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Corruption is an act of misuse of government's power for other services that

was not under law and public integrity. In some instances it can be a way of
bribery, graft, money laundering and embezzlement. Some corrupt elected
Government officials were actually proven guilty, however they are left
unpunished. Now the question is, Will our justice systems works against
corruptions? Or will the offenders get out without receiving sanctions and
retaliation for their acts?
The way Indian blast terror stuff is occurring in a sustained manner, it does no
t look corruption can be contained, let alone eradicated. In fact, the corrupt e
lements use terrorism as an opportunity to further their resourceful drives. Cor
porate lords have a stake in proliferating corrupt practices in India.
In the name of secrecy on issues like foreign policy and security, the deceptive
Indian leadership secretly promotes corruption by indulging in select briberies
. Not even the the Parliament that claims to be the supreme has any right or con
trol over official briberies, shared ably by many bureaucrats and politicians bo
th inside India and abroad. In arms deals, or Kashmir issue, for instance, huge
bribes India offers to lobbyists and other agents for ensuring foreign support!
If we can stop printing currency and coins, it would be a revolutionary attempt
to save our country. This can make India, free of corruption and accelarate our
transition towards developed country status.
The same sort of thought process would have happened when ATMs or eBanking start
ed just by replacing traditional processes.
Today we are using debit/credit card to purchase online or offline, to transfer
money etc. We are quite comfortable with that and more people are going to use t
his facility in coming days. So it is achievable and the possible challenge woul
d be to launch digital currency, country wide with special care to cater needs o
f rural masses, illiterate people and people those who are differentially able.
To achieve corruption free india through digital cash, we may need to do all the
se or more
1. Make bank account mandatory for all citizens
2. Stop printing cash and coins. Digitise existing paper currency and coins like
3. Ban buying/selling using paper currency or coins after giving enough time for
4. Make source of income mandatory to perform digitisation and in the absence of
source, that money needs to be considered as black money
5. Issue cashcards (refillable) to all account holders with guidelines in region
al language too
6. Convert existing ATMs as self service kiosks [ account to account or account
to cashcard transfers, statements etc].
7. Start more low cost self service kiosks across India which provide easy acces
s to citizens
8. Make Registration/license and bank account with point of sale softpay facilit
y as mandatory to do any business/service, irrespective of scale of business.
9. Provide low cost point of sale softpay facilities [card/cash payment] in whic
h seller can generate a bill and customer can swipe and pay any small amount.
10. Make billing mandatory for any sale irrespective of amount.
11. Make source of money and purpose of purchase/sale in bill, mandatory if sale
/purchase value exceeds certain amount.
12. Provide wireless point of sale soft pay facility to cabs/taxi/autorikshaw se
rvice and similar kind of services.
13. Provide ticket vending machine with point of sale soft pay facility to city/
rural transport services
14. Ensure highlevel security to cash/credit card and online transactions. This
need to be ensured with pin, thumb impression, retina scanner etc. Also ensure e
xtra security levels, transaction amount wise.
15. Provide special purpose cards with adequate security measures to old aged, i
lliterates and differentially abled people.
Corruption has various facets that need to be handled separately to maintain pro
per governance. The first thing is to increase the literacy rate. Illiteracy is
the main barrier to development and corruption strives on it. The next issues to
be addressed are increasing population and poverty and resultant unemployment.
We need a better leadership from the front and all the people need to be aware o
f whats going on with the economy.