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Learning Arabic Language In The Comfort

of Your Home
Quran is the speech of Allah S.W.T. It is the final miracle revealed onto Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for the
guidance of every human being coming till the last day. It is not only sent for the mankind but also for the
Jinns. It was revealed in pure Arabic language.
A Book whose verses have been detailed, an Arabic Qur'an for a people who
Being a Muslim, every one of us when listens to Quran, hopes to know its meaning in Arabic. Listening the
Quran in Arabic brings tranquility to the heart and mind. It has a soothing effect and give us relieve from
our sufferings and at the same time give us a hope. Quran speaks of Paradise and Hell fire, laws that
govern our everyday life.
And We have certainly presented for the people in this Qur'an from every [kind of]
example - that they might remember.[39:27]
It is the primary source that brings us closer to our Creator. Doors of guidance by Quran are open for
everyone, whether the person knows Arabic or not but to feel the miracle of Quran one must know Arabic.
The miracle of Quran is that it causes the one who listens it with heart to tears.
And when they hear what has been revealed to the Messenger, you see their eyes
overflowing with tears because of what they have recognized of the truth. They say,
"Our Lord, we have believed, so register us among the witnesses.[5:83]

If you were not lucky enough to feel this miracle then go through the recitation videos on YouTube. You
will see the reciters sometimes crying so much that they have to end the Rakah. If you want to feel such
miracle in your life, then prepare yourself for Arabic language.
This brings me to the next part of my article that how to learn Arabic language in order to understand
Quran. Remember one thing, Quran is in the pure Classical Arabic which is different from modern Arabic
because with time, new words were added in Arabic and the dialects present today are quite different
from the ones that existed once. But the Quranic Arabic is still safe in its original form and doors are always
open for the newcomers. You dont need to be a master in Arabic Grammar to understand Quran or that
you must know how to speak, all you need to know is the basic rules of Grammar and how words and
sentences are formed and leaning vocabulary of Quran is the most easiest thing because there are a lot
of books written in almost every language and we have plenty of websites as well. I will share the books
and websites with you people. The second most important thing is that Quran repeats the same words so
many times so learning new words is not a problem and if you are learning it for the sake of Allah then
remember that Allah will assist you.
And We have certainly made the Qur'an easy for remembrance, so is there any who
will remember?[54:17]
Let me begin by sharing my own personal story that how I myself learned Arabic. I dont say I am very
good at Arabic Grammar or I still remember all the rules or I know all the vocabulary but what I learned
gave me a push and opened the doors and ways for me and today I am able to understand how sentences
of Quran are structured, and I use a lot of online resources as well as books. My journey begun after
listening to one of the popular speaker of our time Brother Noman Ali Khan whose khutba inspired me
greatly to learn Arabic. Here is the link if you want to listen to it
Although sitting at my home I was feeling hopeless that how can I learn a completely new language
without taking admission anywhere but Allah helped me and just sitting in front of the computer it came
into my head to type Learn Arabic on YouTube and the results that I received were amazing. The very
first link was from site and when I opened the link and reviewed the video I realized that
here is the full course so I just started. Well time passed by and recently in the last summer I was done
with the Intermediate level course and the advance one is still pending but this basic level is such that can
let you understand full Quran in Arabic provided that you go through difficult meanings.
So start by logging on to Its a free site and they charge you nothing for this course.
The name of teacher is Asif Mehrali and he a remarkable teacher. Out of all the best teaching qualities
that I liked in him is that he makes difficult things so easy and his method of teaching is such that you will
never get bored. He will make learning fun. The total length of his lecture is about 2 hours and sometimes
2 hours and 30 min but each lecture is divided into 3 parts with 45 minutes to each video almost. The
curriculum is the one taught in Islamic University of Madinah One of the best Islamic University and the
books are written by Prof. Dr. Abdur Rahim, just type the name of this great personality on Google and
have a look at his biography. Just a few words that he has more than 40 year experience in this field. The
advanced course is taught by this person in which he has explained advanced rules from Surah Al-Hujrat.
Now once you have finished the advance course, you can also do the conversation drills taught by the Prof
as well. During this whole course all the books that are needed are available on the website and once you
have done all the books three for basic level, you will definitely love to learn more. For this Prof. Dr.
Abdur Rahim has written a lot of books and the road map is available on the site.
The other thing that comes to mind of everyone is how I am going to improve my vocabs and have a look
at the grammatical analysis of each and every single ayah of Quran. Well! There is a website that will do this thing for you. This website has the complete grammatical analysis of
each ayah and they tell you the root letters of each word as well. Knowing the root letters is important
because as a beginner you will not very successful in finding the root letters yourself and they are
important because all Arabic lexicons and dictionaries are arranged according to them. One of the book
that even shows how the root letters lead to the full word in the Quran is Qamoos al Faaz ul Quran
(Vocabulary of the Holy Quran). I have used this book and its very well organized and helps a lot even to
show the difference between synonyms sometimes that you will recognize yourself. You can download
this book from Another great tool is Arabic Almaanc, it is online dictionary but you
can also download it. Type the name on Google to freely download it. You use it by entering the root
letters and the word meaning will be displayed from different lexicons and dictionaries including the
popular Hans Wehr. So its a treasure and dont ignore it. Now if you further want to improve your Arabic
skills then the website has a lot of beginner level Arabic books
so you can start reading easy books there and use Google translate for the meaning of difficult words.
Another great course is by Brother Noman Ali Khan by the name Arabic with Husa taught on This website charges you about $11/month or $110/year. 10 15 minutes
professionally recorded videos are for everyone who wants to learn and yes no doubt the introduction of
Brother Noman Ali Khan is not needed, I hope everyone of us know how beautiful his method of teaching
is. Moreover, this channel also lets you have a look at other videos including Quran Cover to Cover.
Finally, a few words of advice are that just keep hope in Allah and be truthful with him and you will find
him in front of you. Allah will help you. It will take a bit of your time but the treasure you will acquire will
be with you till your death. Dont take it difficult its easy recall this ayah
For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. [95:5-6]
Just consider how great it would be that you will be able to understand Quran in Arabic. It will bring you
close to Allah. You will be able to reflect and appreciate the beauty and eloquence of Quran. I will end
with these verses of Quran
And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him
from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient
for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for
everything a [decreed] extent. [65:2-3]