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7181 | 21 February 2008

Cover illustration ardiovascular disease is the leading cause REVIEWS
The human heart, based of death globally. According to the World
904 Translating molecular
on a drawing by Paolo Health Organization, it was responsible
discoveries into new therapies
Mascagni (1755–1815). for 30% of all deaths in 2005. Although
(Courtesy of M. Kulyk/ typically considered a disease of developed countries, for atherosclerosis
SPL) its incidence is increasing in the developing world. D. J. Rader & A. Daugherty
Cardiovascular disease usually stems from
vascular dysfunction — for example, as a result of 914 Triggers, targets and
atherosclerosis, thrombosis or high blood pressure treatments for thrombosis
Editor, Nature
Philip Campbell
— which then compromises organ function. Most N. Mackman
Insights Publisher
notably, the heart and brain can be affected, as occurs
Sarah Greaves in myocardial infarction and stroke, respectively. For 919 Tackling heart failure in the
Publishing Assistant heart disease in particular, a wide range of underlying twenty-first century
Claudia Banks pathologies can lead to defective functioning of the J. O. Mudd & D. A. Kass
Insights Editor heart muscle.
Ritu Dhand In the past few decades, major improvements have 929 A genetic framework for
Production Editor been made in treating some types of cardiovascular improving arrhythmia therapy
Davina Dadley-Moore
disease. In the case of coronary heart disease, for B. C. Knollmann & D. M. Roden
Senior Art Editor
Martin Harrison
example, therapies such as the administration of
statins and the insertion of stents have reduced death 937 Stem-cell therapy for cardiac
Art Editor
Nik Spencer rates. However, new treatment options are urgently disease
Sponsorship needed for all types of cardiovascular disease.
V. F. M. Segers & R. T. Lee
Emma Green Moreover, improving diagnosis is crucial, because
Production by detecting the early stages of disease, the focus of 943 The developmental genetics of
Jocelyn Hilton therapy could be shifted from treatment to prevention. congenital heart disease
Marketing This Insight brings together review articles about
Katy Dunningham
atherosclerosis, thrombosis, heart failure, cardiac B. G. Bruneau
Elena Woodstock
arrhythmia and congenital heart disease. These
Editorial Assistant
articles explore recent progress in understanding
Alison McGill
the mechanisms that lead to disease and discuss the 949 The search for new
implications of these advances for identifying new cardiovascular biomarkers
therapeutic targets and developing new therapeutic R. E. Gerszten & T. J. Wang
strategies, including the potential use of stem cells
for treating heart disease. Two progress articles also 953 Imaging of atherosclerotic
provide an update on how new technologies for cardiovascular disease
identifying disease biomarkers and for imaging might J. Sanz & Z. A. Fayad
enable disease to be detected at early stages.
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