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House inquiry sought into DBMs non-payment

for pensions of PC-INP retirees

A lawmaker has called on the House Committee on Appropriations to conduct an
inquiry into the none payment of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) of
the pension and pension differentials of retirees of the defunct Philippine Constaulary!
"ntegrated #ational Police (PC!"#P)$ amounting to illions of pesos co%ering the years
&''& to ())*+
,ep+ -eopoldo Bataoil ((
District$ Pangasinan) sought the inquiry through House
,esolution &)'.$ saying the DBM has not released the PC!"#P retirees/ pension and
pension differentials despite se%eral communications sent to the agency+
01nfortunately$ up to the present$ the DBM has not acted on the matter+ 2he
committee on appropriations should conduct an inquiry$ in aid of legislation$ on the
DBM/s none payment of the pension differentials of the PC!"#P retirees for the period
co%ering calendar years &''& to ())*$3 said Bataoil$ a retired police 4eneral+
He said pursuant to ,epulic Act &)*55$ otherwise known as the 4eneral
Appropriations Act for 6iscal 7ear ()&8$ the amount of P(($')*$(..$)))+)) was
appropriated for the retirement enefits and pension of PC!"#P retirees duly authenticated
y the Philippine #ational Police (P#P)+
Bataoil said the 9upreme Court in its decision dated May '$ ()): cited the amount
of P(($')*$(..$)))+)) is only enough for the pension of the PC!"#P retirees for the
current year+
09ince the issuance of the 9upreme Court decision in ()):$ the P#P has always
incorporated in its annual pension and gratuity udgets the pension differentials of its
retirees+ Howe%er$ the DBM has not released any amount for that purpose$3 said Bataoil$ a
%ice chairman of the committees on appropriations$ %eterans affairs and welfare$ and
pulic information+
,eacting to Bataoil/s inquiry resolution$ ,ep+ "sidro 1nga (5
District$ Da%ao
City)$ chairman of the committee on appropriations$ said the matter can e taken up during
the forthcoming udget hearings+
0" think we can also take this up during the udget delierations$3 said 1nga+
-ast April$ Director ,olando Purugganan of the P#P Directorate for
Comptrollership said the P#P has een constantly coordinating with the DBM for the
NR # 3516
JULY 3, 2014
agency to release yearly the money that would co%er not only the pensions ut also the
differentials of the retired PC!"#P memers+
Purugganan cited that ased on records$ the P#P has sent letters to the DBM on
#o%emer :$ ()&5$ 6eruary (*$ ()&8 and March :$ ()&8$ urging the release of the
2he P#P had also appealed to 1nga to make a representation to DBM for the
release of the required funds for the payment of pension differentials of PC!"#P retirees
co%ering the period &''& to ())* according to Purugganan+
;n <anuary ('$ &''&$ ,epulic Act #o+ *':= was enacted which mandated the
aolition of the PC>"#P and the creation of the P#P with the memers of the PC>"#P as its
nucleus and the asorption of selected memers from the ma?or ser%ice units of the Armed
6orces of the Philippines (A6P)+ Pensions and pension differentials due to retired PC!"#P
memers ha%e mounted up to illions of pesos in years+ (5)) rbb