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(A Govt. of India Society, Ministry of Power)

Prof.Sir C.V.Raman Road, Sadashivanagar P..
P! "o.#$%%, !A"GA&R' ( )%$ $#$
A**+ications are invited from candidates to assist *ro,ect investigators in the R/0
*rogrammes, e1.i*ment ( eva+.ation activities and co++a2orative research *ro,ects of nationa+
im*ortance. Candidates wi++ have to wor3 towards Ph.0 4 M.Sc., ('ngg) 2y research at 5CPRI
Ree!"#$ Ce%&"e6, .nder Visvesvaraya 7echno+ogica+ 8niversity-V78, !e+ga.m, 9arnata3a
in the fo++owing research areas.
S' N( A"e! () Ree!"#$ L(#!&*(%
: '+ectrica+ / '+ectronics !anga+ore 4 ;ydera2ad
< Mechanica+ !anga+ore
= Civi+ !anga+ore
M(+e () Se'e#&*(%>
CPRI wi++ short+ist the candidates for Ph.0 4 M.Sc ('ngg) 2ased on va+id GA7' (Grad.ate
A* 7est in 'ngineering) 4 "'7 of 8GC ("ationa+ '+igi2i+ity 7est) score. Short+isted
candidates sho.+d a**+y to V78 5CPRI Research Centre6 for Ph.0 4 M.Sc ('ngg) 2y
research. Candidates who are s.ccessf.+ in the interview and a**roved to *.rs.e Ph.0 4 M.Sc
('ngg) 2y research in V78 in e+igi2+e for Award of 5CPRI Research ?e++owshi*6.
Rs.<$,$$$4- for M.Sc. ('ngg.)
Rs.=$,$$$4- for Ph.0 in 'ngg.
7hree sha++ 2e a :$@ increase in ?e++owshi* every year s.2,ect to maAim.m of = years
and eAtenda2+e 2y : more year.
P+ease visit for detai+s regarding eAamination, r.+es / reg.+ations, entrance eAamination etc., at
&ist of 2road areas with +ocations are indicated in CPRI we2site. 7he st.dents may indicate
+ocations to wor3 for research. Initia++y a++ st.dents wi++ 2e accommodated at CPRI, !anga+ore,
ti++ the com*+etion of co.rse wor3 and then *osted to res*ective +ocations. &ast date for recei*t
of a**+ication is 21
J0%e 2014. ?or detai+s *+ease visit at $&&-://,,,.#-"*.*%.
(A Govt. of India Society, Ministry of Power)
Prof.Sir C.V.Raman Road, Sadashivanagar P..
P! "o.#$%%, !A"GA&R' ( )%$ $#$
Centra+ Power Research Instit.te is a *remier "ationa+ 2ody .nder Ministry of Power, Government
of India, *romoting a**+ied research in Power System 7echno+ogy 0eve+o*ment. It has severa+
+a2oratories and state-of-art faci+ities for eva+.ation of '+ectrica+ Materia+s and *erformance of
Power '1.i*ment. It a+so acts as the "ationa+ 7esting / Certification A.thority and the a*eA 2ody
for initiating and coordinating Research and 0eve+o*ment.
As a *art of the research initiative of CPRI, B.nior4Senior Research ?e++owshi* Programme is 2eing
+a.nched. 8nder this *rogramme a B.nior4Senior Research ?e++ow wi++ wor3 f.++ time at CPRI in
different +a2oratories at !anga+ore and other .nits of CPRI. "ecessary +a2oratory, com*.tationa+ and
&i2rary faci+ities sha++ 2e *rovided to wor3 on CPRI identified research *ro,ects. 7he +ist showing
ma,or areas of research enc+osed (A%%e20"e 3 I).
Ge%e"!' I%)("4!&*(%
Minimum eligibility>
Se%*(" Ree!"#$ Fe''(, (SRF): Post Grad.ate in 'ngineering with first c+ass in the re+evant area of
s*ecia+iCation with consistent+y high +eve+ of academic record, a* for research with va+id
GA7' (Grad.ate A* 7est in 'ngineering) score 4 "'7 ("ationa+ '+igi2i+ity 7est) of 8GC.
J0%*(" Ree!"#$ Fe''(, (JRF): Grad.ate in 'ngineering with consistent+y high +eve+ of academic
record and a* for research and GA7' 4 "'7 of 8GC.
Selection> Se+ection wi++ 2e 2ased on mar3s o2tained in the GA7' 4 "'7 and *ersona+ interview.
CPRI wi++ short+ist the candidates for Ph.0 4 M.Sc ('ngg). Short+isted candidates sho.+d a**+y to
V78 5CPRI Research Centre6 for Ph.0 4 M.Sc ('ngg). Candidates who *ass the entrance
eAamination / interview and are dec+ared e+igi2+e for Ph.0 4 M.Sc ('ngg), 2y V78 wi++ 2e
awarded ?e++owshi* 2y CPRI.
