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The East's Most Read Bowling Weekly Sports Reporter The Nation's Leading Bowling Tournament Newspaper Since 1940

The Nation's Leading Bowling Tournament Newspaper Since 1940

The East's Most Read Bowling Weekly Sports Reporter The Nation's Leading Bowling Tournament Newspaper Since 1940

Vol. 75

No. 17

June 25 - July 1, 2014

50 cents

Bill O’Neill Wins PBA Badger Open

By Bill Vint - PBA

SHAWNEE, Okla. – Bill O’Neill of Langhorne, Pa., derailed Brian Valenta’s hopes for a first title, throwing two strikes in the 10th frame to edge Valenta, 243-235, in the Professional Bowlers Association Tour Badger Open championship match at the Grand Casino Resort Event Center. The finals of the third of five Oklahoma’s Grand Casino Resort PBA Summer Swing events, contest- ed on a 52-foot Badger lane condi- tion – the longest oiling pattern in

PBA photo PBA Badger open Champion Bill O’Neill.
PBA photo
PBA Badger open Champion
Bill O’Neill.

While Valenta, a two-handed, high-revolution player, played a severe inside line, lofting the ball 10 feet or more down the lane, O’Neill moved to the right side of the lane and played a much straighter shot to the pocket. “It was one of those days when everything worked out, and when I got up in the 10th, I really wasn’t nervous. I knew what I had to do.

Whatever (Valenta) did, it didn’t

matter. I knew I was going to get up there and double, and that’s what I

PBA’s library of lane conditions – aired on CBS Sports Network. Along with his fifth career PBA Tour title – and first since the 2012 Cheetah Championship – O’Neill earned $10,000 and a berth in Oklahoma’s Grand Casino Resort King of the Swing, a special event that will conclude the Summer Swing.


Valenta was obviously disappoint- ed about falling short of his first title, but the 29-year- old seventh-year pro was pleased about winning three matches in his first PBA Tour television appearance. “I had a great time,” Valenta said. “I got a little intense, but I didn’t go crazy.”

Tom Handley 300-299-821 At Rockville Centre Lanes

ROCKVILLE, NY – Tom Handley earned top game and set honors contesting in the Wednesday Early Men’s League at Rockville Centre Lanes when he tossed impressive games of 300 and 299 for a session high series of 821. Chris Froehlich shot 279-684, Dom Conti 259-244, Tom Carley and Jarvis Skellington 257, Barry Clare 256-245-699, and Rich Cohen 248-237.

Gary Vicente, Chris Ferrara Hit 300 at Lodi Lanes

LODI, NJ - Gary Vicente found perfection in a 300

game and finished the session with a 772 high set while Chris Ferrara posted his 300 in a 737 series rolling in the Monday 670 Trios at Lodi Lanes. High in the Tuesday Night Trios was Mike Kida tossing a near perfect 289 game followed by Sam Ho 275, Ron De Luca 267, Brian Creeley 259, Alex Prell 259, Jennifer Dunklin 257, and Mario Moyano


Mike Vamos Rolls 300-821, Bob Lampariello 300 At Majestic Lanes

HOPELAWN, NJ – Mike Vamos and Bob Lampariello each blasted a 300 game in the Middlesex County Classic League at Majestic Lanes. Mike got high honors with 244-277-300-821. Mickey Endress shot 247-257-233-737, Richard Funk III 217-284-232-733, Pete Tirado 226-279-217- 722, Bill Daunno 279-235-207-721, Joe Herber 217- 235-267-719, John Kertesz 248-245-222-715, and Dave Fentl 224-269-222-715.

Jim Viola 300 at Parkway

By Dennis Hoffman

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – In the Fred Gowe 555-660 Triples Chuck Trimblett led with the top series post- ing 249-256-258-763 and it was Jim Viola earning the high game honors tossing perfect with his 300 game. Rene Ruiz Jr. pitched 247-228-258-733, followed by Pablo Plaza tossing 279-205-248-732, Dan Twomey, Fernando Cova-Gomez, and Victor Padilla all with 256s, Nikko Deliantis hit 255, Steve Tripp 248, and Brian Dimarco rolled a 245 game.

Ryan Shafer Wins PBA Howell Lanes Eastern Open

By Russ Mills - PBA

PBA photo Champion Ryan Shafer (left) with proprietor Neil Feingold and Brian LeClair runner-up.
PBA photo
Champion Ryan Shafer (left) with proprietor Neil Feingold and
Brian LeClair runner-up.

