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SpectraNet, a US $ 111 million Punj Lloyd concern, with the

dual regulatory clearances of being a Category ! National
"SP and licensed Cable Ser#ice Pro#ider, pro#ides $roadband
Connecti#ity and Networ% Con#ergence through the optic
fiber caf&, which has been laid in parts of the National
Capital 'egion(
!tul Punj, )Chairman, SpectraNet*, said +,he company has
wired up -elhi and neighbouring .urgoan with e/cess of 011
%ilometers of fibre( 2ptic cable to deli#er internet and
multimedia ser#ices to cooperates, small offices3home offices
and residential home users(
,o start with, the company will pro#ide net on cable ser#ice
to the !siad 4illage, Sunder Nagar, 5aha Nagar, South
6/tension, 4asant 5unj, 5han 7ar%et and Pandara 7ar%et
areas( SpectraNet plans to in#est 's( 8111 crores in the
ne/t 19 months( !nd it plans to lay optical fibre at 111
%ilometers at $anglore, Punjab and Chandigarh to follow
SpectraNet guarantees speedy data transmission, :uality of
Ser#ice, -ynamic $andwidth Pro#isioning, Usage3based
Ser#ice Charges and a plethora of #alue3added ser#ices(
Con#ergence ser#ices from SpectraNet are not just
integration of entertainment, application and "nternet
ser#ices( $ut a whole gamut of ser#ices deli#ered through a
networ% of optic fibre cables which is wholly owned by us( "t
is the seamless integrating of all the de#ices of today to
enhance their utility and open up a world of infinite
;or the corporates SpectraNet offer 4irtual Pri#ate Networ%,
Leased Line !ccess, -ata Centre Ser#ices including
!pplication <osting, Co3location Ser#ices, Ser#er
7anagement and -isaster 'eco#ery(
;or <ouseholds, Small 2ffices 3<ome 2ffices )S:<2* Small
and 7edium 6ntrepreneurs )S76* our offerings span from
#ideo channels with digital feed, addressable mo#ie channels
and internet on ,4 to "nternet through cable modem offering
unprecedented speeds(
SpectraNet is 'edefining 6ntertainment through a host of
ser#ices ranging from basic cable ser#ices to Premium cable
channels, Pay Per 4iew, Near 4ideo on -emand, 4ideo on
-emand, "nteracti#e games, News on -emand, 4irtual
"nteracti#e Seminars and discussions(
"P 4irtual Pri#ate Networ% connects offices spread o#er a
wide geographical space( "t pro#ides the benefits of reduced
costs and assured deli#ery time and also offers full security
through ad#anced encryption technology(
-ata Centre is a multifunctional entity and acts as a ser#er
farm which offers an e/hausti#e range of useful ser#ices(
Some of these are mentioned below3
!pplication <ositng, =eb <osting Ser#ices, Co3location,
-isaster 'eco#ery Ser#ice, 7irroring Ser#ices, managed high
Speed e3mal Ser#ices(
Surf and Shop3 SNL will introduce the new paradigm of e3
tailing, le#eraging the distribution networ% in the digital
economy and ma%ing a#ailable the best bargains on the net(
=e will enable 63commerce, 63medicine, 63go#ernance, 63
4irtual office for e/ecuti#es> SpectraNet will facilitate mobile
offices for e/ecuti#es to function from out of office locations(
,his inno#ati#e mobility will be made possible by instant,
real time connecti#ity and continuous access to all rele#ant
information from data ban%s on SNL ser#ers(
Promotion information and con#enience ser#ices> SpectraNet
will offer information and accurate feedbac% on consumer
trends and mar%et information, thereby enabling efficient
test mar%eting of ideas to arri#e at precise conclusions(
SpectraNet has technical tie3ups with world technology
leaders li%e Lucent ,echnologies, 7otorola ).eneral
"nstruments*, Sun 7icrosystems, Cisco Systems and ?uniper
Networ%ing Systems to harness this re#olution in its nascent
stage( ,he company will reap the benefits of being among
the first off the bloc%, when by the end of this year -2,
starts issuing basic telecom licenses SpectraNet will be in a
position to launch its #oice telephony ser#ices almost
instantly( ,he company intents to grow through customers
ac@uisition, by offering consistent @uality at an affordable
! company that started only with the dream to bring cable
tele#ision to e#ery house, inched closer towards ma%ing a
mar% in the telecommunications arena last fortnight( Shyam
,elelin% )S,L*, a fully owned subsidiary of Shyam ,elecom,
launched a multimedia broadband networ% in 'ajasthan
called 'ainbow(
'ainbow will pro#ide a superior @uality, highly reliable
networ%, instant connecti#ity, personalised ser#ices and a
