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PENSIONS - Sanction of Consolidated Pension to pensioners retired in the pre-revised scales
of Pay, 2005 - Enhancement of Minimm Pension - Enhancement of !inancial "ssistance -
Sanction of #earness $elief - Orders- issed%
&%O%'P(%No2)* #ated+0)-,0-2005%
$ead the follo-in.+-
&%O%Ms%No%,5/, !inance 'Pen-,( #ept%, dt%,/%00%,000%
&%O%Ms%No%12), &%"% 'Spl%"( #ept%, dated% ,1%02%200)%
&%O%$t%No%0/0, &%"% 'Spl%"( #ept%, dated% 0,%02%200)%
&%O%'P(% No%55, !inance% 'Pen-,( #ept%, dt%,,0%02%2005%
&%O%'P(%No%2,2, !inance 'PC-,( #ept%, dated% 21%*%2005%
In the &overnment Order 2nd read a4ove, orders -ere issed constittin. Pay
$evision Commission and &overnment appointed Sri 5% $am4a4, I"S%, '$etd( as Pay
$evision Commissioner% In the &overnment Order 2rd read a4ove, the terms of reference of
the Pay $evision Commissioner -ere laid do-n%
2. 6he Pay $evision Commission s4mitted its report to the &overnment on 20-0/-2005
and recommended, inter alia, that+
'i( 6he Minimm Pension 4e fi7ed at $s%,0258- a month%
'ii( #earness $elief 4e allo-ed for the Pensioners alon. -ith servin.
&overnment employees treatin. the pension as pay and also to e7tend
the same fitment as in case of servin. employees%
6he !inancial "ssistance may 4e raised to $s%,5008- per month%
3. In the &overnment Order, 5th read a4ove, orders have 4een issed revisin. the Pay
Scales of the State &overnment Employees in prsance of the recommendations of the Pay
$evision Commissioner and discssions -ith Employees "ssociations -ith effect from
0,%01%2002 -ith monetary 4enefit from 1.4.2005%
4. "fter carefl consideration of the report, &overnment here4y order that for the
e7istin. Pension8!amily Pension8 compassionate Pension8 Compassionate "llo-ance, in
respect of those pensioners -ho retired or died -hile in service 4efore 0,-01-2002, ,/9 of
increase in the said 4asic pension and the #earness $elief as on 0,-01-2002, shall 4e mer.ed
and -ill 4e :no-n as $evised Consolidated Pension% 6his $evised Consolidated Pension shall
come into force -ith notional effect from 0,-01-2002 and -ith monetary 4enefit paya4le -ith
effect from 0,%0)%2005% No difference on $etirement &ratity and Commtation shall 4e
allo-ed in the pension notionally fi7ed as a4ove% The !!e!" #!$% 01-04-2005 &' ($
31-0)-2005 "h** +e ',- ,. 4 ,."(**%e.("% 6he first installment -ill 4e paid in "pril, 200/,
installment in ".st, 200/, 2
installment in #ecem4er, 200/ and )
installment in "pril,
2001 alon. -ith the re.lar pensions%
)%,% ;hile calclatin. the a4ove increase in the 4asic pension, the part of
rpee so arrived shold 4e ronded off to the ne7t hi.her rpee%
)%2% 6he Interim $elief sanctioned at the rate of *%59 percent on pension to
the pensioners8 !amily Pensioners in the reference )th read a4ove shall
4e ad<sted in the $evised Consolidated Pension no- ordered -ith
effect from 0,-0)-2005%Interim $elief paid for the month of March,
2005 shall not 4e recovered% Interim $elief paid for the period 4eyond
0,-0)-2005 -ill 4e ad<sted from the monetary 4enefit paya4le on
accont of revision of consolidated pension%
)%2% " ready rec:oner has 4een framed and appended to this order as
"nne7re =I% 6his ready rec:oner can 4e sed for payment of the
arrears of pension and fi7ation of Consolidation of Pension as ordered
5. 6he employees -ho retired 4et-een 0,-01-2002 and ,-)-2005 are eli.i4le for revision
of their pay in the $evised Pay Scales, 2005 notionally as per the orders issed in the &%O% 5th
read a4ove% "s sch, the pensions of these employees may 4e revised notionally as per the
revised pay in $evised Pay Scales, 2005 and monetary 4enefit shold 4e allo-ed from
