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a walk-in mosquito net all

custom built by local

carpenters because you can't
just go to the nearest Walmart
and buy things like that in
Malawi. That is a HUGE
blessing to have all of that
already in place, saving us
countless hours and many
hassles! God knows how to
take care of the big picture,
and the little details and the
little people. To top it all off,
our belongings have already
been moved to the house by
other friends who had been
storing them for us. So all
we have to do is unpack
when we arrive. This move
will be so much simpler than
we had envisioned. Isn't God
Recently we received an
email: I've been praying
that God would go before
you, and prepare the way
for a smooth and easy
transition back to the field
and ministry. We know
that many of you have also
been praying for us, and
we're excited to share with
you just how God has been
answering this prayer and
many others, in both the
large and the small details!

First, we're cleared for
takeoff!!! We're excited to
report that we plan to move
back to Malawi in mid July
to begin sharing the Gospel
while teaching better
agriculture so that
Malawians can feed their
families better! Details
have been falling into place
one after another, and we're
very thankful that God is
bringing it all together.

Another big piece of the
puzzle has been the
question of where to live
when we arrive back in
Malawi. Now, not only do
we have a house lined up, but
all the small details
accompanying it are well
chosen gifts from the Lord.
As it happens, the people
currently living in the house
we'll be renting are the same
people who've been caring
for our dogs while we've
been absent from Malawi.
And, as it happens, they are
leaving at the end of June,
while we plan to arrive in
July. Their security guards
(one of whom used to work
for us) will pass into our
employment, and will already
be on the job when we arrive!
(Having that in place is a
huge blessing! We won't
have to begin searching,
interviewing, and hiring
while trying to settle in).
They'll also continue caring
for the dogs during July
before we arrive, so we don't
have to scramble for dog
sitters. AND, our friends
have a baby, and have
outfitted the house with a safe
play area (fenced in), baby
gates, and a crib protected by
Cleared For Take Off in July 2014
Jesus Loves Malawi
Special points of
Babcocks will
return to
Malawi in July
2014 after a
brief visit to
Important new
information for
Dean and Steffi
answer your
Standing in the
Need of Prayer
June 2014
to accomplish. They are also
very positive and supportive
of our ministry vision - to
teach better agriculture while
doing evangelism and
discipleship. And,
interestingly, this inter-
denominational agency has
some very strong Free
Methodist connections, both
on the board and among their
missionaries, helping us to
feel even more at home.
Praise the Lord! And thank
you for your prayers!
We are also thanking God for
another huge answer to
prayer. You may recall from
our last letter that we needed
to find a new sending
organization here in Canada.
Adventive Cross Cultural
Initiatives (ACCI) was
recommended to us by our
leaders at the Free Methodist
Ministry Centre in
Mississauga. ACCI is an
evangelical missions sending
agency based in Nepean,
Ontario which exists for the
purpose of attracting,
equipping, sending, and
serving the vision of
passionate, effective leaders
and teams who are focused
on cross-culturally advancing
the kingdom of Christ
throughout the world. We're
excited to report that they
have accepted and approved
us as ACCI missionaries to
Malawi and that we feel
they are a very good fit for
who we are as servants of
Jesus and what we are trying
ACCI is our New Canadian Sending Agency
Eliannas First Passport
In the next few weeks we'll
be packing and moving.
Not as simple as it sounds...
beyond all the details of an
international move, some
things need to be stored,
some packed for Malawi, and
some packed for two weeks
of camp before we fly.
Please pray that we'll keep all
the details straight. We plan
to have our belongings stored
by the end of June, and then
visit two camps, where we'll
be sharing about Malawi, and
Dean will be helping with
children's ministry. We're
really looking forward to
connecting with any of you
who'll be at Wesley Acres
Family Camp 1, or Maple
Grove Family Camp. Then
it's off to Malawi. God has
blessed us, through our
excellent travel agent, with
the opportunity to have a free
extended layover on the way
for a bit of vacation after this
whirlwind. We'll be stopping
in Holland for 2 weeks to
visit Steffi's family and then
continuing on to Malawi at
the end of July.