single window for all telecom and "nternet ser#ices( "t will
pro#ide #oice, data, te/t and image combined with faster
"nternet and multimedia ser#ices at affordable prices( "ts
range of ser#ice includes #oice telephony, isdn ser#ices, 4PN,
calling card, high speed internet connecti#ity, #ideo
conferencing, tele3medicine, tele3education, enterprise
networ%ing and data centres(
'aji# 7ehrotra, Chairman of Shyam ,elelin% said +o#erall we
would in#est around 's( A111 or in the project with in 11
yrs( !nd of that around 's( 1111 crore would be in#ested
o#er the ne/t couple of years( 2ur strategy is to co#er both
rural and urban areas( ,owards this end, Shyam plans to
launch a low cost solar3powered terminal for use in #illages
for net surfing, thereby remo#ing the need for personal
computers( 'ainbow brings the worlds finest technologies
together to ser#e the people of 'ajasthan( 'ainbows
worldclass broadband optical fibre networ%, soon to be o#er3
B111 %ms( long, deli#ers a host of ser#ices and last mile
options 3 another first from the Shyam .roup, the pioneer of
cable and satellite ,4 in "ndia( 'ainbow, 'ajasthans first
broadband networ%, began commercial operations in ?aipur,
from !ugust 8111( Subscribers ha#e e/pressed happiness
o#er their hassle3free connections and numerous #alue3
added ser#ices, they can e#en choose between wireless and
wireline options with free "nternet accessC
,he company has all the major buildings in the state capital
?aipur and it has already wired with optic fibre cables to
pro#ide #oice data and "nternet ser#ices( ,he 2;C networ%
so far co#ers 1111 %ms( !nother D111 %ms( will be added by
-ecember 8111( ! large number of connections ha#e been
gi#en through fi/ed =LL( ,he company has signed up D,111
subscribers for its broadband ser#ices( !round 0A per cent
of them ha#e wireless connections, only DA per cent are
wireline( S,L e/cepts to get D1,111 subscribers by 7arch
8111( "t plans to set up D8A,111 -6Ls by 811B(-uring this
period, S,L plans to co#er 1A cities and A11 #illages,( ,he
entire state is e/pected to be co#ered by 811D( ,o fulfil its
uni#ersal ser#ice obligation, S,L has already pro#ided
telephones in A1 #illages in 'ajasthan(
S,Ls technology partners for the networ% as Lucent
,echnologies and "", Chennai, which helped set up the core
infrastructure networ%( ,he 'ainbow networ% uses C-7! or
Cor -6C, technologies( CinCom of the US has pro#ided the
solutions for the billing, call centre, financial and material
management( ,he solutions will support con#ergent billing
for the "nternet, basic, cable and long distance calls( ,he
transmission e@uipment has been source from Siemens( ,he
optic fibre and bac%bone construction has been underta%en
by the <;CL .roup( $irla 6ricsson has pro#ided the optic
fibre cable( ,he Shyam .roup has emerged as a ser#ice
pro#ider in the cellular, basic, "nternet, 4S!,, satphone and
.7PCS segments and also supplies telecom e@uipment( ,he
group comprises eight companies( Shyam ,elecom for
e@uipment, Shyam ,elelin% for basic and broadband ser#ices,
<e/acom "ndia Limited for cellular ser#ices, Shyam "nternet
Limited, Shyam !ntennae 6lectronics Limited, Shyam !CeS,
CinShyam for billing software and 6ssel Shyam for 4S!,
<;CL, established in 1E9F, has emerged as a leader in the
"ndian telecommunication sector with a turno#er of 's( 0
$illion ne/t year, employing more than D111 people(
<;CL "nfotel Limited, a company promoted by ,elecom major
<imachal ;uthrtistic Communications Limited )<;CL*, is
building a state3of3art broadband networ% under the brand
Connect in Punjab for telephony, "nternet and multi3media
applications( ,he company is the basic ser#ice pro#ider in
the state and has already completed o#er 8111%m( of fibre
optic networ% throughout the state(
C2NN6C, is pro#iding optical fibre technology in Punjab and
Chandigarh that can support $road $and !pplications,
enabling people to meet their di#erse communication needs
with only one line( C2NN6C, is going to be the optimal
business solution through con#ergence of information,
communication and entertainment technologies with the
support of other telecom giants li%e Lucent ,echnologies
US!3a ;ortune B1 company, "", Chennai, Compa@, Cisco,
C.", $ell Ne//ia and CinCom(
US3$!S6- telecom company U,Starcom has tried3up with
<imachal futuristic Communications Ltd( )<;CL* for
manufacturing broadband access e@uipment in "ndia( <;CL
will also deploy U,Starcoms wireless local loop )=LL*
