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Research is the overall scheme of scientific activities in which scientists engage in order to

produce knowledge, answer certain questions or solve a problem.

Title of the research: Titles are mandatory in writing a research paper. They should describe the
content of the paper, distinguish the paper from others on a similar topic and catch the readers
attention and interest, (USC Libraries, 2014).
Critique on the title of the research:
The researchers title called DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES AT GDP PER
CAPITA IN TANZANIA. The Case Study of Mwanza seems incomplete he does not
state the action verbs to be measured, i.e. Analysis of distribution of resources,
Comparison of distribution of resources, Assessment of distribution of resources,
Examination of distribution of resources, etc.
He abbreviated GDP on his title and usually titles have no abbreviation. He was supposed
to write Gross domestic product in its full form.
Background of the Study: The background of the study provides the history and nature of a
well defined research problem with reference to existing literature. The background information
in the introduction should show the root of the problem being studied and its scope. It differs
from literature review in a way that it places the problem in proper context rather than
thoroughly examining the relevant literature, (USC Libraries, 2014)
Critique on the background of the study:
He does not use updated information as of the year 2013 since his research was written in
2013. Example, he says Tanzanias GDP per capita was about $250 per year however as
reported by the World Bank, Tanzanias GDP per capita has been $504, $525, $530, $509
between the years 2009 and 2012 respectively.
The population figure he wrote is also outdated but since his report was written in April
2013 and the preliminary release for the 2012 population census was already released.
Most of the content in his background information is irrelevant to his title i.e. He does not
provide the population of the area of study which is Mwanza and only provides the
population of Tanzania.
He did not cite a single source from which he obtained his information. He was supposed
to cite whether he got the information from books, online, journals or other sources.
Statement of the problem: Clarification of intended problem of study in a convincing way. It is
a foundation for further steps of the research problem
Critique on the statement of the problem:
His statement of the problem does not make sense since he has just given the background history
Objectives of the study: Statements that show short term expected outcomes and contribution to
the study. The General objective is the statement showing general research expectations and the
specific objectives break down the general objective into smaller logically connected parts that
systematically address various aspects of the problem
Critique on the objectives of the study:
The researchers specific objectives have not been broken down into smaller parts. In
specific objective 1 the researcher states; assess the nature and trend of the distribution of
resources in rural and urban centers in Tanzania. Tanzania is a wide area of study,
therefore the researcher was suppose to specify which part of Tanzania he is going to
conduct the study.
Moreover, rural and urban centers are irrelevant to his study since his area of study is
The same goes for the second specific objective, he does not specify his area of study, nor
is the objective relevant to his study.
Specific objective number 3 states that the researcher will examine the seemingly cause
of income inequality and poverty in the region. In this objective the researcher does not
state which region he will be examine the cause of income inequality and poverty.
Hypothesis: This is a statement derived from specific objectives that attempts to explain predict
and explore the phenomenon of interest. All hypotheses must be falsifiable; the hypothesis must
be capable of being refuted.
Critique on the hypothesis:
He did not derive his hypotheses from his specific objectives. The hypotheses articulated
in a particular study should logically stem from research problem being investigated.
Moreover, the variables in his specific objectives are different from those in his
The hypotheses are not quite related to the problem at hand
It would be better if he wrote his hypotheses in form of null hypotheses where they will
be capable of being refuted.
Significance of the study: This section, often referred to as the "rationale" is crucial, because it
is one place in which the researcher tries to convince an audience that the research is worth
doing. It should establish why the audience should want to read on and could also persuade
someone of why he or she would want to support, or fund, a research project. One way to do this
is by describing how the results may be used, (BCPS, 2014).
Critique on the significance of the study:
Significance of the study is not well stated. He did not write crucial significance of his
It would have been an enhanced significance of the study if he had included that the
research is significant to his award of a Masters degree in Economics.
The limitation of the study: These are matters or occurrences that arise in a study which are out
of the researchers control. They limit the extent to which a study can go and sometimes affect
the end result and conclusions that can be drawn, (Simon and Goes, 2013).
Critique on the limitation of the study:
The researcher mentioned that the geographical distance from one district o another within the
region hindered him from reaching all respondents but he should have narrowed down his area of
study i.e. district level, due to the nature of his study in order to avoid that problem.
Other critiques:
Several grammatical and spelling errors i.e. resourses/recourses instead of resources,
since However, care instead of cake, live the rural centers in dilemma instead of leave
the rural centers in dilemma.
Omission of important forms of measurement i.e. Tzs 8515 instead of Tzs 8515 billion
He did not indicate which chapter he has written. It is incomplete since it has only some
parts of chapter one.
He contradicts the reader whether it is a proposal or a report

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