thread.
(), n. a stick with thread upon it/used as a shuttle.
(), n. doubled and twisted thread.
(), v. to pour as water.
, v. to pour in a heap as paddy &c.
(), v. to pour out.
(), v. to pour water.
(), v. to bore with a hot iron.
(), v. to pour down/to pour out.
(), a. all gone/finished.
(), be entirely gone.
(), v. to waste/use to no purpose.
/ (), wholly gone/entirely spent.
(), same as above.
(), v. to take off as the clothes.
, a. excessive as excessively hot; extremely delicious.
/, n. mockery.
(), v. to take another form/to transmigrate/as a man becoming an animal in t
(), a. be nearly mature (as of young girls or boys.)
, v. to pulse.
// (), to spread out as in the sun to dry.
(), v. to play.
(), v. 1. to pour (as from a bamboo bucket.) 2. [T.P.] to wallow.
(), v. to pay as a fine or debt.
(), v. to liquidate as a debt.
, n. companion.
, n. a kind of metal cup or bowl/a glass tumbler.
, [B.] n. a gimlet.
(), v. to shave.
(), v. to shave the beard.
(), v. to shave the head.
(), a. shaven (of the head) tonsured.
(), v. to shave the moustache.
(), n. larva/maggots.
(), n. 1. stones/rocks. 2. small-pox.
(), n. a whetstone.
(), n. alum.
, n. an anchor.
/, n. stone pillars.
(), n. a flat stone or rock; slate.
(), n. small stones/pebbles.
, n. seaweed.
(), n. a slate-pencil.
(), n. white stone/marble.
(), n. flint.
(), n. a rock of the largest size.
, n. green or blue stone.
, n. a pit made by the small-pox.
(), n. ruby/red stones.
, n. a species of plant.
(), collective term for all rocks/stones/pebbles.
/ (), the stones/bricks or other props upon which the rice pot is put whils
(), n. coal.
, n. a kind of fluid found among rocks. It is used for medicine; lit. the blood of ston
, n. caves among the rocks.
(), n. straw.
(), a pile of straw.
/ (), paddy stubble left in the ground after reaping.
(), n. frankincense [B. ]
(), v. to tell.
/, to tell a person about another's bad behavior.
, v. to relate old traditions.
, v. to talk together/to have a conversation.
, v. to tell about.
(), v. to preach/relate/discourse.
, verbal particle. indicating the close of a sentence.
/ (), n. a place of deposit for the bones of the dead.
(), v. to purge/have a motion.
(), v. be not willing to part with/to regret the loss of; to covet.
(), v. to purge and vomit as in cholera.
(), a. straight.
(), v. to chase.
(), v. be hot as in a fever.
(), v. to overtake.
, v. to pursue hard after.
(), a. perfectly straight/very straight.
(), v. to follow/go with accompany.
(), v. to chase and catch.
, v. to pick the seeds out of cotton.
(), v. to chase each other.
(), v. to bewitch; to kill by witch-craft.
(), v. to bewitch.
, v. to sprawl/roll over &c.
(), n. a saw [B. ]
(), n. a saw-mill [B. ]
, n. saw-dust.
, n. the teeth of a saw [B. ]
/, a. very small/minute.
(), v. to wheedle/deceive.
(), v. to paddle as a boat.
(), v. to gather up.
(), adv. over there/yonder.
(), v. to paddle a canoe.
(), v. to take away (as rubbish.)
, v. to embrace.
, v. to gather in (as paddy from the threshing floor into a barn.)
, v. to scrape up with the hand/rake up &c.
(), to heap up (as paddy or rubbish.)
(), adv. both sides (as of a stream.)
, not quite/hardly/scarcely. e.g. I can scarcely do it. I can ha
, used with other roots / prep. opposite.
(), n. a husband.
(), n. generic name for bamboos. [B. ]
(), a species of bamboo. [B. ]
(), the elephant bamboo. [B. ]
(), n. a strip of bamboo.
, a species of bamboo. [B. ]
(), a species of bamboo. [B. ]
(), a thorny species of bamboo [B. ]
, a bamboo raft. [B. ]
(), a species of bamboo. [B. ]
(), a species of bamboo. [B. ]
(), tender shoots of bamboo.