e@uipment called personal access system )P!S* in its basic
telecom networ% in Punjab( ,he tie3up with U,Starcom
would be both for manufacture and mar%eting the broadband
wireless e@uipment( ,he e@uipment would be mar%eted both
in "ndia and abroad( Con#ergelabs, a Silicon #alley startup,
would be another partner of U,Starcom and it would assist in
deploying the P!S systems in Punjab circle(
,he group Chairman of <;CL, 7r( 7ahendra Nahata +we will
build a customer base of D la%hs within the ne/t three years(
,he idea is to pro#ide a future proof broadband networ%,
which can carry #oice, data and multimedia applications(
2ur plan is to offer ser#ices across the state %eeping in mind
the rural areas( Special efforts are being made to ta%e both
,elephony and "nternet to the common man in both urban
and rural areas+ <e further added+ <;CL has an ability
through its own indigenous research and de#elopment to set
up a world class broad brand networ% in the state+(
,he company is also launching its "SP ser#ices in Punjab
ne/t wee% and will be able to offer a good "nternet
e/perience to its subscribers( ,he company also plans to
launch a 5ios% networ% throughout the state to pro#ide
"nternet access to the people of Punjab, especially in the
rural area( ,he "nternet will also be used for tele3education
for which the company is de#eloping special software and
,he telephony ser#ices launched under the brand name
C2NN6C, are presently a#ailable in Chandigarh and 7ohali
and in coming months will be a#ailable throughout the state(
,he launch of ser#ice in Ludhiana, Patiala, ?alandhar and
!mritshar is to follow shortly(
,his networ% has been set up with assistance form se#eral
leading technology partners li%e <;CL, Lucent, "", Chennai,
C"SC2 and C27P!:(
2n a C2N6C, line, the subscriber can a#ail #oice and data
transmission )$asic telephony, fa/( ,ermination on 6P!$Gs,
"nternet !ccess*( ,he company also offers -irect "nward
-ialing, Line hunting and other #alue added ser#ices( ,he
ser#ice portfolio would also be e/panded to include "N
)"ntelligent Networ% Ser#ice* ser#ices, 4irtual Pri#ate
Networ%, Centre/ and "S-N for high3speed data transmission
and broad brand ser#ices( Con#enience of the customer is
the %ey dri#er in all of Companys operations(
C2NN6C,s $road band fibre networ% will be enable for
interacti#e multi media ser#ices, and capable of high @uality
content, high speed "nternet access and a large number of
interacti#e applications including $8$ and $8C e3commerce(
C2NN6C, promises uninterrupted ser#ice with large
Centrally administered state of the art digital switches,
optical fibre bac%bone and bac%haul and installation practices
to ensure high @uality #oice and data calls( C2NN6C, has
also pro#isioned fiber connecti#ity to the larger Corporate
houses and "ndustrial areas(
P2=6'.'"-, a go#t( 2f "ndia 6nterprise, was established in
1E9E with an authorised capital of 's( A1,111 million
)US$1111 million* under "ndian Companies !ct, 1EA0( =ith
the mission of +6stablish and operate 'egional and National
Power .rids to facilitate transfer of power within and across
the regions with 'eliability, Security and 6conomy on sound
commercial principles+(
=ith the de3regulation of ,elecom Sector and in accordance
with the trends abroad, P2=6'.'"- has planned to embar%
upon telecommunication business by establishing core
bac%bone networ% of fibre optic in the country( ,his will
ma/imise returns to P2=6'.'"- which would be deployed
for e/peditious implementation of National .rid and will also
accelerate application of "nformation ,echnology to urban
and rural areas as well as increase the tele density( ,he huge
transmission infrastructure of o#er B1,111 C%ms will be
sturdy, clean, easier to lay and free from rodent menace and
#andalism( $eside this, networ% will pro#ide safe, reliable
and secure connecti#ity to citiesHtowns I rural areas across
the country( ,his networ% will e/pand to o#er F1,111 C%m
by 811F and o#er 1,11,111 C%m by 8118( 5eeping in #iew
the success stories worldwide of transmission utilities and
liberalisation of "ndian ,elecom Sector and comple/ities
in#ol#ed, P2=6'.'"- appointed reputed international
consultants #iJ( "42, ;inland alongwith P=C, U5 for defining,
planning I implementing the di#ersification strategy to
,elecommunication business( $ased on detailed regulatory
re#iew, o#erall mar%et analysis and e#aluation of #arious
