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FOR JUNE 25, 2014

I. Effect and Application of Laws (Arts. 1-18)
Effectivity of Laws (Art. 2)
1. Publication Requirement; What to Publish
Importance of Publication
Tanada v. Tuvera, 146 SCRA 446
De Roy vs. CA 146 SCRA 757
People vs, Que Po Lay 94 Phil 640
Ignorance of Law excuses no one (Art. 3)
1. Mistake of law v. Mistake of Fact:
a. Art. 526 mistake on doubtful or difficult provision of law is basis for good f
aith - mitigates but does not extinguish liability;
b. Art. 1334 mutual error on legal effect of agreement- may vitiate consent;
c. Art. 2155 mistake in payment gives rise to right to return of erroneous payme
Garcia vs. Recio G.R. No. 138322, Oct. 2, 2002
Prospective Application of Laws (Art. 4)
1. Exception
a. If provided in the law itself
b. Procedural law
c. Penal law if favorable to the accused
d. Curative and Repealing statutes;
e. Creating new rights
f. Tax statutes
g. Interpretative Statutes
2. Exception to the Exception
a. Ex post facto laws;
b. Penal laws not favorable to the accused;
c. Substantive laws impairing vested rights.
Acts Contrary to Mandatory or Prohibitory Provisions are Void (Art. 5)
1. Exceptions
a. The law makes the act valid BUT punishes THE VIOLATOR
b. The law itself authorizes its validity
c. The law makes the act only voidable
d. The law declares the nullity of an act but recognizes its effects as legally
Waiver of Rights (Art. 6)
1. Requisites
2. Exceptions
a. Waiver is contrary to law, public order, public policy, morals or good custom
b. If the waiver is prejudicial to a third party with a right recognized by law.
c. Alleged rights which really do not yet exist, as in the case of future inheri
d. If the right is a natural right, such as right to be supported.
D.M. Consunji vs. CA, G.R. No. 137873, April 20, 2001
Cui vs. Arellano University 2 SCRA 205
Repeal of Laws (Art. 7)
1. Kinds of Repeal
a. Express
b. Implied (not favored)
2. Effects
3. Sec. 444, Local Government Code
Navarro vs. Judge Domagtoy, 259 SCRA 129
Beso vs. Dagunan, 323 SCRA 566
Judicial Decisions form part of the law of the land (Art. 8)
Doctrine of stare decisis
People v. Licera G.R. No. L-39990, July 2, 1975
People v. Jabinal G.R. No. L-30061, February 27, 1974
Duty of Judges (Art. 9)
Chuayan vs. Bernas, 34 Phil 631
People vs. Veneracion, 249 SCRA 251
Doubtful Statues (Art. 10)
People vs. Purisima, 86 SCRA 542
Customs (Art. 11-12)
1. Requisites to make a custom an obligatory rule
a. Plurality or repetition of acts;
b. Practiced by the great mass of the social group;
c. Continued practice for a long period of time;
d. The community accepts it as a proper way of acting, such that it is considere
d as obligatory upon all
Martinez vs. Van Buskirk, 18 Phil 79
Yao Kee vs. Sy-Gonzales, 167 SCRA 736
Computation of Period and Time (Art. 13)
1. Rule on Computation of Period: First day excluded, last day included
a. Years- 365 days, unless year identified
b. Months-30 days, unless month identified
c. Days 24 hours
d. Nights - sunset to sundown
2. Exception: Computation of age - each year based on birth anniversary
3. Policy if last day is a Sunday or Legal Holiday
Garcia vs. Recio, 366 SCRA 437
CIR vs. Primetown, G.R. 162155, August 28, 2007
Penal Laws (Art. 14)
a) Applicability in the Philippines if committed here
