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Republic of the Philippines


Community !se" Ri#e$b!n%s !n" Ri#e$be"s Reh!bilit!tion& Resto$!tion !n"
M!n!'ement A'$eement (C)RMA*
(N!me of People1s O$'!ni2!tion*

This AGREEMENT, made and entered into by and between the City Government of
Iligan, Repbli! of the "hilippines and its lo!al agen!ies s!h as Iligan City Environment
Management #ffi!e $CEM#%, Iligan City Cooperative &evelopment and 'ivelihood #ffi!e
$C&'#%, &epartment of "bli! (or)s and *ighways $&"(*%, The *eirs of "io E!have+,
Alipia Ramiro ,da &e E!have+ and &emetrio E!have+ herein referred as the 'and #wner
of applied -./0 he!tares for C1-RMA and 2ahgpngan sa mga 2waridor sa &ranta
herein represented by Mrs. Norminda R. 1ado hereinafter referred to as the C1-RMA
/,EREA., the City Government of Iligan throgh its lo!al agen!ies s!h as the City
Environment and Management #ffi!e $CEM#% has the athority and 4risdi!tion over the
riverban) easement, river beds and forestlands to be in!lded in the C1-RMA3
/,EREA., 5e!tion 0 of RA /678 whi!h states that de to profond impa!t of man9s
a!tivities on all !omponents of the natral environment parti!larly the effe!t of in!reasing
poplation, resor!e e:ploitation and indstrial advan!ement and re!ogni+ing the !riti!al
importan!e of prote!ting and maintaining the natral biologi!al and physi!al diversities of
the environment notably on areas with biologi!ally ni;e featres to sstain hman life
and development, as well as plant and animal life, whi!h Mandlog River plays being the
Nile of Iligan3
/,EREA., 5e!tion 0 of E:e!tive #rder No. <=0 de!lared the poli!y of the 5tate to
ensre the sstainable se, development, management, renewal and !onservation of the
!ontry>s forest, mineral, land, off?shore areas and other natral resor!es, in!lding the
prote!tion and enhan!ement of the ;ality of the environment, and e;itable a!!ess of the
different segments of the poplation to the development and se of the !ontry>s natral
resor!es, not only for the present generation bt for ftre generations as well. It is also
the poli!y of the state to re!ogni+e and apply a tre vale system in!lding so!ial and
environmental !ost impli!ations relative to their tili+ation, development and !onservation
of or natral resor!es3
/,EREA.& 5e!tion <- of the RA =/0= provided that 'G@s shall be the frontline
agen!ies in the formlation, planning and implementation of !limate !hange a!tion plans in
their respe!tive areas, !onsistent with the provisions of the 'o!al Government Code, the
Aramewor), and the National Climate Change A!tion "lan and that barangays shall be
dire!tly involved with mni!ipal and !ity governments in prioriti+ing !limate !hange
isses and in identifying and implementing best pra!ti!es and other soltions. Mni!ipal
and !ity governments shall !onsider !limate !hange adaptation, as one of their reglar
/,EREA., 5e!tion </ of RA /<8B stiplated that lo!al government nits shall
endeavor to be self?reliant and shall !ontine e:er!ising the powers and dis!harging the
dties and fn!tions !rrently vested pon them, that they shall also dis!harge the
fn!tions and responsibilities of national agen!ies and offi!es devolved to them prsant to
the Code. 'o!al government nits shall li)ewise e:er!ise s!h other powers and dis!harge
s!h other fn!tions and responsibilities as are ne!essary, appropriate, or in!idental to
effi!ient and effe!tive provision of the basi! servi!es and fa!ilities. Arthermore, prsant
to national poli!ies and sb4e!t to spervision, !ontrol and review of the &ENR,
implementation of !ommnity?based forestry pro4e!ts whi!h in!lde integrated so!ial
forestry programs and similar pro4e!ts3 management and !ontrol of !ommnal forests with
an area not e:!eeding fifty $6B% s;are )ilometers3 establishment of tree par)s, greenbelts,
and similar forest development pro4e!ts3
/,EREA., implementation of the agreement shall in!lde the following !omponentsC
a. Livelihood and Economic Development
Every family members of 22& and I&"s members shall earn at least "hp DBB.BB
everyday pon !ommen!ement of the pro4e!t and an additional family members
in!ome from sstainable livelihood ventres of at least "hp <BB.BB a day a year after.