0,-0)-2005% No difference on $etirement &ratity and Commtation shall 4e allo-ed on the
pension notionally fi7ed as a4ove and this is s4<ect to otcome of the Special >eave Petition
'Civil( Nos% 520)-5)10 of 200) pendin. in ?on@4le Spreme Cort%
/. 6he > heirs of the pensioners -ho retired after 0,-0)-2005 4t died s4seAently
shall 4e entitled to arrears% In sch cases the #earness $elief admissi4le on the $evised
Consolidated Pension from 0,-0)-2005 has to 4e -or:ed ot in each individal case 4efore
ma:in. payment% 6he > heirs shall s4mit an application for payment of >ife 6ime
"rrears in the proforma prescri4ed in "nne7re-II to the Pension #is4rsin. "thority% 6he
.eneral rles .overnin. payment of pensionary arrears of deceased pensioner -ill eAally
apply for payment of pensionary arrears%
). &overnment also here4y order for payment of #earness $elief on the Consolidated
Pension as -ell as on the Pension fi7ed -ith reference to the pay dra-n in the $evised Pay
Scales 2005 B 1%52/ 9 -ith effect from 0,-0)-2005% 6he #earness $elief -ill 4e ronded
off to the ne7t rpee%
0. 6hese orders are applica4le to+
',( 'a( "ll &overnment Pensioners in receipt of Service Pensions, !amily
Pensions nder $evised Pension $les, ,05,, the srvivors of
class-IC employees of NiDam-E-5amiath of E7-?ydera4ad
&overnment, "%P% >i4eraliDed Pension $les ,0/, and "ndhra
Pradesh &overnment Servants '!amily Pension( $les, ,0/)%
'4( 6eachin. and non-teachin. pensioners of Mnicipalities, Panchayat
$a< Instittions and "ided Edcational Instittions, in receipt of
pensions nder the "%P% >i4eralised Pension $les, ,0/, and
"ndhra Pradesh &overnment Servants '!amily Pension( $les,
'c( 6eachin. and non-teachin. staff in "ided Edcational Instittions
in receipt of pensions nder the Contri4tory Provident !nd-cm-
Pension and &ratity $les, ,0/, and "ndhra Pradesh >i4eralised
Pension $les, ,0/,%
'd( 6hose dra-in. family pensions nder the &%O%Ms%No%22, !inance
and Plannin. '!;%Pen-,( #epartment, dated ,/-0,-,01,
&%O%Ms%No%,0), !inance and Plannin. '!;%Pen-,( #epartment,
dated ,2-0)-,012 and &%O%Ms%No%25, !inance and Plannin.
!;%Pen-,( #epartment, dated 02-02-,01)%
'e( Pensioners in receipt of Compassionate Pension nder the rles for
Compassionate Pensions and &ratities in the ?ydera4ad Civil
Services $lesE and
'f( 6hose in receipt of Pensions nder the E7traordinary Pension
'2( and Estate Pensioners and
'2( Pensioners &overned 4y $evised Pension $les, ,0*0%
'i( ;ho retired or died prior to 0,-01-2002 and
'ii( also those -ho retired or died on or after 0,-01-2002 -ithot the
4enefit of $evised Pay Scales 2005%
')( 6he a4ove consolidation of pension does not apply to+
'i( 6hose -ho have 4een dra-in. pay in the $evised Pay Scale 20058
$evised F%&%C%8 IC"$8"IC6 Pay Scales of ,0*/8,00/ even if
4ecase of administrative reasons, they have not actally dra-n the
pay in their $evised Pay Scales as yet%
'ii( Pensioners8!amily Pensioners of the mem4ers of the "ndhra
Pradesh State ?i.her 5dicial Service and "ndhra Pradesh State
5dicial Service%
!inancial "ssistance .rantees -ho are not .ettin. #earness $elief%
1. $evised Consolidated Pension no- sanctioned is -or:ed ot -ith reference to the
total Pension i%e% incldin. commted portion of Pension% "s sch commted portion of
pension shold 4e dedcted from the $evised Consolidated Pension -hile ma:in. monthly
10. In respect of pensioners and family pensioners -ho are re-employed8employed
respectively, the notional relief on pension as on 0,-01-2002, -hich -old have 4een
admissi4le to them 4t for their re-employment8 employment, shall 4e mer.ed -ith 4asic
pension -ith effect from 0,-01-2002% 6he pay dra-n 4y the re-employed pensioners drin.
