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Assalamualaikum Wr.


Good Morning
Dear Friends
Ladies Gentlement

In this very ocasion, first of all , allow me to express my very sincere gratitude to
Mr__/Mrs__ for giving me an apportainty to speak here. The topic I would like to talk
about is Volcano Eruption .

Eruption of the volcano is an event that occurred due to the sediment in the
bowels of the Earth magma is pushed by high pressure gas. Magma is liquid filament
contained in a layer of Earth with a very high temperature, which is estimated at more
than 1,000 C. The output of liquid magma of the Earth is called lava. The temperature
of the emitted lava could reach 700-1200 C. The volcanic eruptions which led to the
rock and ash can spray up to a radius of 18 km or more, while the lava floods so far 90
km of radius. Not all Volcanoes erupt frequently. The volcanoes are often called active
volcanoes erupting
Various types of volcanoes
1. volcanic cone
2. shield volcano
3. maar volcano
feature of the volcano will erupt
1. Temperatures around the mountain ride
2. springs dry up
3. frequent rumbling noises sometimes accompanied by tremors
4. wilted plants around the mountain
5. migratory animals around the mountain

Here is the result of volcanic eruptions, among others :

1. Volcanic Gas
Gases emitted by volcanoes erupting at the time. These gases include
Carbonmonoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogensulfide (H2S), Sulfur
Dioxide(SO2), and Nitrogen (NO2) which endanger humans.

2. Lava and flow of Sand And Hot Rocks
Lava is magma with high temperature fluid flowing from the earth to the surface
through the crater. Molten lava would flow to follow the flow of the river while the
viscous lava will freeze close to the source. Lava that freezes to form a variety of

3. Lava
Lava is the lava that has been mixed with rocks, water, and other materials. Lava
is very dangerous for the residents on the slopes of a volcano.

4. Ash Eruption
That ash is very fine material that is sprayed into the air during an eruption. Since
it is very smooth, ash can be carried by wind and felt hundreds of miles away.

5. Cloud heat
That is the result of the eruption of pyroclastic flows is rolled up like a cloud. In
rolls have a hot incandescent rocks and volcanic material solid with a
temperature greater than 600 C. Cloud heat can cause burns on exposed body
like head, arm, neck or legs and also can cause shortness of breath.

Hopefuly now that we know about the dangers of the mountain erupted, we can
know when the volcano will erupt. And thank you for having listened to a speech
from me, more or less apologize.

Wassalammualaikum Wr.Wb