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Approved Maintenance Organizations:
Depending upon the size of organization, the functions are subdivided under individual
managers or combined management in number of ways. An approved maintenance
organization should posses some facility and personnel requirements in order to carry
out base maintenance on an aircraft which are described as follows:
Specialized workshops:
AMO should have all the facilities of spacious aircraft hangers and component
workshops in order to carry out maintenance practices of aircraft in order to
accommodate planned maintenance and avoid working area contamination.
Proof of tenancy should be provided if hanger is not owned by the organization.
Their floors should be sealed so that dust generation can be minimized.
Working environment:
An appropriate working environment should be given that allows maintenance
tasks to be carried out at a comfortable temperature, good lighting conditions and
a minimum level of noise.
Considering manufacturers instructions; the storage facilities for components,
tools etc should be clean, well ventilated and secure in order to minimize the
effect of condensation. The unserviceable aeronautical products should be
separated from serviceable equipments and tools and remain packed to avoid
damage and prevent corrosion.
Office accommodation:
AMO should provide an office accommodation or area for certified employees
and management of planned maintenance where they can discuss maintenance
instructions and make maintenance records in proper manner which contributes
to good aircraft maintenance standards. There should be up to date visit plans to

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Tools and Training:
The organization must have the tools, materials and equipments needed to
provide the approved maintenance services. The method of accessing those
equipments should be described in the exposition of the organization.
The organization should have sufficient staff to plan, inspect and perform any particular
maintenance task. Also it should have procedure to revaluate the maintenance work
carried out when the availability of staff is less than the planned maintenance staff for a
specified task. The personnel involved in various maintenance tasks in hanger are
described as follows:

Accountable manager:
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The organization should have an accountable manager who has the authority to ensure
that the maintenance practices should be financed effectively according to the customer
needs in order to meet the standards required by AMOs approved exposition. He
should make sure that all the necessary resources are available to provide maintenance
services required for the specified task.
Line maintenance manager:
The organization needs a line maintenance manager who should take care whether
external test equipment is required or not for replacement of component like engines
etc. He is also responsible for the minor repair and scheduled maintenance of the
Base maintenance manager:
The base maintenance manager is responsible for the improvement of any defects
detected during the base maintenance of the aircraft. He ensures that the maintenance
tasks which are carried out should meet the specified quality and design standards.
Workshop manager:
The organization should have a workshop manager who makes sure that the various
maintenance activities carried out in hanger should meet the specified standards.
Quality manager:
The quality manager should set up and promote safety and quality management
policies required by the organization. He has the responsibility of keeping an eye on
AMOs quality system. In some cases if all the requirements are accomplished by line
maintenance organization, then the quality manager may accept the maintenance
activities to be done by the said organization.

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