HOWELL, N.J. – Ryan Shafer of Horseheads, N.Y., rolled a double in the 10th frame to defeat Brian LeClair of Albany, N.Y., 193-187, and win the Professional Bowlers Association Howell Lanes Eastern Open presented by Brunswick. Both finalists struggled to find the pocket early in the champi- onship match, but LeClair, who finished first, doubled in his 10th frame to force Shafer to also dou- ble. Shafer threw two perfect shots to win his 24th career regional title and $2,500 first place money. LeClair earned $1,250 as the run- ner-up.

In the semi-final round, Shafer eliminated Rick Graham of Lancaster, Pa., 233-191, while LeClair defeated Jason Stadtler of Cherry Hill, N.J., 279-163. Graham and Stadtler each earned


The East Region travels to Fort Meade, Md., for the Fort Meade Eastern Challenge presented by Roto Grip. PBA Challenge events are open to any PBA member without a title and any non-mem- ber who has never won a PBA event. Jim Lovewell III posted the only 300 game in the event.

Jon Trzcinski 802 at Nationals

By Matt Cannizzaro - USBC





USBC photo Jon Trzcinski
USBC photo
Jon Trzcinski

series and moved into a tie for second place in Regular Singles. The 23-year-old right- hander finished his second USBC Open Championships appearance with a 2,196 all-events total, which is sixth in

Regular All-Events. Lodge Lanes Kids also

Trzcinski of Bay Shore, N.Y., brought the num- ber of 800 series rolled at this year's United States Bowling Congress Open Championships to five on June 11. A day removed from leading Lodge Lanes Kids of Orlando, Fla., into third place in

Regular Team with a 3,527 total, Trzcinski rolled games of 243, 289 and 270 for an 802

moved into second place in Team All-Events with a 10,205 total.



June 25 - July 1, 2014

Kelley Grippo 694 in Youth Travelers

By Vince Albrecht

HACKENSACK, NJ - The media named Holy Angels’ senior Kelley Grippo to the All-North First Team and she demonstrated why in the youth travelers’ season finale, pounding out a session- best 694 in leading Bowler City II to a convincing sweep of Bowler City III, 3048-2829. Kelley was spot-on as she followed strong games of 224-211 with

259, the day’s top single. As leadoff kegler, she set the pace for her teammates who responded in impressive fashion. Dean Edwards hit 224-615, George Held 225-203-602 and Joe Biondi 197. BC III flashed bright numbers as well, led by anchor Nick Reyes 222-214- 216: 652, Greg Khan 256 and Dana-Marie Laloo 197-194. League champion Holiday finished the year on a high note, blast- ing an 896 net in taking five of seven points from Boonton. Frank Magyar, who had already posted games of 207-203, ended his ses- sion with 255 for 665, second high threesome for the day. Lilly Sigona tallied 225, Ryan McGuire 209 and anchor Nick Cilento closed with 207. Nick, who earlier had struck for 243, shot a 621 set, one of twelve which lit up the telescores. Boonton, which ended in third place, used five players interchangeably, resulting in just two games bowled by the Kattermann brothers, with Erik edging the Star- Ledger’s All-North Bowler of the Year Karl, 193-257-450 to 221- 222-443. Matt O’Dea had the squad’s other deuce offerings, 236-


Last year’s champion Bowler City I settled for the runner-up slot by coming from behind to take three points from Montvale, which had shot from the gate with two quick wins, rolling power games of 995-1011. BC I used its strongest lineup and the players didn’t dis- appoint, producing four “600+” sets. Kyle Schellberg rolled 223- 247-654, Welmer Paguay 246-203-644, James Kane 205-245-644 and Anthony Rizzo 202-212-613. Montvale benefited from an out- standing threesome from Katie Didonato 234-204-621 while Jessica and Chris Torres added 205 and 204 respectively. Lodi rolled to a sweep of Fair Lawn, 2983-2738 behind Chris Navarro 219-224-632 and Avery Brown 212-197. Madison Perry bowled 211 and Steve Plaszky’s 192 led the Fair Lawn quartet.



By Gloria Volpe

Paul Tortorici 300

Actually Paul Tortorici posted his 300 in the Bud Light Tuesday 4-man in January but it never got submitted to the Sports Reporter so let’s give him his due.

Bud Light Tuesday 4 Man

Down to the wire this league had some nice big games two with 297 games one by Hyun Sik Yo and one by Minjae Kim. Gabriel Tineo tossed 269, Carlos Gonzalez had a pair of 268 games, Paul Tortorici 265, Paul Stamos 259, Marc L. Heureux & Frank Balsamo 258, Albert Choi 257, Tony Rigano and Bruce Radigan each pitched a 256 game.

Wednesday Early 5-Man

The high game of the night was Kevin Matawa 277-700, Rich Graf 269, Bill Cappiello 267, Thomas (Fire Ball) Smith Sr. 266- 234-658, Tony Amello & Tom Smith Jr. 246, Joe Leardo Sr. 244, Nick Mancini 243, and Joe Leardo Jr. 236-654.

