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quotations from books, periodicals etc. have been acknowledged.
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Programme: BA Business Year/Level: 1/4
Academic Year: 2013/2014 Semester: 2
Module title: Business Context Assignment no.: 2
Module code: BUS407 Word guide: 2000 words +/- 10%
Percentage Weighting of this assignment for the module: 50%
Issue date: 17/02/2014 Return date: 04/04/2014 (Resit and Repeat
year students only)
Lecturer: Rehan Ally Second marker:

Notes for students:
1. Staple a hard copy of assignment in the top left corner and submit to the School Office.
2. Electronic copy of assignment should be submitted through the Turnitin software.
3. 10% of marks are awarded for satisfactory use of language and/or good presentation.
4. 10% of marks are awarded for satisfactory referencing and/or presentation of a bibliography where either is required.
5. Referenced work should be obtained from credible sources.
6. Students should ensure that they comply with Glyndwr Universitys plagiarism policy.
7. Students should make correct use of the Harvard referencing method.

Learning Outcomes Tested in this Assignment:
1. To study features of the English Legal system and the legal rules affecting business.
2. To explain the role of justice administered in the role of resolving commercial disputes.

Overall Comment:

Would students please note that achievement of the learning outcomes for this assessment is
demonstrated against the assessment criteria shown below (which are not necessarily weighted equally)?

By Mr. Rehan Ally;
All marks/grades remain indicative until they have been considered and confirmed by the Assessment

Assessment Criteria

Outline and articulate the statutory and common law provisions in
relation to the relevant law. Use a wide variety of case law to illustrate
the legal issues.


Critically analyse potential problems regarding the application of the law
as it applies to the English Legal system. Sustained arguments should
be used throughout.


Wide-ranging references with the correct use of the Harvard referencing


Quality of the written work. Clear structure to the work and correct
spelling used throughout.


Additional comments from second marker if required:

Additional comments from external examiner if required:

By Mr. Rehan Ally;
Undergraduate Modular Programme Level 4

BUS407 Business Context Law Assignment


Answer ALL questions.
Maximum word limit of 2000 +/- 10% tolerance
There should be a separate introduction and conclusion for each task
Please include a Title page, Table of Contents, and Appendices if necessary,
each on a new page
Each task should be on a separate new page.
Font style: Arial; Font size: 12; Line spacing: 1.5
Stated word count at the end of each task
Cite and reference your research sources as appropriate and in Harvard style.
Use credible sources only (textbooks, journal articles, and established credible


Mr Jack Brown, a Marketing consultant, and Mr Charlie Longbottom, an Accountant, run
a small but fairly successful consultancy firm, called Horizons in Waterloo, London.
The business has been in operation for 7 years and its annual turnover is approximately
250,000 per annum. The business has 120 local clients for whom it provides services
in marketing and accountancy.

The partners decide that the business needs some new blood in the form of a new
business partner. They identify one potential partner in the form of Mrs Jessica Fry, who
would bring much needed expertise in Law and also would also boost the business
finances in the form of a capital injection.

Before investing, Jessica wants the financial statements (Profit & Loss account, and
Balance Sheet) of the practice audited independently.

The independent auditors report is very concerning. It seems that Charlie has been
embezzling (stale) money to the tune of 500,000 over the 7 years the business has
been in operation.

Least to say, Jessica pull (withdraw)out of the investment. Afraid of legal consequences
and being held complicit, Jack seeks advice from a reputable solicitor, you. Admittedly,
Jack knows very little of the law and as a first step asks you, the solicitor, about
statutory interpretation.

Explain, analyse and apply the rules of statutory interpretation to the scenario above.
(40 marks)

By Mr. Rehan Ally;


Kevin Stormbringer, a close friend of yours, bought a honeymoon package for himself
and his new bride, Maryanne, from an Internet based company called Love
Excursions. The company was based in London and were ABTA registered, which
Kevin thought was a good sign.

The package cost 3,999 and included 7 nights half-board stay at a 5 star beach resort
in Bali, Indonesia. It also included return flights for two, and transport to and from the
hotel. Kevin thought the price was a steal and quickly bought it via his debit card. He
received email confirmation regarding his purchase immediately and was very happy to
continue doing business with them.

Six weeks prior to his honeymoon, he was to receive his electronic tickets, which didnt
materialise. Kevin, being slightly concerned fruitlessly called up the company via the
telephone number listed on the email to him and on the companys website. He tried
again several times to no avail and finally decided that he would pay a physical visit to
the company. The very next day, Kevin visits the address and finds no such company
situated there.

Very concerned, he speaks to the police and they inform him that the owner of the
company is quite the disreputable (very bad) businessman. Poor Kevin is now in
trouble, he does not know what to do and furthermore his new wife is threatening to
leave him due to his inaction.

A very frustrated Kevin is advised by you to recover his money via the small claims
process. Explain to Kevin what steps he will have to take to recover his money and any
problems he may encounter. Are there any alternatives to using the civil court system,
which he should consider?
(40 marks)

Presentation and written English (10 marks)

Referencing / use of Harvard system (10 marks)

By Mr. Rehan Ally;

Grading & Marking Criteria Undergraduate level programmes

80 +

Outstanding work of exceptional merit, which is original in content or approach
allowing a novel perspective, going beyond what, is available in the literature.

70 79

Work, which is clearly articulated and well substantiated, based on extensive reading,
and demonstrates an authoritative grasp of the concepts, methodology and content
appropriate to the subject and to the assessed task. There is clear evidence of
originality and insight and an ability to sustain an argument, to think analytically
and/or critically and to synthesize material effectively.

60 69

Work which demonstrates a very good level of understanding of the concepts,
methodology and content appropriate to the subject and which draws on a wide
range of properly referenced sources. There is clear evidence of critical judgment in
selecting, ordering and analyzing content. The work demonstrates some ability to
synthesize material and to construct responses, which reveal insight and may offer
some occasional originality.

50 59

Work derived from a solid basis of reading and which demonstrates a grasp of
relevant material and key concepts and an ability to structure and organize
arguments. The performance may be rather routine but the work will be accurate,
clearly written and include some critical analysis and a modest degree of original
insight. There will be no serious omissions or irrelevancies.

40 - 49

Competent and suitably organized work which demonstrates a reasonable level of
understanding with minimal analysis and interpretation. It covers the basic subject
matter adequately but is too descriptive and insufficiently analytical. There may be
some misunderstanding of key concepts and limitations in the ability to select
relevant material so that the work may be flawed by some omissions and
irrelevancies. There will be some evidence of appropriate reading but it may be too
narrowly focused.

30 - 39

Work lacks evidence of knowledge relevant to the topic and/or significantly misuses
terminology. There is either no evidence of literature being consulted or irrelevant to
the assignment set. Inaccurate or inappropriate choice of theory.
Unsubstantiated/invalid conclusions based on anecdote and generalization only, or
no conclusions at all. Lacks critical thought, analysis and reference to theory.

0 - 29

Insufficient level of understanding and knowledge base unacceptably weak. No
evidence of logical structure and poorly presented. Referencing is unsystematic or