All members shall engaged in a sstainable livelihood $manal ;arry% and other
livelihood ventres shall have long term e!onomi! sor!es
,ibrant e!onomi! a!tivity will be fostered as other spport servi!es will benefit
along with the signifi!ant improvement in their pr!hasing power
*asten e!onomi! re!overy of I&"s whilst restoring their livelihood.
Establish and maintain a disaster resilient livelihood.
b. River Environment/Ecosystem Rehabilitation, Restoration and Management:
"arti!ipatory, !ommnity based and people !entered environmental a!tivism and
advo!a!y has been in pla!e and fn!tional
Mandlog River the Nile of Iligan on!e a 'ife Ta)er now 1e!omes a 'ife 5aver being
rehabilitated, restored, developed and !olle!tively managed
Commnity based nrseries are established and fn!tional spplying endemi! trees,
frit trees and other flora that spplies seedlings in the !ontining reforestation of the
Mandlog Riverban)s
Contining family and !ommnity based environmental advo!a!y
c. Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change daptation and Mitigation:
Minimi+e !asalties and loss of properties as the riverban)s has been prote!ted,
en!roa!hment in easement areas has been prevented
Mandlog River the Nile of Iligan has a maintained depth and width and free from
polltion free after reglarly being !leaned Ep by the 22& members and I&"s
22& members and I&"s along with the !ommnity members are ed!ated, aware
and prepared for all types of ris)s and ha+ards
Commnity based and people !entered !limate !hange and adaptation mitigation
measres has been in pla!e in all !ommnities along Mandlog River
d. !omen and "outh Development:
*osehold women, ot and in s!hool yoth are well organi+ed and a!tively engaged
in Commnity 1ased Riverban)s and Riverbeds Rehabilitation, Restoration and
Management Agreement as se!tor of fo!s and emphasis
(omen and yoth are empowered to !ontribte to their hosehold !offer
(omen and yoth are involved in all de!ision ma)ing pro!ess
(omen and yoth are environmental a!tivists and gardians of natral resor!es
staring with the Mandlog River.
/,EREA., all the parties !on!erned parti!larly the C1-RMA *older and the 'and
#wners agreed to enter into Community #ased Riverbanks and Riverbeds
Rehabilitation, Restoration and Management greement3
NO/& T,EREFORE, for and in !onsideration of the foregoing premises, the CEM#
agrees to devolve to the C1-RMA *older the responsibility for -.- he!tares of
riverban)s and riverbeds lo!ated at hereinafter referred to as the C1-RMA AREA,
the des!ription and bondaries of whi!h are shown in the atta!hed map whi!h
forms part of this AGREEMENT.
