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Linux Commands

Command Description
cat /etc/sysconfig/clock Shows whether the system clock is set to local time and shows the time
cat /proc/meminfo Get memory information
cnscim s Displays all cnsterm sessions. If no utilities are running (such as
checktable) should only see two entries!
Screen " ## D$S I/%
Screen & ## S'()*+IS%*
date )ntering ,date- will return the system date and time. .o reset the date
date //0&/1210223 which corresponds to 4ed 5o6 0& /1!21!22 (S.
0223. .hen enter ,hwclock ##utc ##systohc- to push the date and time
into the (7 clock.
df 8h Disk 9ree. It gi6es you the total disk space the used space the space
a6ailable and then the percentage of space being used for all
echo $PATH Displays the path statement for the user logged on.
env .his will display all en6ironment 6ariables currently set for the userid
logged on.
find :ook through all the files in a hierarchy and print out the ones that
contain a certain word in them!
find . #type f #e;ec grep #< =>word?= @A BC
where ,word- is what you are searching for
init 6 *eboot a :inu; bo;
locate <exec> 4ill find all directories that contain the e;ecutable file name.
7hange password.
puma -b gtwgateway
Get $acktrace on hung node
rpm -q java2-jre
Shows the 6ersion of the Da6a D*) package
rpm -qa ppde Shows the 6ersions of (D) installed on a node
scr Displays current software 6ersions
:og onto one of the nodes and enter ,ctl-. .hen enter ,scr-.
scr rss Displays all *esusage settings (what is turned on and what is turned off
collection inter6als etc.).
:og onto one of the nodes and enter ,ctl-. .hen enter ,scr rss-.
scli #g *eturns %S info for $E* media ser6er including 445s
S(ident :ists the Ser6ice (acks currently installed including the S:)S 6ersion.
If the results end with ,7%57:'SI%5! 5o supported
(roduct/Ser6ice(ack found at allF- this should be %G as long as the S(
le6el you are looking for is also shown. .he error is usually caused by
package name collisions (.eradata packages that ha6e the same name
as :inu; packages) and old kernels also e;isting from pre6ious
upgrades (old kernels are kept in case you need to fall back to a
pre6ious 6ersion).
ssh rootHnikebarr0 %nce you are logged in to one node or ser6er can use the SS<
command to Iump o6er and connect to another ser6er. In the e;ample
to the left after logging in to one of the $E* ser6ers this will log into
nikebarr0 using the root userid.
tdpkgrm *emo6es old or obsolete .eradata software components! (D)
(.D$JS .G.4 .7<5 *SG and .DGSS.
Es multiple 6ersions of components are installed o6er time the System
Edministrator may use this tool to remo6e the .eradata software
6ersions that become old and no longer in use.
uname 8a :inu; 6ersion
zdump #6 'S/(acific K grep
Shows the dates that the system clock will be changed to account for
Performance Analysis Commands:
Command Description
:og onto a .D node and enter , on the command line (you should
not ha6e to enter a path where the script e;ists). %nce the script completes it
will tell you where the file is at that contains all the results.
psh sar #u 0 0
Shows system 7(' I%4ait and Idle percentages by node.
File Locations:
Command Description
<osts file
Default (rofile file