Public Safety

Robert Day had the high game

with his 279-224-707. But the Star of the night was none other than Kevin (Tito) Jackson
with his 279-224-707. But the Star
of the night was none other than
Kevin (Tito) Jackson with his 269-
278-247-794. Gabe Piomelli hit
275-226-717, and Kenny Lee was
right in there with his 248-256-
2 SPORTS REPORTER June 25 - July 1, 2014 Kelley Grippo 694 in Youth Travelers By

They said it well---with com- ments. "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”---DOLLY PAR- TON ( Splits and misses are as much a part of the game as strikes and spares)

“Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist.”--- DAVID BEN GURION ( And that's why every bowler of every average thinks about rolling a 300 game, and aims at the 7-10 split)

“Instead of loving your enemies, treat your friends a little better." - --EDGAR WATSON HOWE (Like your teammates, league and association officials and bowling proprietors) "In all things, success depends upon previous preparations, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure."---CONFU- CIOUS (Practice, practice, prac- tice)

"I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.”---GILDA RADNER ( Perfect advice when selecting bowling uniforms)

"If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next gener- ation it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself."---CHARLES SCHULTZ (And let's face it, bowling is a funny game, even if it wasn't meant to be)

“During the middle ages, people who couldn't write would sign a contract with an X and kiss it to show sincerity. That's how X's at the bottom of the letters came to symbolize kisses."--LISA LAYNE & PAUL SINN ( Any bowling score-sheet with plenty of X's on it also rates a kiss or two)

“Before all is said and done--- I'm tired."---GRIT (Happens at every bowling meeting)

"Advice is like snow: the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon and the deeper it sinks into the mind."---SAMUEL T. COLERIDGE ( Are you listening, bowling instructors)

“Don't ever prophesy; for if you prophesy wrong, nobody will for- get it; and if you prophesy right, nobody will remember it."— JOSH :BILLINGS ( Are you lis- tening, all you color men on TV and that includes bowling experts too)

“No great man is ever born too soon or too late. "---NORMAN DOUGLAS (Even though some great bowlers of the past would have loved the long shot opportu- nity to shoot at some of the big money up for grabs today)

“Genealogy is tracing yourself back to people better than you are."---JOHN POLLARD ( In bowling all you have to do is look at the names above you on the standings sheet and you know who is better than you are)

"I never lose sight

of the fact

that just being is fun."-- KATHERINE HEPBURN ( If just being is fun then just bowling is a lot more fun)

"Dear God, grant me patience-- -and I want it right now."--- MICHAEL McKINNEY ( The

common prayer of almost every bowler after a bad shot or a bad break)

"The average time between throwing something out and needing it again is about two weeks."---CARL CARSON ( So some pros tell me when they decide to get rid of a bowling ball, any bowling ball)

"Did you really read this far."-- -PEZZANO (Thanks)

June 25 - July 1, 2014




Ken Tamburrino 679


Dave DeAvila 747


Matt Russo 721

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Matt Russo led the scoring in the Friday Nite Teen Sport League rolling games

of 264-235-222 for a high series of

Steve Coleman 739

FARMINGDALE, NY – Steve Coleman paced the scoring in the Tuesday Early Birds League firing games of 237-258-244 for a high series of 739. Curtis Brown rolled 257-254- 227-738, Richard Bambara 236-

Nick Nicholson 806

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Nick Nicholson topped the scoring in the RCAL/McGuire League firing games of 258-258-290 for a high series of 806. Frank Pratt shot 289, Ali Ramovic 247-695, Larry White, Mike Wihlborg, and Chris Beyers 267, Joe Goodheart 267-674, and Robert Dorans 264.

Mike Barclay 750

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Mike Barclay topped the scoring in the Mike Massaroli Memorial League firing games of 246-258-246 for a high series of 750. Jason Pintus shot 278-725, John Coffaro 269-719, Martin Manomat 269-710, Nick Nicholson 258-706, Chris Leggio 265-693, Glen Markowitz 683, Allan Rabinowitz 258-241-682.

FARMINGDALE, NY – Ken Tamburrino paced the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing games of 209-257-213 for a high series of 679. Mike Bagnato shot 256-245-675, Brian Walsh 266-203-658, and Tim Jackson 204-220-224-648.

Maria Lucente 673

FARMINGDALE, NY – Maria Lucente led the scoring in the Bowlympics Duos League firing games of 279-225 for a high series of 673. Ryan Winston rolled 226-223- 649, Brandon Soedarmasto 226- 224-644, Arianna Dumas 221- 201-621, and Nick Mencarelli


Curtis Brown 245

FARMINGDALE, NY – Curtis Brown led the scoring in the Monday Summer Trios League firing a high game of 245. Peter Ramo shot 239, Michael Walsh 238, Dale Alberino and Nick Butera 237, and Kerrick Jones 234.