345 The Loc!l Go#e$nment -nit of Ili'!n Th$ou'h City En#i$onment M!n!'ement
Office sh!ll6
<.< 5hall demar!ate the allowable depth and width of the applied ;arry permit
<.0 5hall monitor the demar!ated area and reglate all e:tra!tion a!tivities of
22& and I&"s in a wee)ly basis
<.D 5hall have the fll athority to re!ommend revo!ation and termination of the
agreement for a deliberate violation and non?!omplian!e of the terms and
!onditions after thorogh investigation and de pro!ess
<.- 5hall reglate the types and )inds of ma!hineries, e;ipments and other
e:tra!tion paraphernalia sed by the members of 22& and I&"s
<.6 "rote!t and ensre e:!lsive o!!pation and the se of the river !overed by the
C1-RMA and the resor!e prod!ts herein to the C1-RMA *older, sb4e!t
to prevailing laws, rles and reglations and prior rights3
<.8 "rovide assistan!e to the C1-RMA *older as part of the CEM#>s normal
operations, more parti!larly in the preparation, pdating and
Implementation of the Commnity Resor!es Management Aramewor)
$CRMA% Resor!e @se "lans $R@"s% and Annal (or)s "lans $A("s%3
<./ &epti+ed ;alified members of the C1-RMA *older as Environment and
Natral Resor!es #ffi!ers $ENRCs% pon re;est of the C1AMA *older
prsant to &A# No. -<, series of <==< and other pertinent reglations,
745 The C)RMA ,ol"e$ sh!ll6
0.< Immediately assme responsibility for the prote!tion of the entire river within
the C1-RMA area against illegal a!tivities and the other nathori+ed
e:tra!tion of resor!es, and other forms of environmental destr!tion3 and
assist CEM# in the prose!tion of violators of forestry and environmental
0.0 Aollow all dly promlgated laws, rles and reglations pertinent to river
0.D "repare and implement CRMA, R@" and Annal (or) "lans with assistan!e
from CEM# and 'G@3
0.- Aormlate and implement benefits sharing s!hemes among its members3
0.6 5hall dredge the silted area of the riverban)s and riverbeds in order to maintain
the re;ired depth and width of the river in the area provided by the ;arry
permit holder and maintain the re;ired depth and width of the area the
!r!ial !omponent of this stewardship agreement
0.8 5hall establish a !ommnity based riverban) rehabilitation and
reforestation plan by establishing pro) based nrsery of endemi! tree
spe!ies and among other flora that thrives in the Mandlog River
0./ 5hall ed!ate all its members on environmental management and
development among its members re;iring them to grow at least 06 trees
in a year as a pre?re;isite to their membership.
0.7 5hall engage all their wives and !hildren in all e!onomi! and
environmental a!tivities in Mandlog River wherein in every !bi! meter
of aggregates they gathered and sold an amont of "hp 6.BB will go to the
organi+ation !entral fnd. *alf of the entire fnd $6BF% will be sed to fnd
sstainable livelihood pro4e!ts for women and yoth, while the remaining
6BF will be sed to fnd the environmental rehabilitation, restoration and
management parti!larly on the establishment, operation and maintenan!e of
pro) nrseries.
0.= 5hall set Ep the poli!y that no member shall be allowed to engage in any
;arry a!tivities for e!onomi! gain withot abiding by the environmental
obligations set by the organi+ation. Aailre of the members of any members
of hisGher family to do so or brea!h of any rles or poli!ies will lead to
dismemberment and forfeitre of all benefits from the organi+ation after de
845 The L!n" O9ne$s sh!ll6
D.< Allow the 22& and the I&"s organi+ation to e:tra!t the aggregates in
hisGher applied area in a reglated manner and within the CEM# and
CMR1 allowable depth and width
D.0 "t the e:tra!ted aggregates into !ommer!ial se
D.D Compensate the 22& and the I&"s members the e:tra!tion !ost at a
reasonable pri!e or at a pri!e agreeable to all parties.
D.- &ed!t the amont of "hp 6.BB per !bi! meter of aggregates e:tra!ted
and sold and remit it to the organi+ation>s treasrer on a monthly basis
dring the organi+ational monthly meeting
D.6 2eep all its permits and li!enses pdates
D.8 2eep its boo) of a!!onts, pr!hase orders and delivery re!ords open to all
members of the 22& and I&"s
D./ Allow the 22& and I&"s members to reforest, rehabilitate and restore
portion of its property nder the applied area of ;arry permit and share
to the organi+ation the whatever prod!ts or pro!eeds withot ne!essarily
waiving hisGher rights of ownership over the property
D.7 Allow 22& and I&"s members and their family members to tili+e hisGher
property for sstainable livelihood a!tivities and or ventres withot
imposing e:!essive fees and or !harges.
