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Jihye Yun, Analyst, Buscom Fun Team, Nov 25, 2009

Unbelievable search engine

Nowadays people want to search informations speed and correct. BAIDO is

growing rapidly in this area. Specially, we examine two policies.

1. Baidu Post Bar provides users with a query-based searchable community

to exchange views and share knowledge and experiences. It is an online
community bound tightly with Baidu's search service.

2. Baidu Knows () provides users with a query-based searchable

community to share knowledge and experience. Through Baidu Knows,

registered members of Baidu Knows can post specific questions for other
members to respond and also answer questions of other members.

The organization has also be empowered by the nation's state country under
the "No.18 Document" as part of the 46 local software industry associations to
become a key tool to the country's information industry. In its operations, the
organization is nationally accredited by creating forums, intellectual property
rights protection, and other activities related to setting industry regulation drivers
within the country.

The company’s competitors include the United States based Internet search
providers, such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft; Chinese Internet portals such
as Sina, Sohu, Netease, and Tencant. The company also faces competition
from other Internet search service providers, such as Sougou, Yisou, Sousou,
and Zhong Sou. In addition, the company competes with B2B service providers,
such as Alibaba.

Our study finds this company services many other applicants as well as
search engine and it is growing rapidly.

Furthermore, In December 2006, the company entered into an agreement with

EMI Music to launch the advertising-supported online music streaming service
in China. Under this agreement, the company makes EMI’s Chinese songs
available for streaming at no charge to users in its music search channel.

The findings of this reports forwards three recommendations:

 80% of internet users in CHINA

 Available many software service as well as search service 

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BAIDO, Post bar, B2B, advertising- supported online music
streaming service, software service