the period of re-employment shall also 4e re-fi7ed ta:in. into accont the $evised
Consolidated Pension% #earness $elief 4eyond 0,-01-2002 -ill not 4e admissi4le to them
drin. the period of re-employment as per &%O%Ms%No%,)5, !inance and Plannin. '!;%PSC(
#epartment dated ,/-,0-2000%
11. "t the time of notin. $evised Consolidated Pension on the Pension Payment Order,
the Pension #is4rsin. Officer shall simltaneosly calclate and note the correspondin.
$evised Consolidated Enhanced !amily Pension and $evised Consolidated Normal !amily
Pension on the Pension Payment orders% Similarly, in case -here Enhanced !amily Pension is
4ein. paid, the Normal !amily Pension to 4e paya4le in ftre -old also 4e consolidated and
noted on the Pension Payment Orders%
12. &overnment also here4y order that the e7istin. Minimm Pension of $s%,2158- per
month shall 4e enhanced to $s,0258- per month% 6his enhancement shall come into force -ith
effect from 0,-01-2002 -ith monetary 4enefit paya4le -ith effect from 0,-0)-2005 -ith
arrears to 4e paid as prescri4ed in para ) a4ove%
13. In respect of pre 0,-01-2002 pensioners, -hose consolidated pension falls short of
$s%,0258-, the same shall 4e raised to $s%,0258- per month%
14. Enhancement of minimm pension shall apply to those pensioners referred to in para /
a4ove and Pensioners -ho are in receipt of !amily Pension nder &%O%Ms%No%*2, !inance and
Plannin. '!;%Pen-,( #epartment, dated 05-02-,0*2 and &%O%Ms%No%2,), !inance and
Plannin. '!;%Pen-,( #epartment, dated 2,-,,-,0*2%
15. &overnment also here4y orders that the e7istin. !inancial "ssistance of $s%1508- per
month shall 4e enhanced to $s%,5008- per month% "s 4efore, no #earness $elief -ill 4e
admissi4le on this !inancial "ssistance% 6his enhancement shall come into force -ith effect
from 0,-01-2002 -ith monetary 4enefit paya4le -ith effect from 0,-0)-2005 -ith arrears to
4e paid as prescri4ed in para ) a4ove%
1/. 6he minimm pension is inclsive of commted portion of pension% "s sch
commted portion of pension -ill 4e dedcted from the minimm pension of $s%,,0258- per
month -hile ma:in. monthly dis4rsement e7cept in respect of pensioners -hose
commtation is restored as per the e7istin. orders%
1/ .1. In respect of pensioners dra-in. t-o pensions viD% Service Pension and !amily
Pension, 4oth pensions shall separately 4e eli.i4le for enhancement to a minimm of
$s%,0258- per month% ?o-ever, the pensioners shall 4e entitled to #earness $elief on
only one pension, -hichever is more 4eneficial to the pensioner%
1). 6he pensioners are not entitled to commte any portion of pension on the difference in
pension no- admissi4le as per these orders%
10. "ll Pension #is4rsin. Officers, i%e% all 6reasry Officers8Pension Payment Officers
are reAested to implement these orders -ithot any athoriDation from the "ccontant
&eneral '"GE(, "%P% ?ydera4ad%
11. 6he e7penditre is alloca4le amon. the varios States in accordance -ith the
provisions of &%O%Ms%No%,0*, !inance, dated ,0-01-,0/0%
20. 6he cate.ories of employees -ho are not covered for payment thro.h the 6reasries,
the e7penditre shall 4e de4ited to the Pension !nds of Hilla Parishads and Pension fnds of