(), a species of bamboo. []
(), a species of bamboo. [B. ]
, a species of tree [B. ]
, a species of bamboo. []
(), a species of bamboo. [B. ]
(), bamboo joints.
(), the knot of the bamboo joints.
(), v. to reach around (as a girdle.)
/, n. a land leech.
, adv. all round e.g. the water is all round the island.
, v. hem in/surround/envelop.
(), adv. around.
(), v.i. to shake/move.
/, v. to tremble.
, v. to stir up (as water.)
(), v. to ripple (as water.)
(), used in combination a village. or one round &c. v. to run
, v. 1. to encompass; 2. be circular.
/, v. be quite circular.
(), v. to surround.
, v. to spring up (as a rice pounder.)
, v. to be echoed; encircling.
, v. to fence around.
, n. lemon-grass.
, a. whirling round; n. whirl-pool/whirl-wind.
, n. a species of mint plant (Brahmins are said to regard this plant as sacred.)
(), n. compound. [B. ]
, adv. off and on. e.g. I sleep off and on.
, n. posts used for fencing a compound. [B. ]
, v. to lead astray.
(), 1. n. root; 2. v. to count.
, v. to pile up/heap together.
(), adv. originally/at first.
, v. to count number.
, v. to count number.
, v. to narrate/tell over one's ancestry and descendants.
, v. to add together/to count together.
, v. to fan paddy.
(), v. to die of hunger/starve to death.
, v. to fan so as to make a breeze; to be oppressed with heat.
, n. a species of tree/willow.
(), v. to multiply.
, n. a product (of a multiplication.)
, n. multiplier.
, 1. v. to carry a load in the arms; 2. n. a species of large rat.
(), v. to beckon.
, n. rolling of the eyes/whirling.
(), v. to bend down (as a branch.)
, v. to bore through.
, v. to twist.
, a. twisted/not straight.
, v. to wind up (as a clock.)
, v. to twist a rope.
, v. to wring out (as wet clothes.)
, used in combination whirlpool; whirlwind; to suck up.
/, v. to spin cotton.
(), n. a boil.
, v. to shake as the head/to turn round and round/to wheel the hand.
(), n. pimples/small boils.
(), n. the matter of a boil.
, adv. round about/here and there/to and fro.
(), n. a city.
(), n. wall of a city.
(), used in combination; // you/we/I.
(), v. 1. to parch; 2. to throw by a scooping motion (as water with the hand or a dipp
er) 3. to scrape or scratch as fowls.
, v. to bale water.
, v. to sweep off or down (as with a broom.)
(), n. an elder brother or sister.
(), n. an elder brother.
(), n. oldest brother.
(), a. first-born (male or female.)
(), v. to open.
(), v. to open and shut up.
/ (), n. an older sister.
, used with other roots.. to express completion as the fruit season is completed.
, used in combination armour. foretell; forego &c.
, open eyes.
, n. 1. a variety of honey-bee which lives in hollow trees. 2. v. to turn.
, 1. a. circular flexure in the hair of animals. 2. used in combination to hav
xure on the head; to cook or stir up (as curry.)
, to walk along a bridge.
, n. millipede.
, used with other roots.. circumference.
, [B.] n. robe.
/ (), a. red.
///, n. cattle/bullock/cow.
, used with other roots () n. paradise.
// (), n. a rich man [B. ]
(), n. shrimps.
, n. a prawn.
(), n. landing place/wharf.
, n. wide part of the helm. the whole rudder.
(), n. the inga tree.
, n. a kind of instrument used for catching fish.
, n. rule/regulation.
, golden rule.
(), n. crocodile [D.P. omit ]
(), n. deer. [B. ]
, n. crown [B. ]
, n. a species of tree.
, n. a species of grass or plant used as a vegetable.
(), n. evil demons.
(), n. a synagogue/chapel/zayat.
, n. the inner lining of bamboos &c.
(), n. leech.
, n. phlegm [B.]
/, n. a species of water-lily/snags.
(), n. a small black land-leech.
, 1. n. a kind of water-weed/duckweed; 2. v. to suck.
, v. to bale water.
(), 1. n. fruit; 2. v. to bear (as fruit) 3. v. to breathe.