Dean Alberino 238

FARMINGDALE, NY – Dean Alberino led the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing a high game of 238. Bob Andrews and Mike Herman rolled 230, Mike Bagnato 227, Dale Alberino and Cliff Dowdican 224. Joe Livolsi shot 219, Ken Lauri 200, Fai Lovolsi 191, and Paul Kester 188 in the Friday Sunshine Kids League.

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Dave DeAvila shot 255-279-747, Paul Sheirer 257, and Joe Ng 244 in the Cartel Electric Fun League. In the Senior Men’s League Dan Cioffoletti shot 225-214-608, Bob Litkenhaus 212, and Duke Velluzzi 210-203.

Al Felline 700

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Al Felline led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games

of 220-234-246 for a high series of

  • 721. 245-226-707, Edward Brown 266- 237-705, George Tinch 233-244- 220-697, Terri DeHaney 206-225- 246-677, Mike Bagnato 278-678, and Robert Bucko 246-211-659. In the Saturday PMS League Anthony DeAngelis rolled 209, Bill Jones 202, James Rooney 191, and Garry Wurth 177.

Karsyn Lukosius shot 244, Lauren Hoffman 211, Michael Brennan 210, Robbie Guzman 207, Erica Orensky and Amanda Nardiello 203, Alexandra Laurenzano 202, and Andre

Hari Soedarmasto 716

FARMINGDALE, NY – Hari Soedarmasto led the scoring in the Saturday Nite Fun League firing games of 248-244 for a high series of 716.

  • 700. Lazarchick 201.

Santo Lisa rolled 268-250-653, Sal Puma 226-203-220-649, Dan Cioffoletti and John Castro 254, and George Santana 245.


Jessica D’Alusio 255


Saturday Junior League Jessica

D’Alusio shot 255, Nick Clayton 242, Jordan Malizia 232, Jeffrey

Newman 211, and Christine Jones

  • 202. Chris Buzzonetti rolled 203-236- 254-693, Al Spano 223-221-246- 690, Joe Traina, Jr. 268, Bill McKnight 259-203, Luke Zito 258, and Briane Beale 256.

David Brand 682

FARMINGDALE, NY – David Brand paced the scoring in the Wednesday Party League firing games of 259-228 for a high series of 682. Eric Vazquez shot 228-220-216- 664, Dawn Cecere 234-220-650, and David Green 269. Peter Briguglio rolled 235, Joe

Costanzo 233, and Joe Muscat 204, and Sean Mott 202 in the Tuesday Pro Shot League.





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Monday Adult Junior: Adults - Jim Tessa 226-629, Rick Damiano 203- 533, Jennifer Ireton 193-514, Barbara Ustupski 159-416. Juniors - Shaun Ireton 154-381, Tommy Damiano 93-225, Sydney Ireton 202- 505, Madison Ustupski 168-439, and Haley Tessa 62.

PBA League: Tim Panek 264, Joe Caloger 257, Kevin Michalski 198, and Alison Homer 158.

Fox Hills Seniors-Summer: Neil Bernstein 207, Darly Frank 202, Bill Verderber 190, Pearl Traub Johnson 190, Marilyn Forte 177, and Bernadette Memolo 155.



June 25 - July 1, 2014


Glen Smith 773

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Glen Smith led the scoring in the Wednesday Earl Men’s League fir- ing games of 278-269 for a high series of 773. Antonio Flores rolled 288-229- 220-737, Keith Manza 269-242- 691, William Corwin 268-237, Jeff Bishoff 268, and Chris Froehlich 247-223-671.

Peter Conway 771

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Peter Conway topped the scoring in the Sunday Night Mixed League fir-

ing games of 258-234-279 for a high series of 771. John Novichonek rolled 279- 256-742, Ray Wolff 268-213-674, Matt Stanisic 245, Carl Rissland 244-233, and Alan Ip 238-223-


Al Fabiano 740

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Al Fabiano paced the scoring in the Tuesday Oceanside K of C League

firing games of 258-257 for a high series of 740. Keith Massimillo rolled 264-236- 710, Rich Butt 266-227-703, Rob Allegra 288-215-695, Louis Calandro 255, and Pete Morreale


In the Tuesday Ladies League Vicky Lockwood shot 237, Betty Ann Lescher 209, Colleen Rowell 201, and Judy Torres 200.

Bill Koste 736

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Bill Koste paced the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing games of 279-257 for a high series of 736. Kyle O’Connor rolled 227-236- 265-728, Donald Caparano 278- 233-713, Steven Cohen 237-255- 221-713, Jeff Strumeyer 277-224- 703, and Al Fabiano 266-695. In the Monday Ladies Classic League Susan Randel shot 213, Lisa Norris 199, Janet Jansen 195, and Pat Gahn 193.

