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Interest in job content

Henriette is interested in ideas, concepts, and meaning as part of perceptual and mental activities.
theoretical and/or creative activities are balanced with other activities and do not have a priority or

Henriette enjoys associating and interacting with people but likes independence as well. So the activity,
rather than

Motivational levels are highest for Henriette when in the limelight where recognition is earned, deserved,
or given.

Henriette is moderately motivated to manage others on a social or organizational basis as part of overall

Henriette enjoys social or vocational interaction with others but is not dependent on direct contact and

Along with other mental activities, Henriette is aware of abstract ideas and concepts. Ideas about new or
different ways

Henriette is motivated to work on projects that are planned, scheduled, and completed. This indicates a
preference to

Henriette is generally not interested in or motivated by scienti?c research of a technical nature or in
technical syste---

Henriette is motivated very little by physically working with things and objects as a primary or important
part of work

Henriette prefers and may even require change and variety. Sameness and routine cause loss of interest,
drive, and



Henriette prefers and needs change and variety. Change is motivating, stimulating, and energizing.
Henriette looks for
new options, challenges, assignments, acquaintances, relationships, and even new careers in new
places. Henriette tires
of sameness, repetition, and routine even in activities that were interesting at the start. Once things
become routine for
Henriette, this becomes a motivation to move on to more interesting things.

<Henriette enjoys and bene?ts from being organizationally interactive with others in work or recreational
activities. Th--

<Henriette's preferences tend to be naturally empathetic, sympathetic, generous, and helpful. Henriette is

<Henriette indicates a moderate preference to work under the competent leadership of others, closely
with peers, or
<Henriette accepts and exercises responsibility for organizational management but may not necessarily
seek out that

<Henriette is motivated to in?uence and convince others as part of social, organizational, vocational, or

<Henriette willingly accepts responsibility for exercising motivated talents. These may include leadership

<Henriette sees self as talented, self-suf?cient, and goal-oriented. Most likely, Henriette regards work
activity and go---

<Henriette does not prefer being tied to or tied down by timed, repetitious sensory/physical activity. Such
work quickly

<Henriette's preferences are generally oriented toward what is tangible, factual, and functional, where
logic is based on

<Perception, thinking, logic, decisions, and actions of Henriette are more than likely based in fact,
resulting from pers----

<Henriette does not generally see, retain, and/or recall verbatim detail and, instead, shows an awareness
of concepts,



Henriette's preferences and motivations are derived from understanding the deeper or 'real' meaning of
ideas and
words and uses them effectively in written or oral communication. Literary in this factor means intentional
search for
deas expressed by the minds of others for one's own use, assimilation, learning, etc. The source can be
books, other
publications, historical documents, research information, drama, movies, television, the "information
highway" or
nternet, etc. Emphasis is on communication: picking up information from minds of others or
communication aimed
toward the minds of others. Journalism and writing are major activities. Literary activity is not exclusively
academic, or cultural. It may be an end in itself as in a bookworm for instance. And literary activity is not
accompanied by communicative activity, written or oral. On the other hand, communicative activity need
not be literary
n the classic sense. And one need not be persuasive to be communicative, but it helps. When the trait is
motivated, as it is here, it suggests both literary and communicative abilities that are or could become a
usable skill or a
developed talent. By now you can see that only a review of all traits will clearly show the speci?c content
of Henriette's
iterary and/or communicative preferences and motivations.

Henriette's motivations and preferences adequately relate to the activities of the mind and its immediate
response to

Henriette's preferences are effected but not dominated by such things as beauty, color, and spatial
measure: size,

Henriette's preferences do not deter from seeing the big picture and handle things in that larger context.
This ties

Henriette has a moderate level of motivation when considering activities where attributes include:

Henriette is aware of details for their own sake, and sees the linkage and relationship associating that
detail with

enriette's preferences and motivations most likely revolve around an adequate ability to see, retain, and
recall detail-

Intellectual and/or analytical work, most likely represent somewhat important types of mental activities. A
review of th

Math may be about the same as a foreign language for Henriette. At least, it is foreign to Henriette's
mental preference-