$usiness options, P2=6'.'"- has car#ed out its strategy to
enter into telecom arena( !t the outset, P2=6'.'"- will
utiliJe the spareHe/cess capacity of telecom networ% already
a#ailable under Unified Load -ispatch and Communication
)UL-C* facilities( "t was matter of pried of P2=6'.'"- that
on !ugust 8,8111, <onble Prime 7inister of "ndia
inaugurated the first lap of P2=6'.'"-s optic fibre telecom
networ% between -elhi F Chandigarh under Northern 'egion
Unified Load -ispatch and Communication )N'3UL-C*
project( ,he other major lin%s being commissioned shortly
includes -elhi3?aipur )September 8111*K -elhi3Chandigarh3
Simla )2ctober 8111*K Salem3$anglore and $anglore3.ooty
by -ecember 8111( P2=6'.'"- plans to establish about
1B,111%ms( of fibre optic cable bac%bone networ% as an
infrastructure pro#ider within ne/t 83D years at an
estimated cost of o#er US$ 811 million( "nitially it will
establish high priority lin%s of about D,111 5m, which will
include <yderabad3$anglore3Chennai I -elhi3Luc%now by
!ugust, 8111K -elhi3<yderabad and -elhi37umbai by
-ecember, 8111( P2=6'.'"- has already issue tenders for
procurement of 2ptic ;ibre of about 11,111 lm and will be
placing the award by ?anuary 8111( ,he optical fibre
networ% connecting major metros, towns and cities
ruralHunser#ed areas will be laid down by the year 811831D(
,he networ% will connect A0 major cities in "ndia as shown in
the map(
Strategic Alliance wit State Utilitie!
;or e/tensi#e connecti#ity with cities and towns and to reach
ruralHunser#ed areas, P2=6'.'"- is proposing to ha#e
strategic alliance with #arious strategic utilities i(e( State
6lectricity $oards )S6$s* to utiliJe their , I - infrastructure
for reaching to the home of ultimate customers( ,he
e/ploitation of the opportunities emerging from synergic
con#ergence of two %ey infrastructural areas namely Power
and tele3communications complementing each together has
already been established world3wide( P2=6'.'"- has ta%en
a conscious decision to di#ersify into telecom to mobilise
additional resources( P2=6'.'"-s entry in telecom
business is another feather in its cap which will not only
supplement the efforts of .ol to pro#ide telecom ser#ices to
rural and more remote areas but will also proper
P2=6'.'"- further on the path of glory(
<uges ,ele(com is a joint #enture of the P(5(7ittal3controlled
"spat .roup )A1 per cent*, the US3$ased <ughes electronics
Corporation )DA(0Aper cent* and !lltel Corporation )1D(DA
per cent*( <ughes ,ele(com, burdened by unsustainably high
licence fees, sanctions against "ndia and a cast3strapped
"ndian partner was struggling to achie#e financial closure
and was on the #erge of pulling our altogether( ,his
remar%able change in the companys fortune has been made
possible by the go#ernments new liberal telecom policy and
the contro#ersial decision to switch to re#enue sharing from
fi/ed licence fees( <ughes ,ele(com )pre#iously called
<ughes "spat* was awarded the licence for basic ser#ices in
7aharashtra )including .oa and the city of 7umbai*( ,he
company signed the licence agreement in September 1EEF(
,he company committed to pro#ide 11,111 lines in the first
year and 01F,E11 lines within three years( "t launched its
ser#ice in No#ember 1EE9 by setting up an e/change at
,urbha in Na#i 7umbai( Subse@uently, the company set up
switches at =orli and Pune( !fter nearly two years of
operations, the company ahs a subscriber base of about
88,111 lines( ,he company strategy has been to target
business and commercial subscribers 3 the so3called high
usage customers 3 in 7umbai and Pune( So it has gone after
the large corporates 3 among its clients are blue chip 7NCs
such as 2beroi <otels, Lufthansa, 7c%insey, !rther !ndresen
and Siemens( "ts ne/t target segment has been pay phones(
'ealising that gi#en the low penetration of phones, public
phones are critical and used hea#ily the a#erage re#enue per
pay phone is 80 times that of a normal phone 3 the company
has set up o#er 1,A11 payphone outlets called Lipfone,
through an arrangement with Lip ,elecom( <ughes and Lip
telecom are aggressi#ely promoting Lipfone outlets in order
to grab a larger share of the mar%et, presently dominated by
7,NL and Pune ,elecom( ,he company has almost ignored
the ordinary low paying residential customer( Not
surprisingly, it was se#erely criticised by the Standing
Committee of Parliament for not installing a single #illage
telephone in complete disregard of the licence conditions(