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Jupiter is much a more noble body than Saturn, and (as we said before) abounds much

more with a Solar and Lunar Mercury.

As regards tin, Aesch Mezareph says : "In particular transmutations, its sulphurous nature
alone doth not profit, but with other sulphurs, especially those of the red metals, it does
reduce thick waters (duly terrificated) into gold." This is not the universal work, but a
"Particular" one; no gold of plusquam perfection is formed; but bare gold.
Spirit of Jupiter
Good Jupiter possesses almost the mean or middle place between Metals, it being not too
hot, nor too cold, not too warm, nor too moist, it hath no excess of Mercury, nor of Salt,
and it hath the least of Sulphur in it; it is found to be white in Colour.
The generation of Tin in and above the Earth, is brought to light even as Man is and other
Animals, which are originally nourished and fed by the Mothers Milk; there is no Diet to
be found on Earth more fit for the nourishment of all men than Milk; for its best part is
chiefly an Animal Sulphur, which yields the Nourishment. Even in like manner Tin is
nourished by its Metallick Sulphur, which likewise feeds it with the greatest acceptation,
it assumes in and to it more heat than Saturn, therefore is Jupiter more digested &broiled,
whereby its Body likewise is more fixt and permanent in the degree of Salt.
The Spirit of Tin is a Preserver from all Distempers & Accidents whereby the Liver is
consumed or put into malady; its Spirit is naturally to be compared unto Honey in Taste,
its Mercury being made volatile, gains a venomous quality; for it purges violently, and
penetrates through by force, therefore it is not alwayes to be advised, that its opened
Mercury should be used alone and simply, but if a Correction precede, there may an
excellent benefit succeed, being used in those distempers and diseases, which are
immediately subject to its Influence, that is, when its venomous volatility is taken away,
and set in a better and fixeder state, which resists the poison.
To conclude, I let you know, and give you to understand, that if thou extract out of
Benevolent Jupiter its Salt and Sulphur, and lettest Saturn flux well with it, Saturn
assumes a fixt body unto it, purges it self, and becomes clear thereby, there being a full
change and real transmutation of Lead into good Tin, which may be found to the height
by a durable infallible proof. And though you may think this to be false, yet you must take
notice, that seeing the Salt of Jupiter only by its Sulphur is made more corporal, yet
likewise it hath obtained an efficacy and power to penetrate Saturn, the basest and most
volatile Metal, and bring it to a melioration of its Equals, as you will find it in reality.
Extraction of oils and tinctures of minerals
: "Have a good pumice-stone, the whitest you
may find, powder it subtly, then irrigate it with good distilled vinegar and dry it; this you
should reiterate four times, and the last one it must be reverberated four hours by a
flaming fire, non violent, to avoid it may fuse. Cimentate afterwards with this powder
very thin sheets of any metal, even Sun, and this by stratification in a great fire of
reverberation or of any other kind, as long as 24 hours, and your powder will invest itself
of the metal's color; reiterate this cimentition until your metallic sheets have been
Here, a tincture (color, soul, sulphur) is first extracted with a dry menstrum (pumice-
stone) in a crucible; afterwards reduced in a wet way by distilled vinegar (animated with
niter through cohobations); finally, circulated with rectified spirits of wine.
A similar experience may be found in Basile Valentine when extracting the soul of
Jupiter, etc.
"The first one and most common is, undoubtedly, the fixed salt of tartar which, since its
fusion, penetrates every metal and mineral, and takes from them the sulphurous part."
Again, not a singular idea, but one which may be found, for example, in George
Starckey's Pyrotechnics or The Art of Volatilising Alkalis, who also indicates the fusion
of the alkali with the calx of the imperfect metal, in order to extract its sulphur.
Jupiter Anima And Salt
Take pumice stones sold in shops, anneal them, quench them in old good wine, neal them
again and quench them as you did formerly and let this nealing be iterated a third time;
the stronger the wine is you quench withal, the better it is. After that dry them gently; thus
are they prepared for that purpose. Pulverise these pumice stones subtilly, then take good
Tin, laminate it, stratify it in a cementing way, in a reverberating furnace reverberate this
matter for five days and nights in a flaming fire till it draweth the tincture of the metal.
Then grind it small, first scraping the Tin lamens; put it in a glass body, pour on it good
distilled Vinegar and set it in digestion when the Vinegar draweth the tincture, which is
red-yellow. Abstract the Vinegar in Balneo, edulcorate the anima of Jupiter with distilled
water, exiccate gently and proceed in the rest as you did with the anima of Saturn, viz.,
dissolve radically in or with the Spirit of Mercury, drive them over, pour that upon two
parts of red Mercury precipitated; being precipitated with this Venerean, sanguine quality,
then coagulate and fix; if done successfully you may acknowledge Jupiter's bounty that
gave leave to transmute this precipitate into Gold, which will be apparent at their melting.
It performeth this also, it transmuteth ten parts of Lune into Gold, if other Sulphurs be
added thereunto; force no more upon Jupiter, it is all he is able to do; being of a peaceable
disposition he told all what he could do. The process about this Salt is to extract it with
distilled rain water, clarified with Spirit of Wine.
The precipitation of Mercury is done thus: Take one part of the Spirit of Salt Nitre and
three parts of oil of Vitriol; put these together, cast into half a part of quick Mercury,
being very well purged, set it in sand, put a reasonable strong fire to it, so that the Spirits
may not fly away and let it stand a whole day and night; then abstract all this Spirit, then
you find in the bottom a precipitated Mercury, somewhat red. Pour the Spirit on it again,
let it stand day and night, abstract it again and then your precipitate is at the highest
rubedo; dulcify it with distilled water and let it strongly be exiccated.
Saturn into Jupiter: To conclude, if you do extract out of the benign Jupiter his Salt and
Sulphur and make Saturn flow very well together with them, Saturn doth get a fixed
body, is purified and becometh clear by them and is a total change and real transmutation
of Lead into good Pewter, as you will find it upon a most accurate trial. And though this
may seem to you not to be true, yet are you to understand that by reason that the Salt of
Jupiter is made more Corporeal only by its Sulphur, it likewise hath received an efficacy
and power to penetrate Saturn, as the vilest and most volatile metal, and to bring it to its
own substance by making it better and you will really find it to be so.
Extraction of Oils and Tinctures from Minerals
Take some good pumice stone, the whitest that can be found, powder it subtly, then
saturate it with some good distilled vinegar, and desiccate it. You must repeat this four
times, and the last time you must reverberate it with a flame fire that must not be strong,
to prevent it from melting. Now cement with this powder some laminae that are well rid
of any metal whatever, even of the Sun, and this by stratification in a reverberation degree
of the fire or of any other kind, for 24 hours, and your powder will assume the color of
the metal. Repeat this cementing till it has eaten away your metallic laminae. Now take
your colored powders and put them five times in distilled vinegar vitalized with saltpeter,
taking 4 oz of the said salt to 1 lb of this vinegar. Leave this vinegar and this salt to
putrefy together in a retort, through which distill thereafter your vinegar with a strong fire,
cohobating it till it has removed almost all the feces. When the vinegar has been thus
prepared, put your colored pumice stone into it. It will lose all its tincture. Leave
everything in the Horse's Belly for two weeks, and during this time your vinegar will
draw out the color of your pumice stone: Then empty it and add other vinegar. Continue
doing this till the extraction of the color is completed. After that, let your menstruum
exhale in the bath, and it will leave the tincture of your metal at the bottom. If you wish to
exalt it further, you will have to pour on your tincture some excellent brandy which you
must putrefy so as to attract the soul of the metallic and mineral tinctures that you wish to