the respective Mnicipal Concils in so far as the Non-6eachin., Non-&overnment
Pensioners of the Mnicipalities are concerned and the relevant ?ead of "ccont of
&overnment in so far as the teachers are concerned%
21. 6he &%O is availa4le on Internet and can 4e accessed at the address
'IJ O$#E$ "N# IN 6?E N"ME O! 6?E &OCE$NO$ O! "N#?$" P$"#ES?(
SEC$E6"$J 6O &OCE$NMEN6 '!P(
6he Principal "ccontant &eneral, "%P% ?ydera4ad% '-ith a coverin. letter(
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE( "%P% ?ydera4ad%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"dit% I( "%P% ?ydera4ad%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"dit%II( "%P% ?ydera4ad%
6he "ccontant &eneral of other states .iven 4elo- thro.h "%&%, "%P% ?ydera4ad '2000 copies(
6he "ccontant &eneral, 6amilnad, Chennai%
6he "ccontant &eneral, Maharastra, Mm4ai%
6he "ccontant &eneral, &<arat%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE( Kerala, P%N%No%5/01, 6irvananthapram- /05 020%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE( Karnata:a, Ian.alore%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE(, F%P%, "llaha4ad%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE(, ?aryana, Chandi.har%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE(, Pn<a4, Chandi.har%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE(, $a<asthan, 5aipr%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE(, "ssam, #ispr%
6he "ccontant &eneral '"GE(, Iihar, Patna%
6he "ccontant &eneral, Orissa, Ih4anes-ar%
6he "ccontant &eneral, '"GE-II(, Madhya Pradesh, &-alior%
6he "ccontant Officer 'Pen%Co-Ordination(, O8o the Principal "ccontant &eneral '"GE( Calctta,
6he Chief &eneral, $eserve Ian: of India, Saifa4ad, ?ydera4ad for information%
6he Secretary to &overnment, !inance #epartment, Secretariat, Chennai, 6amilnad%
6he Secretary to &overnment, !inance #epartment, Secretariat, 6rivendram, Kerala%
6he Secretary to &overnment, !inance #epartment, Secretariat, Ih4anes-ar, Orissa%
6he P4lic "cconts Officer, 6reasry, Pondichery%
"ll #epartments of Secretariat%
6he Principal Secretary to &overnor, $a< Ihavan, ?ydera4ad%'-ith a coverin. letter(
"ll the ?eads of #epartments%
6he $e.istrar &eneral, ?i.h Cort of "ndhra Pradesh, ?ydera4ad '-ith a coverin. letter(
6he $e.istrar, "%P% "dministrative 6ri4nal, ?ydera4ad%'-ith a coverin. letter(
6he Secretary, "ndhra Pradesh P4lic Service Commission, ?ydera4ad% '-ith a coverin. letter(
6he Secretary, "%P% &ENCO8 6$"NSCO, Cidyt Sodha, ?ydera4ad%'-ith a coverin. letter(
6he Commissioners of Mnicipal Corporation, ?ydera4ad, Ci<aya-ada, Cisa:hapatnam, ;,
Krnool, $a<ahmndry, &ntr, Nellore, Ka:inada, Elr, NiDama4ad and Kadapa%
6he $e.istrar, Osmania8"ndhra8 Sri Cen:ates-ara8 Ka:atiya 8<na8 "charya N%&% $an.a
".ricltre8 5a-aharlal Nehr 6echnolo.ical Fniversity8 Sri Krishna #eva $aya Fniversity8 #r%
I%$% "m4ed:ar Open Fniversity, ?ydera4ad8Sri Padmavathi Mahila Cis-avidyalayam8Sri Potti
Sriraml 6el. Fniversity8#ravidian Fniversity and N6$ Fniversity of ?ealth Sciences,
6he Chairman, 6ri4nal for #isciplinary Proceedin.s, ?ydera4ad%
6he Chairman, "%P% ?osin. Ioard, ?ydera4ad%
6he #irector of 6reasries, "%P% ?ydera4ad%