)45 The Loc!l Go#e$nment -nit of Ili'!n th$ou'h the Coope$!ti#e 0e#elopment
!n" Li#elihoo" Office sh!ll6
-.< Assist in the !apa!ity bilding and development of e!onomi! and finan!ial
plan of 22& and I&"s
-.0 Assist in the finan!ial and pro4e!t management of the organi+ation
-.D Assist in the mar)eting and enterprise development of organi+ation
-.- Assist in the sstainable livelihood development and ventres of the
-.6 "romote prod!t patronage of the organi+ation
:45 The 0ep!$tment of Public /o$%s !n" ,i'h9!ys
6.< 5hall provide te!hni!al spport to the organi+ation in terms of strategies
and approa!hed in aggregate e:tra!tion
6.0 5hall provide the e;ipments re;ired if ne!essary to !ataly+e manal
6.D 5hall promote patronage of the e:tra!ted prod!ts of the organi+ation.
The CEM# shall give first priority to the C1-RMA *older in obtaining privilege
to e:tra!t, tili+e and dispose any mineral resor!e and minor forest prod!t fond
within the C1-MA area, sb4e!t to e:isting laws, rles and reglations.
This Agreement shall have a term of twenty five $06% years !onted from the date
this Instrment is organi+ed and be eligible for renewal thereafter for an additional
twenty five $06% years sb4e!t to !omplian!e by the C1-RMA *older with the
terms of this Agreement and other pertinent laws, rles and reglations.
Any disptes among the parties here to arising from or related to the provisions of
this Agreement shall be settled by arbitration, with ea!h party represented by one
$<% arbitrator and a third arbitrator named by the two $0% parties. If it is not possible
to settle disptes throgh arbitrator, the disptes shall be sbmitted for the de!ision
to the appropriate !ort of law having 4risdi!tion on the matter.
The C1AMA may be terminated based on the non?performan!es of the "# of
violation of any provision herein stated by any of the parties. Arther, this
Agreement may be amended and spplemented with !onformity of both parties.
If any event of FORCE MA?E-RE and other !ase s!h as earth;a)es,
typhoons, storms, floods, epidemi!s and other similar phenomenon affe!ting the
"erforman!e of the "eople>s #rgani+ation, the "# shall give noti!e to CEM#
within thirty $DB% days after the o!!rren!e, in!lding a statement des!ribing the
for!e ma4ere and its effe!t pon the "#>s ability to perform nder the !onditions
of the C1-RMA. The parties shall meet regarding a!tion to be ta)en within $6%
days after s!h noti!e.
In the event of defalt in any of the above nderta)ing by the "# nothing herein
shall pre!lde the CEM# from resorting to s!h 4di!ial remedies, !ivil or
!riminal, to whi!h it may be entitled nder e:isting laws.
NO/ T,EREFORE the parties hereto signified their agreement to the foregoing
provision by affe!ting their signatre herender on this day of in , Repbli! of the
Fo$ the City Go#e$nment of Ili'!n 6 Fo$ the People1s O$'!ni2!tion6
Mayor Chairperson
City of Iligan 2ahgpngan sa Mga 2waridor sa
Fo$ the L!n" O9ne$s A Rep$esente" by 6
*eir of "io E!have+ VERONICA R4 ALIVIO
Fo$ the City En#i$onment !n" N!tu$!l Fo$ the Coope$!ti#e 0e#1t !n"
Resou$ces M!n!'ement Office6 Li#elihoo" Office6
Fo$ the 0ep!$tment of Public
/o$%s !n" ,i'h9!ys
RE"@1'IC #A T*E "*I'I""INE5 %
CITH #A I'IGAN % 5.5.
EFORE ME& Notary "bli! for in the City of Iligan, Mindanao, "hilippines, on the
____day of , personally appeared the following with their respe!tive !ertifi!ation
opposite their namesC
2nown to me to be the same persons who e:e!ted the foregoing instrments, and who
a!)nowledged to me that the same is their free and volntary a!t and deed, as well as the
free and volntary a!t and deed of the entities represented herein.
This instrment, whi!h is the Community #ased Riverbanks and Riverbeds
Rehabilitation, Restoration and Management greement, !onsists of EIG*T $7% pages
in!lding this page where the A!)nowledgment is written, and is signed by the parties and
their instrment on ea!h page thereof.
/ITNE.. MY ,AN0 AN0 .EAL, at the pla!e and on the date first written above.
"age No. C _________ Notary "bli!
1oo) No.C _________
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