Bill Stein 728

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Bill Stein rolled 269-246-728, Elizabeth Schuster 247, Phil Karfinkel 232, and David Schuster 211-210 in the Temple-Am-Echad Men’s Club League.

John Laurita 728

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – John Laurita led the scoring in the Wednesday Night Mixed League firing games of 288-248 for a high series of 728. Keith Skellington shot 288, Willie Fessler 259-228-702, Rennie Gardner 278, Pat Zenker 268, Ray Brooks 257245-690, and Terry Boyle 232-226-226-684.

Ed Frontera 713

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Ed Frontera led the scoring in the Thursday Senior Birds League fir- ing games of 278-230 for a high series of 713. Richard Franklin rolled 247-227- 665, William Tyson 247-203, Preston Cheeks 247, Gerry Dunham 234-211, Jerry George 226-224-640, and Charles Johnson 226-225-631.

Jon Martinez 710

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Jon Martinez paced the scoring in the Thursday El-Cheapo League fir- ing games of 214-248-248 for a high series of 710. Ryan Ciccimarro shot 252, Steve Patitucci 248-212-650, John Moran 241-223-622,and Cory Williams 224-201-619.

Santo DiSciafani 655

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Santo DiSciafani paced the scoring in the Sunday Adult/Child Doubles League firing games of 257-237 for a high series of 655. Ramon Deleon rolled 234-216- 620, Joe Prunty 233, and Sal Scognamillo 223-214-610.

Gloria Belmonte 644


Belmonte paced the scoring in the Tuesday Ladies League firing

games of 243-218 for a series of 644.


Jane Beyer rolled 214, Lisa Newman 212, Katy Cayea 204, and Carrie Kusterbeck and Vicky Lockwood 203.

4 SPORTS REPORTER June 25 - July 1, 2014 AT ROCKVILLE CENTRE LANES Glen Smith 773

Pat Zenker 711

ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Pat Zenker led the scoring in the Tuesday Late Men’s League firing games of 278-247 for a high series of 711. Anthony DePace rolled 267,

Mike Czaplionski 257-248-675, Raoul Vegosen 247-232-674, and Matt Carey 241-223-657. In the Monday Ladies Classic League Linda Ellison rolled 210, Trish Lupo 189, Linda Walsh 179, Susan Randel 174, and Mindy Myers 171.

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June 25 - July 1, 2014

Bowling: The good, the bad and it’s getting ugly.

By Martin Lawrence Michel

In the late 1800’s, there were many attempts to bring the sport of bowling some form of uniformity no matter where it was played. On September 9, 1895, that was accomplished, when at Beethoven Hall in New York City, the American Bowling Congress was formed for just that purpose. Even with the newly formed organization, there were still some differences in the ball weight, ball size, and other aspects of the game. At first bowling balls were made of Lignum vitae, a very hard wood. Lignum vitae is Latin for “tree of life”. 1 It wasn’t until 1905 that the first rubber bowling ball was produced and that was followed 9 years later by the popular Mineralite Ball manu- factured by Brunswick. For more than 50 years, the rubber bowl- ing ball was the only choice anyone had to participate in the sport. That was until the advent of the polyester bowling balls hit the market. The first major innovation in the manufacturing of bowling balls occurred in 1960 when Columbia Industries Inc. suc- cessfully utilized polyester resin for manu- facturing the Columbia 300. 2 Polyester bowling balls had a hard time creating any hook down the lane because of its hardness and had little friction to the lane. While it was the popular ball of the day, many peo- ple began to try and figure out a way to make the bowling ball hook in the back part of the lane. Soaking the balls in a substance such as MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) became popular because it accomplished what play- ers wanted and secondly, there was no rule against it. It did not take long before the American Bowling Congress rectified this with a rule change making any bowling ball that tested with a durometer softness under 72 illegal. After the polyester bowling balls came urethane bowling balls. In 1981, Ebonite began manufacturing the very first urethane cover stock bowling balls and sold the rights to AMF. 3 Urethane bowling balls ush- ered in the ball motion changes from the old "skid-roll-hook" motion we saw with plastic and rubber bowling balls to the modern "skid-hook-roll" motion we see with today's bowling balls. 4 The bowling manufacturing companies continued to create what they feel is the per- fect ball to create as many strikes as possi- ble. There has been reactive resin, hybrid combination, particle additives and bowling