, fig; be very busy; have no time to breathe.
, v. to sigh/to breathe hard.
(), v. 1. to bear fruit; 2. to breathe out.
, religion [B. ]
(), 1. n. heart. 2. v. to itch.
(), n. a difficult or cantankerous persons.
, v. to have a sensation of tightness in the chest so as to breathe with difficulty.
(), a. evil-minded/envious/jealous; that man is jealous of his wi
(), v. to have a hiccough.
(), a. 1. long lived. 2. hard to be killed.
, n. understanding.
, v. to covet.
/ (), n. plantain.
, passionate/lustful mind.
(), a. dark in mind/ignorant.
(), v. covet/have a strong desire for.
(), v. be in a rage.
, v. to be firm in mind/not giving way to grief.
, v. want to vomit.
, v. to be angry.
, n. heart burn.
, n. a species of tree.
, a. cool/easy going/not flurried.
(), v. to be discouraged.
(), v. be in doubt/doubtful.
(), n. good temper.
, v. to be stimulated so as to do something.
(), v. to haste.
, a. to be calm in heart/unwavering.
, v. to have severe pain in the breast.
(), v. be heavy in heart and mind.
(), v. be joyful/happy.
(), to have a sensation of fulness in the chest.
, v. to be nauseated by rich food.
, v. to have the feelings wounded.
(), v. patient/to be not easily provoked.
, n. the kanazo tree [B. ]
, n. the fruit of the kanazo.
, v. to have strong feelings/to have a strong wish or determination to do something.
, 1. a. old. 2. n. a species of tree.
, v. to be uneasy in mind/to be poor in spirit.
, v. be abated (as anger.)
, v. to be confused/troubled/perflexed in mind.
(), n. life/soul.
(), v. to be angry.
(), v. to be proud/boastful/high minded.
(), v. to be joyful/happy.
(), n. a carbuncle.
(), v. see .
(), a. bold/fearless.
/ (), n. breast/chest.
(), v. to forget.
, v. to be settled in opinion.
, v. to be hard hearted.
, v. to be enlightened.
(), in the heart.
, v. want to vomit.
(), v. to be quick in anger.
, n. a kind of tree [B. ]
, a. generous.
(), v. be pleased with/fall in love.
(), a. young.
, n. asthma.
, v. be hungry.
(), a. dear beloved.
(), a. disposed to steal/thievish.
(), a. forgetful.
(), a. be satisfied/contended.
(), v. to fear.
(), n. life.
(), n. Holy Spirit.
(), v. be happy in heart/mind.
(), v. long to see/long for as an absent friend.
(), a. broken-hearted.
, v. 1. to itch severely. 2. be very angry.
, v. to be of one mind.
(), n. the thin projecting part of the breast of a beast.
, v. to choke.
(), v. to purpose firmly.
(), v. lose self-command/be overcome (as with fright.)
(), n. the old heart/natural heart.
(), v. be broad minded.
(), n. nausea.
, n. lust.
, v. to feel comfortable.
(), v. to feel giddy as a person looking down from a height.
(), n. disgust.
(), v. be upright in mind.
(), v. tremble/palpitation of the heart.
, v. be hungry.
(), new heart/new mind.
/, n. witness [B. ]
, n. citron/lime tree.
(), v. to be narrow-minded.
(), 1. n. evil spirit; 2. a. vile/bad.
(), a. sad.
(), v. to have a constriction of the chest.
(), v. to have a strong desire for.
(), v. to sing.
(), a. new.
(), n. pongyi. [B. ]
, n. 1. cuckoo; 2. a species of insect found in the sweet potato.
(), v. to become new.
(), n. a harp.
(), adv. all through the night.
/, n. rich man.
(), adv. all night/each night.
, v. to speak about again and again or continually.
, v. to repeat; chorus.
, n. echo.
, twelve annas.
, n. tobacco. [T.P. medicine.]
T.P. [ D.P.], n. the cassia faetida plant.
, n. a plaster.
(), v. comb.
, n. a species of plant.
, v. to braid.
, v. comb.
(), n. ink.
, n. 1. a species of plant/ring worm medicine.
(), n. concubine.
(), n. blisters/mustard poultices.
