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On the 12. of June will start the World Cup in Brazil. I dont do any sport regularly, but I like
watching people who are playing football. Fortunately, my husband isnt a mad football fan, so we
will not always watching football matches on TV. I dont have any favourite idol or football team, I
always cheer for Hungarian participants. However, I am a woman, so I like watching handsome
goalkeepers or midfielders, or defenders, my favourite sportman is David Beckham.
The summer is full with a lot of programmes. On TV we can watch box-office hits and movies,
sometimes I cant choose between two channels. The students dont go to school, so the aquaparks
are full with them. Aquaparks offer a wide range of activites for all generation.
You can visit different festivals, such as wine festivals around the lake Balaton. These festivals
are full with eating and drinking delicious wine, there are parades for children, too. I visit the Valley
of Arts in Kapolcs, and I spend always a lot of money there for decorations and other things. I visit
every year the fair in rsg.
I like Balaton, it can be very fantastic on a sultry and hot day.
I will spend a week in Budapest, in our capital. This is a very beautiful and stunning city, with a lot to
do. I will purchase a Budapest Card, so I am allowed to visit free several museums, for instance the
Museum of Fine Arts. Unfortunately, we cant go to theathres, because they dont perform any plays
till September.
The towns will be crowded with tourists, especially the spas in Hvz and Zalakaros, and
Hungarian people have to organise remarkable concerts and programmes, both for local and foreign
A few days ago, from 22. till 25. of May were the elections of European Parliament. I am not
interested in politics, so I ignored the news, but my husband usually watches political news and
talkshows on TV, so he is up-to-dated. However, I read, that this election was a political earthquake,
with regards to the results.
A months ago we heard news about floats in Hungary and in other countries, as well. It was
terrible, I would remind people, that this is the result of pollution of our Earth. I would inform
people, that the fate of our world is in our hands.
Whenever I switch on the television, I always hear news about the Russian-Ukrainian
conflict. The Crimean crisis is an international crisis principally involving Russia and
Ukraine over control of the Crimean Peninsula, which until February 2014 was administered by
Ukraine. Currently, the Crimean Peninsula is controlled by the Russian Federation, a status
which is not recognized by the United Nations. The crisis unfolded in the aftermath of
the Ukrainian Revolution.
There are a lot of accidents on the roads. Due to the fact that is almost 30 C, people cant
concentrate while driving and they are not patient, it can lead a lot of accidents, even deathly