ball evolution continues to evolve with dif- ferent combinations. Writing in Popular Mechanics magazine, John G. Falcioni noted that some bowlers unhappily refer to the new-generation balls as cheaters. He summed up the impact of ball refinements by writing, "The sport has become so sophisticated that knowledge of engineering and physics is likely to prove more helpful in throwing strikes than doing curls with a dumbbell." Along with the change in the material of the bowling balls outside, technology has created numerous different so-called engines inside a bowling ball. There are many different weight blocks to create an in-balance in the bowling ball to make it hook through the lane conditioner. Lane conditioner too has gone through a revolution where the oil has gotten thinner, thicker, made of different substances and has to be placed on the lane in heaver amounts to what our forefathers had ever seen. It was learned that if the oil is placed on a lane surface in a certain pattern, it can help steer the bowling ball to the pocket. Many rule changes have tried to limit steer- ing of bowling balls. The combination of the bowling ball technology, lane surface technology and lane oil practices have done nothing to limit the massive increase of per- fect games and high series that have explod- ed in the game since the 1980’s. What once was a highly regarded accom- plishment, has become so common place that no one, except the bowler achieving it really feels an accomplishment was achieved. The United States Bowling Congress has come up with what they feel will help lower the amount of honor scores – Sport Bowling, but in reality, it puts too much emphasis on the proprietor to maintain, that it hasn’t really been well received as a stan- dard practice. Sport Bowling is an optional membership level of USBC that offers bowlers of all abilities the chance to experience a new challenge, satisfy their competitive nature and improve their bowling skills. Sport Bowling members are eligible to compete in Sport Bowing events, which consist of leagues and tournaments conducted on more challenging lane oil patterns than those found in standard USBC competition. Sport Bowing emphasizes the importance of delivering the ball accurately and consis-

tently, making adjustments in technique, adjusting to the way the lane oil patterns change and converting spares. 5 Science and technology continues to mold the game of bowling, and the game of bowl- ing tries to stay up to date with those changes, but it is losing. Perfect scores and series continue to increase every year. A bowler’s ability is covered up by the forgiv- ing equipment and procedures placed into today’s game. Can we ever achieve a time when bowlers actually earn their achievements? It has been said no matter what the technology and lane conditions, the bowler still had to throw the ball down the lane 12 times. That might be true, but in most cases people are getting help to achieve perfection. In 1958, one of the most impressive bowl- ing records was achieved when the famed Budweiser’s Bowling Team bowled a 3858. The team consisted of: Don Carter (754), Ray Bluth (834), Pat Patterson (736), Tom Hennesey (759), Dick Weber (775). This has been beaten many times since then, with the new record of 3937 being shot on March 30, 2009. Anyone who follows bowling history knows of the Budweiser’s bowlers, but I am

sure that very few have ever hear of the bowlers who shot the current record score, or the other members of teams that have beaten the 3858 score that is now not even in the top 10 in USBC history. Bowling has become a sport where kids, before they reach puberty, are able to achieve perfection. Would they have been able to do that before the sport became a science and technology evolution? Maybe, but highly doubtful. Science and technology has modernized the sport in the past 120 years, but it has also ruined it. Can it be a big factor for a loss in association membership? Hopefully, science and technology can help bring scoring back to the days when a bowler had to earn what they achieved. Bowling is a game that many love from the time they are introduced to it, but today many are leaving it and not coming back. In the opening of the 1970’s TV show, The 6 Million Dollar Man, they said – “We have the technology – We can rebuild him” Let’s hope technology of the future can rebuild the technology from the past.

1 Wiki-pedia

2 Columbia 300 website



3 Wiki-pedia

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June 25 - July 1, 2014



50th Anniversary Tournament Set For Papp’s Bowling Center

Bowling centers that have been around for decades are encouraged to upgrade and reinvent them- selves. Luckily there are still some charming holdouts that offer a pleasant bowling experience sans the bells and whistles, such as Papp’s Bowling Center in Bordentown, NJ. Papp’s offers 12 wood lanes, above ground ball returns and manual scoring. So, if you’re a fan of vintage bowling and appreciate a mom and pop run house, join us for a fun night of “bowling on the wood” at Papp’s. On Saturday night June 28th Papp’s Bowling Center will be hosting a singles scratch tourna- ment. Owned by Andy and Betty Papp, Papp’s Bowling Center is a

family affair. They opened the lanes in 1964 and are celebrating 50 years in business. The tournament will begin at 7pm sharp, entry fee is 50.00 and we currently have bowlers averag- ing from 155 to 240 coming from all over the tri state area. It is a Six game format with total wood after the six games will determine the winner. The purse is based on entries. 36 entries will pay 500.00 to win w/ one out of four cashing. There will also be high game pots for the 1st, 2nd and 6th games for 20.00 per bowler.

