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Introduce to choose from faculty admission

Personally I think that points this year to be quite exaggerated.

But not because of test scores. But inflated score GPA GPAX + GPA, if
you compared the thumb is GPA 4.00 will be made for the test was 100
points, but quality points average of the exam is mostly about 25 - 30.
points, which is compared with the average grade is about 1.00, but

students at most grade average is about 3.00 to 2.00, or more than about
50 points.
Besides that, this year, the GPA scores of up to 30 percent, but
in the past few years. Using only 10 percent more than the 20 points
scored by arough idea if this year will be inflated to 50 x 20 = 1,000
points or full 10,000 are 10 percent.
So, this year. Teachers in many ways. To introduce students to inflation
plus 10%, which is not that excessive Rating for this year are likely to
bevery high. Thus affecting both the choice of the four children. I need
to calculate the score for this. For the selection of the four criteria to
help her, is considered simple. To leave it. Pls consider this information
to me.
# 1. ratings should exceed the minimum. +10. , to give it a chance. 's of
this But those who want to try their selection of the dream itself was not
that well. I own the rights to decide.
# 2. ratings should exceed the minimum. +15. , to give it a chance. 's of
this But it's even better than it was. But who would not be less than +15
as well.
# 3. ratings should exceed the minimum. +20. , to provide a relatively
safe and of this To create a security risk in the selection of it.
# 4. ratings should exceed the minimum. +26. , to provide safe and of
this At least we will be safe with a fourth of it.
Emphasized that this method is a method of data collection and
statistical considerations, personal use that did not believe me.
Moreover, the popularity of the Select Committee. This year, the line
art is very strong. I do not want to suggest that to avoid competition.
Moreover, the score was the least used in Nate Nate Nate I use only O
only. It is the type that has become popular. Also, try to choose one
regional university. Rate will be less competition. The quality of the
universities in the province was not different
universities in Bangkok and then indulging in an environment that is
pleasant to learn than even a university in Bangkok.
To this end, the University is. Faculty works best. It depends on the
decisions of students. Own it. The finish line is not far. I stayed behind.