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The "Internal-Workings" of an Aliencraft!

(via a remote-viewing Dreaming-state).
It should first be "acknowledged" that Of-course different Cosmic-
interplanetary worlds contain fossils/elements and Organic-substances which by
their own making could "either contribute or EASI! destroy our own Earthly
garden" Such cosmic "Interplay" has indeed Ad#anced "some" of our $echnology"
Again such cosmic interplay has ASO %amaged our way of life" &owe#er' as
the saying goes' "One gets nothing without some sort of return some
Certain craft then use Crystals for (ropulsion and %I)E*SIO*A
tra#el+ A Crystal' a green-crystal spins within the centre of a Craft' at O,
re#olutions+ At its base its arger-density area' there sits a circular-magnetic-
housing' which in turn has "channels" which go to (orts interconnected to the
&ull+ $his ships-centre is stabilised from -ibrational-distortions or %imensional-
anomalies' #ia a cle#er synthetic based unconducti#e material+ $he Craft or Ships
hull being made from numerous alloys or elements' some being )agnesium'
Carbon' )agnetite and Sil#er+ $he entire hull is permanently "magnetised" the
port-channels made from a synthetic-type glass but unbreakable"
$he green-crystal in its #ertical-state is appro. eight-ft in height+
Its top radiating down to a much larger bore diameter' seated within the rim of
the magnetic-housing " accelerator"+ /y the actual raising and lowering of the
Crystal into this magnetic-housing one generates a " $ime-flow" of certain
(articles" (articles which are ,E beyond $achyon-speed+ It is the )atri. of
this particular-crystal which "enhances" the 0low-below with $ime-(articles+ And a
kind of Inter-%imensional 1nified-field is created+ A field which is then released #ia
the channels and ports to the outside " ionised-air"' pushing $ime and its
"brother" 2elati#ity Aside+ ,hen one splashes into a /ath or lake or pool One
"pushes" outwardly the li3uid therein causing both a %irectional-change and
"2ipple" in the waters+ $ime in essence is also pushed aside by "Intrusion" upon
its "space"' 4displacement5+ 6ra#itational-forces and magnetic anomalies ha#ing been
"manipulated" to a degree' react by "changing" their &old on density on )atter #ia
Acceleration" Inside such Craft are a number of occupants seated in a circular-
manner around a control board fitted with numerous flick-switches+ $hese when
engaged open or close Certain-ports+ %imensional-entrance is achie#ed #ia the
"re3uired-acceleration of the magnetic-housing"' that is to say the "amount of
Isotope energy added to the already enhanced magnetic-flow+ "
I ha#e been onboard two ships" $he latter I was not #isible to
its occupants' the following howe#er presented a different type of 7ourney" $his
then was a much larger craft perhaps galactic8 I was approached by beings
from 9eta - reticula+ $hey presented no alarm in makeup or appearance+
Standing well o#er si. feet' possesing arms and hands' though their heads were
larger and the eyes spherical with hori:ontal lines across rather than pupils+
4continued (art two5