For more information call/text George Lucas 848-525-1273 or


June 25 - July 1, 2014 SPORTS REPORTER 7 50th Anniversary Tournament Set For Papp’s Bowling


Tommy Meyers 746

MADISON, NJ- Tommy Meyers led the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a high game of 265 and a high series of 746. Joey Parisi rolled 259, Andrew Stephens 255-713, Russ Kyzima 255, Dave Krivak 685, Dawn Gamman 223, Stephanie Rahn 214, and Lee Ann O’Donnell 202.

Dorey Badolato 716

MADISON, NJ – Dorey Badolato topped the scoring in the Fridasy Classic League firing a high game of 288 and a high series of 716. Mitch Weinberg shot 278-686, Vinnie Pagnotta 269, Ben Geffken 693, Donna Badolato 231-633, and Patty Hanlein 218. Elaine Wilson shot 185, Cindy Heinemeyer 174, and Joyce Brokling 161 in the Ladies League.

Al Klein 703

Dan Mello 252

MADISON, NJ – Al Klein paced

the scoring in the Livingston Business Men’s League firing a 266 game for a high series of 703. Woody Wheeler hit 267-680, Bo Serillo 248, and Mark Martinowich 676. In the Monday Night Ladies League Jodi Belli rolled 224, Sue Berg 188, and Yvonne Langdan

MADISON, NJ – Dan Mello rolled 252, Fred Brunner 241, and Jim Beston 234 in the Police & Fire League. In the Pharma Plus League Dan Smith shot 226, Scott Harnish 214.

Mike Jenkins 236

MADISON, NJ – Mike Jenkins rolled 236, Jim Sirica 222, and Bill Phair 214 in the Thursday
178. Mixed League. Zachary Linder and Leon Sarkissian shot 157, and Alex Berg 155 in the Bantam-Prep League.

Dave Hanft 681

MADISON, NJ – Dave Hanft rolled 252-681, Scott Harwood 250, Joseph Mazzarese 672, and Dan Pridham 247-643 in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League.

Ian Lerner 277

MADISON, NJ – Ian Lerner rolled 277, Michael Terantino 732, and Emily Riley 204 in the CMIL League.

Mike Neiman 227

MADISON, NJ – Mike Neiman led the scoring in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League firing a high game of 227. Richard Hufnagle hit 212, Chris Moran 211, Madasyn Bancroft 191, and Lauren Potchis 177.

June 25 - July 1, 2014 SPORTS REPORTER 7 50th Anniversary Tournament Set For Papp’s Bowling


299 Paterson Ave., Wallington, NJ 07057


Come j oin u s for the S u mmer

Come join us for the Summer

Come j oin u s for the S u mmer



299 P aterson A v e ., Wa ll ington , NJ 07057 Come j oin

299 P aterson A v e ., Wa ll ington , NJ 07057 Come j oin




299 P aterson A v e ., Wa ll ington , NJ 07057 Come j oin
299 P aterson A v e ., Wa ll ington , NJ 07057 Come j oin



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Under New Management…… Marko’s Back!




June 25 - July 1, 2014


Andrew Tripka 730

HOPELAWN, NJ – Andrew Tripka led the scoring in the Madison Park Men’s League firing games of 215-236-279 for a high series of 730. Michael Consiglio rolled 247-247-226- 720, Rich Nicholls 249-245-216-710, Joe Lampariello 225-245-227-697, Kristopher Brus 235-243-209-687, and Travis Tilley


Dan Krakowski 709

HOPELAWN, NJ – Dan Krakowski led the scoring in the Friday Nite Mixed League firing games of 248-256-205 for a high series of 709. Paul Harney rolled 279-233-705, Dave Rezes 247-223-667, and Frank Testa 216-


Char Martino shot 203 and Edie Cavallo 176 in the Wednesday Earlybirds League.

L O D I L A N E S 58 TERHUNE AVE, LODI, NJ 07644 973
471 7100
Coming Up……
Summer Walk in Leagues
Are Bowling
Wed & Fri Noon walk-in Seniors
Sunday Morning mixed – 10am
Every Sunday 7pm
Every Saturday 7:30
New Fall Leagues
days, 2 different formats,
chances to win
Lodi Classic Trios – Sundays – 10am
$12,000 First Place – Meeting 7/27
July 6 th
$1,000. 1
Scratch Bracket Challenge
st / $700 2 nd / $500 3 rd
Tuesday 4 man – 8:30pm
$10,000 First Place
July 19 th Tommy Semiz World Match
Games 7 Game marathon – 8pm
Synthetic Lanes
Wooden Approaches Corporate Events On Site Catering
Official Home of the Good Brothers and the Legacy UBA Bowling Clubs
$12. Per Lane per Hour
Shoe Rental $1.50
Ev ery D ay Open to Close
All Summer !
V alid June 1 to August 31, 2014
Lodi L a n es 5 8 T erh un e Av e , Lodi, NJ 0 7644 - 9 7 3 .471.71 00 www .lodi-l a n es .co m

John Baginsky 709

HOPELAWN, NJ – John Baginsky topped the scoring in the La Buona Pizza League firing games of 258-215-236 for a high series of 709. John Baginsky, Jr. rolled 207-215-267- 689, Vinny R. Medvetz 211-210-246-667, and Scott Akalewicz 221-218-226-665. In the Winter Senior Citizen League Rich Rowley rolled 193, Wayne Michel 190, and Larry Johnson 183.