(), n. cigar. [T.P. ]
(), n. a pipe. [T.P. ]
(), n. tobacco leaves.
, n. a species of plant used to cure boils.
(), n. unmarried husband.
, n. chewed betel.
, n. a species of creeper.
/, a. spotty/musty/mouldy.
(), v. to die.
/, v. to sing.
(), v. to die with.
/ (), n. a dead body.
/ (), v. to die by accident (as by lightning &c.)
(), v. to die in great numbers (as from an epidemic.)
, n. pestilence.
(), unconscious/insensible; to swoon.
(), died.
(), n. caterpillar.
(), n. intoxicating spirits.
(), n. a species of caterpillar whose hairs produce pain when touched.
/, v. to stop/obstruct (as an aperture or hole by thrusting in something.)
, n. glow worm/caterpillar.
(), n. a species of caterpillar whose hairs produce itch when touched.
, v. 1. to put in (as clothes into a box &c.) 2. to be infested with insects (as paddy
shoots &c.)
(), a. decayed (as teeth)
(), used in combination as; ring; to have a whitlow; to drain off;
, n. fetters made of wood (used in the times of the Burmese Kings.)
/ (), a. unripe as fruits; uncooked as flesh; green as leaves/bamboos &c.
, v. to muzzle the mouth.
(), adv. all the day long/the whole day.
(), adv. day after day/all day/daily.
, v. to confiscate.
(), n. a tree/wood.
(), n. ivory-wood.
(), adv. among the trees.
, n. a species of tree whose fruit resembles the bale fruit.
(), adv. on the tree.
(), n. forester.
(), n. a stump.
/, n. medicine.
(), n. doctor/physician.
, n. the crotch of a tree.
(), n. branches of a tree.
, n. branches.
(), n. plank.
(), n. the bark of a tree.
(), n. a hollow of a tree.
(), n. a log of wood.
(), n. flower of tree.
(), n. firewood.
(), a. firebrand.
(), n. leaves of trees.
(), n. the heart of a tree.
(), v. be skilled/able/ability.
(), v. to know.
(), v. to know and understand.
(), n. the areca tree/betel nut.
, n. a flat large wooden bowl or cup used for eating rice.
, v. to peel off.
(), betel-nut.
/, n. a richman.
, n. a species of grass.
, n. Shan.
(), a. black.
(), n. curry.
(), num. three.
(), n. onion.
(), n. chicken curry.
(), num. thirty.
, n. beef curry.
/ (), n. curry gravy.
, n. pork curry.
(), three viss.
, quite black.
, adv. darkly (as a mountain seen from a great distance.)
(), 1. v. to move. 2. n. soldier.
(), n. a general/commander-in-chief.
(), v. to move off/shove away.
(), v. to move to a short distance.
(), v. to move or push up.
(), v. to move close up to so as to make tight.
, v. to procrastinate/lit. to move day and night; i.e. put off.
, v. to move aside so as to make room.
(), n. soldiers.
(), v. to move into close contact; to draw nigh.
/ (), n. an army.
(), v. 1. to move or push down; 2. to revert (as from office.)
, n. soldiers/an army.
(), 1. n. a louse; 2. v. to plant; 3. v. to build.
(), n. elders/officers/wise-heads.
(), v. be sorry/repent; a. mourn.
(), adv. with all the heart or mind.
(), n. good temper.
, n. a species of louse formed in people's clothes.
(), a. happy/in high spirits.
, n. understanding heart.
(), v. to plant.
(), upright/honest.
(), v. to build up (as a house.)
(), n. hatred/anger.
(), a. glad/happy.
(), n. nits.
(), v. to be satisfied.
(), v. to be afraid/to fear.
/ (), v. to build a house.
(), v. to plant.
(), v. to sing.
(), used in combination. e.g. to be hidden. to hide; hair;
(), v. 1. to boast; 2. to scold.
, a. dry.
(), v. to become dry.
, n. firefly.
, v. to wash.
(), v. to thirst.
, 1. n. cage. 2. v. to make a noise.
(), v. to backbite/slander.
, used in combination; fault/sin; / cage of fowls; dignity/
(), n. 1. sheep 2. oil.
(), 1. n. friends; 2. a. blasted (as paddy.)