Henriette is not motivated for what is called `workbench' activity where a person manually (primarily arms,

Henriette has clear preferences that do not include handling minute manipulation of detail for extended
periods of


(How you relate to people, in priority order)

Henriette's motivations are heightened signi?cantly by persuasive, gregarious, auditory-musical, visual-
artistic, and
communicative traits to entertain others with intent to convince them toward a particular idea, viewpoint,
objective, or product. In this motivational context, entertainment is more than pleasing people. It has
promotional and
marketing objectives. Some preferred activities include: marketing, sales, public relations, television
lobbying, political campaigns, promotional consulting, sports announcing, etc. Motivations may also be
driven at the
prospect of efforts to get ahead in various areas of entertainment and/or acting, i.e., to advance one's
own career.
Persuasion is the primary preferred trait. A high level of motivation exists because there is an element of
risk involved
where the effort has a goal tied to the end of the act.

Henriette can be motivated in some situations to assume the responsibilities for planning, assigning,

Henriette is ready, willing, and perhaps even able (or trainable) to persuasively in?uence others with the
intent or ho--

Henriette does prefer considering people both philosophically, and psychologically. This natural
motivation towards an

Henriette is motivated to voluntarily communicate to others with the intent or hope that the information will
be in thei

Henriette is motivated to voluntarily communicate to others with the intent or hope that the information will
be in thei

Henriette has motivation and, more than likely, the natural talent for assertively negotiating or an
adequate motivation

Rather than a motivation for putting others ?rst, Henriette's preferences revolve around self as a ?rst


(How you relate to things, in priority order)

Henriette has moderate mental/sensory/physical preferences for handling material processing. This may
or may not
involve machines or machine operation. It basically means motivation to manage (i.e., functionally
manipulate) things at
hand from one place to another, from one process to another, from one material state to a new one
because of the
process. This can be machine work or craft work or even supervising ("bossing") the work of people.


(How you relate to data, in priority order)

Henriette is motivated to coordinate (i.e., manage, manipulate, administer, etc.) that which is at hand to
achieve planned,
known or strategic objectives. This means that Henriette prefers to do something functional, directional,
goal-oriented with thinking processes, decisions, and actions. When and how Henriette coordinates can
be determined
by reviewing other traits.

Copy activity involves detail and routine, which is preferred by Henriette and includes reproducing

Henriette prefers an emphasis on utility when called upon to recognize and identify or classify important
factors relate-

Along with other mental activities and preferences, Henriette sees the big picture or assembles
perceptions, thoughts,

Routine, factual, mathematical problem solving does not represent any vocational preferences for

Henriette does not prefer analytical, exploratory or investigative activities

Henriette is not naturally motivated to remain attentive to detail and does not prefer clerical or



(How you relate to reasoning, in priority order)

Henriette is motivated and perhaps even mentally equipped for troubleshooting: to recognize or otherwise
problems or developing problems in familiar operational or procedural areas; to tackle problems with
intent to solve
the problems and restore function to former levels or better. (NOTE: This requires onsite familiarity with
operations, a sense or suspicion of where things might or could break down, and savvy about ways to ?x
the problem).

Depending on the situation, Henriette generally prefers simple, routine tasks in a familiar environment

Henriette's mental preferences include holistic and conceptual thinking, awareness of the essential
meaning of things,

For Henriette, natural preferences can comfortably adapt to get into the "swing of things" and "go with the
?ow. "

Henriette's mind tend to be oriented toward systems engineering: identifying, analyzing, and solving



(How you relate to the applied usage of math)

Management responsibility based on mathematical calculations and decisions is not a preferred activity
for Henriette.


(How you relate to the usage of language)

Logical explanation and education can be motivational for Henriette in some instances. This motivational
level is based
on the complementary interaction of a number of traits: social, leadership, in?uential, technical, service
and functional.
Review of all worker traits will identify Henriette's speci?c journalistic motivations and or preferences.

Henriette has creative writing and communicating preferences that are important vocational motivators.

For Henriette technical information management is not a motivational factor. There is seemingly too much

Henriette does not pay particularly close attention to non-motivational information, data, or detail such as