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Part I.

The Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

1. Vision of the Institution
The Cotabato City State Polytechnic College shall be a center for scholarship, science, professions, and entrepreneurship; a developer of human and
technology resources for global competitiveness; and a proactive change-agent in Central Mindanao and Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
2. Mission of the Institution
The CCSPC aims to provide professional and advanced academic, technical and vocational training; promote research, e!tension, production and
progressive leadership in the various fields of speciali"ation; and provide scholarship and part-time #ob opportunities to poor but deserving students
3. Goal of the Acadeic !nit
To develop graduates $ho are s%illed, &od-fearing, productive, innovative, critical thin%ers and leaders in the field of Social 'or%, Community
(evelopment, and Psychology
". Pro#ra outcoes $objectives%
a To e)uip students $ith the appropriate %no$ledge, s%ills and values in dealing on behavioral aspects of individual and societal development
b To enhance students* s%ills in psychological assessment and interventions through actual practice
c To augment students* %no$ledge on human nature through their practical application of scientific approaches to problem solving
d To engage students in research and e!tension activities that $ill further improve their %no$ledge, s%ills and values on the science of human behavior
e To develop the students* competence in the field of psychology for their future gainful employment
&. Procedures in the forulation, onitorin# and revie' of the VMGOs
A committee $as created by the College President composed of the +P*s, deans and directors of the various academic units to revie$, and
reformulate, if need be, the +M&,*s of the College last August -, .//- The committee had brainstorming of ideas, discussions and finally had short listing
of the relevant core competencies that $ill represent the CCSPC vision, mission, goals and ob#ectives This $as a t$o-day $or% of deliberation held August
0-1, .//- The finali"ed vision-mission, goals and ob#ectives $ere from submitted to the other sectors2 the students, non-teaching personnel, and faculty for
their reactions3comments and suggestions The Committee finally submitted on August .1, .//4 the results to the President to table said proposed +M&,*s
to the Administrative Council for approval, and to the 5oard of Trustees for final approval
,n 6une 7-4, .//4 a t$o-day consultative meeting of all &C professors $as conducted in the reformulation of the &C M&,*s This result $as
submitted to the College President for approval The +M-M&,*s $ere part of the discussions in the various classes during the first meeting of classes
8n a Re-9cho Seminar-'or%shop on Strategic Planning held last ,ctober :0-:;, .//;, a draft of a ne$ +&M, for the College $as presented by Mr
Serapion 5ueno, 6r, CCSPC Planning ,fficer A research study on the a$areness and acceptability of the +M&, among the students, faculty and staff has
been proposed and $ill be implemented this Second Semester of School <ear .//;-.//=
(. )ta*eholders +artici+ation in forulation,onitorin#,revie' of the VGMOs
-ature of
a 5oard of Trustees (eliberation, Approval >ovember .//- - (ecember .//4
b Administration (eliberation, Recommending Approval August 0-;, .//-
c Students Comments, Suggestions August :-, .//-
d >on-Teaching Personnel Comment, Suggestion August :7, .//-
e ?aculty Comments, Suggestions August :4, .//-
f ?aculty (eliberation, Recommending Approval 6une 7, .//7
g Administrators, ?aculty and Staff (eliberation ,ctober :0-:;, .//;
/. Process of disseination of VMGOs and deterination of acce+tabilit0
The +ision-Mission of CCSPC and the goals and ob#ectives of the College of Arts and Sciences $ere disseminated through publications in the
5ulletin of information of the College, @andboo%s and ?rames posted on the $alls They are also announced over the $ee%ly radio program of CCSPC, the
ACCSPC Today and Tomorro$B A survey is also being conducted to determine the acceptability of the College*s +M&,s
1. 2ors,edia used in disseinatin# the VMGOs
A series of consultative meetings $ere underta%en in the reformulation of the CCSPC +ision, Mission, &oals and ,b#ectives The Tas% Committee
$as organi"ed by the President composed of the +ice Presidents, (eans and (irectors and Chiefs of ,ffices of the College to revie$ and reformulate the
+M&,*s, if need be ,n August 0-;, .//- the Tas% Committee, revie$ed the +M&,*s through brainstorming of ideas, nationali"ation of suggestions, and
finally the reformulation
,n August :-, .//4 the College of Agriculture students $ere consulted and the Committee solicited for their comments and suggestions Similarly,
the non-teaching personnel and ten C:/D faculty members representing their respective colleges $ere li%e$ise consulted for their comments, suggestions
and recommendations on August :7 and :4 respectively
The same vie$s came out during the consultation $ith the non-teaching personnel, students and faculty members Thus, the reformulated +M&,*s
$ere recommended by the Tas% Committee for approval by the College President and by the Administrative Council The +M&,*s are made part in student
orientations as $ell as the $ee%ly radio program of CCSPC
3. .escri+tion of the con#ruenc0 and i+leentation bet'een actual educational +ractice and activities to VMGO
The administration, faculty and students accept the responsibilities in responding to the vision-mission, goals and ob#ectives of CCSPC through
e!cellence in education as evidenced by their active participation in the department and college-$ide activities in instruction, research and e!tension
14. )uar0 of findin#s and recoendations of the )5627)!8V59 of Area I:
: The reformulation of the CCSPC +M&,s $as done in a t$o-$ee% conference of all deans, directors and heads of offices and students in August -,
.//- Consultation on the ne$ly framed +M&, $as also held on ,ctober :0-:;, .//; They $ere participative in nature
. There is ade)uate dissemination of the +,*s in print
Areas -eedin# I+roveent
: (issemination to other sta%eholders Ccooperating agencies, lin%ages, industry representativesD
: Continue to involve the other sta%eholders in %no$ing and in appreciating the +M&,s
T0+e of Audience,
-o. of
a Committee Meetings (eans, (irectors; Students; >on-Teaching Personnel; ?aculty :.; 1; 4; :/
b ,rientation Programs CCSPC Students All student population
c Catalogs, Manuals, @andboo%s, 5ulletin of 8nformation Students, ?aculty, Staff and Administration
d Radio3mass media Eisteners of the Radio Program, ACCSPC Today and
Tomorro$B over (FM<, Cotabato City