, n. cage.
(), n. wool.
(), n. ram.
(), n. ewe/lamb.
(), n. mutton.
(), v. to put on as a jacket.
(), v. to wear shoes.
(), v. to wear a ring.
(), v. to put on a tunic.
(), v. to put on/to dress.
(), v. to roof the house.
, used in combination friends; as big as; to associate with.
, v. 1. to mould (as an image) 2. to lead/guide.
(), v. to send to.
, v. to mould an image.
(), v. to send back/to lead back/to convey back.
(), v. to convey away (as a thing which one wishes to get rid off.)
, v. to shake oneself/stretch.
/ (), v. to use.
, n. [T.P.] mosquito curtain.
, n. a species of tree whose inner bark is fibrous.
, n. flax.
, n. a strip or fibre of the said bark.
, n. a noise. v. to make a noise.
(), 1. sandbank [B. ] 2. used in combination; angel/messenger; an
, n. a sheep.
, v. to arrange/place in series/companies.
(), v. to arrange the bricks.
, n. scrapings of bamboo.
/ (), v. to exhort/stir up to good work/instruct.
(), v. to teach/to show another.
(), v. to teach.
, pumelow tree.
, n. spongy part of fruit; pith.
/ (), to cut/pare/whittle.
(), a grave.
(), charcoal.
(), 1. a species of water lily. 2. the teeth.
(), the side teeth/grinders.
(), teeth set on edge as from the action of acid.
(), tooth-ache.
(), teeth crowded together.
(), teeth broken out.
(), the gums.
(), irritation (as of the throat.)
(), used with other roots; burning hot to the touch; to have irritation in
(), to cut/clear (as undergrowth.)
(), to cut down grass.
(), blood.
(), clotted blood.
(), to have no perceptible pulse.
(), to have the blood rise to the head producing dizziness or faintness.
(), the pulse.
(), to bleed.
(), a nest.
, v. to evaporate/steam up.
(), 1. be wrinkled. 2. to pucker.
(), to call a squirrel by imitating its squeal.
, to sniff.
(), to feel rough (as an unplaned board.)
(), iron chain.
(), to preach.
, 1. denotes the possessive case of nouns and personal pronouns of the third pers
on only. 2. It forms abstract nouns when prefixed by "" and followed by adjectives
, breadth as of a garment.
(), his/her/theirs.
, n. length; height.
(), that.
, n. the skin/bark.
(), a. false.
, n. the spleen.
(), this.
, n. width.
, n. the kidney.
, n. breadth/width.
, n. length.
/ (/), he/she/him/her.
(), they/them.
, an interjection Ah!
(), an interjection expressing dislike or grief.
(), numerous/many/much.
(), unequal in number.
(), to increase.
(), more than.
(), very much.
(), too much.
(), a great multitude/abundantly/increasingly.
, used with other roots; to catch cold. dumb.
(), bricks.
, plaster/mortar.
(), be right side up.
, be wide of an opening.
(), to gape.
(), to open the mouth.
(), to eat.
(), to grill.
(), to ask/to pray.
(), to entreat/supplicate/implore.
, to melt as metal; to cook as ngapi or oil.
(), be well off; be in prosperity/full-fed.
, to season/mix.
(), to trade.
(), to fish (as with a hook.)
, the same as above.
, to raise up (as a sinking post with a lever.)
(), to meet.
(), to steal.
(), to steal and destroy.
(), to rob/to take by force.
, to rob &c.
(), to bake.
, v. to bake glutinous rice.
(), to search/to look for.
(), a clan feast eaten in a house where one member is sick to propitiate the spi
the meal the ladder is drawn up and no stranger is allowed in the house.
, see .
, to char/singe or burn the surface.
(), to boil.
, to boil.
, v. to invite.
(), to question/to enquire of.
, to question &c.
(), to fry.
(), to pound.
, to pound.
(), to pound paddy.
(), to wash (as clothes.)
, to suck.
(), to cook.
(), to pick up.
, to pound (as medicine, chillies &c.)
(), to pluck (as vegetables.)
(), to draw/fetch water.
, draw water.
(), to divide/apportion.
(), to suck milk as an infant.
, to divine; the Karens foretell a thing which will come to pass by marking a piece of
stick with charcoal.