We're excited about getting
back to Malawi, jumping
back into language learning,
and laying the foundations for
ministry to villagers. But in
order to get to the villages,
we'll need to purchase a good
used truck preferably a 4
wheel drive. Unfor tunately,
used vehicles are always very
expensive in Malawi due to
import taxes (110%) and
shipping costs. Although
prices vary, depending on
age, even a 20 year old
vehicle fetches a good price.
So please pray that we'll find
a reliable truck for a good
price. And please consider
whether you could help us
with that large expense.
Your contribution will be
greatly appreciated, and,
quite literally, put to work!

As always, we so appreciate
each of you who've been
supporting us all along with
your prayers and gifts. May
God richly return to you
every blessing you've
bestowed on others!

Yours in the love of Christ,

Dean and Stephanie Babcock
Christopher, Jonathan, Sarah,
and Elianna
The Babcocks are on the move
Standing in the Need of Prayer
for the last stretch to full
funding to be completed
within the next month.

that ministry efforts will all
have God's guidance and

and for the country and
people of Malawi to whom
we have been called to
that God will protect and
bless our time while we
move, help us to remember
details and work efficiently,
while ordering our steps
during this very busy season.

for travelling mercies

...that we'll find a good,
reasonably priced vehicle fit
for rough roads to get to the
Page 2 Jesus Loves Malawi
All US

In the United
States, we are still
with TMS (The
Mission Society) as
our U.S. sending
agency, and all
U.S. dollar support
should continue to
be sent there.
Sarah and
The Babcocks
While on Furlough
in North America

If you have any questions about our recent changes, or how to set up monthly giving, please
give us a call at 343-364-9377 or send an email to We'd love
to connect and answer any questions you may have. You can also follow our blog at
Keep Up-To-Date with Jesus Loves Malawi and the Babcocks
Our hearts and our memberships remain Free Methodist. Dean continues to be an Ordained
Minister with the Free Methodist Church in Canada with a status of released for ministry
outside the denomination by the bishop and the conference. In practical terms that means that
we are out there representing Free Methodists (similar to chaplains), but not working directly
for any Free Methodist body. We also have the opportunity to serve the whole body of Christ,
as well as those who are not yet Christians.
Questions and Answers
Volume 1, Issue 1
A special Thank
You to New Hope
Free Methodist
Church for having
sent us to Malawi
and to Pine Grove
Community Church
for receiving us
while on furlough.
Jonathan and Friends
and Jonathan
Page 3
How does this change to ACCI affect your Free Methodist identity?
We had hoped to find another church with which we could form a relationship similar to what
we've had with New Hope FMC in Bracebridge. But going as long term missionaries changes
the legal dynamics, increasing the difficulty of satisfying Canadian tax law regarding charities.
So, in order to protect churches from unwittingly getting embroiled in legal hot water, we were
counselled that it would be best to seek a sending agency because they understand the legal
implications and the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We are, of course,
all in favour of empowering and protecting churches, and it seems that God has led us in this
direction. So, we're praising God for providing, once again, just what we needed, and for
leading us to partner with ACCI. They're a good fit.
Why did you go this route (ACCI)?
No. ACCI is ver y suppor tive, and excited about our vision to combine pr actical and
spiritual ministry through teaching better agriculture, nutrition, biblical discipleship, and
Christian character.
Will this change your ministry?
What does Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives (ACCI) mean?
Adventive is a botanical term that denotes a recently introduced, non-native plant that thrives
in a new environment. Adventive also combines two words adventure and inventive. These
two words describe ACCI's commitment to new ideas and ground-breaking ministry.
How to Send Support.
Gifts in Canadian funds should be sent directly to ACCI, either by mail or
through online donations, using the instructions on the enclosed form. Any
donations recently sent to Bracebridge are still fine they are processing
donations until June 30, and forwarding them to ACCI. Thanks so much!

Gifts in U.S. funds continue to flow through TMS. If you wish to send
support, please use the enclosed form, and write Dean and Stephanie
Babcock, Malawi, Acct. #3054 on the cheque memo, or visit to give online.

Both organizations allow donor s to set up automatic monthly giving.
With ACCI this must be done online at And if you need
help getting this set up (in Canada) please call Lauren Roth at 613-298-1546.