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1 F A M ILY Standalone
Fractional E1, 2 or 4 Port Multiplexer

The ETU02-MUX provides an economic

multiplexing solution for Fractional E1 network
services. Up to four DTE devices may be linked to an
ETU02-MUX at data rates of 56Kbps to 1992Kbps.
The ETU02-MUX also provides for one optional E1
sub-link which may be connected over a public E1
network. The E1 sub-link will perform Drop & Insert
with user-defined timeslot connections from a PABX ETU02-MUX.2
or other E1 equipment to E1 network services. ETU02-MUX.4
The ETU02-MUX supports local control and
diagnostics via an LCD display, key pad and LED status Features
indicators located on the front panel or via a serial Integrates High Speed Data and E1 link with an
Craft port. These features enable users to easily intelligent E1/Fractional E1 Access Unit.
configure the unit, execute the in-service diagnostics Supports up to 4 Data channels.
and monitor the network status. The ETU02-MUX Optional E1 drop & insert port.
Data Interface: V.35, RS-530, X.21, RS-422, RS-232
provides for optional SNMP Network Management 64k codirectional or 10 BaseT (ET10).
System functions, which allow the user to remotely Selectable data rates: Nx64Kbps, Nx56Kbps
control and diagnose the system. Setup and Control via front Panel with LCD display.
Craft port for setup via serial terminal connection.
G.703 Interface Specification Supports SNMP Network Management System.
F r a m in g Unframe/Frame Complies with ITU G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732, G.823.
CRC4 ON/OFF Sub-Link Interface Specification
B it rate 2.048Mbps
F r a m in g CCS(PCM31)/CAS(PCM30)
L ine C o d e AMI
B it rate 2.048Mbps
L ine im p edance 75 ohm
L in e C o d e AMI
120 ohm
R elative receive level 0 to− 43dB
L in e i m p e d a n c e 75 ohm
T r a n s m it Ievel
120 ohm
P u lse am plitude Nominal 2.37V±10%
R elative receive level 0 to− 43dB
for 75 ohm
Transm it Ievel
Nominal 3.00V±10%
P u l s e a m p litu d e Nominal 2.37V ±10% for
for 120 ohm
75 ohm
Z e r o a m p litu d e ±0.1V
Nominal 3.00V ±10% for
Transm it frequency tracking
120 ohm
I n t e r n a l t i m in g ±30 ppm
Z e r o a m p litu d e ±0.1V
L o o p b a c k t im i n g ±50 ppm
Transm it frequency tracking
E x t e r n a l t i m in g ±100 ppm
I n t e r n a l t i m in g ±30 ppm
Jitter perform ance According to ITU G.823
L o o p b a c k t i m in g ±50 ppm
C o m p lie s w ith ITU G.703, G.704, G.706 and
E x t e r n a l t i m in g ±100 ppm
Jitter perform ance According to ITU G.823
Interface connectors 15-pin, D-type female
C o m p lies w ith ITU G.703,G.704,G.706 and
Interface connectors 15-pin, D-type female
Data Port Specifications Front Panel
Number of Ports ETU02-MUX.2 ; 2 PORTS Setup & C ontrol K ey PA D 4 operation keys
ETU02-MUX.4 ; 4 PORTS L C D d isp la y 16 x 2 characters

In t e r f a c e s t y p e s -RS-530 L E D status display 17 status LEDs (Power,

-X.21 Main E1, Sub E1,DTEs
-V.35 And Diagnostics)
-RS-449 R S -232, D B 9 F Craft port: 9600,8,N,1
-64k codirectional
- Ethernet Bridge
In t e r f a c e C o n n e c t o r s
Diagnostic Tests
V.35 interface 34 pin, Female Loopback Line loopback
X .2 1 i n t e r f a c e 15 pin, D-Type Female Payload loopback
R S -530 interface 25 pin, D-Type Female Local loopback
R S -449 interface DB25P to DB37 cable (optional) DTE loopback
6 4 k c o d irection a l 15 pin, D-Type Female
E thernet interface RJ-45
L in e c o d e NRZ Test pattern 511, 2047, 2e15-1, 2e20-1,
D a ta rate N x 56kbps or Nx64kbps QRSS, 2e23-1, All 1,
Where N equal 1 to 31 in CCS All 0, Alt, 0011, 3 in 24,
And N equal 1 to 30 in CAS 1 in 16, 1 in 8, 1 in 4
C ontrol signals CTS constantly ON
DSR constantly ON,
except during test loops Temp 0°C to 50°C/ 32°-122°F
DCD constantly ON, H u m id i t y 0 to 90% non-condensing
except during signal loss
T im e slot allocation User defined

Data Port Interface Options

Optional I/F Module Ordering Information
E T U /V 3 5 V.35 INTERFACE E T U 0 2 -M U X .X /X X -X X
E T U /5 3 0 RS-530 INTERFACE 2 or 4 ports type AC or DC type
E T U /4 4 9 RS-449 INTERFACE
E T U /G 6 4 G.703 64k interface module Optional
E T U /E T 1 0 10Base-T Ethernet Bridge I/F Module
E T U /E T 1 0 R 10/100Base-T Etherent Routing E x a m p le :
(Please check availability of new I/F’s) E T U 0 2 -M U X .4/E T 1 0 R -D C
ETU02-MUX, 4 ports with ET10R I/F Module & DC
power supply