(), to cook.
(), to wash (as the face.)
(), to wash (as the hair.)
(), to eat what does not agree with one (especially when sick.)
(), to roast a thing by putting it under live coals.
, to nourish/feed.
, to settle on flowers (as bees) or on a wound (as flies.)
(), to have a communion or Lord's Supper.
(), to cheat/defraud.
, to pluck (as vegetables/flowers or fruits.)
(), to eat rice.
(), to send/to ask to do something.
(), to shut up a thing in the mouth (as tobacco or water.)
(), to entreat.
(), to swallow.
(), to swallow down.
(), to be anxious/concerned about.
, be anxious.
, be anxious and distressed.
, to eat and drink in company or eat with a mess-mate.
, to select/to choose.
, to scold.
, to cheat/to tell a lie.
, to hire.
, to hire.
, barter; the fire rages.
, to exchange.
(), to eat and drink gluttonously.
(), to bathe.
(), to bathe.
(), to show one how to eat.
/, to spread (as clothes and paddy &c in the sun.)
, to wallow.
, to refund/pay off/to fine.
, to cheat/to tell a lie.
, to borrow.
, to borrow.
, to persuade.
, to parch.
, to catch fish (with a kind of net.)
, to stir.
, to chastise/to reprove.
, to hollow out.
/, to entreat.
(), moss.
(), ginger.
(), to scold/murmur.
(), a species of ginger.
(), the root of ginger.
, to grin.
, to be cross/short tempered.
(), narrow. D.P. pronounce .
, very narrow.
, [B.] a species of earthen pan or bowl.
, 1. if; 2. faeces.
, to void faeces.
, but.
, if it be thus/therefore.
, if it be not.
, split up.
(), to love.
(), to kiss.
(), to betroth.
(), to like/approve/prefer.
(), sodomy.
/ (), to commit adultery.
(), secret/unlawful intercourse.
(), to love one another.
/, n. glutinous rice.
(), 1. to bite; 2. sharp (as the blade of a cleaver.)
, to gnaw.
/, to have a throbbing pain in the joints.
, to gnash the teeth.
or (), to gnash the teeth.
, to ache/throb (as a boil)
(), to carry off in the mouth (as a dog.)
or (), to bite firmly.
, v. to bite hard.
(), to bite off.
(), to break (by biting.)
(), to bite and drag away; 2. see .
(), to get or catch (as a cat a rat.)
(), 1. to scold; 2. to quarrel.
(), v. to scold/to quarrel.
(), n. glutinous paddy.
(), n. glutinous rice.
(), black glutinous paddy.
(), n. white glutinous paddy.
/, pro. he/she or it.
(), a. 1. bad/wicked/vile; 2. deaf.
(), v. to become bad; to increase in wickedness.
(), n. a deaf person.
(), imperfect; very bad. adv. vigorously.
/ (), yes.
/ (), v. to agree to/to consent to.
/, agree to.
(), a. putrid/rotten.
(), become putrid/rotten as wood &c.
, partially dry as wood.
, v. be damp (as clothes in the rainy season.)
, v. choke or unable to breathe (as a person submerged in the water.)
(), v. be dumb/unable to speak.
(), used with other roots; as drowning/sinking applied only to living creatures.
/ (), cloud.
, v. to revolve (as a wheel.)
(), v. to blow.
/ (), v. to charm by blowing.
/, v. to blow with the mouth.
, v. be hollow.
, n. a hollow; a cave.
, used with other roots; there/yonder; this much/that much; here
(), rotten.
, a. unsavoury.
(), v. 1. to open (as a door or box) 2. to call (as a dog.)
, used with other roots; to commit for safe keeping.
(), v. to pull apart with the fingers.
(), v. to open.
(), v. to pul apart with the fingers.
, v. to peel off with the fingers.
, to live in harmony.
, v. to steam under a blanket.
, v. to howl (as a dog.)
(), v. to drink.
, v. used with other roots; / depression in the centre.
(), v. to drink water.
/ (), v. to smoke a cigar.
(), v. to drink spirits.
(), v. to be/to have/be in possession of/to live/remain in one place.
(), v. to add as numbers; to store as property.
/, v. to keep.
