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Divine Colleges of Malolos City, located at TR 3 Liang Barasoain Malolos City

represented by College Vice President Mrs. Sheridan V. Arenas, herein after referred to
as the 1st Party.


__________________________________________of legal age, residing at

_______________________________________________ referred to as the 2nd Party.


1. That the 2nd Party voluntarily applied to the 1st Party to be college Physician.
(See submitted curriculum vitae and application form.)

2. The Employee's employment shall continue for a period of 1 year, beginning

on the effective date of this agreement and ending on SY 2010.

3. That the 2nd Party acknowledge and confirm that the termination date of
his appointment shall be S.Y 2010, unless the same is terminated sooner for a

4. That the2nd Party acknowledge and confirm that in the event that he/she pre
terminate the appointment and or fails to fulfill the said obligations, the 2nd
Party shall pay the 1st Party the amount of Php. 25, 000 as liquidating damage.

5. That the 2nd Party have read and agreed to abide with the attached rules and
regulation of the 1st Party before signing the said contract.

Marie Elisette E. Sampang ______________________

Human Resource Department Applicant
Divine Colleges of Malolos City

Signed in the presence of :

_____________________ ______________________

Republic of the Philippines)

Province of Bulacan)

Municipality of Malolos)

BEFORE ME, this ___________________________ personally appeared Marie

Elisette E. Sampang with Comm. Tax __________________ issued on ______________
and _____________________________with Comm. Tax _________________________
issued on ___________________ who made known to me that they are the same persons
who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledge to me that the same is their own
free and voluntary act and deed.

This instrument refers to a Contract as per plan, consisting of two (2) pages
including this page each of which is duly signed by the party to the instrument and those
of the witnesses and sealed with the notarial seal.

WITHNESS MY HAND AND SEAL on the day, year and place above

Doc. No. _________________

Page No. _________________

Book No. _________________

Series of 2009
Divine Colleges of Malolos City
TR 3 Bldg. Barasoain, Malolos City
Tel. No. (044) 662-7326

You are hereby notified of your appointment to the following position at Divine
Colleges of Malolos City Inc. for School Year _________________.

POSITION : School/College Nurse

STATUS : Part time


REPORT TO: Mrs. Marie Elisette Sampang

EFFECTIVE DATE: November 13, 2006

HONORARIUM : Php 2,000 / sem

It is understood that this appointment is subject is subject to the policies, rules and
regulation at Divine Colleges of Malolos City Inc.

This is to certify that the

undersigned recognized and
accept the appointment
written above.

College Nurse

Ma. Lolita C. Pineda
College Registrar