b) Territoriality
c) Exceptions
1. Public International Law (Diplomatic Immunity, etc)
2. Treaty Stipulations
Civil Laws (Art. 15-17)
General Rule: Nationality Principle
a. Family Rights and Duties
d) Status
e) Condition
f) Legal Capacity
2. Exceptions
3. Property transactions (real or personal) lex situs,
4. Exception to Exception: National Law of Decedent
5. Order of successional rights
6. Amt of successional rights
7. Intrinsic validity of testamentary provisions
8. Capacity to succeed
9. Art. 26, par. 2 FC
10. Lex Loci Celebrationis
i. Exception: Intrinsic validity and Art. 26, par. 1 FC
3. Renvoi Doctrine
Miciano vs. Brimo 50 Phil 867
Van Dorn vs. Ronillo, Jr. et al., 139 SCRA 139
Pilapil vs. Ibay-Somera 174 SCRA 653
Barreto vs. Gonzales 58 ,Phil 67
Govt. vs. Frank. 13 Phil 238
Barnuevo vs. Fuster, 29 Phil 606
Testate Estate of Bohanan vs. Bohanan, et al., 106 Phil 997
Bellis vs. Bellis, 20 SCRA 358
Aznar vs. Garcia 7 SCRA 95
Roehr vs. Rodriguez, G.R. No. 142820, June 20, 2003
Garcia vs. Recio G.R. No. 138322, Oct. 2, 2002
Art. 18
suppletory application of Civil Code in matters governed by special law
II. Human Relations (19-36)
Art. 19-21
Doctrine of Abuse of Right
Doctrine of Volenti non fit Injuria
Damnum Absque Injuria
Acts Contra Bonus Mores
Breach of Promise to Marry
Development Bank of the Phils. Vs. CA, 449 SCRA 57
Uypitching vs. Quiamco, 510 SCRA 172
Wassmer vs. Velez, 12 SCRA 648
Nikko Hotel Manila Garden, et all vs. Reyes G.R. No. 154259, Feb. 28, 2005
Gashem Shookat Baksh vs. CA, 219 SCRA 115
Pe vs. Pe, 5 SCRA 200
Spouses Quisumbing vs. MERALCO, G.R. No. 142943 April 3, 2002
Globe Mackay Cable vs. CA, 176 SCRA 778
University of the East vs. Jader, G.R. No. 132344, Feb 7, 2000
Unjust Enrichment (Art. 22)
1. Accion in rem verso
Villalva vs. RCBC Savings Bank
Respect for Others Privacy, Personality, Etc. (Art. 26)
Tenchavez vs. Escano, 15 SCRA 355
St Louis Realty vs. CA, 133 SCRA 179
Independent Civil Actions (Art
1. Breach of Constitutional and Other Rights - Art. 32
2. Defamation, Fraud, Physical Injuries Art. 33
3. Refusal or failure of city ot municipal police to render protection Art. 34
4. Quasi Delict or Culpa Aquilana Art. 2176, 2177
Prejudicial Question (Art. 36)
1. General Rule: Criminal Case takes precedence
2. Exception: Sec. 1, Rule 111, Rules of Court
3. Application to civil, criminal, administrative cases
Ching vs. CA, 331 SCRA 16
Te vs. CA, 346 SCRA 327
Mercado vs. Tan, 337 SCRA 122
Morigo vs. People, G.R. No. 145226. February 06, 2004
Spouses Yu vs. PCIB, G.R. No. 147902, 17 March 2006
Donato vs. Luna, G.R. No. 53642, April 15, 1988
III. Persons (Art. 37-51)
1. Juridical Capacity vs. Capacity to Act
a. Restrictions/Limitations and Modifications on Capacity to Act
2. Natural Persons
a. Beginning and End of Personality
i. When child considered born
b. Theory of General Capacities
3. R.A. 6809
4. Juridical Persons
a. How Created/ Terminated
b. Theory of Special Capacities
5. Rules on Survivorship
6. Domicile vs. Residence
Quimiguing vs. Icao, G.R. No. L-26795, July 31, 1970
Geluz vs. CA, G.R. No. L-16439, July 20, 1961
Limjuco vs. Estate of Pedro Fragante
Dumlao vs. Quality Plastics, G.R. No. L-27956, April 30, 1976
Mo Ya Lim Yao vs. CID, 41 SCRA 292
Frivaldo vs. COMELEC, G.R. No. 120295, June 28, 1996
Romualdez-Marcos vs. COMELEC, 248 SCRA 300