6he #irector of State "dit, "%P% ?ydera4ad%
6he #irector of ;or:s and Pro<ects, ?ydera4ad%
6he Pay and "cconts Officer, ?ydera4ad%
6he 5oint #irector, Pension Payment Office, 5am4a.h, ?ydera4ad
"ll the Collectors%
"ll the #istrict
"ll the #istrict 6reasry Officers%
"ll the #istrict #evelopment Officers of Hilla Pra<a Parishads%
"ll the #istrict Panchayat Officers%
"ll the #istrict Edcational Officers%
6he !%"%G C%"%O%, N%S% Pro<ect, Secretariat Iildin.s, ?ydera4ad%
6he Secretary 6n.a4hadra Pro<ect, Cia% ?ospet, Iallary #istrict%
6he 5oint #irector';or:s G "cconts(, N%S% $ Canals, Ci<ayapri North, Nal.onda #istrict%
6he 5oint #irector';or:s G "cconts(, N%S% >eft Canals, 6e:lapally, Khammam #istrict%
6he 5oint #irector';or:s G "cconts(, &%I% Pro<ect, #o-lais-aram, E%&% #istrict%
6he #irector of "cconts, Pro<ect, NiDama4ad #istrict%
6he Pay and "cconts Officer%, 6%P%?%>%C%, Sta.e-I, "nantapr%
6he "ssistant Pay and "cconts Officer%, Camsadhara Pro<ect, Sri:a:lam #istrict%
6he #irector of State Ports, Ka:inada, East &odavari, "%P%,
"ll the Secretaries of Mar:et Committees thro.h #irector of Mar:etin. '20 copies(%
"ll the Commissioners8 Special Officers of Mnicipalities thro.h the Commissioner of Mnicipalities
'50 copies(%
6he Commissioner, #r% M%C%$% ?%$%# Institte of "%P% 'Institte of "dministration(, 54ilee ?ills,
6he Chairman, Commission of EnAiries, "%P% ?ydera4ad%
6he >o:ay:ta and Fpa >o:ay:ta, "%P% ?ydera4ad'-ith a coverin. letter(%
6he Special Commissioner, "ndhra Pradesh Ihavan, "sho:a $oad, Ne- #elhi-,,0 00,%
6he Pay G "cconts Officer, &overnment of "ndhra Pradesh, Ne- #elhi-,,0 00,
"ll the Pensioners "ssociations%
6he Chairman, State Ian: of India, ;orld 6rade Centre, the "rcade &ola4s, Mm4ai-)00 02, ',00
6he Chairman and #irector, Syndicate Ian:, P%Ino%,, Manipal-51/,,0, Karnata:a State
',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, Fnion Ian: of India, 220, Iac:4ay, $eclamation, Nariman
Point, Mm4ai- )00 02, ',00 copies(
6he Chairman and #irector, Central Ian: of India, Chandram:hi Iildin., Nariman
Point, Mm4ai = )00 02,',00 copies(
6he Chairman and #irector, "llaha4ad Ian:, ,), India E7chan.e Place, Calctta-100 00, ',00
6he Chairman and #irector, Ian: of India, E7press to-ers Nariman Point, Post Io7
No%22), Mm4ai-)00 02, ',00 copies(
6he Chairman and #irector, Canara Ian:, ?ead Office, P%I%No%//)*, Ian.alore=5/0-002
',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, Ian: of Maharastra, >, 50, Shiva<, Pne =
),,005, ',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, Ian: of Iaroda, Central Office, 2, ;alchand and ?irachand
Mar. ';iner( Iallard Pier, Mm4ai-)00 02* ',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, Indian Overseas Ian:, Central Office, P%I%No%20/1, 1/2%
"nna salai, Chennai = /00 002 ',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, Fnited Ian: of India, ,/,Old Cort ?ose Street, Calctta-100
00, ',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, Pn<a4 National Ian:, ?ead Office, 5 Parliament Street, Ne-
#elhi = ,,0 00, ',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, State Ian: of Indore, 5, J%N%$oad, Indore M%P%State - )52 00)
