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With reference to your peronne! re"uire#ent$ %e &re p!e&e' to u(#it our ter# &n'
con'ition$ for offerin) our er*ice$ & fo!!o%+
Our charges for each candidate's placement with your organization will be ,- '&y
&!&ry for every level of candidates. The Salary is considered to be as CTC per month
for the particular candidate. Over and above, a service tax is applicable on the Service
charges, as per overnment norms.
Our payment becomes due after you appoint the candidate!s" with your organization.
The che#ue to be issued in favor of $C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-.
ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1$ against the bill that will be issued to you towards our
service charges immediately upon the appointment of candidate!s", payable %ithin
... '&y #&/i#u#.
2ou shall provide us with the complete details of the candidate!s" appointed through
C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-. ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1 viz. /ate of
3oining, /esignation and Compensation 4 CTC of the candidate5 maximum within 6
days from the date of his7her appointment.
8e offer a free rep!&ce#ent if the candidate leaves your organization within a period
of 0- '&y of his7her 3oining. 8hile C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-.
ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1 is committed to give you the free replacement of the
candidate, your organization shall not withhold the payment for such candidate!s"
even in the scenario5 the candidate has left your organization before remittance of
C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-. ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1 payment for
the said candidate. F&i!in) the free rep!&ce#ent$ the &#ount p&i' %i!! (e
refun'e'1 1owever, the free replacement is valid only if the same position is
replaced. -ny new position cannot be ad3usted against the free replacement.
&n case any of the resumes sent by us to you is already in your stoc9 or you have
received the same through any other source, you shall inform us about the same by
email, within 6 days from the date of receipt, else it will be presumed considered from
C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-. ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1.
Once your organization has ta9en the contact detail of any candidate from C%&'SO(
%O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-. ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1 or if he7she has been
invited for an interview, through our %esource /epartment, such candidate!s" if
selected by your organization will be in C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-.
ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1 account exclusively.
The resumes sent to your organization will remain the asset of C%&'SO( %O)*
O+ *%O+,SS&O(-. ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1 until:
o The candidate!s" has not left his7her present employment and continues to
wor9 in the same organization, which stated in his7her resume, sent to you by
C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-. ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1.
o *eriod of ;< months from the date of resume!s" sent to you by C%&'SO(
%O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-. ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1, whichever is later.
2ou shall provide us with the =/etails7%easons> of the %e3ected Candidates, within 6
/ays from: a" the date of receipt of the C?s O% b" the date of &nterview held, as the
case may be, respectively.
2ou shall give *%O*,% )*/-T&O( to C%&'SO( %O)* O+ *%O+,SS&O(-.
ST)/&,S 0 %,S,-%C1 on %egular basis about the candidate!s", those short4listed
by your company, from the beginning till the final selection7re3ection of the
candidate!s", as the case may be.