(), v. to put up.
(), v. to stop; to suspend (as from office or church); to put away.
, v. to put aside.
(), v. to put down/to lay down.
(), v. to hide.
, to be complete (as in numbers.)
(), v. long-lived.
, v. to assemble.
(), v. to visit.
(), v. to wait/to watch.
/ (), v. to stay and protect.
, to be firm/unwavering.
/, v. to be wasted/unused.
(), v. to mix/to live together; to marry.
(), v. to live in company/to live together in great numbers.
/ (), be in good health.
(), v. to visit.
(), v. to become/come to be.
(), v. to remain; to be left.
(), v. to stop.
(), still living/still remaining.
/, v. 1. be unoccupied. 2. not yet pregnant.
(), v. to rest.
, v. to surround.
(), v. to give birth.
(), v. to appear.
, to be left/to remain.
, v. none left/no more.
/, be hidden/cover.
(), v. to thrust into (as with the finger.)
(), n. white ant.
(), v. to dig out with the fingers.
(), v. to thrust the finger into and turn it round and round.
(), v. to get by thrusting in the finger.
, in the womb.
, v. to pierce through with the finger.
, v. to tear by thrusting the finger into.
, v. to thrust the finger into.
(), v. to crow as a cock.
(), a. white.
, v. to force an entrance into/break.
, v. to force through/force the way through.
, v. to evaporate.
, sweat and become dry by turn.
(), savory/agreeable as food.
, to be lazy/idle.
(), v. to be meek/patient.
, v. great patience.
(), a. delicious as food.
, interrogative particle implying an answer yes or no.
/, is it so! indeed!
, particle denoting nominative of address.
, is an arbitrary character.. standing for in D.P. and for or in Moulmein and for
n Tavoy and Mergui; is often used for the pronoun they; alone or is also used in th
same way.
/ (), n. a wise man.
/ (), n. a lazy man.
(), n. a multitude.
/ (), n. a native.
, n. a leper.
/, n. a wicked man.
(), n. inhabitants of this world.
/ (), n. male (human being)
(), n. a family.
(), another man.
, n. a fool.
(), n. a servant.
, n. a chieftain.
(), n. a judge.
(), a tailor.
(), n. a saint.
(), n. enlightned people.
(), n. person/man.
/, n. a miser/a niggardly man.
(), n. a poor man; people of the lower classes.
(), n. a villager.
(), n. a righteous man.
, n. a smith.
(), n. a robber/dacoit.
, n. a multitude.
(), n. a wealthy person.
, n. a wealthy person.
(), n. a fighter/soldier.
// (), n. officer/government.
(), n. a citizen.
, n. a free man.
(), n. an eunuch.
/ (), n. an orphan.
(), n. Karen.
(), n. Sgaw-Karen.
(), n. Pwo-Karen.
, n. kings.
, n. a husbandman.
(), n. a potter.
(), n. a fisherman.
, n. a woman.
(), an unmarried damsel.
(), n. a widow.
/ (), n. a stranger/a visitor.
, elders/ancient people/forefathers.
(), n. a shepherd.
, n. old bachelor or old maid.
(), n. a priest.
// (), n. a rich man.
, n. a lawyer.
(), n. heathen.
(), n. a testy/crabbed person.
(), n. a tax-gatherer/collector.
(), n. a thief.
, n. a diviner.
, n. a liar.
/ (), n. a wicked man.
Followings are the corrections in comparison with the previous file.
(), n. a powerful kind of wizard.
(), n. a powerful kind of wizard.
// (), n. blanket.
// (), n. blanket.
, December [B. ]
, December
(), January [B. ]
(), January
(), n. the blue eel.
(), n. the blue eel.
(), v. make a noise by clapping the hands.
(), v. make a noise by clapping the hands.
(), the white sesamum.
(), the white sesamum.
/, adv. anciently/ at the beginning.
/, adv. anciently/ at the beginning.
(), road side.
(), road side.
(@), v. to chase and catch.
(), v. to chase and catch.
(), the wind blows.
(), the wind blows.
(@), v. be left/remain over.
(), v. be left/remain over.
(), v. to die in great numbers (as from an epidemic.)
(), v. to die in great numbers (as from an epidemic.)

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