',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, State Ian: of Ii:aneer and 5aipr, 6ila: $oad, 5aipr,
$a<asthan State- 202 00, ',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, State Ian: of Mysore '?%O( "vene $oad, Ian.alore-5/0 002
',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, State Ian: of Patiala, the Mall, Patiala, Pn<a4 State ,)1 00,
',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, State Ian: of So-rashtra,, &<arat State- 2/)00,
',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, Fnited Commercial Ian:, ,0, Iippla4i, 6railo:ya Mahara<
Sarai, Calctta = 100 00, ',00 copies(%
6he Chairman and #irector, State Ian: of 6ravancore, 6irvandrm- /05 00, ',00 Copies(%
6he Chief "ccontant, $eserve Ian: of India, #epartment of &overnment and Ian: "cconts, Ne-
Central Office Iildin., Shaheed Sin.h $oad, Mm4ai )00022% '50 copies(%
6he Chief '!inance G "cconts( State Ian: of 6ravancore, P%I%No%2), 6irvananthapram-
/0500,, Kerala ',00 copies(%
6he varios Ian:s in ?ydera4ad thro.h Pension Payment Officer, "%P% ?ydera4ad
6he varios Ian:s in ?ydera4ad thro.h Pension Payment Officer, "%P% ?ydera4ad ',500 copies(%
6he &eneral 'operations(, State Ian: of India, Ian:in. Operations #epartment, ?ydera4ad%
6he #irector, State Ian: of ?ydera4ad, &nfondry, ?ydera4ad%
6he Chief Officer, "ndhra Ian:, Central Office, I%S% G I%#% #ept%, ?ydera4ad%
6he Chief Officer, "%I%C%#% Cell, "ndhra Ian:, 6aramandal Comple7, Opp%"%&Ls Office,
6he #epty &eneral, Canara Ian:, Opp%Old M%>%"% Marters, ?yder.da, ?ydera4ad%
6he #y% &eneral, Syndicate Ian:, Pioneer ?ose, Soma<i.da, ?ydera4ad%
6he Chief Officer '"dmn%( India Ian: Honal Office, 5-2-008", Secretariat $oad, Saifa4ad,
6he $e.ional, Pn<a4 National Ian:, Opp% Secretariat, ?ydera4ad%
6he $e.ional, Indian Overseas Ian:, Iasheer4a.h, ?ydera4ad%
6he $e.ional, Fnion Ian: of India, IInd !loor, >atha Comple7, Ieside >atha 6al:ies,
Nampally, ?ydera4ad%
6he #ivisional, Ci<aya Ian:, #ivisional Office, Ia4:han Estate, Iasheer4a.h, ?ydera4ad%
6he #ivisional, Fnited Commercial Ian:, ,
!loor, "nasya Commercial Comple7, Opp%
>i4erty 6al:ies, ?ydera4ad%
6he Honal, Central Ian: of India, Ian: Street, ?ydera4ad%
6he, Fnited Ian: of India, Ian: Street, ?ydera4ad%
6he Honal, Ian: of Iaroda, Opp% 6elephone Ihavan, >a:di-:a-pool, ?ydera4ad%
6he Honal, Ian: of India, Chamndes-ari Comple7, Kachi.da N road, ?ydera4ad%
6he, #eena Ian:, Ian: Street, ?ydera4ad%
6he "rea, "llaha4ad Ian:, ,,5-S%#% $oad, Par: >ane, Secndera4ad%
6he, State Ian: of 6raven:oor, 5a-aharlal Nehr $oad, ?ydera4ad%
6he, State Ian: of Mysore, ,-1-2/), Saro<inidevi $oad, Secndera4ad%
6he, State Ian: of Indore, P%I%No%20, Inside 2-", "4ids, ?ydera4ad%
6he, State Ian: of So-rashtra, )-,-,*2), 5a-aharlal Nehr $oad, ?yd%
6he, State Ian: of Ii:aneer G 5aipr, *512, $%P%$oad, Secndera4ad%
6he, State Ian: of Patiala, Pllareddy Iildin., "4ids, ?ydera4ad%
6he, Corporation Ian:, ?ydera4ad%
6he, Ne- Ian: of India, ?ydera4ad%
6he, Oriental Ian: of Commerce, ?ydera4ad%
6he, Pn<a4 G Sind Ian:, ?ydera4ad%
Copy to S!8SCS%
6his &%O% is availa4le on the Internet at ---%aponline%.ov%in%
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