Ryan Friend 705

HOPELAWN, NJ – Ryan Friend led the scoring in the Goldstein & Hanel Doubles

League firing games of 267-223-215 for a high series of 705. Lou Gaudio, Jr. rolled 227-232-242-701, Bob Caruso 216-211-259-686, Lou Gaudio, Sr. 202-221-250-673, and Mike Smilowitz


Scott Akalewicz 693

HOPELAWN, NJ – Scott Akalewicz topped

the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League firing games of 257-21-224 for a high series of 693. Kurt Moszkowski hit 214-212-201-627, Kieran Zebrowski 245, and Michelle Zalek


Bob White 692

HOPELAWN, NJ – Bob White led the scor- ing in the Academy Madness firing games of 238-241-213 for a high series of 692. Bobby Parillo, Jr. rolled 227-244-643, Frank Viverito 212-222-628, and Nick Viverito 246-626.

Carmine Latin 667

HOPELAWN, NJ – Carmine Latin paced the His & Hers League firing 249-222-667. Willie Figueroa rolled 255-644, Bonnie DeSimone 216-214-624, Michael Holocka 237, Andy Shafer 228, and Mary Ellen Oehler 223. In the Tuesday Night Mixed League DJ Petardi rolled 231, Steve Baum, Sr. 220, Daniel J. Willard 213, and Char Martino 212.

Vinnie Milazzo 653

HOPELAWN, NJ – Vinnie Milazzo led the

scoring in the Friends & Family League fir- ing games of 214-249 for a high series of


Kenny Strazza shot 215-236-643, Mike Conte 223-217-632, and Ben Martino 232. In the South Shore League Brian

Peccerillo rolled 214-222, Matt D’Andrea 245, Jill O’Keefe 204, and Mike Markovics



Thursday Night Foursome: Jas Santoro 278-768, Mike Mutch 269-731, Mike Berg 269, Bill Savarino 259-744, Doc Grannas 258, Michael Deckner 257, Michael Deckner 257-701, Denis Mendelson 257, Bill Savarino 257, Justin Kampf 257, Philip LoGiudice 257, John Delmore 256.

Sunday AM Trios: Dave Diamond 278- 732, Ed Stadtlander 268-732, Luciano Gaglione 267, Keith Hengel 266-723, Iceman Risi 266-710, Justin Kampf 264- 721, Gary Medina 258, Jeff Scarola 258, Jim Risi 737, Sal Guidice 722.

Thursday Charles McShane : Justin Kampf 298-259-770, Ed Perullo 289, Joseph Mormando 279-704, Tom Gallagher 269-726, Chris Vogel 269, Mike Birdsall 268-259-739, Lee Kruger 268, Phil Wakefield 267-729, James Vogel 267, George Anderson 727, Sam Brenner 701.

Wednesday Knights of Columbus: Rich Kremler 266-686, Pat Donovan 234.

Monday Seniors: Bob Haskin 233-203, Artie Grotyohann 204, Laura Panaro 194.

Monday LIA: Steve Lassman 279-695, Chris Schnepp 256, DJ Trenn 252, Joseph Morreale 247, Taylor Groene 245, April Fucci 227, Angie Collazzo 213.





Daguanno 265, Susie Lew 208, John

O’Donnell 258, Paul Kraus 238.

Tuesday Early Birds: Emily Scarpa 233, Karen Bernardo 220-212-642-256-633, Anne Zajack 219-600, Pat Curatolo 217, Diane Parziale 210, Jenn D’lorio 239, Heidi Castor 215, Kelly Sullivan 214, Corinne

Stanton 212, Cookie Jacobs 211, Reg Traina


Tuesday BK Sweeneys: Joe McLaughlin 265-265-731, Dan Hastings 248-703, Dave

Brussenski 239, George Alavanja 235.

Wednesday Early Birds: Diana Spataro 208, Suzanne Gates 203.

Wednesday Young at Heart Seniors :

Gene Gould 236-218-631, Richie Coyer 233-227-652, Bob Haskin 225-224-618,

Frank Napolitano 212, Miguel Carlo 206, Richard Mennona 205, Nancy Ellis 242-