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Parts Lists:

A parts list forms the basis for manufacture of each individual machine as it
contains a specification of all parts required to make a complete machine.

We distinguish between the following types of parts lists:

A: Main parts lists:
These are parts lists containing all relevant information concerning one
particular machine.

B: Sub-parts lists / Separate parts lists:
Sub-parts Lists, also called Separate parts lists, are standard parts lists
referred to in main parts lists and generally comprising standard
components for a machine assembly included in the machine in question.


Parts list No 5.501550, sheet enclosed is a typical main parts list sheet. The
following information may be obtained from the various columns:

Where the column Drawing contains a number, it refers to a drawing with
all necessary information. If a dimension is stated in the column
Code-Dimension-Manufacturer (Pattern), it can be found in the drawing
referred to.

A pattern number, if any, for casting will also appear from this column. A
pattern number always consists of two letters followed by a figure, e.g. KD-

C: Parts list drawing:
A parts list drawing is a sub-parts list that serves both as parts list and as
assembly drawing. It is used only in case of simple components consisting
of relatively few parts.

Supplementary comments to a drawing are given in the lower part of the
drawing in the form of signs or symbols referring to additional explanations
in General Workshop Instruction No 520530.

Drawings with 7.000000 numbers show standard parts used in
miscellaneous machines.

Customer Services
FLSmidth A/S
Vigerslev All 77 2500 Valby Denmark
Tel +45 36181000 Fax +45 36301820 DK 15 02 88 82
Revision of Parts Lists and Drawings:
Alterations or additions to parts lists and drawings will be uploaded to Myfls
in a higher version.

Information about version numbers, details on alterations/additions as well
as the date of revision is provided in the column for this purpose on all parts
lists and drawings.

We strongly advise you to destroy or mark void all old prints of
identically numbered papers already in your and your sub-suppliers
possession in order to avoid any mistakes.

Material Specification Sheets:
In order to achieve uniformity in the specification of materials required for
manufacture of the various parts each individual material is indicated by a
code number in parts lists and drawings, e.g. "Mat. 1100".

All material sheets are collected in instruction No. 70002611, MCGB-
Materials Code Guide Book, Ordinary Materials.

Each MAT number refers to a sheet from our material code. In these sheets
various norms and standards are listed.

These norms/standards have been divided into two categories of which
those first mentioned meet our requirements to the material in question
exactly and may be used straight away.

Use of material from the second category or a third standard has to
be verified by FLS.

Material qualities for bolts, screws and nuts are indicated by the ISO
standard designations.

Workshop Instructions:
The General Workshop Instruction No 520530 contains FLS' basic standards
for tolerances, surfaces, welding, corrosion proofing, etc. and all parts are
to be manufactured in accordance with these instructions.

Together with Code for Purchase Parts No 7.000001, General Workshop
Instruction No 520530 applies to all technical documentation issued for
manufacture of machinery.

Only when other standards are specifically referred to, the above-mentioned
instruction will not apply.

Special Workshop Instructions are available for certain machines containing
supplementary comments to the information and specifications appearing in

Customer Services
FLSmidth A/S
Vigerslev All 77 2500 Valby Denmark
Tel +45 36181000 Fax +45 36301820 DK 15 02 88 82
parts lists and on manufacturing drawings as well as in the General
Workshop Instruction.

These instructions may also contain advice on certain manufacturing
methods, tolerances, control methods, etc.

Corrosion Proofing:
To be effected in accordance with General Workshop Instruction No 520530,
7, 8, 9, and 10.

For parts made of plate and sectional steel we normally recommend internal
surfaces to be cleaned and painted according to our painting program Nos
1, 2, or 4 whereas external surfaces are to be cleaned and painted
according to our painting program No 3 or 5, etc. Further information
regarding our painting programs is available in section 9.6 Painting

In case of recommended deviations from the above as to corrosion proofing
this will be mentioned in the Requisition document.

Trial Assembly:
In order to minimize problems with the final erection at site we recommend
that all machines and components not pre-assembled are trial assembled as
far as possible in the supplier's workshop.

Prior to dispatch, all machines and machine parts should be properly
marked with numbers thus making it possible to identify them at site. For
identification we suggest the application of FLS Requisition No, Equipment
No as well as the parts list number, sheet and line or drawing respectively
according to which the machine/-component has been manufactured.

If dismantling is required for dispatch it is advisable that the various
components are clearly match-marked to facilitate erection at site.

Packing of Machinery Goods:
For parts supplied by FLS, instruction No 12951-08 is used for Packing of
Machine Goods.

We recommend you to follow this instruction for packing of the local supply.