Duration> 0.ration of ?e++owshi* is three years with a *rovision of eAtension .* to one year in
eAce*tiona+ cases, 2ased on the recommendation of the com*etent a.thority.
Evaluation of Project> 7he *rogress of the research *ro,ect carried o.t 2y SR?4BR? wi++ 2e
eva+.ated every three months 2y the eva+.ation committee.
Re40%e"!&*(% !%+ (&$e" )!#*'*&*e>
:. SR? sha++ get Rs.=$,$$$4 (?iAed) (R.*ees thirty tho.sand on+y) *er month
<. BR? sha++ get Rs.<$,$$$4 (?iAed) (R.*ees twenty tho.sand on+y) *er month
=. SR? and BR? sha++ get .* to Rs <),$$$ (7wenty five tho.sand r.*ees on+y) as a +.m* s.m
*ayment *er year, 2ased on the recommendation of the committee.
D. 7hey are e+igi2+e for :$@ increase in ?e++owshi*s every year.
). Reim2.rsement of eA* .* to Rs. <$,$$$4- (7wenty 7ho.sand on+y) d.ring the
*rogramme for contingency eA* *.r*ose for the *ro,ect and recommended 2y the
com*etent a.thority.
%. 7he SR?4BR? researchers are re1.ired to visit4stay at *ro,ect sites de*ending on the
eAigencies in connection with the wor3 to .nderstand s.2,ect 2etter.
E. 'A* towards attending seminars4training *rogrammes re+evant to the *ro,ect, wi++ 2e
*rovided as *er CPRI norms.
P05'*#!&*(% / P!&e%&:
7he res.+ts of ?e++ows research wor3 may 2e *.2+ished in standard Bo.rna+s 4 Seminars 4
Conferences etc., at the discretion of the g.ide. It sho.+d 2e that the assistance *rovided 2y
CPRI is a+ways ac3now+edged in a++ *.2+ications 4 *resentations. ne co*y of the *.2+ished
research *a*er 4 *a*ers sha++ 2e sent to CPRI. 7he right to commercia+ eA*+oitation of the res.+ts and
*atent right arising o.t of the investigation 4 research wi++, however, rest eAc+.sive+y with CPRI.
O&$e" &e"4:
1. CPRI wi++ have eAc+.sive rights on the se+ection of research s.2,ect / research findings.
2. Research ?e++ows may 2e *ermitted to eAtend his4her research wor3 for the award of M.Sc.,
('ngg) 2y Research 4 0octora+ 0egree.
6. 7he research *rogramme is on 2asis on+y and CPRI wi++ 2e .nder no o2+igation to
*rovide *ermanent em*+oyment to SR?4BR?. A few research fe++ows with right a* may 2e
.ti+iCed for cons.+tancy wor3 carried o.t in CPRI.
4. 7he .**er age +imit for the a2ove *osts is =$ years as on +ast date for s.2mission of a**+ications.
;owever, the age is re+aAa2+e 2y = years in case of !C candidates and ) years for candidates
2e+onging to SC4S7 category. Government of India norms wi++ 2e fo++owed.
1. Co*ies of the certificates re+ated to age, 1.a+ifications, caste, eA*erience etc., sha++ 2e s.2mitted
a+ong with the a**+ication form.
7. ne recent *ass*ort siCe *hotogra*h sha++ 2e affiAed to the a**+ication form.
8. Candidates a+ready wor3ing in any Government organisation, sho.+d a**+y *ro*er
9. Instit.te reserves the right not to fi++ .* the *osts, if it so desires. Mere f.+fi++ment of the
minim.m *rescri2ed conditions wi++ not vest any right to a candidate 2eing ca++ed for written
test4Interview. "o corres*ondence wi++ 2e entertained as regards short-+isting4ca++ing for written
test4Interview, se+ection or a**ointment. ?or academic, the candidate needs to f.+fi++ a++ r.+es /
reg.+ations of V78 inc+.ding a**earing for eAaminations.
:. Candidates ca++ed for written test4Interview sha++ a**ear for the same at their own cost.
10. CPRI reserve right to terminate the fe++owshi* if the *rogress is not satisfactory.
11. CPRI reserves the right to change r.+es and reg.+ations governing research wor3 and the
st.dents are o2+iged to a2ide 2y it.
12. A++ Candidates are re1.ired to stay in CPRI Cam*.s.
H(, &( !--';:
Candidates may a**+y in the *rescri2ed a**+ication form given in A%%e20"e 3 II. 7he enve+o*
containing the a**+ication sha++ 2e s.*erscri2ing as FAPPLICATION FOR JRF / SRFG and send it
to the fo++owing address>
R&D M!%!<e4e%& D*/**(%
Ce%&"!' P(,e" Ree!"#$ I%&*&0&e
P"().S*" C.V. R!4!% R(!+= P> NO.9077=
S!+!$*/! N!<!" P.O. >!%<!'("e 3 170 090